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Kate continued to grow and I was her fiercest protector. Wherever she went, I was right behind her.

Mommy grew bigger for a time, too. We added another member to my pack. Garrett Michael came into our family with barely a ripple. He didn't cry as much as Kate did when she was a baby. I continued to sleep on Kate's bed and let Mommy or Daddy deal with Garrett's rare crying.

One evening, Daddy and I sat on the back porch, overlooking the Sound. Daddy was scratching my head when he said, "Jake, I wanted to tell you we're going to the pound tomorrow and picking out another puppy to grow up with Garrett." My head came up and I looked in his eyes. You're not replacing me, are you, Daddy? He continued with a smile, "We're not replacing you; we're just adding to your pack. You're going to need to teach the new puppy how this pack works."

The next day brought Maggie into our lives. As soon as she arrived home, I saw the stupid cat from next door was sitting on the fence and Maggie barked at her. There's my first lesson, I thought. Don't give that stupid cat any attention.

Maggie and I checked each other out all over and deemed the other acceptable. Then we went to the beach and she spied the sea gulls. Maggie looked at me for confirmation. Yes! They are great fun to bark at! She and I barked at them until we tired of that game.

At bedtime, I took up my usual residence on Kate's bed while Maggie settled herself on the dog bed at the end of Daddy and Mommy's bed. Things were quiet for awhile. Then I heard a noise. Maggie was whimpering. I hopped off Kate's bed to go investigate.

When Maggie saw me, she started wagging her tail furiously. I sniffed her to make sure she wasn't hurt which might've been why she was crying. She was giving me puppy kisses. Geez, kid. I figured I'd lie down next to her for a minute to settle her down, and then go back to Kate's bed. Once I flopped down, she snuggled her little body close to mine and fell asleep almost immediately. OK, kid, you've wormed your way into my heart.

Today is a sunny day and Mommy is playing with Kate and Maggie in the waves on the shore. Daddy and I are watching them as we sit next to a large piece of driftwood and Garrett sleeps in his car seat. Daddy is running his hand down my fur over and over. It's so relaxing; I'm about half-asleep.

I love my life! I'm so glad Daddy chose me from the pound. I can't imagine living anywhere else where I'd be so loved and have the greatest pack in the world. Daddy seems to know where my thoughts are going and scratches that special place on my neck. Oh, Daddy, I love you!

Author's Note: This is the last chapter of this story and it will be marked as complete. I could continue writing Jake's adventures until we're all old and grey! I love giving a voice to this adorable dog! I wanted to leave it on a high note. I hope you've enjoyed this story. If you have, I hope you'll tell your friends. Thank you for taking Jake's adventures with me!