The Dursleys

This story is a what if someone interfered with Bumbledork's plans for Harry.

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The following is a description, of how I write various monies, languages, thoughts, dates, and times.

§Parseltongue§ ~Spells~ thoughts/mind speak [Foreign language]

₲1 = 1 Galleon, S1 = 1 Sickle, K1 = 1 Knut

£1 = 1 British Pound Sterling, $1 = 1 U.S. Dollar, ₲1 = £10 = $15.00

Temperature is in degrees Fahrenheit.

Dates are in the form of; day month year (2 May 1998) Time is in the 24-hour format: 13:00 = 1:00 p.m., and 20:00 is 8:00 p.m. A day begins at 00:00:01 hours and ends at 24:00. All times, unless otherwise noted, are local times.

#4 Privet Drive, Little Winging, Surrey

An old mage appeared inside the wards that Dumbledore had placed hours earlier. Had anyone been able to see him, they would instantly know he was not pleased. He changed the wards that would make Harry's remaining family hate him and magic. He added intent wards that would severely injure those who would harm the boy. These new wards were intent based and worked against magicals and non-magicals alike. Magicals would be stripped of their magic, and non-magicals would suffer brain damage that made them blubbering idiots. The wards would always indicate that Harry was present at the house and was being humiliated, which was what Dumbledore expected.

The mage looked at the fifteen month-old boy and removed the cursed scar and banished the small piece of soul to the Maker for judgment. He took the time to fix the boys eyes and remove the bindings on his magic. He added a filter that would keep the accidental magic minimal until Harry James Potter turned nine. After removing the charms placed on the letter in the basket, the old mage then entered the house. He seemed to float up the stairs to the master bedroom. He looked at the sleeping couple, and with a wave insured they would remain asleep.

He entered their minds and placed instructions about how to raise the boy. He also placed dreams that would become active if his directions were not followed. He knew they would call them nightmares and not dreams. Vernon Dursley would see his wife and son brutally raped before the men in black robes, and silver masks turned on him. Petunia Dursley saw the same thing happen to Vernon and Dudley before they turned on her. Before the dreams ended an angel would appear and tell them the way to avoid this was to treat their nephew with respect if not with love. She said it was their responsibility to mold him into a fine and healthy young man. The young couple would have this nightmare at 06:00 shortly before they work up to start their day.

The old mage left the house and looked at the sleeping baby then said, "I will return at times to teach you grandson. Most of the time, I will be in the form of dreams and by leaving you books once you're old enough to read. Rest well this night grandson, because you are being watched over and loved." With a last satisfying look at the wards, the old man simply faded away.

Petunia Dursley got up after a frightening nightmare and went to get the milk which was delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays in this neighborhood. She found the basket with Harry in it as well as three letters addressed to her and Vernon. Harry was asleep and she ran up the stairs to tell Vernon about finding their nephew and the letters. Sitting on their bed, she read the one from Dumbledore saying Lily and James were killed by the dark lord. It went on to say he expected Harry to arrive at Hogwarts beaten down and abused.

"Like hell, that old goat can drop dead," Petunia stated fiercely, and Vernon agreed, recalling his nightmare.

The second letter was from Gringotts bank stating they would receive £500 per month for support of Harry until he started school then the amount would double.

The third letter really got their attention.

Vernon and Petunia Dursley,

I placed the dream you had this morning in your head, so you could see what would happen if you followed Dumbledore's orders. I have protected both boys, you two, and your house from those who would do you evil. Please be reminded that you are being looked after and protected.

Myrddin Emrys, known as Merlin

"Pet, let's talk about this after work. I can't afford to be late if I want the manager's job. I'll ask our secretary if her 17-year-old daughter can baby sit after work, and we'll go get Harry what he needs. I can stop by McDonald's on the way to work while you take care of our boys. Before I forget, please put those letters in the safe," Vernon said, then kissed Petunia and went to work.

When Vernon got home, he found his wife was furious. Sherry, the secretary came to baby sit since her daughter was busy.

"Petunia what has you in a mood," Sherry asked.

"This and a nappy was all our nephew had on for who knows how long last night. The weather report said it got down to 40 degrees it's a damn wonder the child doesn't have pneumonia. If I get my hands on whoever left him here like that I'll rip their head off and piss down their neck. Fortunately, Harry and Dudley are nearly the same size, so I could dress him in Dudley's clothes." Petunia all but shouted.

"Petunia, settle down please. Sherry will baby sit the boys while we get Harry's clothes and whatever he needs. How about our last stop is for Chinese takeout, and Sherry can stay for dinner?" Vernon asked, and the women agreed.

On the way to the nearest mall Petunia informed Vernon that she had called the police and reported finding her nephew on her doorstep early this morning. The investigator brought a Child Care Supervisor with him, and they had filled out the paperwork making them Harry's legal guardians. She said that she suspected that one or both of the two were magical, but they assured her once Vernon signed the paperwork everything would be legal. In addition to clothes, they bought a double baby carriage.

After enjoying dinner with Sherry, Vernon told Petunia that he got the manager's job which meant a hefty raise. He agreed that they would purchase Petunia a year-old car or van, so she would have transportation while he was at work.

In 1984 after the boys had been bullied twice in less than a week Vernon enrolled them at a local Dojo to learn self-defense and gain confidence. When told that the Dojo taught; Aikido, Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, and Kung Fu Vernon admitted he didn't know one from the other. When Sensei Richard 'Rick' Krause asked how old the students were and was told they had just turned four.

"We have a combined course that would suit them until they decide to specialize in one or two disciplines," Rick told Vernon.

Vernon agreed that would probably be the best since the boys were so young, so he enrolled them in the combined class. That evening after dinner Vernon sat Dudley and Harry down and told them what he did and why. He was surprised that they were both excited about learning martial arts. To say they took to the classes like ducks to water would be a gross understatement. Sensei Rick started them on mental and physical exercises that would enhance their quickness, speed, and power. The mental exercises taught them to relax and organize their minds. Sensei Rick said it would help them recall things faster, and once they learned to read their reading speed would be faster than those who didn't have organized minds.

After six months Harry and Dudley began defensive martial arts. They agreed with Sensei and their parents that they would only use martial arts in defense. Sensei told them if it was more than a one on one situation attacking those in the group with the aggressor was considered defense. By Harry's fifth birthday, both boys earned orange belts with a green stripe. Harry was quick and fast while Dudley had more brute power than his cousin.

Petunia went to Harry's room to kiss him good night on 31 July 1985, Harry's fifth birthday. She almost fainted when she opened the door, and he was floating about six inches above his bed while meditating. She noticed that he was surrounded by a golden glow. She kissed Dudley goodnight then returned to Harry's room and did the same to Harry.

In the silence of their bedroom, Petunia told Vernon what she saw Harry doing and added she didn't think he knew it. Vernon said that it was time to talk to both boys about magic and accidental magic, in particular, Petunia agreed.

On 1 August 1985, after a healthy meal Vernon and Petunia sat the boys back down at the table.

"Boys we want a promise that what we say this evening stays between us four. That means you can't tell anyone else all right?" Vernon said his face showing he was serious. Both boys agreed what was said wouldn't be repeated to anyone else.

"Harry, your Mum, and Dad were magical. They could actually perform magic such as disappearing from one place and appearing in a different place, miles away, in just a few seconds. Harry, you are what is known as a wizard, and son this is not a bad thing. However, there are laws in the magical world that are meant to keep this secret from most non-magicals. Every now and then, a magical is born from non-magical parents, and your mother was one. Petunia, Dudley, and I aren't magical at all, but you are Harry. The problem is that if you're angry or excited you can perform magic while not meaning to. This is called accidental magic, when you're eleven, you'll go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and learn to control your magic. However, that is still six years away, so please try not to get angry in front of others." Vernon told the two shocked boys.

"Uncle Vernon I had a dream about an old man who fixed my eyes with a wave of his hand. In my dream, I asked who he was, and he said 'I am your grandfather and my name is Merlin'. Could this have been more than a dream? He took my hand and we went to a forest, and I saw live unicorns, very large spiders, centaurs, and three fire breathing dragons. Then I woke up back in my bed," Harry told his now shocked family. What he didn't tell them yet was that Merlin showed him how to control his magic. Unknown to him, it was what he was doing when Petunia saw him floating above his bed.

"Harry it may have been a vision or a dream. The morning we found you, there was a letter from Merlin that said he would look after you and Dudley. Now this doesn't mean you two can be reckless because we don't know if he can interact with the living world. Myrddin Emrys or Merlin has been dead for more than 1400 years. You both know from watching the educational channels that Merlin is a legendary wizard that helped King Arthur. As you get older you'll find that many legends were originally based on fact, and their retelling made them grow into super humans." Vernon replied to Harry's question.

"Uncle Vernon thank you for letting Dudley and I take martial arts. Tai Chi helps us control our emotions as well as helping our memories," Harry said meaning every word.

Vernon and Petunia had never kept anything secret from Harry about his parents. They changed dark lord to terrorist, but that was their only change. Petunia gave Harry a picture album on his fourth birthday and pointed out who his parents and their friends were. Merlin's dreams started happening about once a month, then twice a month. When Harry turned six, the dreams happened every Saturday morning. Merlin was teaching Harry how to do wandless magic, so he could control his magic.

From a scholastic point of view Vernon and Petunia couldn't ask for anything more. The boys were either first or second in every subject. They skipped third grade entirely. They even had a scrap or two as happens to most active boys. That stopped the day Dudley and Harry took down five bullies in a matter of seconds while a teacher was watching. The boys decided that they would take their lunch money because Dudley and Harry were two years younger and smaller. The five received black eyes and bloody noses while Dudley and Harry didn't have a mark on either of them. After that incident, others stood up to the bullies, and the incidents decreased. On Dudley's ninth birthday, he and Harry received their brown belts with white stripes. Sensei Rick was proud of them as the youngest to receive that honor in the greater London area.

Later in June, they received a letter from their school telling them they had passed fourth grade with honors and would be placed in sixth grade rather than fifth. For Dudley, it meant he was now qualified for a scholarship at Smeltings Academy. Like Hogwarts, Smeltings was a boarding school that started the first Monday of September and ended the first Friday of June. Both schools required students to arrive the Friday before school started, and leave the Saturday morning after school ended.

Merlin was now visiting three times a week in dreams teaching Harry more wandless magic and building his Occlumency shields. To enter Harry's mind would be a dangerous thing to do within the next year. Currently, you found yourself in an endless changing maze, blind and lost. Fortunately, for the invader, there were no dangerous creatures or deadly traps yet. However, those were coming soon to a theater near you as the Americans said.

On 31 July 1990, Harry turned ten years old and the first of many surprises occurred just after breakfast. Harry heard something tapping on the patio door. He looked to his right and there was a beautiful owl with a letter attached to its left leg. Petunia opened the patio door, and the owl flew to Harry, who moved his plate out of its way.

"Harry this is how wizards send mail so please be careful it could be a trap." Petunia stated.

Harry picked up his knife and carefully turned the letter, so he could see who it was from. "Auntie who or what is Gringotts?" Harry asked.

"That's the wizard bank, but it has connections in our world as well so the letter is safe. No wizard would dare say a letter was from Gringotts," answered Petunia wondering why the bank was contacting Harry.

Harry removed the letter and the owl flew up to the top of the refrigerator. Petunia laughed at the look on Harry's face and told him she suspected the owl was waiting for a reply. She got up and offered the owl water and a piece of crisp bacon which it took and bobbed its head in thanks.

"Aunt Petunia the Potter account manager wants to see you and me, but Uncle Vernon and Dudley are welcome to come also. He or she is named Griphook and says unless I reply differently we have an appointment at 09:00. This letter is something called a portkey that will take us directly to his office." Harry said while still reading the letter.

"Harry a portkey will take a wizard from one place to another. It's a form of wizard travel and can cover long distances in a short time. While wizard made portkeys spin, Lily said that goblin portkeys do not. I'll get Vernon up, as you know, he loves to sleep in his first day of vacation. You two shower and put something nice to wear on and that means no jeans. Oh, answer the letter telling Griphook that we are coming with you so he isn't surprised please," Petunia said as she left the kitchen.

While Vernon ate breakfast, Petunia told the boys what she knew about goblins. They were a warrior race that gave the level of respect that they were shown.

"So if we're nice and respectful they return that back to us," Dudley said and Petunia said he was correct.

At 09:00, the four of them held a corner of the letter and found themselves in a nice office with the fiercest thing they had ever seen.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley and young Mr. Dursley I am Griphook, welcome to Gringotts London branch."

"Thank you Mr. Griphook. What can we do for you?" Harry replied, looking the goblin in the eyes.

"Please sit we have much to discuss," Griphook answered and indicated their chairs. "Last evening Mr. Albus Dumbledore came to the bank with your key to remove ₲5,000 from your trust vault. That's £60,000 at the current exchange rate. The teller refused, stating he had no letter from your guardians authorizing him to make a withdrawal and immediately locked down the vault. Dumbledore shouted that he was your magical guardian since you were Muggle raised. The teller said he was not Mr. Potter's magical guardian and locked down his vaults, infuriating the old wizard. The look on your faces indicates to me that you know nothing about this, is this true?" Griphook asked.

They replied they never knew anything about it and hadn't seen, written to, or talked to Dumbledore. They also stated that they had never received any statements on Harry's account. Petunia went on to say that they had filed guardianship paperwork the day after she found Harry on her doorstep almost nine years ago.

"Harry was in a diaper and wrapped in a thin blanket laying in a wicker basked in 40 degree weather for we don't know how long. All we ever received concerning communications from the wizard world are these three letters. They are copies Vernon had certified at his workplace." Petunia stated, and handed Griphook the copies of the three letters.

"I see it's the copy machine that certifies a true copy of the original. Out of curiosity what would happen if I tried to change one of these letters?" Griphook asked.

"The certified copy statement would blur out and become unreadable if you use an eraser, pencil, or any type of ink on it. It lets us make certified copies for business without taking the chance of people reading something they are not authorized to read," replied Vernon.

"This technology is almost as interesting as this letter from Dumbledore. Excuse me a moment please. I need to invite another guest. Her name is Madam Amelia Bones, and she heads the Department of Magical Law Enforcement." Griphook said as he turned toward a fireplace behind his chair.

Griphook's office door flew open, and an old man stood in it holding a stick. Harry's immediate reaction was to disarm him, and he did so wandlessly. The wand came to Harry, and the old man was bounced off the wall opposite Griphook's office door. The noise brought six armed goblins ready to do battle.

"GUARDS HOLD. Young Mr. Potter used no wand in this bank but still managed to protect me from Dumbledore's wand. Arrest Dumbledore and inform Chief Ragnok please." Griphook said and turned back to the fireplace.

Within a minute after Griphook turned back to face Harry a middle-aged woman wearing a monocle in her left eye walked out of the fireplace.

"Madam Bones, these people are Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley, Mr. Potter's family. Mr. Potter just saved us from an attack by your Chief Warlock Mr. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore by disarming him. As you know, pulling a wand in Gringotts is a life sentence, but doing so in the presence of two or more magicals is a death sentence. I'm sure Chief Ragnok will advise you of Mr. Dumbledore's trial date. Please take a seat Madam Bones and I apologize for not offering you one earlier but Dumbledore caught me totally by surprise." Griphook told the shocked woman.

"These are the letters we were discussing Madam Bones. I think you will find two of them interesting," said Griphook handing her the three letters.

"Griphook the letters from the bank and Dumbledore are real, and I would recognize Dumbledore's writing anywhere. However, this letter from Merlin just cannot be real," Madam Bones stated.

Before she could continue they all heard, "I assure you young lady it is very real, and Lord Harry James Potter is indeed my grandson several times removed," a voice said from behind them.

The five humans turned around and saw a man that looked to be about 60 standing in the center of Ragnok's office. Before anyone could say anything there was a knock on Griphook's door.

"Enter," Griphook said knowing who it would be.

The door opened, and a regal goblin entered with two guards following.

"Ah, Myrddin you old reprobate, it's been at least 120 years since I last saw your ugly face." Ragnok said with an evil grin.

"Stuff it where the sun don't shine, Ragnok. Apparently, it's been 200 or more years since you've looked in a mirror and saw a face looking back that not even a mother could love. If I had a dog as ugly as your face, I'd shave its ass and force it to walk backwards in public. By the way, Harry, you did a good job disarming of that old goat raping bigot. When you leave the bank, take the wand with you, it's yours by right of combat conquest. Just don't use it until I tell you it's all right to please." Merlin said.

"Of course grandpa," Harry replied with a cheeky grin.

"Madam Bones since it is inconvenient for me to run around in public, I would like you to take over as Harry's magical guardian. Harry was supposed to go to Sirius, the Longbottoms, you, or the Dursleys in that order. Dumbledore sealed their wills and rerouted their letters to you and the Longbottoms. However, I do believe that Ragnok has copies in his file on the Potters. Sirius Black is innocent and was never the secret keeper, that was Pettigrew." Merlin told the group and paused.

Merlin continued, "He's a rat Animagi living with the Weasleys, but they don't know he is anything but a rat. These are Dumbledore's manipulations to control Harry and make him a good little weapon. Harry was meant to sacrifice himself so Dumbledore could kill Voldemort. This grand plan came about when Dumbledore was interviewing Sybil Trelawney for a job he didn't want to give her. She was half drunk and saw the interview wasn't going well so she made a fake prophesy." Merlin let that sink in for a bit.

He added, "Unfortunately, Severus Snape over heard the part that said the one to defeat the dark lord would be born as the seventh moon dies. Snape, being the good Death Eater that he is, reported this to his master. And the rest as you say is history, but I'll give you more about this later. Ragnok what's the reward for saving one of your account managers in your bank?" Merlin asked with an evil smile that made them all shudder.

"As you well know Emrys, Harry here gets all of Dumbledore's possessions plus gains the status of goblin friend and fellow warrior. Griphook will treat him as a son and I'll treat him as favored nephew. In addition, all family members of those made goblin friends come under the protection of the Goblin Nation. If you weren't so damn long winded, I would have been able to tell Mr. Potter earlier. You must really love to hear your own voice as much as you talk Myrddin Emrys. I'm surprised you aren't spouting about your latest conquest or Artur Pendragon. I suppose your next request will be the use of the chamber." Ragnok said and gave Merlin a full toothed smile.

Amelia Bones agreed to be Harry's magical guardian and told the Dursleys what it meant to Harry and them. She signed the paperwork and then Petunia and Vernon signed it also. Merlin affixed his ring to the seal and handed the ring to Harry.

"Harry this ring goes on your right middle finger. The head of house Potter ring will go on your index or pointer finger. The Gryffindor ring will go on your right ring finger, and the Slytherin ring goes on the right little finger. The Ravenclaw ring will go on the left index finger, with the Hufflepuff ring next to it. When you turn eleven, you'll take over as the head of House of Potter, and you can ask for an heir test at that time. You may be related to Morgana Le Fey she was quite the hottie. If you are you will not gain her ring, but you will get the Pendragon ring last worn by Artur, or King Arthur as he is now called." Merlin once again shocked the wizards and goblins causing him to laugh out loud.

"Ragnok if you have no objection, I need some privacy with Amelia, so we'll use Griphook outer office. Don't get your knickers in a twist when I put up privacy wards. Griphook you may want to give Amelia a memory crystal of Harry's accidental magic when he disarmed Dumbledore." Merlin said and Amelia followed him to the outer office. Tea and pastries appeared in front of the humans and goblins.

"Excuse me Ragnok sir, but may I ask if you're Chief Ragnok of the Goblin Nation?" Harry asked turning red faced.

"Mr. Potter there is no need to be embarrassed, and the answer to your question is yes."

"Wow, I read about you in a wizard history book sir. You sure don't look 230 years old sir. I thought you couldn't be over 40." Harry stuttered, while both goblins fell on the floor laughing.

After getting back on his stool Ragnok said, "Mr. Potter, I'm really going to like getting to know you. Thank you for the compliment but you may want to know that Merlin was born in 436 and still haunts this earth not really alive but not fully dead."

"Dudley, that makes grandpa Merlin 1554 years old, now that's really ancient." Harry told his cousin.

"I heard that you cheeky little devil, I'm old not ancient, Circe is ancient, more so than Moses," Merlin shouted from the other room.

Vernon and Petunia looked at each other and knew once the boys were in bed they would talk about this over a brandy or three. Ragnok and Griphook told the couple, they would move their accounts to Gringotts and the advantages of doing that. Harry asked what Dumbledore's was worth and found out it was several million Galleons. He then asked if they could move a million galleons to the Dursley vault while transferring Dumbledore's money to his trust vault. Ragnok said that it was a reasonable request, and it could be easily done. He gave them each an endless wallet that worked in all currencies. He showed Vernon and Petunia how to put limits on what the boys could spend and how to change them either permanently or for a limited time.

When Merlin and Amelia Bones returned, she asked, "Petunia do you remember Marie Lovegood?"

"Yes of course they were at James and Lily's wedding and couple of parties we had." Petunia answered.

"Merlin wants to visit with Harry for about three hours would you mind if she showed you around Diagon Alley and this part of London?" Amelia asked, and the Dursleys agreed. Ragnok sent a guard to the Quibbler's office.

Maria and Luna Lovegood were shown into Griphook's office a short time later. Harry met Luna for the first time and thought she was cute for a girl. Griphook gave Maria a memory crystal of Dumbledore's entrance and Harry's reaction to it. Amelia told Maria that the Daily Prophet could only be held off 36 to 48 hours so if Xeno wanted the story, he needed to run a special edition. Before leaving she made an arrangement to visit Harry and the Dursleys at their home. Merlin reminded the Dursleys that he needed about three hours with Harry. What he didn't tell them was that for Harry, those three hours would be close to three years.

Ragnok and Griphook escorted them to the time compression chamber and made sure that they had everything they needed. Harry kept in the same physical shape by exercising and practicing martial arts. His main reason for being there was to learn magic and the ways of the wizard world. Merlin finished off his Occlumency training and sort of felt sorry for anyone who would try to enter the boy's mind. When Harry left the chamber, he could do most things wandlessly that wizards did using a wand. He could also use a wand like he was born holding it.

They went back to Griphook office and after getting comfortable, Ragnok presented Harry with a five compartment trunk and showed him how it worked and how to secure it. A touch by Harry on the front left corner of the lid made it weightless. If he touched the front right corner, the trunk shrank to the size of a small matchbox about 3/8 inch tall. The back right corner enlarged the trunk to full size and the back left corner made it too heavy to be moved. Harry shrank the trunk and slipped it in his left front pocket as his family arrived.

"Now before we leave I have one other thing. Earlier, I called Harry Lord Emrys but no one questioned it. Harry as Head of the Most Ancient Noble House of Emrys, I appoint and anoint you as the current head of the house. Your name henceforth is Harry James Potter-Emrys, Earl of Avalon. You are now free to do magic within the limits of the statute of secrecy. I suggest before you leave to stop and see my friend Garrick Ollivander. Purchase two of my holsters, Garrick will know what I mean. Amelia what is the charge for binding a child's magic without permission of the parents?" Merlin asked indicating he was furious.

Amelia frowned and answered, "A fine of not less than ₲100,000 or more than ₲500,000 and a year in Azkaban for every month the child is bound."

"Thank you Madam Bones. Ragnok, may Amelia use her wand to check Dudley?" Merlin asked, but the words indicated it was an order.

"Of course Myrddin"

Amelia Bones slowly removed her wand and looked at Vernon and Petunia, who both nodded. She cast a revealing charm, and her face turned to anger. Without thinking she almost shouted, "That old son of a bitch could have killed or severely injured this young man."

"Ragnok you can have his body, but his magic is mine to split between these two boys. Vernon, Petunia if you were younger I would give you each a fourth of his magic and then add to it from the nearest ley line. Ragnok both boys will have a heritage test next year and bill it to Artur's vault." Merlin stated and faded away. He returned about five minutes later smiling.

"Ragnok, Dumbledore will answer your questions as well as Amelia's but otherwise all he will see is his failings. Take his head, feed him to a dragon, I don't care, but he will never leave Gringotts. As I have spoken so shall it be." Merlin stated, and the magic flared and spread throughout Gringotts and Diagon Alley.

Merlin then placed his hand on Dudley's chest for a few seconds and did the same thing with Harry. Both boys could feel the difference as their magic seemed to sing. Merlin then told Dudley he would be visiting him in his dreams. He asked to meet back at the bank in three weeks saying he wanted four hours with the boys. He then faded away one final time for that day.

In his cell, Dumbledore sat on his bed slobbering and mumbling to himself. He felt Merlin rip his magic from him then rape his mind. He was now seeing every single mistake he made and being berated by those who his screw-ups caused to die. Lily Potter was particularly vocal about what she would do to him when he passed on. Dumbledore knew that a Muggle baby had more mind shields than he did, and he knew that he could not build new ones.

Amelia Bones was told, by Ragnok, Dumbledore's trial would begin at 09:00, 1 August 1990. He suggested to Maria that Xeno attend the trial as the only reporter. He sent five elves to help Xeno get a special edition of the Quibbler printed. One elf had a note and a memory crystal of what happened with Dumbledore. Harry asked if Dumbledore had any family and was told he had a brother named Aberforth. Further questions resulted in Harry giving Aberforth his share of the Hogs Head Pub plus ₲250,000. Harry and the Dursleys left for home, and Ragnok sent Griphook with ten goblins to Hogwarts to obtain all of Dumbledore's personal possessions for Harry.

Minerva McGonagall was shocked to find out she was now Headmistress of Hogwarts. However, a few minutes later she smiled and began a search for a new Potions Professor. She sent a letter to Septima Vector naming her as the new head of Slytherin House. She named Filius Flitwick as her Deputy Headmaster. She told the head elf, that she wanted the old Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom sealed with everything in it. She had him refurbish a new Defense classroom on the second floor near the transfiguration class room. She also moved potions to the third floor and asked the castle for more lighting and ventilation. She received a letter from the Hogwarts Board of Directors stating there would be a meeting at 14:00, on 2 August 1990. Minerva smiled and set the wards to reject anyone marked with the dark mark. She knew that would keep Malfoy and his two henchmen from attending thus losing their seats on the Board. The Board's rules were clear if you couldn't attend a meeting without giving at least a 24-hour notice you had better be in St. Mungos or Hogwarts hospital wing.

Amelia Bones looked like a person on a sugar high as she returned to the Ministry. Dumbledore had pissed her off on several occasions by making stupid decisions. She called Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and Gawain Robards into her office and sealed the door and put up privacy wards.

"Gentlemen I have it on the highest authority that Peter Pettigrew is alive and living as a rat. My source tells me that he was the Potters secret keep while Sirius Black was a diversion. I just came from the Department of Records and there is no arrest warrant or trial recorded for Sirius Black. The man is the Head of one of the few Most Ancient Noble Houses and as a scion or heir was required to be tired or released within 30 days. There is no precedent for him being placed in Azkaban. He should have been held here, and Crouch, Dumbledore, and Bagnold knew this. Get your gear and let's go arrest a rat with an Order of Merlin Third Class." Amelia Bones told the shocked Senior Aurors.

They appeared outside the Weasley home they called the Burrow just outside of the wards. Kingsley and Gawain split from the group and sealed the windows and doors so no rat could get out. Amelia and Alastor knocked on the kitchen door, and Molly invited them in. They immediately saw the rat being held by a boy who looked about 13. Mad Eye immediately saw that the rat was an Animagus but said nothing. However, he did use a wandless body bind charm on the animal.

"Madam Bones is something wrong?" Molly asked seeing the way Amelia Bones was eyeing Scabbers.

"Young sir, please sit your rat on the table and step away," Alastor Moody said in a voice that was as cold as ice.

Percy Weasley gulped and did what he was told.

"Moody I'll levitate him away from the table, and you change him. We can both stun him as he changes. Peter Pettigrew you are under arrest for the murder of James and Lily Potter." Amelia said and levitated the rat away from the table.

Mad Eye Moody hit Peter Pettigrew with a spell and a stunner as Amelia Bones hit him with a stunner as he changed into a human form. Molly and Percy were shocked to see a rat faced man lying on the kitchen floor. Amelia Bones moved swiftly and had magic suppression handcuffs on Peter Pettigrew in a few heartbeats. Amelia had Gawain and Kingsley take Peter Pettigrew back to the Ministry and place him in a magic suppressing holding cell. She told Gawain Robards to retrieve some of the new potion from the DOM that insured a person couldn't change to their animagus form for 30 days.

Amelia and Alastor found out that the Weasleys had the rat for nearly nine years. Having never had a pet rat before, they didn't know that common rats rarely lived about three years. When Molly asked if this meant Sirius was not guilty the Aurors said they didn't know because there were 12 Muggles killed also.

As Director of the DMLE Amelia had the power to call a nine judge trial, and she did that for 15:00 that day. To be safe she packed the judges with friends of the Potters, who would free Pettigrew and hang Sirius Black if Peter was innocent. However, things went as she expected and Sirius Black was declared innocent while Peter Pettigrew was kissed by a dementor. Using Peter Pettigrew's testimony that no one could take the dark mark other than freely Madam Bones issued arrest warrants for all those that Fudge let off by claiming they were Imperiused. After a quick talk with the head cafeteria elf, Amelia and Moody met Fudge and Umbridge for lunch.

When Fudge and Umbridge joined Amelia and Alastor at lunch, Fudge sipped his tea before asking, "Amelia how has your day been?"

"Quite surprising Cornelius, we found Peter Pettigrew alive and well. Of course, we brought him in and questioned him in front of a nine Judge panel just to be safe. We found out that he was the Potters secret keeper and killed the Muggles not Sirius Black. Imagine my surprise when the panel turned the questioning into a trial and freed Black and gave Pettigrew a dementors kiss. Pettigrew said it was impossible to take the dark mark while Imperiused, did you know that?" Amelia asked innocently and showing her curiosity.

"Of course, but that was good as Dolores and I both made ₲25,000 for each of those we let walk." Fudge replied with a smile.

"Dolores is Cornelius kidding me?" Amelia inquired pleasantly.

"Oh, no he's quite right, then we made more with some new laws Lucius wanted passed." Umbridge answered proudly.

"Shall we arrest them now or enjoy our lunch Mad Eye?" Amelia Bones asked her friend and mentor.

"Let's arrest them and go get the other bastards while the iron is hot. Thank God for privacy wards and distortion charms so no one could read their lips. This new truth serum from the DOM is going to revolutionize trials," the old Auror said.

They disillusioned the two new prisoners and put them in the very back holding cells under wards that Moody put up. Amelia fire called Ragnok and asked if he could hold of Dumbledore's trial for a day saying she would have some Muggle fudge for him. This was a code telling Ragnok that there would be big news at the Ministry tomorrow. While Amelia was doing that Mad Eye was putting up a dark mark detector ward inside the training room door. Madam Bones called for an all Auror meeting in the training room immediately. A disillusioned Mad Eye saw his dark mark detector ward flare four times. He tagged the four Aurors with a delayed sleeping spell. When the last Auror entered the training room, the four Aurors dropped off to sleep one at a time.

"These ass holes are marked Death Eaters," Alastor growled and stunned them while they were down.

Amy sent all but a skeleton crew home and told them to get some sleep and to be back at 23:00. The Aurors trusted her enough to know she was serious and whatever it was it might get hot. When Amelia and Alastor returned to her office, she found a letter with 37 names on it the last one said Myrddin Emrys, so she knew who it was from. Fortunately, things had been quiet long enough that the Death Eater's homes didn't have their high-powered wards up. That wouldn't look good in today's relaxed environment. Amelia asked Croaker and Rockwood to join her and Alastor in the DMLE training room. When Rockwood entered Moody's ward flared, and he took Rockwood down.

"Croaker, check your man's left arm before you say a damn word. We had four of our own so don't think for a minute that I'm being paranoid." Moody said in his icy voice.

After telling Croaker what they needed and getting his agreement, he called in his field operatives asking them to meet him and Madam Bones in the DMLE training room. Croaker was relieved that none of his active operatives were marked. They all agreed to meet in the training room at 23:00 that night.

At 23:32, 31 July 1990, one hundred fifty six wizards and witches departed from the DOM for Operation Take Down. Each group consisted of Aurors and Unspeakables and everyone was authorized to use whatever curse that was necessary. By 22:00, 1 August 1990 forty three Death Eaters had been kissed or sent through the veil. This figure included Snape, Fudge, and Umbridge, who were tried as traitors and sentenced to the veil. Sirius Black had been taken to Gringotts to be healed saying he didn't trust St. Mungos. Unfortunately, time compression wouldn't help him get his physical health back. It did help with his mind and magic, but it would take until Christmas before he left Gringotts. The Ministry awarded him ₲9 million and he sued Barty Crouch Sr. While at the Crouch home, Barty Jr. was discovered and sent straight through the veil.

Dumbledore was tried and confessed his grand plan to rule the world but in the background as a puppet master. Ragnok sentenced him to death by beheading, and his body fed to a dragon. The Quibbler went from a rag to a high profile paper within a few months. Wizards' looked to it to find the truth as the Daily Prophet fell out of favor and went bankrupt.

The Wizengamot in its infinite wisdom decided to seize the Death Eater's vaults. Ragnok quickly let them know that the marked Death Eaters were marked slaves and as such owned nothing. He further stated that their master had been defeated in combat, and his possessions now belonged to Harry James Potter. He added he wished them well in their endeavor to try to take anything from Lord Potter-Emrys, the Earl of Avalon. The Wizengamot representative fled when Ragnok mumbled Her Majesty would love to hear this.

At the next meeting, the Wizengamot was treated to a piece of history when they received a howler from Her Majesty that lasted nearly eight minutes mostly questioning their sanity and knowledge of the law. The last minute of the howler reminded the Wizengamot just who they were subjects of. Few in the chamber found it as funny as those who listened to it on the Wizard Wireless Network did. The Pureblood bastion took one too many shots below the water line and sank into oblivion. The Quibbler added to the WWN replays of the howler with pictures of the Wizengamot cringing at Her Majesty's words and sales skyrocketed.

Merlin returned to Griphook's office the last week of August to use the time chamber with Harry and Dudley. He told Griphook and Ragnok about Voldemort horcruxes and where they were. He even gave them passwords where they were needed and which soul piece to destroy last. After their three and a half hours in the chamber Merlin told the boys that he would now see them in their dreams when they needed him. His last words to Vernon, Petunia, Amelia, Ragnok, Griphook, Dudley, and Harry were that Harry should take his family rings on his eleventh birthday. As he faded he said something about a surprise at Hogwarts.

The End