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"Just keep kicking, Toph. Make sure you kick with your hips and keep your toes pointed," Sokka instructed, holding the blind girl's hands while they were in the water. Kori Morishita invited the whole group to her high school graduation party at outdoor pool in the middle of June. Everyone felt it was really generous of her to let them all join in on the fun.

"Take it easy, Sokka. She's just a beginner," Katara commented from the side of the pool, watching him with careful eyes. Sokka turned his head to see his sister with Aang, she in her white regular bikini and him in a red Speedo. "You want history to repeat itself?"

Sokka rolled his eyes. "My boring sister wants me to be all bored, even though Toph is okay with being in the water," Sokka muttered. It was a minor miracle when the Bei Fongs ended Toph's punishment early, allowing her to attend this party without any supervision. "I'm just shocked her folks let her into the water with me. I guess they aren't being total blowhards."

Just then, Toph ended her kicks and lifted her face out of the water. "Hey, they mellowed out already, so cut them some slack," Toph retorted. She clung on quite tightly to Sokka, still anxious despite improving on her water skills. "By the way, is anyone here other than us?"

"Well, Haru and Teo came in just when you started your kicks, and they're sitting on land right now," Sokka replied, "And once you get used to your kicks, we'll start with the freestyle. You must bring your arms up and pull forward, while your legs kick the way you did earlier. The breathing coordination is kind of awkward, so let's keep your face above water for now."

"Mai and Zuko are here, but they're just spending time with each other," Aang pointed out, giving the pool area a good scan, "Ty Lee and Suki are arriving together, right Katara?"

Katara nodded. "I got a call from Suki just when I got out of the change room, and she said they're on their way. Give them a few minutes to get changed," Katara stated. Turning back to face Sokka, she could see her brother turn Toph's body around, making the earth bender float on her back. "Now you're doing backstroke? Are you sure it'll be fine?"

"Yeah, because that's the same float Toph did last time," Aang added, pushing off the side and heading for the steps, "I know I bumped into you, and that caused you to let go of Toph. So maybe I should get out of the pool while you teach Toph the backstroke?"

"Yeah, go soak in the hot tub or something," Sokka suggested nonchalantly, his eyes focusing on Toph as she started her kicks, "Just don't get your swimsuit caught in the vents. Or worse yet, don't get your outie caught! I don't know how to free you if that happens!"

Aang could only roll his eyes when he climbed out of the pool. "Seriously, Sokka? Isn't that joke kind of old?" he responded, "Yes, I wear a Speedo, and yes, I have an outie. So what?"

"Ignore him, Aang. I think he's just jealous of you," Katara assured the bald boy, pulling herself out of the water with Aang, "You're unique because your belly button is a ball-and-socket outie, which is pretty rare and sticks out the furthest. Sokka's just jealous he can't claim the same thing, so there!" Katara ended that by sticking her tongue out in Sokka's direction.

Aang glanced down and gently pulled on the lump jutting out of his midsection. "Yeah, that is kind of special, isn't it?" he replied with a shy grin, "But of course, not as special as you." With that, he leaned into Katara, wrapping his free arm around her shoulder. The water bender reciprocated by pulling him close, giving each other a tight snuggle.

"Ew, oogies!" an obnoxious voice from the pool shouted. Aang and Katara shot dark glares at the source of the voice, their eyes never leaving Sokka's make-pretend disgusted look. "Don't give me the oogies here, especially when I'm teaching someone to swim!"

"Sokka, I catch you sucking face with Suki quite a few times. Isn't that a bit further than what Aang and I are doing?" Katara snapped, unimpressed by her brother's hypocrisy, "If you're so worried about Toph, why don't you pay attention to her instead of to Aang and me?"

"Who is doing what with me now?" a girl's voice called. Suki and Ty Lee trotted out from the change rooms, both already changed into their bikinis, Suki's being burgundy and Ty Lee's being white. "I heard my name being called, so what humiliating thing did Sokka say?"

"Sokka's worried about someone's swimsuit or belly button being caught in the hot tub, and how he's getting oogies over Twinkle Toes and Sugar Queen. It's a perfectly normal day in Snoozles-ville," Toph retorted, stopping her kicks and just floating comfortably on her back, "Did I do the kicks right, Sokka? I kick the same way as before, except I'm on my back, right?"

While Sokka gave Toph further instructions, Suki sent a tilted grin at Sokka. "My belly button is pretty deep, so it won't be stuck," she stated, dipping a finger into the depression, "And Ty Lee and I have worn strap bikinis for a while now, and nothing happened to us so far."

Suddenly, a voice from the entrance interrupted her thoughts. "Hey guys, sorry for being late. I had problems getting this out of my car." Everyone except Toph turned to see Kori shuffle over with a girl they had never met before. The new girl stood at around five feet tall, had bright blue eyes, and had her dark brown hair tied into a ponytail. Both young ladies held electronic equipment in their hand. "We have to set up the sound system first," she announced.

Everyone immediately trotted over to help. Zuko and Mai, who were the closest, helped take some of the equipment off of the girls. As amplifiers and wiring were removed from their hands, the new girl's face came to light. "Wave, is that you?" Katara called.

"Hey, Katara," the girl identified as Wave greeted, "It's great to see you! Kori never told me you were coming to the party, so this is going to be great!"

"Wait, how do you two know each other?" Mai asked, her finger tilting back and forth between Katara and Wave, "I don't think you're in the same grade or school, are you?"

"Oh, snap! I have to help Kori first," Wave stuttered, moving some equipment around for the tall earth bender. Neither Wave nor Kori were in their swimsuits, with Kori wearing a large blue T-shirt and track shorts, while Wave was in a short dress with water bending patterns. "I'm not great with electronics, so if someone can help us out, then that's great," Wave called.

"Now I've heard everything," Sokka's snarky voice echoed from the pool, "A girl named Wave dealing with electronics. Can one see electrocution written all over this?"

Just then, a strong wave sent Sokka reeling to the other side of the pool. Toph was left by her lonesome, but the blind earth bender was close enough to the ledge to reach out and grab on. "She did the water bending, not me," Katara pointed out amidst all the stares she got.

All eyes were on Wave, who just released the water bending pose. "First off, her real name isn't Wave. It's just a nickname I and a lot of people who know her gave her, because she has wavy dark brown hair and likes to be in the water," Kori described, plugging and tying some wires together, "Second, Wave and I grew up in the same neighbourhood, so that's why we know each other. Even though she attends public school, I'm not shallow enough to see her as a vigilante, so that is why we're friends. And thirdly, yes, Wave is a water bender."

"And just to add to that, Wave and I are in the same water bending classes," Katara chimed in, trotting up next to her water bending classmate, "I started healing lessons with Pakku, and Wave was the first person I talked to. We then moved to battling techniques together, and now we're practicing on our own. If we have time this summer, we'll continue with Pakku."

"Well, just like Kori, I'm preparing for college," Wave answered, moving some of the music equipment around, "But my college is just in the next town, and they do have a water bending club. All I have to do is join it and huzzah, instant water bending opportunity!"

Just then, Sneers popped in with the most unexpected item on his body. "Sorry for the delay, but the little one has to use the bathroom," Sneers announced, pointing at the bundle on his back. There, sitting on a slot on a sling around Sneers' body, was an adorable baby girl.

The presence of the baby got everyone's attention. Toph pulled herself out of the water and lumbered over. Even Teo rolled over after asking Haru to help him into his wheelchair. "Aw, she's so cute!" Ty Lee cooed, craning her head to see the tyke, "Whose baby is this?"

"Wait a minute, how did Sneers get that baby?" Sokka yelled, recovering from the shot by Wave and quickly swimming over, "Sneers, did you get Kori pregnant?" he demanded.

That earned Sokka another hard wall of water, this time courtesy of Katara. "No, I didn't get Kori pregnant, because this baby was born before I met Kori," Sneers explained with a laugh, "Her name is Hana, she is one year old, and her parents are my neighbours. I don't live in a rich neighbourhood, and people there do what they can to get by. Her parents moved in earlier this year and became friends with my family, and sometimes they ask me to babysit Hana."

Sneers took the sling off and placed it on a chair. He gently lifted Hana out of the slot and held her in his hands. "Hana's dad is a biracial earth and water non-bender, and her mom is a biracial air bender," Sneers recounted, slightly rocking Hana back and forth, "Since her mom is air and water, it makes Hana half water, one-quarter earth, and one-quarter air."

"A tri-racial baby? Now that's something special," Haru commented, crossing his arms and beaming wide. Turning to Aang, he asked, "Since Hana's mom is an air bender, do you know her? Have you and Gyatso ever met her before?"

Aang nodded. "Her mom can air bend, but she doesn't have her tattoos yet," the bald boy answered, "She's one of the nicest, most knowledgeable, and peaceful people I've ever known. Even if she doesn't have all thirty-six skills mastered, she has the Air Nomad mindset all down. That's why Gyatso and I like her a lot, and we think she'll have a great family."

"And I thought I was multicultural by being fire and earth, but looks like Hana has me beat," Kori added with a grin, "Oh, can someone finish setting up the music station? My cousins are coming soon, and I want to meet them outside the pool. Who's a master at electronics?"

"I can set it up for you while you're waiting for your cousins," Teo offered, rolling his wheelchair to the stereo, "But while you're out there, can you keep an eye out for Duke? Haru and I invited him, and he said he's running late. Can you bring him in when you see him?"

While the young scientist fiddled around with the technology, and Wave trotted off to get the food from their cars, everyone else turned back to the water. "Hey, it's a pool party, so why are we still onshore?" Katara asked. Taking a few steps, she launched herself into the air and curled her body. "Water bending bomb!" she shouted, landing into the water with a splash.

Before long, everyone else entered the water, with the sounds of laughter and cheers echoing through. It was a year of many trials and achievements for this group of friends, but when they added it all up, it was something they would not trade for the entire world.

"Just remember that in backstrokes, you have to let your arms glide through the water. You don't want to pulverize the water, okay?" Sokka lectured, tugging on the waistband of his purple trunks while sitting on the ledge out of the water with Toph. By now, Kori already set up the stereo system and the food table, and everyone was already either in the pool or on the dance floor. The party atmosphere was truly on, with everyone just having a good time.

"It's too bad I can't feel vibrations in the water, or else I would love to know how your sister and her friend are doing the backstroke," Toph commented, gently waving her legs back and forth in the water. Katara and Wave decided to do a swim race while Toph took a break from her practice, and Toph had to rely on Sokka to tell her what was happening between the two water benders. "Are they both still doing the backstroke right now, or did they change strokes?"

"They did the backstroke when they swam the first length of the pool, but now they're doing freestyle," Sokka reported, amidst the sounds of spraying water. Indeed, Katara and Wave were neck-and-neck, blasting past Sokka and Toph before reaching the wall at the same time. As the two girls lifted their heads up, hyperventilating the whole way, Sokka could only beam. "That's a photo finish right there, just like Katara did with Aang in the cross-country race."

Katara grinned. Turning to Wave, she complimented her friend's water prowess. "That was a great swim out there. You gave me a run for my money," she stated, "But then again, you are three years older than me, so you probably have more experience in this than I do."

"Yeah, but I'm shorter than you, so my reach isn't as long as yours. I think you'll do great if you get on the swim team in high school," Wave responded, leaning her body against the ledge. Turning her head to Sokka and Toph, she could only send a tilted grin their way. "Toph, don't you think you should get a real swimsuit? What you wear right now just doesn't work."

"And what's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Toph retorted. It was the same tube top and shorts combination she wore during her failed pool party, and it seriously made her look out of place. "Besides, I can't see what you're wearing either, so how do I know what's normal?"

Wave took a gander at her own swimsuit. It was a purple string bikini with small gold polka dots. "Well, I just think if you are to learn swimming for real, an actual swimsuit will be better than whatever you're wearing, that's all," she explained.

"Hey, take it easy. I'm sure she'll get a real swimsuit if she does want to learn swimming for real," Aang called from dry land. Both girls turned to the Speedo-clad air bender standing with a baby in his hands and a huge smile on his face. "Sneers got kind of tired chasing this little one around," Aang explained, brushing Hana's short light brown hair, "Hana has a tendency of taking off at random times, and Sneers told me her parents don't want her in the pool unless she has swim floaties on. I think Hana might be an air bender, based on the way she acts."

"An air bender babysitting a future air bender," Toph commented, turning her head to face Aang, "If Hana was your daughter, I'd be calling her Twinkle Toes Junior."

That got a round of giggles from the group of friends. "By the way, I just thought of something cool. Once Gyatso gets used to walking on his own, the home care nurses suggest that I should take him to the pool for water physiotherapy," Aang recalled, adjusting the squirming Hana now trying to climb on Aang's shoulder, "Since Katara is taking water bending lessons, it means we get to hang out in the pool while helping Gyatso out. Isn't that great?"

"Wow, sounds like Gyatso's recovering well. If you're at the same pool I'm learning water bending at, I'll definitely drop by after my lessons with Pakku are done," Katara responded with an equally large grin, "I heard you've been doing Tai Chi with him on weekends. Isn't that really similar to the moves you guys do for air bending?"

Aang nodded. "That's why Gyatso has no problems picking it up, but the fact that he can't air bend still kind of bothers me," Aang stuttered, earning him sympathetic looks from everyone. Even Hana gave Aang a glum look, almost like she understood what Aang said. "I'm just really happy to have great friends like you help take care of him, especially when Zuko and Iroh were catering," Aang added, the smile returning to his face once more.

"It's really no problem, Aang," Zuko replied, him and Mai positioned in the water just next to where Sokka and Toph sat, "As Uncle told me, the only person who can restore my honour is me, so that's why I have to help him. I'm glad Gyatso is almost completely recovered now, and if there's anything else Uncle and I can do, just give us a call."

"Sorry to bring this happy party down a notch, but are there any updates on your family's trials?" Mai asked, as the two water benders moved closer to Sokka and Toph, "Azula's trial is ongoing, and your dad is being sued as well. Any news on what's going on?"

Suddenly, that corner of the pool became deathly silent. Even the lapping waves and the sounds of laughter behind everyone became complete slurs. Except for Toph, all eyes were on Zuko as the scarred fire bender took a couple of deep breaths and moistened his lips. "Well, the evidence against her is strong, so I do think they will get a conviction," Zuko described, his grip on the pool ledge tightening, "As for my father, I heard evidence is being exchanged between his side and Gaoling right now. This can be a lengthy trial that can take years to resolve."

The entire group deflated at the release of that information. While on the surface it felt like everything was returning to normal, there were still a lot of issues underneath that had yet to be resolved. While no one in the group felt particularly sorry that Azula was likely facing jail time, or Ozai's company would have its reputation ruined, it still didn't make things easier for them. Was there any way they could handle the challenges still ahead of them?

Before anyone could say another word, the stereo volume was cranked higher. The beats to a dance song now echoed through the area, causing several teens to come out of the water and approach the dance floor. Sokka, Toph, Katara, and Wave soon followed suit, edging into the group of people and finding their friends. Suki and Ty Lee danced next to each other, while Haru, Teo, and The Duke were also nearby. "About time you joined us," Suki told Sokka.

Sokka glanced at his girlfriend dancing near Ty Lee, the straps on their bikini bottoms dangling and swinging through the beat. Yet before he could say a word, Suki got her comment in first. "Don't even say it, Sokka," she admonished, "Our bikini straps won't get tied up."

"I've been wearing this type of bikini for years now, and nothing's happened so far," Ty Lee added, swinging her body to the music. The music was currently handled by Kori, who had changed into a green regular bikini. Kori set up the stereo and food on the grassy area a short distance away from the pool, as to avoid the partygoers from slipping on the wet floor. By now, a majority of the guests were on the grass, swaying and bobbing to the beat.

Wave could only cock an eyebrow at Katara. "Bikini straps getting tied up?" she queried, "Do I even want to know what that can possibly mean?"

Katara shook her head. "It's just a bunch of lame jokes Sokka comes up with for various people. For Suki and Ty Lee, it's the straps. For Aang, it's his Speedo and his outie," the Kuruk teen regurgitated, "I don't know what unique trait you have, but it won't shock me if he makes fun of that too. Just roll your eyes if you're okay with it, and water bend at him if you're not."

Wave took a gander at her own body, her eyes keying in on her midriffs. "I'm glad I'm not an outie then," she murmured, patting her stomach a few times. Her attention then turned to her bikini, noticing the spaghetti strings tying her top piece and on each side of the bottom piece. "I could practice my water bending," Wave murmured, her hands flicking the bottom strings while eyeing Sokka with a mock dark look, "So no more string bikini jokes from him, right?"

Sokka turned to face Wave, another tilted grin on his face. "Oh, I'm not worried your swimsuit getting knotted. You're so much shorter than Suki or Ty Lee," he belted out like a late-night comedian, "Heck, if we put Hana on the ground, I would say your bikini strings look good on her as a hairpiece. Do you think Hana's parents like it if she gets a hair ribbon?"

Instead of snapping back at Sokka, Wave merely glanced at Katara before both girls gave a small nod. Reaching their arms to the pool, they created a perfect octopus formation, tentacles of water ascending straight out of the pool. Then, before Sokka knew it, the two water benders pulled the tentacles out, wrapping them around Sokka's limbs and carried him into the pool. "Hey, what's going on? What are you guys doing?" Sokka shouted.

With every set of eyes watching, Katara and Wave proceeded to dunking Sokka into the water, pushing his head in and out of the liquid several times. The whole group laughed as Sokka got the drenching of a lifetime, adding more humour when Sokka's complaints were drowned out by his head being in the water. After about ten times, Katara and Wave released the octopus formation and let Sokka flop into the pool. "What do you have to say now?" Wave taunted.

Oddly enough, the first person to say a word wasn't Sokka at all. Instead, a high-pitched voice with the crowd called out a very strange word. "Cacker! Cacker!" it yelled.

Everybody turned their eyes to Aang, who lifted Hana away from his body and gave her an odd look. "Cacker?" he queried with a cocked brow, "What does that mean?"

"Oh, I think she wants a cracker," Sneers pointed out. He hurried over to the air bender and took over handling the baby. "Hana's parents brought some snacks for her in case she gets hungry, and most of them are crackers. I guess Hana just can't say the word right yet!"

Everyone giggled at the baby now being carried away by Sneers, the cuteness adding to the positive atmosphere. Letting out a couple of chuckles, Kori clicked a button on the stereo system to play a different CD. "Let's rock the house, shall we?" she suggested.

Just then, a familiar piano beat came on, causing Aang to immediately recognize the song. "Oh, I love this song," he stated to Katara, "I know how to play it on the piano, and it's a good dance song too. Do you want to try dancing to it?"

You think you've got the time to figure it out.
Your life will pass you by.
Your time is running out, oh yeah.

You're haunted by your troubles every day.
Wasting smiles away, what's there left to say?

You got to make believe and make your dreams come true.
It ain't that hard to do, whoa…

"I don't know, Aang. I'm not the best dancer in the world," Katara stammered, twisting a lock of her hair around. The song reminded Katara how close life passed them all by, and time threatened to run out on them. Whether it was Katara missing Kya, Toph bothered by Lao and Poppy, or Zuko tormented by Azula, troubles haunted them and sapped their happiness away.

I can't change, I can't change the world alone.
I need you all, everybody, start dreaming of it.
Take a step that's going to make a difference and change the world.

I can't change the world alone.
I need you all, everybody, start dreaming of it.
Take a step that's going to make a difference and change the world.

But Aang insisted, pulling her past the dancers in the middle and to the front. "We're a girl in a bikini and a guy in a Speedo. Hardly good dance clothes," Katara protested. Aang did not let up, urging her to join. Seeing the air bender's persistence, Katara tagged along with him.

As the song's chorus echoed through the pool area, Katara thought about how she and Aang related to each other. Throughout this time, Aang believed in her and allowed her dreams to come true. And when Aang was moping about Gyatso in a coma, Katara was the one to guide Aang back on the right path. They could not change their worlds alone, and it was with each other that they were able to make a difference in each other's lives.

Strangest places that you just want to hide,
Won't you turn the tide, a smile can change it all.

You got to make believe and make your dreams come true.
It ain't that hard to do, whoa…

"Just start slow. One arm out, and just circle each other," Aang suggested, lifting out his left arm and urging Katara to do the same. Hesitantly, the water bender mimicked her friend, pushing the side of her wrist against his. They slowly moved in a circle, completing one lap before switching arms and directions. This pool party was the strangest place for Katara to hide her lack of dance skills, but Aang kept a smile on his face the whole time. It was reminiscent of all their trials and tribulations, where they found the most comfort with each other.

I can't change, I can't change the world alone.
I need you all, everybody, start dreaming of it.
Take a step that's going to make a difference and change the world.

You got to make believe and make your dreams come true.
It ain't that hard to do, whoa…

Just then, Aang and Katara grabbed each other's hands and leaned forward, their bodies going past each other and edging lower to the ground. Their grips on each other's fingers were the only thing preventing a face plant, their digits intertwining before pulling their bodies back to an upright position. They repeated then the move, this time leaning the opposite way. By now, everyone around them had stopped dancing, their eyes solely on the twosome front and centre.

I can't change, I can't change the world alone.
I need you all, everybody, start dreaming of it.
Take a step that's going to make a difference and change the world.

Aang and Katara then released each other, standing face-to-face before Aang whipped his leg into the air, creating an air arc that went just above the ducking head of Katara. When Aang landed, Katara was right there to grab his hand, letting the air bender roll her into his arms. The twosome bobbed and weaved to the music, almost like they were leading the way. It mirrored the song's chorus, asking everybody to start dreaming of change and taking the first step. Right now, Aang and Katara took the first step, and they wanted everyone to know that they were welcome to join in. As their heads leaned closer together, Aang and Katara were all smiles.

I can't change the world alone.
I need you all, I need you all, everybody.
Take a step that's going to make a difference and change the world.

Their bodies separating again, Aang and Katara repeated the same leg arc, this time with Katara whipping her leg over Aang. After she landed, Katara and Aang then did two consecutive and simultaneous cartwheels, much to the approval of Ty Lee and Suki. Just like the cross-country race, where it was just them and the terrain, Aang and Katara were all absorbed within the dance, their bodies freed from all the troubles that chained them.

I can't change the world alone.
I need you all, I need you all, everybody.
Take a step that's going to make a difference and change the world.

Katara did a ballet-like spin upon landing while Aang did a front flip, which got the crowd hooting and hollering. A couple shuffles to the side later, Aang and Katara launched into the air again, their bodies spinning with no resistance whatsoever. As they landed back to the ground, Aang grabbed Katara's hand and spun her into his body, letting her roll from his left side to his right, before ending it right at the last piano note of the song. With Katara's back leaning on Aang's right arm, the two benders could only grin at each other. Like their cross-country race practices, they were exhausted but completely fulfilled.

Thunderous applause soon broke out, with all their close friends cheering them on and congratulating them. This was the camaraderie that Katara appreciated from the day she moved here, and she was so happy to enjoy this with everyone. More importantly, the one she wanted to share this moment with the most was also the one pulling her back to her feet. They started off as unlikely friends, where Aang was just assigned to show Katara around the school. But soon, the friendship started blossoming, and after going through so much together, both sides were sure that it had become something that much more beautiful. Still taking deep breaths, Katara stared right into those serene grey eyes. "Thank you, Aang," she whispered, "for everything."

"And thank you, Katara," Aang responded, "Thank you for always being there." With that, the two benders leaned their heads slowly forward, ignoring everything around them. In seconds, their bodies pulled closer to each other, and their lips attached themselves to each other. While they knew there were still many challenges in the future, and life would continue to throw curveballs their way, Aang and Katara also realized they would always be there for each other.

"Ugh! Oogies, oogies!" a disgusted voice screamed from the back, breaking the great atmosphere at the pool. Before long, all eyes shot dark looks at a drenched pony-tailed teen stalking out from the pool. "I came to have a good time, not to get oogied out!" Sokka yelled, jabbing an accusing finger at Aang and Katara, "Did you have to do that in public?"

"Sokka, zip it!" every voice in the party area shouted. It got Sokka to stammer for a while before he groaned in defeat. Turning back to each other, Aang and Katara cuddled a bit more before mingling with the group. This would be the beginning of their journey, and as far as they were concerned, the beginning of their lives together for a long time.

For the cameos, Wavebreeze appeared here as a water bender, living in the same neighbourhood as Kori and graduating high school (just like she is in real life), and befriending Katara along the way. Kelev didn't appear, but her daughter did. Her daughter is named Hannah, and I Asianized her name to Hana (Japanese for flower), and made her an air bender. I hope you enjoyed your cameos and that I portrayed you correctly.

I also felt it was best to have all the loose ends tied up. The running symbolism I had with Toph swimming is the main one here, where I had the swimming pool represent all that is negative with her life, and having her swim with Sokka is her way of conquering that. This is just a piece of the bigger theme of maturation, coming to terms with one's flaws, and everyone doing their part to conquer their fears and move forward to become better people as they grow up.

Lastly, the song and dance used are also symbolic. The song's lyrics talk about changing the world but not doing so alone, which reflects the situation with Team Avatar. They changed their own worlds by relying on each other and inspiring each other, which is how they will relate to each other in the future. The dance itself is a longer variation of the one done in "The Headband" with the Fire Nation school kids. I hope I adapted it well enough to this song.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who stuck by me and gave me so much support. I don't think I could have done this without you all. I'll still be around the fandom, but I may take a break from writing for now. I wish everyone the best in their writing projects, have a safe and happy summer, and see you around the site. Take care!