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Chapter 8-

Young Justice time:

There stood a seventeen year old Wally and the sixteen year old Jinx.

"Whoa! What's going on?" The older Wally asked. The entire YJ team stared at him, YJ Wally's mouth going agape. Seventeen year old Wally frowned and turned toward Jinx. "Obviously, whoever put us here with the Titans and them does not want us to go to the ice cream shop," His frown went deeper and he turned toward the team. He held up a hand with the Vulcan sign from Star Trek. "We come in peace," Jinx hit him.

"They're not aliens! They're your old team!" She exclaimed. The older Wally cracked her a smile and pecked her on the cheek.

"Wait, your older Wally aren't you. From the future?" Artemis asked. The older Wally straightened and nodded. He was even taller then in the past. "Yep and this is Jinx-" "His girlfriend. I don't need you to tell them who I am. My lips are capable of moving." She informed him. Older Wally shrugged. "I know. Just seemed like something a guy would do." Jinx nudged him and turned toward the team.

"Hey look younger you!" She exclaimed, pointing at fifteen year old Wally and she turned toward Robin. "Wow and that's Robin? Mister dark and brooding himself. Cool,"

"Dark and brooding? Who am I? Batman?"

"Yes." Both future teens nodded, looking very serious.


"Come on, a video is on." Kaldur pointed toward the screen.

The screen showed Robin laying on his bed. The whites of his mask were narrowed and completely gone, showing that his eyes were closed. He lifted his hands suddenly and pressed something on a remote control and music began blaring from a stereo.

Hey taxi, send me straight to the heart of it

The nucleus of politics where somebody

somebody started it

Cause they taxed me with a scalpel piece by piece

they cut me deep and bled me dry until there was nothing left to bleed

"Gosh Robin. What are you listening too?" Robin shrugged, staring at his older self as the Robin on screen layed back in the bed.

And this is how I choose to live

As if I'm jumping off a cliff

knowing that you'll save me, knowing that you'll save me

and after all the stupid things I did

there's nothing left that you'd forgive

because you already forgave me

yeah you already forgave me

Robin sighed on screen and he sat up and looked around his room. He brought one knee to his chest and layed and arm across it. He seemed to be thinking hard. He let his head fall back against the wall and the whites of the mask disappeared.

"I think your depressed." Artemis said snorting. Younger Wally shot her a glare and Robin ignored her. "Whatever." He muttered, but no one heard it.

Keep driving

leave this deceit miles behind me

so far back I'd have to rack my mind in just remind me

I keep trying to pick myself up and then move on think about the life I'll have when this fragile one is gone.

Robin sighed. Maybe he was depressed or maybe he just liked weird music?

And this is how I choose to live

As if I'm jumping off a cliff

knowing that you'll save me, knowing that you'll save me

and after all the stupid things I did

there's nothing left that you'd forgive

because you already forgave me, yeah you already forgave me

Robin on screen picked his head up and smiled to himself.

Never forget there's life after death and taxes

Forgiveness come and all of the rest is what passes away

Death and decay can't touch us now

Every breath that I inhale is followed by exhaling traps the one who never fails

I know you'll never fail me

"I like the song though. It's cool." Artemis said, grinning at the future Robin's taste music. Robin shrugged and grinned too. Maybe it wasn't bad or anything he'd have to worry about.

[2x]Never forget there's life after death and taxes

Forgiveness come (forgiveness come)and all of the rest it just passes away

[Chorus mixes with verse]

Death and decay can't touch us now

The music ended and Robins head shot up. "Robin? Do you wish to play volley the ball with us?" Starfire's voice came from the door. Robin smiled. "Sure Star, let's go." And the screen went black.

"HA! NOT DEPRESSED!" Robin yelled in Artemis's face and cackled. Jinx stared at him with a blank expression and Older Wally smirked at her expression.

"Okay, and I didn't mean it. Who was that band anyway? They were good." Artemis looked around until Older Wally spoke up. "Reliant K. Pretty good too." He shrugged. Artemis stared at him and then nodded.

Teen Titans time:

"What's next?" Zatanna asked Robin, grabbing the paper slighty tilting it to get a better look. Robin's face went into an expression of what was obvious: Deep and utter thought. Which was weird, considering he was looking for something to do in Walmart that he wasn't supposed too.

"Uh, maybe we shouldn't do all of them….oh! This one!" He pointed to one on the list and Zatanna grinned. "Oh. Yes. but Wally has to do this one," She showed Wally what it he was to do.

"NUH UH!" He exclaimed, shaking his head. "You do it Zatanna,"

"I'm not doing it. It's your turn!" She exclaimed.

"Are they seriously arguing about it?" Raven looked over at Robin. Who smiled grimly and nodded.

"Look, one of you has to do it. Actually, KF. If you don't do it I'll glue your feet to the floor and eat a buffet in front of you. Do it." Robin exclaimed.

"Are you blackmailing him?" Cyborg looked at Robin incredulously. Robin nodded and smirked. Starfire stared at the screen slightly wide eyed.

Wally stared at him in horror. "You wouldn't?"

"I would. Now to it."

"Fine, fine."

Wally walked over to the women's section. A pair of girls were looking at t-shirts. "I can't believe I'm doing this." He muttered and glanced over as Robin and Zatanna hid behind another rack of clothes giving him thumbs up. He glared at them and then slipped into those special racks that were circular. He hid for a bit until he heard the two girls.

"I don't know Jessica. That shirt would sooooo go with those shows girl!" One girl exclaimed. Wally almost gagged. "I guess. But I think they would go with that blue top I have. You know the one, the one Bryan got be for my birthday?"

"Ew. Girls." Both girls in the room shot the poor green boy a look.

Wally heard hangers being moved and grinned despite his reluctance to do this one. They hangers were moved around once more a little bit. Wally sighed.

"OH! OH! PICK ME! PICK ME!" He screamed There were two screams a thump as someone fell on the floor. Suddenly, some hagers were abruptly moved apart and a girl in blue jeans and grey t-shirt was standing there, seething in anger.

"Hey!" Wally said weakly, lifting his hand up.

"Are you crazy?" She asked. This sounded like the first girl. Wally looked past her to see Jessica on the floor, looking very startled. And suddenly a purse was in his face. "Get out of here!" She growled and hit him with the bag again.

"Okay! Okay!" He scrambled away and the screen went black.

"HAHAHA!" Beast Boy laughed, holding his stomach. "That was funny!" Raven rolled her eyes. The Titans couldn't do that. They didn't have secret identity's except Robin but she doubted he would do it now.

"Robin, why do you do that?" Starfire asked blankly. Robin shrugged. "We were bored and needed something to do. Boredom was vital in the life of the team." He smirked.

"'Nother video!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

It showed a close up of Robin without his mask. He wore a a tunic type thing. The white and blue sleeveless top was skin tight and showed his muscles clearly. He had on black pants and was on rings. He slowly lowered himself but still hung there with no problem. Sweat rolled down his face… past icy-azure blue eyes.

"Your…eyes." Starfire muttered. The team stared at the screen, completely absorbed. Robin's eyes narrowed under his mask, he knew what this was.

"Just Aqualad," The boy on screen seethed. He moved his head slightly and the ebony hair that hung in his face was swept from his eyes.

Suddenly he began to move and did a back flip, gracefully flying through the air.


"-Amazing." Cyborg finished for Raven. The team was obviously impressed. "Can you still do that? I haven't seen you do it." Beast Boy turned toward Robin, who nodded. "Yeah. I wouldn't just forget how to do that."

He landed on a beam but lost his balance and he flipped back.


He landed with a thump on the wall and suddenly turned around and punched it leaving a good sized crater.

"Your strong."

"I'm stronger now."

He walked over to a bench and sat down putting a towel around his neck and taking a drink of water. The door opened and an old man in a suit walked in. "Master Bruce requires you Master Richard." The man said. Robin or Richard looked up and nodded.

"Who was that?" Cyborg asked. "Alfred. The butler." "You had a butler?" Beast Boy asked. Robin nodded.

The screen now showed Robin walking out onto a basketball court and suddenly a basket ball was thrown into his hands and the screen switched to Bruce Wayne.

"Whoa…." Beast Boy muttered, thinking about how that was Batman…with no mask.

"One on one?" Bruce asked. Richard looked down at the ball and then back at him, smirking. "Your on." And the screen went black leaving Richard laugh fading into nothing.

"Cool." Raven said. Everyone stared at her. "What?"


"Whatever. Another video." She said, staring at her team warily.

The screen showed a close up of Robin but with his sunglasses and in regular clothes. Black jacket and a red t-shirt and black vans.

"You think he'll be mad?" Robin asked, staring at something.

Kid Flashes voice came from off-screen. "Naw, well. Yeah, okay. He might. But it's not like he won't be able to remove it."

"What did you guys do?" Cyborg asked staring wide eyed at the screen. Robin smirked but didn't answer.

"Wait, do you hear that?" Robin asked, freezing. "No." "He's coming! Quick, run for ya' life!" Robin exclaimed and disappeared from screen. There was scuffling feet and running footsteps but soon they were gone.

"I don't think I want to know what you did." Raven groaned but Beast Boy looked hungry.

The screen then showed Bruce Wayne in a suit and he was staring blankly at something. He dropped his briefcase and the camera panned out.

The Batmobile was bright pink all over.



"You painted the Batmobile pink?" Cyborg looked at his friend, wondering how he was still alive. Robin smirked.

"Heck yeah."

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