Chapter 1 - Little Super Powered Bundles of Joy

Annabelle re-read the document she got from her superiors, as she had been doing it for over one hour now. This was, certainly, the biggest heavenly event in ages.

"The reincarnation will happen again." Annabelle smiled at the news. The Messiah would get a flesh and bone body soon, and this time, the Savior wouldn't reincarnate as a human but as a dog, as a way to form a permanent bond between humans and animals, showing the whole world that, when it came to spirits, there were no real difference between species.

As happy as Annabelle was for the news, she was also a bit worried since, being the archangel in charge of Dog Heaven, she'd be responsible for the Savior's security from the very moment of the conception. She also knew that this conception would be done under very special circumstances, as it happened the last time.

"Mmm... I don't think the reincarnation will be done in a virgin dog. Virginity is important for us but not as much as it is with humans, as dogs can still have pure souls after mating, even in those cases when it's just instincts and hormones at work." Annabelle thought. "Plus, since all dogs, by birth, gain the right to enter Heaven, it means that, potentially, any female canine can be a suitable candidate... then, what dog would be the one under special circumstances that would make her worthy of this honor?"

Annabelle then went to her Soul Visor in order to get a better idea of who would be the mother. This device, similar to a large crystal sphere, allowed Annabelle to see all the souls on their way to incarnate in the newly-conceived pups. All souls were precious, but Annabelle knew the Messiah's one would be special in some way.

Annabelle watched all the souls for a long time until, finally, she spotted a very distinctive one. A sould that had a more intense glow than the others despite the fact it was also smaller than the average, showing this was both a powerful, important soul, and a modest, humble one. Annabelle smiled and tracked the soul's path to Earth, ready to fuse with a newly conceived pup inside a worthy female's uterus... and gasped when realizing who would be the mother.

"She... and he... I... oh, my..." Annabelle couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Of course. Not a virginal conception but still one that involves Heavenly Power, this time from both parents, and parents that had proved themselves worthy enough to have and use that power."

Annabelle continued watching the soul traveling to Earth, and once she got sure the conception was on its way, she called her angels to communicate them the good news. They'd have lots of work to fulfill the responsibility of guarding this soul and its Earthy family, but Annabelle knew everyone involved had the capacity to accomplish this task.

Back on Earth, a female stretched her arm to hug her husband... nothing strange here unless considering the fact this gal could stretch the arm long enough to hug his whole body. Sasha smiled at Charlie, who stared at her pretty face before kissing her. They were taking a break after a very 'active night', proper of a newly wed couple during their honeymoon. They had been here, in the hut Annabelle provided them, for almost 2 weeks now, enjoying a nice, private Hawaiian honeymoon.

"That was wonderful, Mr. Barkin." Sasha kissed him back.

"Mmm... I know... then again, I have to do my best to make you happy, Mrs. Barkin." Charlie replied in his usual smooth, kinda vain way yet still with a very obvious love and admiration for his wife.

"In fact, I think it was more than wonderful." Sasha commented, and Charlie could actually see a beam in her eyes; it wasn't that uncommon, since he could swear this beam appeared every time after they had 'adult dog pleasure', but this time it was so evident that even a dog who weren't in love with Sasha would have noticed it.

"Wow. I knew we were good, but this is a whole new level." Charlie said, visibly impressed. Sasha then realized that the usual super happiness she felt after spending a 'busy night' with Charlie seemed to increase tenfold, something that surprised her a bit, as this night was extremely good yet not that different from the previous times, aside a couple new positions they had used for the first time.

"Either you're upgrading yourself from Excellent Lover to Extraordinaire one, or this is a lot more than our normal... intercourse." Sasha got a thoughtful look. Charlie caressed her ears and neck before kissing her cheeks.

"Well, the first option is the one I like the best... but that's my ego talking." Charlie admitted. "Still, we can always ask Annabelle if our powers are evolving or something. She can tell us if my Elemental Energy is stimulating you more than usual, or if it's just our love at work."

Sasha nodded and kissed Charlie again, realizing he was most probably right, and they went back to cuddle each other, both dogs actually willing to have more 'action' that night.

While these actions occurred, similar ones got interrupted, and not in a pleasant way, as another couple felt this same energy, especially the female one of the couple.

"Mistress?" Manfred asked Belladonna, noticing she had stopped kissing and caressing him back. "Belladonna? What's wrong?"

Belladonna had to stand up from the bed she had been sharing with Manfred since rescuing him and taking the Boxer to Hell with her, and took deep breaths while rubbing the sides of her head, the diabolical female feeling a super migraine coming.

"Okay, I know you don't use the whole 'I don't wanna do it tonight because I have a headache' excuse, so..." Manfred stopped talking as he felt a little migraine coming as well; now his very honest concern for Belladonna's welfare was accompanied by self-concern, fearing she had a contagious disease and he was catching it as well, a very logical reasoning due the extremely close contact they had.

"You felt it too, uh? Yes... you have had your Hellish powers just for a few weeks... it's normal you wouldn't feel it at first... or as hard as I do." Belladonna finally spoke, showing obvious pain. "This... sensation... urgh... it... it's very painful for any Hellish citizen... ungh... good thing I have this shield so nobody can hear us from the outside... or... we'd be hearing all the demons complaining at once."

As Belladonna said, practically every creature in Hell was showing some grade of physical distress, and the most powerful or ancient ones were the ones feeling it the most. A few of them were actually howling so loudly that they were causing tremors and lava explosions all over the place.

"Why? What's going on?" Manfred hugged Belladonna, trying to comfort her while fighting back his own pain, that, luckily for them, wasn't as intense as the one she was feeling at the moment. She was actually thankful for his attentions, being the only thing keeping her from yelling at full force.

"Heavenly... Power... with such intensity... ungh... you only feel this kind of energy... once every several millennia... " Belladonna talked through gritted teeth. "The... Messiah... the Savior... he... or she... is back on Earth... The incarnation... just happened... a few moments ago..."

Belladonna then wide opened her eyes in realization, and a feeling of both pride and fear invaded her, knowing the magnitude of her new task.

"The Savior... I can feel its energy... I really feel it... This means... the Christ didn't return as a human. The Christ is now... a dog... And that means..." Belladonna's eyes glowed with evil energy, pain and rage coming from her inside out. "I'LL BE THE ONE DESTROYING IT!"

If Manfred wasn't so honestly in love with her by this time, he would have dashed away from Belladonna at that moment, her power growing to such high levels of evilness that even other demons would fear her right now.

Back on Earth, Itchy and Bess were going back to her place after a nice romantic date. They had been working a bit harder than usual to cover up for Sasha and Charlie while they were on their honeymoon, so it was a good thing there was little work to do that day, giving the couple some time off for themselves.

"This was a very nice date, Itchy." Bess smiled lovingly at him while they walked, the female getting a sly smile that Itchy didn't notice.

"I know. It was great that we could get a good table at that new restaurant for dogs." Itchy commented, smiling back, and getting a sly grin of his own.

"So... I was thinking... about a way to make this night finish with a special touch..." Bess got a bit closer to Itchy's face.

"What a coincidence. I was thinking among the same lines." Itchy used his summoning power to make something appear on his paw, Bess not realizing it since they were staring at each other.

"I love you so much, Itchy..." Bess whispered.

"Just like I love you, Bess, so..." Itchy moved his paw in front of her as they both said at once...


Itchy and Bess froze at the spot, Bess finally noticing Itchy was holding an engagement collar. Being the female of the couple, Bess didn't think about getting one for Itchy, but it was obvious they both have the same idea.

After a few moments, the couple chuckled, and then kissed lovingly. When breaking the kiss, Itchy finally put the collar around Bess' neck, the gal blushing a bit at this without stopping smiling at her (now) fiancee.

"Yes, I want to marry you too." The duo chorused again before going back to kissing. Unknown to them, Annabelle had seen the whole thing from a nearby window (more precisely, the window's glass), but decided not to interrupt them and let the newly engaged enjoy the moment.

"Okay, enough peeping around. Time to go back to business." Annabelle thought out loud before disappearing from the window, and teleporting herself to Hawaii, the canine archangel appearing outside Charlie and Sasha's hut.

"To make this more official..." Annabelle smiled before surrounding herself with a heavenly glow, that would both announce her arrival and give Charlie and Sasha a few moments to stop whatever they were doing at the moment, Annabelle obviously not wanting to get in there right in the middle of an intimate moment.

Like Annabelle thought, Charlie and Sasha saw the glow from the hut's inside, and rushed out, stopping in front of Annabelle, who now was levitating a few feet over the sand.

"Excuse the theatrics, but it's normal protocol when a heavenly message is delivered, especially the important ones." Annabelle smiled at them before going down to earth.

"Message? And it was so important that it couldn't wait for the honeymoon to end, uh?" Charlie arched an eyebrow. It wasn't that he was really upset about the interruption, since he knew Annabelle only did it when it was really necessary, but, like any newlywed, he didn't like the idea of going back to work so abruptly after the honeymoon.

"Heh, sorry, Charlie, but you'll actually like these news." Annabelle then smiled at Sasha. "First, I must confirm you that, the feeling you had a while ago, it wasn't normal couple bliss, but another kind... the maternal one."

"But to feel that, I..." Sasha wide opened her eyes and her jaw hit the sand... literally, thanks to her elastic body. Charlie, understanding what Annabelle meant, almost fainted at the spot, but reacted when Sasha looked back at him, and they both ran to hug each other.

"WE'LL BE PARENTS!" Charlie and Sasha chorused, the male so excited that he started spinning, still holding Sasha, while she extended her arms to give him a hug that pretty much covered his whole torso. Once they cooled down a bit, even if still, obviously, very excited about the news, Annabelle spoke again.

"Yes, you will be parents, and being dogs, it will not be a single pup, but several ones, including an extremely special one."

"All the pups are special, Annabelle." Sasha turned at her.

"Yep, especially if Sasha and I are the parents." Charlie got back his normal smug tone.

"No doubt about that, but you see, one of the pups, and I'm not telling which one because at this point only My Boss knows the answer to that, just got fused with a very important life essence." Annabelle explained, suddenly turning a lot more serious.

"Life essence... you mean, this pup will be the reincarnation of some very important dog?" Sasha asked.

"Not a dog. Remember, the souls are almost the same in Heaven, no matter the species, and the only reason we have the division of Human and Dog Heaven is because it's easier to live your afterlife among the kind you were among when you were among the living." Annabelle reminded them.

"You mean, our pup is the reincarnation of a very important human?" Sasha gasped. "Like... Martin Luther King, or Ghandi, or Albert Einstein, or Joan of Arc..."

"Or Babe Ruth, or whoever invented hamburgers? And sorry if it sounds like a joke, but you gals know I've never been good in History." Charlie added, surprised as well.

"No problem, Charlie, and yes, you got it right, except that this soul is even more important than those you already mentioned." Annabelle paused before dropping the news. "The Christ."

"The... Christ..." Sasha barely could talk.

"You mean... Joseph and Mary's kid... the carpenter... bread and fish multiplication... walking on water... getting back from the death... THAT CHRIST?" Charlie reacted, not fully believing it. "But... I... I thought he could only be born from a virgin... and I can assure you that Sasha no longer fulfills that requirement!"

"I know, Charlie, but keep in mind that you two are Heavenly Powered guardians, meaning you both already carry a piece of Heaven in your souls. That fact alone is enough to make you prime candidates." Annabelle cleared. "And I hope you know what this means."

"Yes... the parenthood responsibility just increased a million-fold." Sasha said while rubbing her own tummy, thinking about Annabelle's news, and the fact she, Sasha, was now carrying the Messiah inside her. Charlie, overwhelmed as well, approached Sasha, and the couple stared at each other for almost a whole minute before smiling to each other, embracing, and turning back to Annabelle.

"Nobody said raising a pup would be easy, so... sure, why not?" Charlie said casually, but Annabelle could sense his real feelings just perfectly. He was as aware of this responsibility as Sasha, and they both were more than willing to accept the job of caring, protecting and raising the future Savior.

"I know, Charlie." Annabelle smiled back at them. "Now, you two enjoy the rest of your honeymoon. I'll teleport you back home in a couple of days while I get Sasha's replacement ready."

"Replacement?" Sasha arched an eyebrow.

"Just a temporary one. Your main duty right now is taking care of your own health and the pups', so you obviously can't fulfill all the responsibilities of a guardian angel. I have to prepare another Earth-based angel to cover for you during pregnancy, and to do it properly, this angel will need special powers too. I will use these last days of your honeymoon to empower the angel and give him time to train with his new abilities, in order to do a proper job." Annabelle then got closer to the couple and hugged them both. "You two should know by now I'd never replace you permanently."

"Ah... job security. You've gotta love it." Charlie chuckled while he and Sasha hugged Annabelle back.

"So, you're saying that I'll be taking a maternity leave." Sasha said while stretching her neck to get close to Annabelle.

"Exactly. See it this way; at least you don't have to travel for the last week of pregnancy, riding a donkey and trying to find a safe place to have your off-spring as it happened last time." Annabelle commented before waving bye and disappearing in a light beam. Charlie, losing no time, carried Sasha, in a very human-like way, back inside the hut.

"Charlie!" Sasha giggled while hugging his chest.

"You heard your gynecologist; you're on pregnancy leave, so I have to take care of you." Charlie grinned. "And make you happy."

Sasha smiled at this and rubbed her blue bulbous nose on his, as the couple made its way back to the bed.

Meanwhile, Annabelle, returning to Heaven, was greeted by one of her top Guardians, Lance.

"How did they take the news?" Lance asked her.

"As good as you might expect. They're actually super excited about having the Christ as their child."

"I already suspected that. What I wanna know is what they think about me being Sasha's replacement." Lance grinned.

"Hadn't told them yet. It was enough surprises for just one day." Annabelle rolled her eyes; he inspired deep affection and confidence in her, but Lance always had a way to be very vain and prideful without even trying. "Anyway, I need to talk with you first."

"I'm at your services, Ma'am... I mean, Annabelle." Lance got a a formal tone but dropped it for a more familiar one, as Annabelle had already asked him several times.

"Your normal abilities will not be enough to fulfill Sasha's role as a super powered guardian angel, especially if you fight Belladonna's new minions; she is copying my idea of overpowering anyone under her direct orders." Annabelle sighed. "And we already know, from very painful and personal experience, that she can equip her minions with ways to absorb Heavenly Power, so I can't just give you a Heavenly Blessing as I did with the others. We need to get you a power source that isn't directly linked to your soul and body's energy so, in the case Belladonna finds a way to drain it, your life will still be safe."

"Then, what do you propose?"

"Are you familiar with the semi-apocalypse that happened in Greece several thousand years ago?" Annabelle saw Lance nodding and continued. "Well, many Heavenly warriors fought demonic hordes back then, and as you know, we won, but we also left a couple of weapons hidden at the old battle field, in case a worthy guardian could use them in the future."

"I got it. Those weapons were made especially to fight demons, so they're kinda isolated against a power drain." Lance correctly guessed.

"Yes, and now I'll send you to that place. The weapon is well hidden, so only a guardian can find it. Good luck." Annabelle smiled before teleporting Lance right outside an old Greek temple's ruins.

Lance was quite impressed at the architecture. Even if the building and statues' state wasn't even half as good as new, they were still solid and breath-taking. Lance entered the ruins, jumping over the fallen columns and other debris, searching for the mystical weaponry.

Lance stopped in front of several fallen statues, all of them representing Greek heroes. Lance then got a weird feeling in his chest, and grinned when his nose started tickling.

"Of course. My Heavenly Scent Sense." Lance realized why only a celestial guardian could find the weapons, since only someone like him could track these artifacts without getting physically ill (as it would happen with a demon) or frustrated, as it would happen with a normal mortal.

Lance sniffed around and stopped in front of Perseus' statue. It was almost completely destroyed by time and vandalism, but the stone shield on the statue's hand was pretty much intact. When Lance touched it, the rock started glowing, and then it cracked apart, revealing a bright, metallic shield, with a mystical talisman in the middle, similar to a lupine eye.

"The Watch Dog Symbol. Very fitting." Lance smiled and touched the shield... and almost instantly, the glowing returned, filling the whole chamber before covering Lance's body. A couple seconds later, he was dressed in a battle armor, and he was standing in his back legs, like a human, while holding the shield in his left hand/paw.

"Wow... this... is impressive." Lance looked at himself before looking back at the shield, realizing it had a sheath on its back. When touching it, Lance took out a long, bright sword, that reminded him of the ones used by the most powerful archangels, including Gabriel, the mighty Heaven General that had vanquished Satan countless eons ago.

Lance started waving the sword, amazed at how light it was, and realizing it made an almost musical sound when cutting through the air. Then, he made a dashing move at a nearby rock, slicing it perfectly, and with such effectiveness that it only broke apart when Lance touching it.

Lance then looked back at the fallen statue, remembering some things from Perseus' legend... including his powerful steed, that could take him to his most dangerous, legendary battles. Lance then lifted the sword and closed his eyes, making a mental image of the creature he wanted to summon.

Lance opened his eyes when hearing the sound of a large creature landing gracefully in front of him, and felt the wind produced by the huge, bright wings that transported it; Lance actually needed a moment for his eyes to get used to the supernatural whiteness of his new companion's body.

"It makes sense; a knight in bright armor needs a horse." Lance smiled while gently touching the powerful, noble beast. "And a Heavenly Knight needs a flying one."