Chapter 1-

Young Justice Time-

"Wally!" Artemis yelled at the speedster. He laughed at her as she tried to make a grab at him. M'gann and Conner were watching TV and Kaldur and Robin were watching Wally and Artemis, slightly amused.

"What?" he called. "You-!" but she never finished her sentence, because in a flash of light, she was gone.

Everyone froze and turned to look at the spot where the archer had once stood. "Artie?" Wally said and did a 360 and then he too was gone in a flash of light. Kaldur glanced at Connor and they both nodded. "Robin, contact Bat-" and then they were all gone in a flash of light.

All four of them.

The team all began to sit up and look around. They were in a white room, with a very large TV screen. They looked over and saw some members of the Justice League. Batman, Superman (Connor grumbled at the sight of the man), Wonder Woman, Flash, Black Canary, Red Tornado. "What are you-?" Connor began, thinking this was some sort of trick.

"Quiet." Batman said and walked to the center of the room, and picked something up. A note. He cleared his throat and then read aloud, "Dear You People," he paused. "That's what it says. 'You are in here to get a look into the future of Robin." he looked up to the surprised Boy Wonder. "This is inevitable. Deal with it. This is mostly for my amusement. Bye, Fighter1357.'"

Batman looked up and then the TV screen came to life, showing a city. Everyone turned to watch into the future.

,',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',', Teen Titans time-

"So, if you want I could make Tofu-" suddenly Beast Boy was gone in a flash of light. The entire Teen Titans stared at the spot where he disappeared. "Friend Beast Boy!" Starfire suddenly said and she too was gone. "Star!" Robin yelled and sat straight up from the couch. Raven blinked, having a sneaking suspicion on what was going on. And before any of them could do anything, they too, were gone.

The team sat up, rubbing heads and looking around when they found they were fine. The room was completely white, no exits and a large TV screen occupied the wall. There were no other occupants in the white room. Robin was instantly on his feet, searching for who might have taken them.

"Wait a sec. Look." Cyborg leaned over and picked up a note. "It says, 'Dear Teen Titans. You are going to see into Robin's past….'" he froze and everybody looked up at Robin, who stood there, frozen in shock. Cyborg cleared his throat. "This is purely for my entertainment. And if you ruin it I will send Percy Jackson after you, when he is very angry. Bye, Fighter1357.' That's what it says, kay." Cyborg held his hands up in defense. Beast Boy had a smile beginning to creep onto his face. "We're going to see Robin's past? Sweet dude!" Cyborg couldn't help it, a smile began to creep onto his too. Raven did her best to contain it but a smile tugged on the edge of her lips and Starfire squealed in delight and dashed over to Robin, pestering him with questions.

"Star, star. Just relax. Probably just a joke-" "Hey! Another note!" Beast Boy said and picked it up, instantly the team crowded around him. "It says. It's not a joke. Beware. Percy Jackson is getting angry!" Robin read. "Who in the world is Percy Jackson?"

"'Nother Note." Raven said in a monotone. "Percy Jackson does not exist in your world. What, Robin, What." she looked up, slightly amused. "Look, it's starting." Starfire said in awe and pointed toward the TV. They turned toward the TV.

,',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',', Young Justice Time-

The TV screen showed a shadow pass over a man with a bag of money.

"Wonder what that was." Wally muttered. Artemis glared at him to shut up. Batman and Robin glanced at each other, knowing exactly what that shadow was.

The man looked up frightened. And suddenly something jumped down. "Don't hurt me!" the man pleaded. "You should have thought of the consequences before you committed the crime." the voice said, taking slow steps toward the man. "Hey, this isn't you city. I thought you worked with-" The boy stepped into the dim light. "I work alone now." and the screen went dark.

Everyone stared at the screen into fifteen year old Robin's face. Everyone instantly turned to Robin, who stared at the screen, surprised. "Dude. You. Alone. Work….I thought…us." Wally stuttered, staring at the thirteen year old boy. Batman seemed the most troubled. Robin had sounded…..bitter, sad, torn, and angry, completely furious. I work alone now….those words echoed in everybody's head.

"Look," Artemis said suddenly. "Another one." Everyone turned back, now completely engrossed.

The screen showed a floating girl and Robin, his costume was a bit different, but no one took much notice to the details, except Batman and Robin.

The girl and Robin stared at each other and suddenly she kissed him.

Wally turned to stare at Robin, who blinked behind his mask. "Dude, how in the world did you-?" "Shut up." Artemis hissed. Wally glared at her and then turned back toward the screen.

There was a tall boy and a green kid watching, with a girl in a dark purple. They watched. The white's of Robin's mask widened and then she pulled away. "Leave me alone." She said and flew off. It was silent until Robin spoke. "We need to go after her and stop her from destroying anymore of the city." Robin said and disappeared from the screen. The boy in the hoodie nudged the green one. "He just wants another kiss." he grinned and once again the screen went black.

Wally instantly burst out in laughter. Superman, Black Canary, Flash and Wonder Woman all smiled and watched as Robin's face got very red. He rubbed the back of his neck and muttered under his breath. Artemis tried to contain a smile and Batman, on the inside, was slightly amused. M'gann grinned.

Robin smiled, ever curious about his future.

,',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',',', Teen Titans Time-

They turned toward the TV. It showed a thirteen year old boy, obviously Robin when he was younger. There was a green girl, a red-headed boy, a blonde girl and a black-skinned boy and a boy with short, cropped hair.

The teen titans, minus Robin, turned toward Robin. "Is that you?" Beast Boy asked, pointing toward the screen. Robin scowled and nodded.

Both Cyborg and Beast Boy whipped toward the screen.

"Hey Rob?" the red-headed boy said and turned to look at the young Robin. "What KF?" he said and looked over at him from the TV. Cyborg and Beast Boy blinked at his voice.

"Alright, we got Call of Duty: World at War. The original one with WWII or we got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Your choice." the boy, KF as Robin called him, said, holding up the games. Robin seemed to be in indecision. "Uh, which is more asterous?" he asked.

TT team spun on Robin. "Asterous?" Raven said. Starfire blinked, looking confused. "I do not believe that is a word Robin." she said being all innocent like. Robin sighed. "It will be in the video I bet."

The blonde girl rolled her grey eyes. "Robin, asterous isn't even a word." Robin looked offended. "This is whelmed all over again! There's overwhelmed and under whelmed why isn't anyone ever just whelmed! There disaster why not aster?" he said, shooting her an answer. She blinked and slumped into the chair.

"That's brilliant!" Beast Boy said.

"Neither. Besides, I need to work." Robin said, turning toward KF. The red head pouted. "Come on Rob! Please! Your like all busy, all the time! Batman has gotten to you man." KF said. Robin just shook his head and tapped something on his wrist, a holographic computer coming up.

No comment.

"Are you hacking again?" KF asked. Robin chuckled. "Uh, worlds best hacker here. It's a habit now." he replied shrugging. KF just rolled his eyes and then in a flash he was gone, noise now coming from the kitchen. And the screen went black.

"Wait, is that Kid Flash?" Cyborg asked. Robin nodded. "Kid Flash, Artemis, Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Superboy. I was the youngest at thirteen." he said. His team stared at him. "Were you leader friend Robin?" Starfire asked. He shook his head, much to the surprise of the team. "No, that was Aqualad. I wasn't ready yet and besides, I was to young. Now shush. A new one is coming one."

Alright, Since I do not remember every detail of the first episode of how TT started I probably got some thing's wrong, I know. I will most likely make up the things I write just a bunch of drabbles with both teams. But, I hope you liked. Probably a five shot. Maybe more. Not to be updated regularly. I have like, four other story's and I couldn't get this out of my head, so I wrote it down and published it.

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