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In a land far, far away, lies the Fiore kingdom…

A neutral country in the world of magic with a population of 17 million. Magic is deeply ingrained into everyday life. It was sold and bought like anything else. Some have even made a living out of magic. They are referred as Wizards. They belong to several different organizations called guilds to accept jobs and share information. Though, there are many guilds in the Fiore Kingdom, there were two guilds which countless legends have been born, nay, one where more legends will be born into the future.

The first guild resides in Magnolia town. It was known not just for the careless destruction it caused, but also for its impressive wizards who displayed incredible magic. Its name is Fairy Tail.

The other guild resides in the town of Cornelia, It was a guild known for its proud reputation and powerful warriors. Its name is Harmony Wing.

These two guilds were close allies with each other and uphold that bond with the tradition of sending their guild members to the other guild.

Now Fairy Tail will embark on an adventure beyond anything they've been used to.

Chapter 5: The Eager Pt 3/5

At the town of Era,

Era, a large town that nested the Magic Council, The highest authority in the world of Magic. The headquarters was placed on top of the large mountain the town was built on. Things inside were... not so well. Well, that's an understate of the moment.


"I won't be surprised if a town disappears in one day!" One shouted.

"Don't jinx it... I feel that they might make it happen..." Another pleaded.



"Anyway, putting it all aside, I reported to the Government that they did it to arrest the criminal Bora."

"Oh geez..."

" I like those idiots though..."


"It's true that they are a bunch of idiots, but they're a bunch of idiots are skillful mages."

"That's why we're quite at a lost."

"A tricky subject indeed."

"Just let them be..."


"If we didn't have idiots like that...this world wouldn't be fun."

At Magnolia,

After managing to escape the Royal Guards, the group trudged on to Fairy Tail all the way in Magnolia. By foot, much to everyone's dismay and Natsu's joy, because the Royal Guards had secured it in an attempt to capture them and Natsu didn't want to take the train anyway. So, after a loooooooooooong walk that took all night, and a quick rest at a small Inn in between the towns, they finally arrived at Magnolia and hours just before noon. They stood before the very headquarters of Fairy Tail. The building itself was an imposing one consisting of three floors and incorporating several architectonic styles that took on a shape reminiscent of a pagoda with each floor being smaller than the one below it and sitting on the latter's roof. The roofs also bore great similarity to those of a pagoda, consisting of extremely long, arched tiles lined up one after the other and possessing simple curved protrusions jutting upwards on the building's angles. On the highest roof, topping the summit of the building, sat a simple, round and pointed dome, highly reminiscent of those seen on Arabian buildings, which bore a white flag on its point. The roof below the one with the dome, the middle one, housed a large banner with Fairy Tail's symbol on it, held up by a pair of vertical poles. (Got this info from Fairy Tail Wiki)

"Welcome to Fairy Tail." Happy said.

"Wow...It's huge!" Lucy said out of excitement.

"Sure is!" Tidus said as he looked upon. "It's been a while since I've been here, I completely forgot!"

"No kidding. If they built it a little bigger, it would half the size of our guild!" Bartz commented.

"Actually, it'll be about 4/7 the size of Harmony Wing." Luneth corrected.

"Now's not the time, Luneth. Let the girl enjoy her moment." Prishe scolded.

"Yeah, it's her dream moment. Let her have it." Zidane said. Luneth pout a bit at that and decided to be silent.

The group - meaning Tidus, Prishe, Luneth, Bartz, and Zidane- then walked inside the guild, greeted with the ever loud and lively members of Fairy Tail. The room seemed to be a large lunch hall, and consisted of wood, possessing a parquet floor and a mezzanine held up by wood beams overlooking it. Several long benches and the related tables stretched across its length with a bar nearby.

"Good to see somethings never change." Prishe said as she examined the place. The place was filled with activity, some members were deciding what jobs to take, some were making conversation or jokes to one another, while most were eating and drinking with one another.

"Thought it was just a couple of months we were last here..." Bartz whispered to Zidane. Zidane shrugged in response.

"Mira-chan! 3 beers over here, please!" one of the Guild members called out to a woman. She was a woman with a curvy, voluptuous body below average height. She has long white hair with slight curls at the ends, two bangs framing her face with the hair covering her forehead tied in a short, upward ponytail and blue eyes. Her attire is a long sleeveless maroon dress with pink bows. A large one was adorned on her large ample chest with colored trimmings frame the rather ample neckline acting as straps, and one circling around the waist. The pleated skirt of the dress reaches down to her ankles. She also wore a pair of high-heeled shoes that match the dress, a small chain necklace with a blue oval gem attached to it circling her neck, and a bracelet made of white flowers circling her right wrist.

"Coming right up!"She called back.

Mira-Chan~." Another Guild member called out to her. The Guild member was a man of average height with brown hair, which was being kept in a pompadour-like style that protrudes frontwards from the top of his head in a large, curly and fluffy tuft and closed eyes. He wore a loose, light green shirt decorated by many motifs of stylized dark-colored flowers with five petals, a pair of pants cut down below his knees and held up by a light belt adorned by many black stars partially hidden by his shirt, and sandals held up by striped bands. He also smoking a pipe.

"Yes?" She asked as she walked over. The man took the pipe out of his mouth and blew a puff of smoke that then turned into a pink heart.

"Let's go a date next time." He said.

"Hey, don't be sneaky." A Guild member scold. She sighed at that. Obviously by the sigh, this has happened once. Prishe, Luneth, and Tidus rolled their eyes at the guy's effort.

"DON'T TRANSFORM INTO MY WIFE!" They then laughed their asses off when they saw Mira transform into the man's wife, much to his dismay as he started crying. At this point, Natsu barged inside.

"WE'RE BACK!" Natsu exclaimed as he barged through. The Guild welcomed Natsu's return with its lively banter.

"Natsu, Happy. Welcome back." Mira greeted.

"Hey Natsu! Heard you went overboard in Hargeon! I read about it in the Newspapers!" One of the Guild members mentioned. What he got in return from comment that was a solid foot to the face from Natsu himself.

Lucy was wide-eyed at the scene.

"Why did you do that?!" She asked out of surprise, though she was ignored.

"You bastard! That info on Salamander was fake!" Natsu exclaimed angrily.

"YOU DARE KICK ME?! AND DON'T BLAME ME! IT WAS A RUMOR I HEARD!" The Guild Member he kicked retorted.

"IT WAS JUST A RUMOR?!" Natsu exclaimed in rage.

"YOU WANNA FIGHT?!" The Guild Member demanded.

"LET'S GO!" All hell went loose soon after. Guild Members left and right were brawling as soon as Natsu got the first hit. Happy tried to calm down Natsu, but only smacked aside by a random Guild Member was sent flying. Lucy, Bartz, and Zidane only watched the entire brawl break out. Tidus and Prishe joined the fray of madness seconds later.

Lucy was wide-eye at the chaos happening in the guild. Or rather where she was now.

"Whoa... I really came to Fairy Tail." She said, amazed at how everyone was lively.

"My... now that Natsu is back, the Guild might get torn apart soon." Mira said as she watched the chaos.

"IT WAS ALREADY BEING TORN APART!" Tidus said as he punched someone in the face with a water-fist.

"DID SOMEONE SAY NATSU WAS BACK?!" A black haired man around Natsu's age demanded as he rushed into the main hall of the Guild, surprising the life outta Lucy. He wore nothing more than a pair of dark blue and gray boxer shorts and a necklace with a miniature sword at the end. His Fairy Tail stamp was on the right side of his chest.

"Pretty much, Gray! He's over there." Bartz said as he pointed where Natsu was at.

"IT'S TIME TO SETTLE OUR FIGHT FROM THE OTHER DAY!" Gray said as he charged over to Natsu's location.

"Gray. Your clothes." A Guild Member said. The Guild Member was a woman with wavy mid-back brown hair and gray eyes. She wore a light-blue bikini top which showed off her ample bust and curvy hips, calf length brown pants with two bands hanging from each leg and a light belt covered in heart motifs loosely tied around the waist, and high-heeled sandals. She also had a pair of metal bracelets adorning her biceps, bearing an incision composed of many "A"s, and three simple, round metal bracelets on her right wrist. Her Fairy stamp was on the lower left of her abdomen, just above her hips. She was currently drinking wine from a glass cup.

"WHOOPS! I forgot!" Gray exclaimed as he looked down.

She sighed at that and said, "Another one of those undignified guys. They really have no class." As she was saying that, she moved to drinking a wine barrel, much to Lucy's surprise as she stared in shock.

'Way to leave a good impression on yourself, Cana.' Bartz thought as he sweatdropped.

"COME ON! FIGHT ME NATSU!" Gray demanded.

"Come back when you get some clothes on!" Natsu replied.

" What rubbish. It's only noon and you're all whining and crying? You're not little kids anymore, you know." A towering tan skinned man said as he walked in. His white hair was styled upwards in long, wavy spikes, he had no visible eyebrows and his rectangular, elongated face has a stitched scar running down its right side, crossing his right eye. He wore a dark blue jacket with the back of his jacket is adorned by large, light Kanji letters which in English read "Number 1", matching pants held up by a simple belt, and wooden clogs.

"So when it all comes down to fighting, FIGHT WITH YOUR FISTS LIKE A MAN! DO I HAVE TO SHOW YOU HOW A REAL MAN FIGHTS?!" He exclaimed.

"I can't believe he's supporting all this." Lucy muttered.

"That's Elfman for you." Zidane said.

"GET OUTTA THE WAY!" Both Natsu and Gray delivered a sucker punch that sent the poor guy flying.

"AND HE JUST GOT OWNED!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Funny, he lasted around five minutes last time he got between them." Tidus said as he popped out of nowhere, scaring the skin of Lucy.


"Huh? Over there." Tidus replied as he pointed where he was fight at a few minutes ago. Natsu and Gray were about to throw down until Prishe got in the way and smacked them both across the Guild.


"And what if I did? Whacha gonna do about it, Gray?" Prishe said.

"OH YOU'RE JUST ASKING FOR IT!" Gray charged forth at her, only to be smacked aside seconds later. Bartz, Tidus, and Zidane shook their heads at his action.

"He never learns, does he?" Zidane asked.

"Nope. Not at all." Bartz and Tidus simultaneously replied.

"Hmm? It's awfully noisy." A orange haired teen said. The teen was around Natsu and Gray's age range. He wore a green overcoat with fur around the collar, a light orange shirt with a black menacing skull with its eyes covered by a cross underneath, dark blue baggy jeans with pockets resembling bags, and brown shoes. He also wore two rings, a stud and three earrings on his left ring. At first sight of the teen, Lucy recognized him.

"Ah! It's Loki, the top rank "Mage you want to have as your boyfriend"!" It was obvious she read the Weekly Sorcerer magazine.

"Hmm, I think I'll join in! Just for you ladies!" Loki said to the ladies in his arms.

'AND HIS IMAGE IS OFFICIALLY CORRUPTED!' Lucy mentally shouted as she face-vaulted.

'Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to make a good impression of yourself, Loki.' Tidus thought as he sweatdropped.

"What's with this place? There isn't a single normal person here!" Lucy whimpered to herself.

"My, a newcomer?" Mira said as she finally noticed Lucy. Lucy looked up to see Mira and jumped at the sight of her.

"Y-You're Mi-Mirajane! THE Mirajane!" Lucy squealed with hearts in her eyes. Again, she read the Weekly Sorcerer magazine. Kinda shows one the things she does in her spare time. Lucy then slapped herself to her senses in an attempt to keep a cool image in front the celebrity. I think that was a little too late though. She then decided to go on a different subject.

"Um, Mirajane? A question."

"Yes?" Mirajane asked kindly.

"Um, don't you think we should try to stop them?" Lucy asked, pointing to the brawl. Tidus recently jumped back in when a bottle was thrown into his face with Bartz right behind him. Zidane was currently flirting with a couple Fairy Tail women with his efforts resulting in him being dragged into the brawl by their angered and protective boyfriends. That just left Luneth to watch the fight and just sigh at their enthusiasm.

"You don't have to worry about it. This happens all the time." Mirajane replied.

" don't say..." Lucy said as her voice quivered in worry.

"And besides..." Before Mirajane could say anymore, a bottle hit her head, causing to fall to the ground by the force temporarily knocking her out cold.

"KYAAH! MIRA-SAN!" Lucy screamed as she picked her up and shook her back to consciousness. At that point, Mirajane finished her sentence.

"Isn't more fun this way?" She asked.

'FUN?! ARE YOU NUTS?! IT'S SCARY!' Lucy screamed in her head. Before she saw it coming, Gray came crashing into her seconds later. Natsu laughed as he twirled Gray's boxer shorts.

"GIVE ME BACK MY BOXERS!" Gray demanded. Lucy was beet red at the sight of the complete naked Gray, mostly because he was facing the wrong way.

"DON'T FACE THIS WAY!" Lucy screamed as she covered her eyes.

Gray then at this point noticed Lucy for the first time and asked, "Excuse me ma'am, could you let me borrow some of your underwear?"

"AS IF!" Lucy replied as she smacked him away. Loki then came by and swept her off her feet.

"Oh brother, insensitive people are a real bother, don't you think?" Loki asked. Elfman then came out of nowhere and sucker-punched him in the air, Lucy still in his arms.


"I SAID GET OUTTA THE WAY!" Natsu said as he kicked Elfman away.

"Aye!" Happy said.

Cana was annoyed at the amount of life in the Guild, which was intervening her quiet drinking time.

"Ugh, so annoying. I can't even a nice, relaxing drink peacefully." She scoffed. She then grabbed a card from her card holster. The card started glowing and a light-blue magic circle appeared seconds later seconds later. "You guys better knock it out! Time to end this!"

"Now I've had it!" Gray said as he prepared a spell. An ice-blue magic circle appeared in front of him as well.

"NUOOOOOOH!" Elfman yelled as his arm turned to stone.

"What a real nuisance you people have become." Loki said as a green magic circle appeared in front of his ring.

"LET'S ROCK THIS JOINT!" Tidus dared as he got his Waterslayer Magic on.

"BRING IT ON!" Natsu declared as he was blazing like a furnace.

"Go ahead! Take you best your best shot!" Bartz said, following Tidus and Natsu's example.

"I'm right here!" Zidane taunted.

"A MAGIC FIGHT?! Won't that destroy the Guild?!" Lucy exclaimed as she placed Happy in front of her as a shield.

"Aye!" Happy said.


"This is getting a little too intense." Mirajane said as she watched the scene.

BOOM! The sound of a giant foot the ground filled the Guild as a large towering figure entered the guild.

"HUGE!" Lucy screeched as she saw the figure.

"That's enough, you fools!" It ordered. Everyone in the Guild complied as no one moved a muscle. Every Tidus, Bartz, Prishe, and Zidane stopped moving.

"Ah, you're still here, Master?" Mirajane asked.

"MASTER?!" Lucy half questioned half yelled at the mention. Everyone in Fairy Tail started dispersing seconds later, going back to their usual business. Only Natsu was left in the center. At that fact, he laughed in victory.

"DAAHAHAHAHA! You all got scared! That means this match is me wi-!" He was then stomped by the Guild Master before he could finish the sentence. Lucy flinched at the sight, feeling sorry for the poor idiot. The Guild Master then noticed Lucy standing right beside Mirajane.

"Hmm? A newcomer?" He asked.

"Y-yes..." Lucy timidly replied, still scared to death. The giant then made a terrifying sound that caused Lucy to have a heart attack. Before she knew it, the giant slowly down to size to reveal it was none other than Makarov. Lucy's reaction was... priceless to say the least.


"Nice to meet you." Makarov said causally. He then attempted a jump on a beam, near the upper level, but hit it with his head, causing Luneth, Tidus, Bartz, Prishe, and Zidane to sweatdrop at his effort. Makarov ignored that fact and climbed onto the beam. He then cleared his throat before he spoke.

"You've done it again, fools! Look at these documents sent to me by the Magic Council." Makarov said, earning everyone's attention, mostly Lucy's.

'The Magic Council? They're the organization that manages the Guilds all over Fiore.' Lucy though. At this moment, Makarov started calling out names.

"Gray. You did well in taking care of those smugglers, but you walked around Town naked and got caught when you ran away stealing underwear that was being dried."

"But... wouldn't be worse if I was naked?" Gray said.

"Then don't be naked in the first place." Elfman replied.

Elfman. You had a simple job of escorting a VIP and you wound up assaulting him during the mission."

"He said real men were all about education, so.." Elfman tried to argue, but failed.

"Cana Alberona. You drank fifteen barrels of alcohol and charged the bill to the Council."

"Crap. They found out." She slumped.

'HOW CAN THEY NOT, CANA?! YOU FLIPPING CHARGED THEM!' Luneth, Tidus, Bartz, Prishe, and Zidane screeched mentally.

"Loki. Flirting with the grand-daughter of a council member. Not to mention a certain Talent Agency charged us for damage compensation, too."

Loki just scowled in annoyance and averted his eyes.

"And then you, Natsu..." Makarov slumped, knowing the amount damage Natsu caused was the worse, "You did destroy the Devon Thief family, but you also destroyed seven other houses that belonged to the townspeople, you leveled a historical clock tower in Tully village, burning down a church in Freesia, damaging parts of Lupinus castle, Nazuna Ravine observatory collapsed and thus stopped its operations, and you destroyed half of Hargeon's port."

Natsu was just looked annoyed about and tried to pay it little mind.

'So most of those newspaper articles covered in the magazines were covered by Nastu, huh...' Lucy thought in shock.

"Arzach, Levi, Kulov, Reedus, Warren, Visca, Etc." More names were being called and the Guild Members either averted their eyes, groan, complained, scowled, or looked down in shame.

"Me too?" One of them complained.

"Guys… The council members are angry at me all the time…" Makarov said looking upset. The Guild was in complete silence as they looked away or down in shame. Lucy shivered at the sight of the lively Guild gone silent and the atmosphere had gone cold.

"But…Forget about the council members!" he finished by burning the documents in his hand.

"Eh?" Lucy blinked. Makarov then tossed the burning parchments that were easily snatched by Natsu like dog after a Frisbee.

"Listen up. The power to overcome reasoning is born from reasoning. Magic is not a miracle. When the 'spirit' flow within us and the 'spirit' flow in nature connects, they will form an embodiment for the first time. You will need a strong mentality and a lot of concentration for that. I mean, pouring all of your soul in whatever you do is the magic. If you keep worrying about the watchful eyes of the higher-ups, your magic won't improve. Do not fear the fools of the council!" Makarov grinned. "Do whatever you think is right! That's the way of the Fairy Tail Mages!" He finished in the cheers of the entire guild. Lucy blinked and smiled at the scene. The Members of Harmony Wing did the same and cheered along with the Fairy Tail Mages.

"Oh yes. By the way." Makarov started, stopping everyone from cheering. "Tidus, I've recently got word that you wrecked a restaurant in Hargeon just to fight with Natsu. I've recently sent the papers to Harmony Wing, so prepare for Warrior's wrath when you get home."

Tidus' smile dropped at that instant and he unleashed the largest F bomb he could muster to high heaven.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU -!" Everyone in the Guild, excluding Lucy, just laughed at Tidus' misfortune.

Back at Cornelia,

A group walked past the town gates of Cornelia. The group consists of five people, two men having white hair, one woman with blonde, one with black and one with red. They all have only one goal in mind at the moment: reaching the Harmony Wing Guild. They walked through the town, paying attention to the path ahead of them leading to the Guild.

"So what's this Harmony Wing Guild they keep yammering on about?" The white haired man asked. He was a thirty four year old man with snow white hair, ice blue eyes, and a stubble beard growing. He wore a long two tailed red trench-coat with western and Italian accents, a black high-collared leather jacket underneath that had three golden buckles, black fingerless gloves, cowboy pants that were red on the inside, black on the outside with two red leg guards, and black boots. He carried a silver claymore. The blade was long and double-edged, notched on both sides near the tip. The grip is plain, but the guard is skeletal, with a skull-face on each side leading to the rib cage from which the blade emerges.

"Well, the guild is known as Harmony Wing. Apparently, they are a Guild known for their excellency and Kindness throughout Fiore." The red head said. She wore her bright red hair in a braid over her left shoulder. She wore a short, white cape on her shoulders with a light gray top that exposed her midriff, tight black leather jeans, and brown high heel boots.

"Really? They sound fascinating." The white hair man said in sarcastic tone.

"Old man. Stop joking around."The white hair teen said. He wore a dark blue trench with red interiors and an insignia sewn on both shoulders, a red hoodie underneath coat, a navy muscle shirt underneath the hoodie, dark blue pants, and brown boots. He also wore two rings on his left hand: one on his index finger that has the emblem that resembles a horned being, and another on his ring finger which has a rose design, which is also identical to the designs on his belt buckle, coat clasp, and coat buttons. He had his white hair brushed down in a similar fashion to the man in red, and ice blue eyes like the man in red. He carried a a large blade with a curved point, a red ornately etched base and handle, and a motorcycle-like gearshift on his back.

"What's so wrong about joking around?"

"It annoys people. Mostly us, since we're the only ones hearing them." The black haired woman retorted. Her hair was chin length and her eyes were concealed by a pair of black sunglasses. She wore a formal white business suit jacket that revealed her impressive cleavage, white shorts with a brown belt with several belt pouches, two small belts on her left leg, and brown boots. She carried a rocket launcher with a bayonet attached to it.

"Ah, come on Lady! It's not that bad!" He whined.

"It is. It reminds us of how much of an idiot you are." Lady lament.


"What? It's the truth?" The blonde retorted. Her hair was long and reached her waist. She wore mostly black leather which consists of a shoulderless zip-up top, tight jeans, a black leather wristband with three straps on it, and black leather boots. She carried a large sword on her slim back that seemed organically demonic with a flesh-like material filling the blunt side of the blade and bone-like handguard and hilt (I don't know how to perfect describe its appearance) the blade even gave off a dark feel to it.

"NOT YOU TOO, TRISH! Is there even anyone on my side?"

"If it helps, I'm on your side." The red head assured.

"Not much, but I'll take it." She smiled at that.

The group continued walking through Cornelia, searching for the famous Harmony Wing Guild. As they ventured into the town, they asked directions along the way, due to the fact that the man clad in red got them lost along the way, much to their irritation. After getting directions from a kind civilian, they head out for the Guild, which they are now seeing it from a distance.


"Though it was your fault, Dante." Trish commented.


"Seriously, old man, the town's not THAT big." Nero muttered.

"FYI, it's decent size you know, kid!" Dante retorted.

"Whatever..." And with that, they approached the Harmony Wing Guild. The red clad man stepped in front of the doors of the Guild and smiled.

"Let's get this party started!" He said before he kicked open the doors, alarming the Guild members inside.

"What the?! Who are you guys?" A Guild member exclaimed. The Guild member was a young man with light blonde hair, blue eyes, and a stubble beard. He wore a black bandana over his blonde hair, black gloves, large gray boots, a light blue vest over a black shirt, and a striped blue scarf hanging from a belt and a long beige trench coat with frayed hems.

"Oh us? We're just a couple of helpers your Guild Master ordered." Dante replied. Dante looked at the man for a second and made a mental comment on the small similarities they shared.

'Huh, I didn't know I had a triplet.' Dante mentally commented.

"Didn't the know the old man had another look-a-like." Nero muttered.

"Yeah, though this one seems a little more..." Lucia trailed off as she thought of the possible words.

"Dumber?" Nero asked.

"Selfless?" Trish asked.

"Immature?" Lady asked.

"HEY!" Dante yelled. The blonde haired man just sweatdropped at the scene.

"Yeah those." Lucia said.

"YOU GUYS SUCK!" Dante whined.

"So, you're the helpers Cosmos called?" Laine asked as he looked at the group.

At first sight of the group, Laine could only raise an eyebrow at them, wondering if they really were the assistance Cosmos called for.

"They are." Warrior said as he walked into the room. "Cosmos called them because she felt trouble was to be approaching."

"Speaking of which... Helpers for what exactly?" Laine asked. Dante just smirked in retaliation, leaving Laine with a confused look on his face at the gesture.

"Well kid, all I got to say is... it's gonna be one hell of an explanation." And indeed, it was going to be one.

Elsewhere in Fiore,

"Guys! How much longer?" A voice complained. The complainer was a short pink furred dog/human wearing gold rings on his floppy ears, an orange long sleeve shirt , that stopped half way his big belly, and red overalls.

"Gaspard, we've only walked a few miles from the town Inn. Magnolia is not THAT far!" Haseo said.

"You sure? Cause last time I checked, it would take us three days at best. And if you ask me, THAT seems pretty far to Gaspard." a young man said. He had brown hair tied in a low ponytail that ends in a swirl, and matching brown eyes. He wore mostly green clothing with dark grey boots and white gloves that reached from his upper arm to under his green gloves.

"Oh don't remind me, Silabus." Haseo said as he rolled his eyes.

"Oi! Are you guys gonna just stand there or are you coming?!" Alkaid called out. She stood a way from the group, ignoring the stares the group was getting from travelers.

"We're coming Alkaid! Just us a minute with Gaspard. He's having a little moment of his." Silabus said.

"Is he complaining about the amount of miles again? Didn't he do that like, two hours ago?" Alkaid said with a raised eyebrow.

"Sadly, yes." Haseo said bluntly. Alkaid sighed at that.

"Seriously? I can't believe this." Alkaid complained.

"You might as well. They're here to say." Haseo said.

"Oh it's all bad! They're good company!" Atoli defended.

"Yeah, you've told us like three hundred times." Haseo said. Atoli opened her mouth to protest, but Haseo stopped her in her tracks. "And don't say you didn't. I kept count. Really, I did."

Atoli was as silent as a rock at that point, resulting in Haseo smirking at his victory.

"Though I will admit that they can be good company. When they're not overreacting of course." Haseo said as he remembered a wild goose chase that took away his entire day.

"Which proves my point. Still, I really don't know how Atoli and Shino deal with you guys everyday." She muttered to herself.

"Well, we're a little crazy and fun to be with, so things don't get too boring." Silabus said as if he had super hearing.

"OI YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO ANSWER THAT!" Alkaid shouted as she melodramatically Falcon-kicked the poor guy. Haseo sighed at the madness that was happening with his group at the moment.

With Shin and Terra,

Shin and Terra sat together as they rode the train to the orphanage. It seem the orphanage was in a town that wasn't too far from Magnolia. Shin was glad the mission only allowed two people and Terra had chosen him to be her partner for the mission. Shin had known Terra every since he joined a year ago. A bit of the team was skeptical of him at first, but after a couple missions with him, they saw his potential and they approved for the most part. Terra was the one who saw the most potential in him and soon enough the rest of Harmony Wing did as well, earning a great amount of friends. Shin just chuckled at the thought of that day. It was truly the best day of his life.

"Shin?" Terra's angelic voice called out as she waved her hand over Shin's face. Shin blinked and was back in reality at that point.

"Um, um, Y-yes T-Terra?" He stammered. There were few things in life he found challenging. One was facing his parents after he went out to see the outside world, two was dealing with failure, and three most of all, was facing Terra with a straight face.

"I was wondering if you were okay. You seem out of it a while ago." She said. Shin realized at that his small flashback was longer than he hoped and Terra thought he was losing his sanity.

"I'm alright. I was just remembering something." Shin replied in a weak voice. His voice was starting to fail him at this point. It seemed it won't be long until his body fail him soon.

"Oh. Was it about the day that you joined Harmony Wing?" She asked. Shin nodded at that.

"Yeah. I-it was an unforgettable day. Setzer and Locke had that bet about me the day I joined. Locke managed to win when I completed my first mission and so on. Everyone started to accept me more as a member of the Guild. How can I not forget it?" Shin said, a warm smile plastered on his face as the day came back to him as if it was yesterday.

"I remember. Celes was so skeptical of you that day. She honestly thought you were going to be a nuisance from that day forward. Then Edge came by and instantly became friends with you. Well, more like you became a "Wing-man" of his without consent." Terra giggled as she remembered the face on Shin's face when he and Edge became "friends".

"Still can't believe I'm his "Wing-man". I mean, I don't even know what to do much less I really DON'T want the position! I mean, come on." Shin complained as he remembered.

"I guess it was Edge's way of being friends with you. Friends do help each other out." Terra suggested.

"I know that, but do I really have to be a "Wing-man" just to be his friend? I mean, I don't mind if it involves missions, but women? I got nada on that." Shin replied.

"Well, you seem like the kind who really doesn't know how to talk to women with slipping up." Terra said in referencing way. Shin jumped at that as he realized what she meant.

"ONE TIME! ONLY ONE TIME I DID THAT TO A GIRL!" Shin exclaimed, earning stares from the other passengers. Realizing the stares he was getting, he immediately sat down, his face crimson. Terra just giggled at the sight of his red face, causing him to blush even more.

"Just how long is this ride anyway?" Shin muttered, just hoping the trip was over quickly as he heard mutters from the passengers.

"Just another two hours. Nothing big." Terra replied.

"Oh joy..." Shin muttered.

"Oh don't be like that. It's not that long." Terra pout.

"Easy for you to say." Shin muttered to himself.

"Well, it seems I've found a couple amongst here." A young voice said. The two jumped up and turned to see a man with braided blonde hair, grey-gold eyes, and pale skin. He wore a black business suit as dark as the darkness itself with a matching black tie, and white shirt, white gloves, and matching shoes. The man held a look that some might call disinterest.

"Oh, um, we're really not a..." Shin tried to explain, his face beet red.

"Save it. I know a couple when I see one, and let me tell you some advice; Get a room, no one really wants such foolish in public." He said. Shin felt something in him snap when he said.

"What was that?" Shin said as he shot up from his seat, glaring at the man heatedly. At that instance, Shin figured the guy was a Noble. How Shin hated nobles.

"I was merely giving you advice on keeping the innocent public image you two had. That is all." He said. Shin's eye then twitched a bit at that.

"Advice? Well, mind if I give you my opinion?" Shin said.

"Then speak it. I do not have much time to waste." He said.

"How you take that advice and shove it up your-." Shin started, but was interrupted by Terra.

"SHIN! LANGUAGE!" Terra scold as she bopped him on the back of his head. The man blinked as he saw the scene. He smiled at it, somewhat amused. While Shin rubbed the back of his head, Terra turned to face the man and said, "Thank you for that piece of advice, Mr..?"

"Tobias. You may call me Tobias, dear madam." He said as he bowed and gave her a smile.

"Anyway, is there any reason why you tell me Shin and me your good advice when anyone else would need it?" Terra asked.

"Well, seeing your friend outburst like that, I thought I would advice him in some self-control." Tobias answered. Shin's face was beet red when he remembered his outburst not to long ago.

"Ah, I see. Well, thank you for your kindness, Tobias." Terra said as he bowed.

"The pleasure is mine. Now I must be off. My comrades are waiting for me." And with that, Tobias walked away from the duo. Shin glared at his back as he walked.

"Little no good prissy -."

"Shin." Terra started. Shin was silent at that point. "Please refrain yourself from anymore sudden outbursts." Shin's eyes then widen when he realized the situation.

"Wait, you're taking his side?! That no good Noble?!"

"He was only offering us advice. Though he could of said it kinder." Terra said. Shin was about to argue, but the look in Terra's eye stated it was the end of the argument. Shin reluctantly sat down, grumbling for the rest of the ride. If he had looked at the door to the next car, he would of seen Tobias with a hooded figure in black, smiling deviously as they watched the two for moment before leaving.

Back at Fairy Tail,

After the little brawl, everyone calmed down and returned to usual business. Natsu was busy looking at the request board to find an interesting job while Lucy getting her Fairy Tail stamp.

"You want it there?" Mirajane asked.

"Yes!" Lucy squealed. And before you know it, her hand was stamped and Lucy was officially a member of Fairy Tail.

"There! You're now apart of Fairy Tail." Lucy squealed in delight when Mirajane said those words. She then skipped over to Natsu to share the news.

"Natsu! Look! I'm Fairy Tail's newest member!"

"Oh. That's great, Luigi." Natsu said, not bothering to look. Luneth, Tidus, Bartz, Prishe, and Zidane face vaulted while Lucy yelled, "IT'S LUCY!"

"Way to go, Natsu..." Luneth murmured as he was appalled by Natsu's idiocy.

"Somethings never change. A big idiot as always." Prishe said as she got to her feet.

"By the way, what are you doing Natsu?" Lucy asked.

"Finding a job on the request board." Natsu replied.

"Get one with the best reward." Happy said.

"How bout this one?" Natsu asked as he picked up one. "160000 Jewels to get rid of some thieves? I'll take it!"

"Is my dad not back yet?" A young voice asked. Natsu and the group turned to see a young boy with black hair talking to Makarov. Makarov sighed at the boy's question, hinting this wasn't the first time he asked.

"You're annoying, Romeo," Makarov said. "If you're the son of a great Wizard, you should just go home and wait for him there."

"But he said he'd be back in three days," Romeo said with tears starting to form. "It's almost been a week. His mission was on Mt. Hakobe, wasn't it? It's not that far; can't you send someone out to look for him?"

"No way! Your father is a Mage! We have no Mage here that can't take care of themselves! Go home and drink some milk or something!" Makarov yelled. Romeo couldn't take it anymore and out of nowhere, he punched Makarov in the face, calling him an idiot and ran off crying. They watched the scene, feeling bad for the boy.

"It's pretty strict here, isn't it?" Lucy asked no one in particular.

"Master is like that, but he's just as worried as Romeo is." Mirajane said.

A loud crack echoed around the guild hall when Natsu slammed the thief job request through the request board. Lucy blinked when she saw Natsu's action.

"HEY! NATSU! Don't break the request board." A man in tribal clothes said. Natsu didn't pay any mind and walked out of the Guild.

"Master... Natsu's going to do something bad..."

Lucy then saw that Tidus, Bartz, Luneth and the rest walk out after Natsu.

"He's... I bet they're gonna help out Macao." One Guild Member said.

"Stupid kids. They're just going to hurt Macao's pride if they go help him. But, it's not up to us to tell them what to do, so leave them be." Makarov said as he watched walked out.

"W-What happened to Natsu all of a sudden?" Lucy asked, curious by Natsu's sudden change in attitude.

"The same happened to Natsu." Mirajane started, confusing Lucy for a moment. "Maybe he saw himself in Romeo. Natsu's father hasn't come back ever since he left. Though, by father I meant foster father."

"Huh? Who was Natsu's foster father?" Lucy asked.

"Oh, he was a Dragon." Mirajane said, causing Lucy to fall to the floor.

"A Dragon?! Natsu was raised by a Dragon!?" Lucy exclaimed.

"Right." Mirajane replied.

"How can I believe that?!"

"He was found in the forest by that Dragon when he was little. He learned words, cultures, and Magic from him. But one day, The Dragon disappeared, leaving Natsu alone."

"I see... And that's Igneel." Lucy said as she connected the pieces.

"Natsu... is still looking for Igneel even today." The klank of ice hitting a glass cup snapped Lucy out of her thoughts. A nearby Guild member then took it and started drinking.

"Mages of Fairy Tail are... We are all... carrying something. Whether they be scars, wounds, pain or suffering, we all carry them. And I as well." Lucy looked at Mirajane for a second before she shot up from her seat and ran after Natsu and them.

Bartz, Tidus, Zidane, Natsu, Happy, and Lucy had departed from the guild to go in search of their missing comrade. Romeo looked up in shock when Tidus ruffled his hair and walked ahead with the other determined mages passed him. His face then brightened when they turned and gave him identical reassuring smiles and thumbs up.

Back at Harmony Wing,

"SO, you mean to tell us that Cosmos called for you because she felt a disturbance in the balance?" Snow asked.

"Yep." Dante casually said as he ate a slice of pizza.

"And you're going to be here until your job is done?" Snow asked again.

"Pretty much." Nero said as he ordered a sundae.

"Huh, though Warrior said it is true, I have a hard time believing it." Laine said.

"I think we all do." A twelve year old girl said. She has blonde hair covered by a large hat, green eyes, and wears a black tube top, red puffy pants with stars, and a yellow cape.

"I think everyone agrees with you one that, Relm." Edge said.

"Welp, might as believe it! We're here to stay! We'll make sure the party is spiced up." Dante said. Nero, Lady, Trish, and Lucia rolled their eyes.

"Oh brother, do you EVER grow up?" Lady asked, though the question was in vain.

"What? I'm too awesome to grow up!" Dante said, causing a good majority of the Guild to sweatdrop.

"Well, we're just about doomed." A man in his mid twenties said. He has light brown hair underneath his multicolored bandanna, which is dark blue, with a similar in appearance yellow stripe under the blue stripe. He also wears a blue vest and matching pants, though his attire had a tint of all-black, and a white shirt underneath the vest.

"Don't go accusing just yet." Cecil said before he turned to Dante and asked, "What is that you and your compatriots are skilled in?"

Dante answered, "We're Demon Hunters. Though in general, Devil May Cry deals with just about anything Supernatural. Spells, Curses, Ghosts, Zombies, the works."

"Demon hunters? Awesome!"One of the teens cried out in fascination. The said teen was a fifteen year old with spiky brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a black and silver outfit with baggy pants accompanied with several belts and zippers, red pockets, a navy blue and red undershirt, large black and yellow shoes, black fingerless gloves, a black short sleeve overcoat with small silver pauldrons on the shoulders, and a silver crown necklace around his neck.

"Hey! I think we already got a fan!" Dante said.

"Like every other kid we come across." Nero muttered.

"Wait. Did you say Devil May Cry?" Cloud said as he walked into the Guild.

"Yeah, what about it?" Dante asked.

"I heard of you guys. You're a group of Mercenaries that deal with Supernatural situations no normal Mage can. Situations that even S-Class Mages would have trouble with." Cloud said, shocking almost everyone with the amount of info.

"Well, give the kid a prize. He actually knows about us." Dante said. "I'll admit, I'm impressed."

"I think we all are." Lucia said.

"No doubt. Someone's been doing their homework." Trish said.

"SO, what else have you heard about us?" Lady asked.

"I heard you guys... took out a powerful Demon King by the name of Mundus. And not only that, you are the one of the two sons of the Demon that rebelled against Mundus, Sparda." Cloud said, shocking almost the entire Guild once again. Dante did only one thing; He clapped.

"Well played, kid. Well played." Dante complimented.

"M-Mundus?! THEY TOOK OUT MUNDUS?! I THOUGHT HE WAS A MYTH!" Rydia screeched as she remembered the terrifying myths she heard about Mundus from Leviathan during her summoning training. Though they terrified her, she only took them as a fairy tale. No pun intended.

"NO WAY! HE'S ONE OF THE SONS OF SPARDA?! I THOUGHT SPARDA WAS A MTYH!" Edge said as he took a step away from them.

"Pretty much. I'm the son of a Devil." Dante joked. He then jerked his thumb to Nero, "And the kid over here is my nephew." Nero smacked his thumb away and begin eating the sundae he ordered. Again most of the Guild was surprised.

"SERIOUSLY?! What more surprises are we gonna get?!" Laine exclaimed. Dante just smirked in retaliation again.

"I think you're about to get your answer."A pink haired girl with bangs in a belted orange dress said.

"What makes you say that, Lenna?" Laine asked.

"Well kid, life isn't exactly as normal as you think it is. If ya don't believe me, then might as well sit down and prepare for the insanity express to take off!" Dante said. Insanity was the only thing to describe the possible events ahead of both Guilds and possibly all of Fiore.

"Oh and by the way, I took Mundus alone. No one else helped." Dante added in. Everyone looked at his comrades, who nodded in agreement, surprising them even more.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Laine yelled.

"Yep." Dante bluntly replied.

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