The White Rose

Chapter 1

By wm and KitElizaKing

Kakashi age 30

Naruto and others 17

we do not own Naruto in anyway

It was the middle of winter in Konoha, and it was snowing heavily, the snow slowly dropping on the village in big, fat, wet flakes. As it came down, it covered the landscape and the buildings of the village in a soft, white blanket, and the peaceful sight of it made many of the faces in the village smile with happiness. But, it did happen that there was one sad face in the village; one that couldn't be seen, one that always wore a mask to conceal his appearance from the world. That sad face belonged to Kakashi Hatake, the child prodigy of the infamous White Fang of Konoha, and a Shinobi famed for his skill in his own right.

Kakashi walked the village streets looking like the scarecrow of his name—tall, lean, a shocking head of silver hair all askew. He was coming back from the Hokage tower, from reporting in after his latest mission, and he was tired. Worst than that though, he was lonely. Winter always made him realize how lonely he was, and he hated the season for it. And, the snow that made others so happy made him feel isolated from the world. He had never been a people person, and he'd spent every one of the last eighteen years alone…never letting anyone get close to him. It was his own fault, and he knew it, but he'd never tried to change it.

As he got closer to the center of the city he saw the village children running and playing happily in the snow. They were carefree, abandoning themselves to their play. It was something he'd never done. " I never was a kid like that, was I Obito?" He murmured the words aloud, a rueful grin curving the lips hidden under the mask. After the death of his father, Kakashi 's childhood had been all about being a Shinobi . Never about friends or having a good time. All those days he wasted being an asshole to the other children when he could have been forming fast friendships with them. A friendship with Obito and Rin that could have lasted longer than the short time he'd had with them. But, he'd always followed the rules like a good little boy, like a true Shinobi, never thinking beyond his rigid personal code, and it had cost him so much…

Kakashi performed a series of intricate hand signs as he walked up to his apartment, disabling the various jutsus he'd put in place to safeguard it while he was gone, before pulling out his keys to open his door. He was cold, and he was wet through from the snow melting over him as he'd walked. Inside, his home was dark and warm, and he started shedding the wet clothing as he walked towards his bed. It took some time, but at last he was free of them all and stood by his bed, naked and cold. He knew he should take a shower, not only to warm up, but to wash away all of the dirt and grime that was a memento of his mission, and he knew he should pick up the wet clothes and hang them to dry, but the energy to do that just wasn't in him anymore. He was just too damned tired- too damned tired to care about the shower, about the clothes, and happily, too tired to care that he was once more all alone. Pulling back the shuriken-printed comforter he rolled himself underneath it, the shivers he was feeling slowly easing as he warmed up. Within moments the dark, slow warmth of sleep was tugging him under, and he followed blissfully after it, wanting the oblivion of dreamless unconsciousness so he could forget about everything, and so he let himself go, and for a time Kakashi was able to leave his loneliness behind.

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