Some Go Home

This story is a continuation of The Hogwarts Eleven. IT IS RATED 'T' FOR LANGUAGE.

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** In this story Nymphadora Tonks was born 10 November 1979, Hermione was born 19 April 1980, Luna Lovegood born 15 August 1980. It's A/U people so I can make my characters whatever age I want them unless I'm mimicking canon.

The following is a description, of how I write various monies, languages, thoughts, dates, and times.

§Parseltongue§ ~Spells~ thoughts/mind speak [Foreign language]₲1 = 1 Galleon, S1 = 1 Sickle, K1 = 1 Knut

£1 = 1 British Pound Sterling, $1 = 1 U.S. Dollar, ₲1 = £10 = $15.00

Temperature is in degrees Fahrenheit.

Dates are in the form of; day month year (2 May 1998) Time is in the 24-hour format: 13:00 = 1:00 p.m., and 20:00 is 8:00 p.m. A day begins at 00:00:01 hours and ends at 24:00. All times, unless otherwise noted, are local times.

From the Hogwarts Eleven: He locked eyes with a Professor wearing a turban and said, "Hello Tom."

Hogwarts Great Hall - 1 September 1981

The Professor stood and morphed into a snake faced creature some recognized a Voldemort. "Do not call me that name, I am Lord Voldemort the most powerful wizard in the world, Potter."

Harry laughed and said, "Actually Tommy boy, you're a megalomaniac with delusions of power nothing more. But then your father was a muggle, and your mother was a squib. You were raised in a muggle orphanage and had daddy issues and turned to cruelty to get your way. You came to Hogwarts and Dumbledore recognized that you had the potential to get his name back in the limelight. He knew after he took out Grindlewald his star would wane after 15 or 20 years. You made a nice way for him to go out on top. You were nothing but a puppet that fears death above all other fears, and you have many Tom." Harry paused and smiled at the reaction of the others in the Great Hall.

"You rearranged the letters of Tom Marvolo Riddle and came up with, I am Lord Voldemort. How appropriate Tom since vol demort in French translates to flight from death. Dumbledore Imperiused Slughorn to provide you with a way that a trinket could keep your soul tied to this plane of existence. However, you took that too far further proving you're insane. However, the trinkets are destroyed. Yes Tommy boy, your precious diary, a fake ring and locket you thought were Slytherin possessions are gone. The cup you thought was Helga's and the tiara you felt was Rowena's are destroyed." Harry let that sink in for a minute.

"Chief Ragnok personally killed your pet snake early this morning, and my little problem was taken care of by my grandfather. So here you stand alone and unloved as usual. Your Death Eaters are dead, and their property and funds seized. We only have one thing left to say to you Tommy boy and that is…" Harry, the six ladies and four boys' wands appeared in their left hands, "Circumdare Speculum!"

Tom Marvolo Riddle known as Voldemort was encased in glass. Upon closer inspection, people would see that there were eleven layers of glass. What had once been Professor Quirinus Quirrell's body was suffocating and dying slowly. Tom Riddle knew he was trapped by a first-year student who should have died over nine years ago. Tom couldn't move or scream as he took his final breath, he was afraid of what was beyond life. Harry Potter had finished the job his mother started on 31 October 1981.

Before anyone could react, the Great Hall door opened, and Minister Bones and Chief Ragnok entered with Auror and goblin guards.

"Harry, what do you want done with this trash?" Ragnok asked.

"I think displaying him in a room off the bank's lobby so people can see what they feared is gone would be good. Of course, a small donation to St. Mungos and the Orphanage would be appropriate. I think a month to view this thing should be sufficient then he will be sent for judgment." Harry said with Ragnok and Amelia agreeing.

An older wizard appeared near Harry, who said, "Hi grandpa. Headmistress, ladies, and gentlemen meet Myrddin Ambrosius you may know as Merlin, my great-grandfather a few times removed."

Merlin ruffled Harry's hair and looked at the head table and shook his head. He looked back down at Harry and smiled. Then he said, "Lady Avalon, show yourself and the true castle please."

The castle groaned, and the Great Hall expanded. What was once dull grey became white marble you could see your face in. The floor was now light grey granite, and the tables moved apart as a fifth table appeared. Behind the head table, a throne appeared with a raven haired beautiful lady sitting in it.

"You know Myrddin, you old goat, you should be doing this." Her deep voice said.

"Ah, but Lady Hogwarts-Avalon it is your job to welcome the new leaders and mine to introduce the new staff." Merlin said with a smirk.

"Alright, you old reprobate, Prince Harry and Princess Luna come forward please." She requested.

"This young man is Prince Harry James Potter-Pendragon-Emrys-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Slytherin. The young lady is Princess Luna Pendragon-Potter. Merlin correct me please if I get this part wrong. They are the Duchesses, of Pendragon, Emrys, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and the Duchess Hufflepuff. Lady Dora Emrys-Potter, please come forward. This is the Duchess Emrys. Lady Hermione Potter-Hufflepuff-Granger, please come forward. She is the Duchess Potter. Lady Daphne Black-Potter, come forward as the Duchess Black. Lady Susan Potter-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw is the Duchess Gryffindor-Ravenclaw. Lady Astoria Potter-Slytherin is the last of the royalty, and she is the Duchess Slytherin. Prince Harry, please introduce the others in Avalon House." The raven-haired lady said with warmth in her voice and a smile.

Harry bowed to Lady Hogwarts-Avalon and said. "First is my cousin Lord Dudley Dursley Earl of Avalon. Then we have Lord Neville Longbottom Earl of Hogwarts. Next is Lord Dean Thomas Earl of Hogsmeade. Last but by no means least, is Lord Jason Wight Earl of Wight. Accompanying us is Miss Hannah Abbott, Miss Tracy Davis, Miss Padma Patil, and Miss Parvati Patil. By law, I declare the Hogwarts Board of Governors dismissed. Now I'm sure a few of you caught the fact, that the Duchess have Potter in their names. This is because the six ladies are my wives as per the book of bonds. Yes we seven share a soul bond." Harry paused and looked at the students.

Harry continued, "I'm going to reduce my next words to language that I'm sure Ronald Weasley and Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe, and Gregory Goyle can understand. Fuck with one of my wives or friends and you had better hope Lady Avalon gets to you before one of my elves, or I do. She may punish you, but I'll take your head and put it on a pike just outside of the front gate. As I have spoken so shall it be." Harry stated. The castle shook as his magic flared and lit up the room as he looked to Merlin.

"Prince Harry indicated it's my turn, so we'll start at the top. Minerva McGonagall, you have had a couple of years to do what was right, and chose what was easy. Your personal possessions are at the Three Broomsticks you may leave after dinner. The new Headmaster is Nicolas Flamel. His wife Perenelle will teach Potions and take over as head of house Slytherin. Horace Slughorn you are retired as per your wish, we wish you a good life. Charity Burbage is the new Muggle Studies Professor, Professor Smith you are relieved from that post your class is about 75 years behind the times. Professor Remus Lupin is the new History Professor as Professor Binns has moved on to his next adventure. The old Defense Against the Dark Arts class is renamed to Defense and will be taught by Professor Sirius Black." Merlin told the shocked crowd. As he named the new Professors, they took seats at the new table rather than the head table.

"Can we get on with the sorting, you old piece of Hippogryph dung," the hat asked.

"Al, be nice or you get a bath with the giant squid. I know he could find a way to entertain you for a few months." Merlin said, and then he added, "Flitwick this is no reflection on you, but I've decided to become the Deputy Headmaster. With two adult Marauders and eleven in training Nick will need all the help he can get. Now let's get these fifteen sorted into Emrys house Alfred."

"Well that takes all the suspense and fun out of it, but the last fifteen go into the new house of Emrys. Now go see Aberforth and do your things with his goats, you old dork." The hat said as food appeared at the tables.

The students at the other four tables were shocked to see the Minister, Ragnok and their guards sit at the new table and talk to the others like they were old friends. A new banner of blue, gold, and sliver appeared with a red dragon as its animal. The symbol of Pendragon was seen for the first time in centuries.

Merlin walked to the Gryffindor table and looked at the twins and said so only they could hear. "I understand you have something for the Deputy to look over. Well, that is me now so I'll be happy to see your work. You two are at one of many crossroads you'll encounter in life. There is a fine line between pranking and bullying and you two don't seem to recognize it. The last two heads of Hogwarts seem to have forgotten their first duty is to protect the students. The new one knows that, as does the owners and their friends. Get caught up, study hard and your dreams have a good chance of coming true. Keep on the path you were on the last two years, and you'll be lucky to be muggle street sweepers." He paused and smiled.

"It is your right to choose, and I sincerely hope you make the right choice. I doubt you can help your younger brother, but perhaps you can help your sister. It's a pity that after two years here you only have one friend. Besides Lee only the Quidditch team is even friendly to you two. That's a pity don't you think?" Merlin took their homework and walked to the head table.

Merlin walked to the head table and stood across from McGonagall, "Minerva, take this coming year to think about your past mistakes. You might want to see the goblins about getting your mind checked for charms. Dumbledore never hesitated to use Obliviate, or to alter and place thoughts in other's head. It happened to Amelia and several others. Old Tom doesn't look like much standing there does he? It's amazing how much damage he caused because Dumbledore didn't stop him early." Merlin told the shocked witch for her to think it was one thing, but to have someone she didn't know say what she suspected shocked her.

At the Emrys table, they listened to Ragnok telling them about a very hostile female elf threatening to take his head. He shuddered when he added that she meant it, and he believed her. Remus and Sirius then told them how Mitsy taught them proper etiquette by using the equivalent to a stinging hex. Sirius swore she could hit you on a nipple from forty feet and heard everything said in the Manor.

Nick Flamel named Sirius as head of house Emrys and told the Great Hall the ban against first-year students having brooms was lifted. He also said that not only did Madam Hooch get new Cleansweeps to teach with each house Quidditch team got 14 new brooms, two for each position. When he finished he sent them to their common room and beds.

Quirrellimort as several students called him was taken to Gringotts by Ragnok and his guards.

Sirius led them to a portrait of Arthur and gave the password 'Marauders rule' they entered the common room, and it was luxurious and modern. Harry and his ladies had a bedroom suite on the first floor, and the other were one floor up.

"Ok gals and guys we have a lot of work to do tonight so follow us please." Harry said and led them down a hall that seemed to be longer than the tower they were in was wide. They came to a door that swung open for Harry.

"This is our training room, and I've set it for 210 to one time compression, so we have just over a year in here. We need to get our new ladies up to speed before someone does something stupid. While you ladies get started, I'll call Jack about getting them additional wands. Don't forget to mask the trace on the ones they got from that old fart Ollivander." Harry said showing his distaste for Garrick Ollivander.

Harry called Jack and then Ragnok. Jack came through with a trunk full of wands and helped the girls pick two each. He left the rest with Harry. Ragnok and a man he introduced as the finest wand maker in the world came through a portal and measured each of them. He had brought his materials and had them select the bases and cores. Since his shop was closed and Harry had the room provide a work area and suite to sleep in for the man called Carl Fuch, pronounced fooch. It took the man four days compressed time to finish the wands. They were better looking and more powerful than Ollivander's and soon his new wand became his number four after Merlin's, the Elder Wand, and the Potter Industries wand.

While Harry was discussing things with Carl, Luna showed Ragnok the Katana and Wakizashi that Harry used. She wanted them reproduced by goblins and was willing to pay the ₲3,000 to have it done right. Since goblins didn't celebrate Christmas Ragnok was still irritated at himself, because the wizards on the cruise had each sent him gifts. He didn't even pay attention when Christmas came until he received the gifts. Harry had sent Ragnok a case of the best elfin wine made. The others added to his weapons collection with some very nice ancient blades. Ragnok bowed and left the castle. He contacted the premier Japanese sword maker at Gringotts Tokyo and commissioned 15 Katanas and Wakizashis to match. From the heir tests he used the blood to tie the blades to the owners. He sent Griphook to perform the heir tests on the new ladies, primarily to get blood samples. Each blade would contain two drops of Basilisk venom making any cut a death sentence.

The four new ladies were up to speed in Occlumency and wandless magic quickly. The crystals and eleven children who were their age that had already been through the training, sped up the process. The last three months of compressed time they used wands to get up to speed with their upcoming classes.

[Scene break]

"You realize Fred that we were very lucky on the train don't you?" a somber George asked.

"Yes bro, and I noticed that other than at the royal table, we were the only two students Merlin talked to. I shudder to think we tried to mess with three of the students who took Voldemort down like it was nothing. Do you think we can help Ronniekins?" Fred replied.

"I think we have to try Fred. I think Percy is beyond help. He'll do alright on the entry test to the Ministry, but he'll fail the interview because of the rule book being shoved so far up his ass. At least Dad saw the light and actually studied Muggles to keep his job. I think we need to write him and tell him about our conversation with Merlin."

"I do believe we have a plan George. After that I think we need to discuss some things with Ronniekins. It's unfortunate that the physical approach is necessary with him." Fred said with an evil grin.

After writing their letters Fred and George snuck into the first year's dorm and levitated their brother to the common room. After putting up silencing charm, they slammed him into a blank wall.

Ron Weasley woke up as he bounced off the wall, "Bloody hell. What do you think you two are doing?"

"Listen little brother, and listen like you never have before because we're taking the time to try to save your life. You will eat like a human and not like a fucking pig scarfing down everything you can reach. You will not talk with your mouth full spraying those around you with partially eaten food. You will be nice and stay away from Potter and his group unless you are invited to join them." Fred told his younger brother looking as serious as Ron had ever seen.

Ron yelled, "Oow, shit that hurt."

George said, "That was a stinging hex little brother. You will feel that every time you break one of the rules you just heard. You'll feel it on your hands, ass, stomach, back, either cheek, and balls if you really piss us off by not listening. You will pay attention in class, and study ahead. Unless your homework is done there will be no chess, flying, or reading about anything that doesn't concern class. You, Ronald Weasley will become a model student, or you might get hit with a tripping jinx as you go down a set of moving stairs. Now repeat everything, I just said," George told Ron in a cold tone of voice that screamed for him to just do what he was told.

Ron repeated George's words and what Fred had said and was sent back to bed. George looked at Fred, who shrugged then sighed and agreed. Percy Weasley woke up feeling a sting in his left ass cheek. He looked down and almost fainted. He was seven floors up looking at the first floor there were no stairs between him and a fall to his death.

Cold voices he didn't recognize said, "Percy Weasley the next time you wake up like this you will find yourself falling seven floors to your death. Now ask yourself who besides your family will miss you after you die. The answer is no one because you carry the Hogwarts rule book shoved so far up your ass it stuck in your brain. Pull it and your head out of your ass and you may live. If you want to study hard, and follow the rules that's your business, but tattling on others is not. Neither is pushing your beliefs off on others, if they want help, they can ask for it. You need to become human again instead of a rule book that gets thrown away or pushed aside. This is your one warning." George hit his brother with a stunner and he, and Fred levitated Percy back to his bed. They had done all they knew to do and that was to get their brothers' attention.

[Scene break]

On Monday morning, the Emrys House students went to breakfast as a group at 07:30. They sat at the back of the table near the entry door to the Great Hall. The hall was full because everyone received their schedules today. When the food arrived, everyone in the Great Hall changed. Each now had striped hair in their house colors. Their robes were alternating stripes of their house color. The Professors hair and robes showed their old house colors or the colors of the house, they were the head of. Nick and Penny Flamel hadn't gone to Hogwarts so their robes contained all the colors. Merlin's were the Emrys house colors. Five minutes later everyone wore Gryffindor colors, then Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Emrys. The cycle continued throughout the day until lunch when everything returned to normal.

The only hitch in the prank was when the head elf appeared in Hogwarts colored robe asking Nicolas if the elves had been given clothes. Nick and Merlin had to go to the kitchen and explain it was all a prank. Of course, they then had to explain what a prank was. At lunch, they all saw Peeves stuck to the ceiling shaking like he had seen the grim reaper. Nick, Perenelle, and Merlin tried to get him down without killing him without success.

Suddenly, Peeves was able to speak and said, "Peeve will be a good Poltergeist and not make trouble for others. Peeves promises he will be good."

A woman's voice was heard throughout the castle, "No Peeves, Lady Hogwarts may have put up with you, but Lady Avalon will not. This is a school not a playground. Go home Peeves and be with others of your kind your presence offends me be gone." Peeves simply disappeared and several students clapped.

"Rebeus Hagrid your colony of Acromantulas is dead. You will no longer bring dangerous beast within the grounds of Hogwarts, or you'll find yourself removed from these grounds. Do you understand this Hagrid?" the cold voice asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," Hagrid said and ducked his head.

"Hagrid you're a good man, but you need to understand that what is not dangerous to you is dangerous to those smaller than you. The Cerberus, Fluffy I believe you call him, has been returned to his kind. If he had killed a child could you have lived with knowing it was you who put Fluffy in an unlocked room?" the voice asked.

Hagrid lowered his head and covered his face, but everyone knew he was sobbing at the thought. He was a gentle half-giant that thought like a giant when it came to what he saw as interesting creatures.

Harry saw Draco, Crabbe and Goyle approaching and decided to cut him off.

"Hey Sirius, was Draco, Draco Malfoy's mother related closely enough to his father to cause inbreeding?"

"I don't think so Harry what makes you ask,"

"Well he is always in the company of these two lads and spends more time on his hair than my six wives combined according to the castle elves. Then there is the fact that he can't seem to understand that my ladies and I want nothing to do with him but he keeps trying kiss our asses…" Harry replied.

"When my father…" Draco interrupted.

"See Padfoot, he can't accept the fact his father is gone and isn't coming back. And look at what he chooses for goons dumb and dumber that have probably been paid to put up with Draco, Draco Malfoy. My question is, does Draco, Draco Malfoy have enough magic to do well in school?" Harry said as Draco turned red. The entire Great Hall erupted in laughter as Draco once again said, "When my father…"

Crabbe and Goyle weren't the brightest people in the room, but they did have a certain level of self-preservation, so they almost ran to the Slytherin table. They shoved themselves in the middle of the other first-year students.

"Four points from Emrys house for the use of the word asses, Potter." Sirius said and winked at Harry.

"Yes, sir," Harry said and ducked his head and sat down again.

The Great Hall was suddenly flooded with owl delivering the Quibbler.

Voldemort Encased in Glass by Eleven First-Year Students

Prince and Princess Pendragon Announced by Lady Avalon

Prince Harry James Potter has Six Wives

Fifth House at Hogwarts is Emrys House

Merlin Appears at Hogwarts

McGonagall No Longer at Hogwarts or Hogsmeade

Nicolas Flamel Headmaster of Hogwarts

Merlin Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts

Rita Skeeter Arrested by Goblin Nation

Inside was an accurate account of what happened at Hogwarts and Gringotts. Xeno did a good job of remaining neutral at least until his editorial. In the editorial, he voiced his pride in his daughter, son-in-law, and sister wives. He published interviews of Madam Bones, Ragnok, Harry, and Her Majesty. The last one came as a surprise as she confirmed Harry's position as King of Wizards. She reminded the Wizengamot and Ministry that they serve at pleasure of their King or her in his stead. The King or Queen could disband them with a few words or the stroke of a pen.

[Scene break]

At the Burrow Ginny Weasley was in tears, the one she was told was her soul mate wasn't her true soul mate and had six wives.

"Ginny are you telling me that your Mum didn't tell you this weeks ago." Arthur asked his daughter as gently as he could.

Ginny cried and stuttered, "She said things would work out. In the interview by Harry, he reaffirms it was his mother who stopped Voldemort the first time and he, and his ten friends, stopped him for good yesterday. He made it clear the books Mum had me read are not fit to use in Errol's cage. He clearly says here there is no Boy-Who-Lived and never has been. He's never seen a dragon and wasn't married until last year. All those books are lies, and the authors and publishers accounts have been seized."

"Look Ginny Bear, you don't need Harry, there are nice young men out there that will treat you right. The person you created in your mind wasn't real. But do your best in school and become the fine young woman who captured your daddy's heart over ten years ago, ok?" Arthur said and kissed her forehead the held her tight as she nodded yes on his chest.

While Ginny went to her room to read Bill's old textbooks, Arthur hit Molly with a stunner. When she woke up she felt different.

"Molly Weasley you are now my slave. You can only do the magic I allow. You will not talk for this family you will defer to me or die. There will be no potions brewed in this house. You have enough magic left to do house work but little else. There will be no howlers, you will not scream at the children, and you will act like a lady, or I will disown you. If that happens, the Weasley magic will take your magic in three months and you will die. Do you understand me Molly?" Arthur said in a voice Molly had never heard before.

"Yes Arthur."

"You will encourage Ginny to do her best, and you will stay out of her love life. You will not mention any of the Potters or their friends. You will not mention any boys to Ginny as potential husbands. As I say so shall it be." Arthur said, and the magic bound Molly to his words.

Arthur went back to the Ministry and wrote letters to Charlie and Bill on his break explaining what happened, what he did, and why he took such drastic action. The two Weasley men reconsidered the letters they received, concerning new positions back home. Charlie would take the job as associate Professor in Care of Magical Creatures.

Bill would move to Gringotts London to head a curse breaking and warding team. One of his first jobs was to find out how Voldemort got into vault 713. The next would be to search every vault for horcruxes. This would be tedious work, but it was also steady and the pay was good. The fact he was Ginny's favorite helped convince him to return. His mother was a different, but subdued woman whom he could get along with. Bill and Charlie took Ginny flying every evening and taught her chaser and seeker moves. They would go together and get her a decent broom for Christmas.

[Scene break]

"We have a problem," Harry said to his housemates.

"What?" Nev asked.

"Well we need to decide if we want to play Quidditch. If we do we'll be the smallest out there. And our selection is limited as to who can play on the team. You and Dudley are good beaters, and Jason is a good keeper but lacks the height the other four houses will have. The girls are all good chasers, and I'm an idiot at seeker. Hannah, the twins, and Tracy are unknowns. To compete, I think we need at least up to fourth-year students. Of course not all of us may want to play. I think there is too much emphasis on Quidditch in the house cup." Harry said.

"Harry you and Hermione own the school, if you don't like something change it." Luna said with a wink and a smile.

"Well I see two choices, and they are to expand the number of members in the house or have a junior league of first year and second-year students only. Then average the total points for the house cup. Again, this assumes seven of us want to play," Hermione said.

"Another idea would be to ask the castle, Merlin, or the sorting hat," Daphne added and Harry's eye grew large.

"What if we combine all three ideas? We'll add the twist that the fifteen of us get to approve anyone the hat chooses to put in Emrys house," Harry said with an evil smile.

Harry, Hermione, and Sirius met with Merlin and Nick in the Headmaster's office. They listened to Harry and Hermione's ideas. Alfred deferred to the castle saying she had the final word anyway. The castle said she would give them a list in the morning and would announce the changes the next morning. Sirius suggested since Emrys House wouldn't have students above fourth year that first and second-year students could play in either or both leagues. First-year students would need parents or guardian permission to play in the senior league. This would quadruple the number of players since they could field backups and there would be two leagues. It would double the number of games, which would make most students happy. Grade levels must be maintained with no grade below Acceptable and only one of them. The others had to be EEs or higher to play.

The next morning Nicolas Flamel stood and announced, "Last evening two students and their head of House came to me with a suggestion that we start a junior Quidditch league of first and second-year students. This idea had merit so it was considered, and the rules will be posted in your common rooms. To play in either league, your grades must be good. That means only one A is allowed, the others must be EEs or Os. The new league will double the number of games. Beginning this year each team may have a backup team which doubles the number of players at practice. Practice is limited to Saturday and Sunday only. A schedule will be posted by Madam Hooch." Some students groaned including Oliver Wood.

Nicolas added, "Keep in mind this is a school not a Quidditch camp and in the past one or two teams hogged the pitch for practice. Those days are over. Players will use the school brooms during league play. I have played every position on a team and believe me I know a blatant foul when I see one. Two such fouls will get you suspended from the league. If the result is an injury, suspension is the least of your worries. The Lord can have your soul, but your ass is mine." Nick said looking at the Slytherin table and let his aura flare.

Nicolas continued, "Check my history, I've been known to snap wands and take a person's magic for less. I'll say this one more time Hogwarts is a school not a Quidditch training camp. I would suggest the lions, and snakes take my words to heart. This rivalry has gone on for too long. I've probably done more research on Salazar Slytherin in the last 600 years than all the so called authors combined. However, one student wears his head of house ring. Prince Slytherin what was Salazar's favorite saying."

Harry replied, "Pure of spirit sir, it got bastardized to pure of blood in 1736 by a pureblood wizard trying to sell a book about the life and times of Salazar. And sir, the ring says he likes to be called Sal. He left Hogwarts because his wife contracted dragon pox and died in his chambers. He was broken hearted and couldn't sleep in the castle, so he left. Godric went to see if he was alright, and they died fighting wizard robbers. Sal had more muggle born wizards in his house than the other three. If you think about it, most muggles prize cunning which was Sal's type of student. As to what happen to Salazar and Godric bodies, Rowena felt Godric die and apparated into the middle of the battle. When she finished killing there were nearly two hundred dead wizards and witches." Harry paused and sipped his orange juice.

"Rowena was wounded but brought their bodies back here for burial. She died less than ten days later and never regretted her life or last action. Gryffindor House has become the house of cannon fodder. Godric prized those who fought for what was right, but used their heads and made plans rather than rushing in and getting slaughtered. It's true that a plan only last until the first contact with the enemy. However, several backup plans can save the day. Rowena looked for those who would become scholars and pass their discoveries on to others. But in amongst the knowledge somewhere was a fighter that wouldn't hesitate to do what was necessary to protect others with fewer skills." Harry answered, knowing it was what Nick wanted.

Hermione added to the conversation about the founders. "Helga wanted hard workers and those who were loyal because they would study and learn magic and about life. They weren't afraid to get their hands dirty at work or in battle and there were many battles. The four were best friends and that never changed. Godric married Rowena and Sal, and Helga had a relationship that some would call friends with benefits. She and Sal were close enough that Harry and I were under a marriage contract written by them."

Luna said, "No Merlin, you're sitting there on your bony ass so you can talk for yourself. If everyone doesn't know that Dumbledore and Tom Riddle had less power than your little toe it's their fault not mine. But if memory serves me, you were Artur Pendragon's advisor and wizard. You should have Imperiused the idiot when he cheated on Guinevere."

Luna had shut the hall up, and you could hear breathing. "What, you think Dumbledore or Voldemort had power? Voldemort had less than 300 Death Eaters at his height of power, and the sheeple let him have his way rather than band together and take them out. Of course, people would have died, correct me if I'm wrong, but they died anyway and probably in greater numbers. Dumbledore was a master manipulator who had less than fifty in the Order of the Phoenix. He shot his lover Grindlewald in the back with a muggle gun then saved him from dying and put him in prison. He refused to kill because there was a three-way battle between the Dumbledore brothers and Grindlewald that cost Ariana Dumbledore her life. None of the three knew whose curse killed the young mentally unstable girl." Luna paused in her rant.

Luna finished with, "Grindlewald fled and became a dark lord. He and Dumbledore spouted the pureblood bullshit, and Grindlewald wanted to rule the world as the great leader. Dumbledore wanted to do it from behind the scenes for the greater good. My question is whose greater good? One thing I'll say about Voldemort is that if he wanted you dead, you knew it, and he normally came at you head on. Dumbledore hid in the shadows and had others do his dirty work so his hands could stay clean."

Merlin stood and began clapping, and soon the entire hall joined him.

Nick got control back and said, "That's the best history lesson this school has had in 900 years if not more. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they were all correct in their words. Now I believe Merlin actually has something to say."

Merlin smiled and said, "Well actually it's a lot to say. First, I've heard the word mudblood more than once. If I hear it again, I snap your wand and make you a muggle. You'll find yourself in the middle of London with no money and lost. You may last a couple of days more or less. This bullshit about blood is just that. I'm what some of you called a mudblood, now who wants to face me on the field of honor. I'll give you the choice of weapons. The weakest magicals in this school are the so called purebloods that don't have a muggle born in the last three generations. Draco, Draco Malfoy as my grandson calls him spouts his pureblood bullshit and what did it get him. His father was a Death Eater, who kissed a half-blood's boots and begged for mercy while that same maniac tortured him. I doubt seriously if Draco, Draco Malfoy could do wandless magic if his life depended on it." Merlin paused to let that sink in.

He continued, "Yet there are some here that can do more wandless magic than the great (snigger) Dumbledore could. You've seen it but didn't recognize it. Now if you want to uphold most of our traditions of family, honor, respect, dignity for all, I'll be behind you ready to do battle. However, those ideas must include all magical beings, especially those who communicate with us. No matter what they may look like or how many things they travel on, be it feet, hooves, or whatever. You really want to test yourself trot your pureblood ass out to the forest and challenge a centaur. No more will I hear that word by mouth or thought, and believe me, I can and do hear your thoughts through my castle. She knows therefore, I know. Draco, Draco Malfoy, keep on your current path, and you'll join your father, Voldemort and others in hell while the Potters watch and laugh at you. Angel, are the wards up?"

"Yes My Lord."

"Good, now be a nice lady Angel and tell these lovely people what the new wards do. So you know, Angel is Lady Avalon's name." Merlin said.

Lady Avalon said, "The rules of no magic in the halls will be enforced by wards that burn your wand and hand then take 90 percent of your magic. Any attack on another other than a formal duel will result in the same action. An attack on one of the Royals or anyone under their protection will result in a painful death by burning from the inside out. You are here to learn magic and for no other purpose. Today and for the rest of the week you will be tested and then assigned the classes you will take. Age no longer matters. Skill is what counts. If you wish to leave Hogwarts because of the changes, your tuition will be refunded. If you stay, you do so agreeing to obey the rules. The newest ward kills anyone who tries to sneak into the grounds and now covers the entire forest."

Merlin then started talking again. "Thank you Angel. The ward I didn't have Angel cover is the one concerning bullying. Yesterday, we were pranked, a master prank to be sure. It was recognized as such because it was funny, did no harm, and affected everyone. I'm sure some students didn't like wearing colors of some of the other houses, but they all were represented. Nicolas and I have been immune to pranks for centuries and were both caught in it. The two original Marauders were also caught, and I can assure you they did not perform the prank. The pranksters even pranked the elves. This was thought to be impossible. I can also assure you there was nothing in the food as Nick, Penny and I check our food out of habit."

After a pause Merlin continued, "The castle assures me that there were no wards that didn't belong nor were they used for the prank. That leads me to believe it was charms, possibly time delayed, which leads us to believe the students are at OWL level or above. Other than Nick, Penny and I we don't think anyone here is powerful enough to cast wandless magic that strong. All we can do is say good job whoever did it. Professor Flitwick wants to award house points for the charms work, but you'll have to prove it was you. Since no harm was done there can be no punishment." Merlin said and sat down.

He heard Luna's giggle then others started including Nick. Merlin looked at his robes, and they were pink. A mirror appeared in front of him, and his hair and eyebrows were pink. He looked at Harry, and the cheeky little devil laughed at him as everyone in the Great Hall changed to pink robes and hair. What he didn't see was that the coven was all touching and combining their magic.

The ceiling in the Great Hall flashed lightening, and a scroll of words appeared that read: the Marauders have competition. Unfortunately, the last two are wimps and lack true leadership. Sirius was the first to turn black. Remus was next as it traveled across the head table then spread until everyone was black as coal. When the last student turned black, he immediately turned blue and that worked itself back around the tables to the head table. When it reached Sirius, everyone turned back to normal.

"Now that was done by a Charms master," Penny said, looking at Filius Flitwick. He shook his head no because he was still laughing.

"Penny, Filius' did not use his wand," Pomona stated.

The tables were cleared, and the written tests appeared. You could see the person next to you writing but not what they were writing or the question they were reading. They did Charms that morning. After lunch, they took the written Transfiguration and Potions exams. Emrys house was the first to finish then put up privacy wards and looked at the students Angel wanted to put in their house. They agreed on most of the list rejecting the fourth years Angel suggested.

Angel whispered, "It shall be done Sire."

At dinner that evening the Headmaster stood and said, "Would the following make their way to the Emrys House table as quietly as possible. Angelina Johnston, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Katie Bell, Lee Jordan, Cedric Diggory from third year and Alicia Spinnet, Eddie Carmichael, Su Li, Wayne Hopkins, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Blaze Zabini from second year. This is no reflection on any house or person. The staff and castle think a house of 15 students can't compete in the house cup fairly. Older students have made good friends and will be less apt to adjust to a new house. We hope the younger students make friends in all the houses. Emrys house will still find competing for the house cup difficult, but they have a better chance now."

Harry stood and said, "I have ₲100 that says we win the house cup, and that stands if we can't compete in the senior Quidditch league. The minimum part of that wager I'll accept is one Galleon, and I ask Professor Flitwick to hold the money."

"Done, and I'm down for a Galleon," the tiny Professor said. Others, including the staff called out different amounts until Harry's bet was covered. Sirius added ₲50 to it to cover those that weren't able to make the bet with Harry.

That night there was another year in the compression chamber. Harry reminded Fred and George that the written exams were only part of their grade, and the practical exams usually carried more weight.

[Scene break]

While Emrys house was in the time compression chamber Nick held a staff meeting. "Well Merlin he got you again."

"Hey, I wasn't alone and I noticed those flimsy wards of yours didn't stop it. He had the audacity to wink at me. The strange thing is that I felt no magic and no disturbance around me," Merlin retorted with a smirk.

"Well as you suggested Remus, Pomona and I kept our eyes on his hands, and he did nothing out of the ordinary. He damn sure didn't have a wand in either hand. But then he hasn't needed one in over a year. The others are almost as good as him. And has it crossed any of the feeble brains besides mine that Harry may have been a diversion? The girls or Neville, Dean, Dudley, or Jason could have done something while we watched Harry." Sirius stated and shook his head.

"I'd shake my head too if the son of Prongs beat me as bad as he has beaten you since last December." Remus said but was stopped by Nick.

"Well the wards sure didn't stop him oh great wizard," Nick told Merlin.

"Angel, who owns this school, and who is your real master?" Merlin asked the castle.

"Prince Harry owns the majority of the school, and he is the master as he is our King."

"You're saying Harry and Hermione could do what they want?" Nick asked indicating his confusion.

"Prince Harry is master and would never hurt anyone who did not attack one of his people. There is no ward to prevent pranking it is part of Hogwarts history, and Merlin should have known that. The young king knows there is a fine line between a prank and bullying. This is why his pranks, if they are his, are on the entire school excluding the elves. He believes to single out a person or group is wrong. You are irritated because you were pranked and most probably by a student or group of students. Yet you say you pranked others in Prince Harry's opinion that makes you a bully. Do not do unto others what you don't want them to do to you. Your real problem is what you will do with the Death Eater spawn that spout the words and deed of their fathers. Think hard old men, the last old man that sat these chairs did not do well with that problem." Angel replied.

"Lady Avalon is correct. I can and will take their magic if it becomes necessary. Of course, we could selectively change their memories an option that I don't like. But taking no action is no option either." Merlin said and shuddered.

"Crystals," Sirius said to no one, in particular, "Crystals of muggle subjects. Strip their magic but give them the skills to function in the muggle world. Plant the seed in their mind to do good rather than evil. Do it publicly for a reason of course. It shows the young ones what will happen if they follow their father's footsteps and warns others who are still out there. Instead of turning them loose in London, turn them loose in the American mid-west."

"Who are you and what did you do to Padfoot. Sirius Black never made sense." Remus said and laughed at his friend sputter.

Merlin thought as Nick did, and they nodded, "That's workable and within my guidelines. Their old friends won't go after them internationally at least further than Europe. A new name and identity with proper school records to back them up, and they're lost among the millions of American muggles. Good job Sirius, but I'm sorry but you get no raise in pay." Nick said and ended the meeting as Angel smiled.

The morning of 4 September the students took their Astronomy and Care of Magical Creatures exams. That afternoon they took Herbology and Defense, which were the last exams the first and second-year students were normally required. On 5 September, they took Runes and Arithmancy in the morning. That afternoon they began their practical exams in Charms, Emrys House tested out at the fourth-year level. In Transfiguration that evening, they tested above fourth year but less than OWL level. Mitchell Trendley was shocked and said so.

"Professor Trendley we studied around the world ten months of last year. We also help our friends who weren't fortunate enough to win a cruise" Harry said and smiled.

On the 6th and 7th they finished their practical's and knew they would be starting fourth year in everything but Care of Magical Creatures. They would start that in the fifth year and only take the one year. Fred and George's probation was rescinded, and they requested to retake their second-year exams. When asked why they said it was a permanent record, and they were allowed a retake since it may affect their future employment. They blew them away and would have ended up at the top of their classes.

When house points were awarded for the exams, Emrys house had the lead in points by 233 over Ravenclaw. Saturday evening they went through the portal to the Manor. The twins were surprised to see their parents, Bill, and Ginny.

Luna took Ginny aside and asked, "Ginny what do want out of life?"

"I'm not sure yet Luna, but I don't want to be like Mum. I know that much. Bill started me on Runes and Arithmancy, but I'm not sure I want to be a curse breaker like him." She replied.

"Well, they're the basis of enchanting also. Potter Industries pays Enchanters very good and can't find enough of them. Of course, you'll need a good foundation in Charms also. If you could start school this year would you?" Luna asked her former close friend.

"Definitely, but how I won't be eleven until next August?" Ginny asked trying not to show her excitement but failing.

"Storie is only ten and tested into fourth year with the rest of us. I'll make no promises, but I will see what can be done." Luna said and hugged Ginny and received one in return.

They joined the others, and Luna went to Merlin and told him about Ginny. Merlin probed Ginny's mind and found that she had truly put the Boy-Who-Lived behind her. What she hoped for now was to be friends with Harry's group, nothing that was sinister. Most students at Hogwarts wanted the same thing.

While Merlin talked to Ginny, Luna talked to the group and told them what she discovered. Harry agreed and his other wives did also. The six wives took Ginny into the training room Sunday after breakfast. Two hours later Ginny came out a very happy girl. They spent until lunch with their family then took to the Quidditch pitch. They volunteered for different positions on the teams to begin with. Then they began rotating position while Sirius, Remus, Edgar, Bill, and Charlie evaluated them trying to find where each would be most effective on the teams.

When Ginny took to the air in jeans and on a new Cleansweep 5, it was a thing of beauty.

"Bloody hell, that girl can fly. She'll make a hell of a Chaser," Sirius remarked.

"Fly her against Harry at Seeker if you want to see flying," Charlie smirked.

"Oh I will right after you fly against him," Sirius said with a sneer.

Harry and Charlie plus four beaters took to the air while the others watched from the stands. Sirius and Remus smirked as they watched Charlie trail Harry, who gradually took him higher. Harry suddenly tipped the nose of his broom up and Charlie followed. Harry rolled over and pointed his broom straight down from over 500 feet up. Charlie thought he saw a glint of gold and followed. Harry stretched out on the broom to get more speed. Petunia was squeezing Vernon's arm cutting off the circulation. Bill was shaking his head knowing it was feint. Harry crossed his feet on top of the broom as he pulled the nose up from about four feet from the ground. The bristles of the broom brushed the grass, and Harry heard a thump as Charlie plowed into the turf. Harry pulled the broom up and caught the snitch.

Ginny looked at Luna and Harry's other wives and asked, "Does he do that often?"

Six voices said, "Too damned often and the idiot doesn't always judge his distance and crashes. That's why two of the goblins with Ragnok are healers."

Ginny shuddered and decided that being a seeker was more dangerous than Charlie made it out to be. Cedric Diggory was thinking the same thing he knew Charlie Weasley was the best seeker in Gryffindor for a couple of centuries. However, he and Ginny did well against Harry, but he beat them to the snitch and plowed both into the small lake.

Merlin took Ginny to Ollivander's for her wand and from there to Carl's to pick materials. Carl would come to the school to make the wand so that she could have it for Monday. Merlin put Ginny on a full scholarship because of her abilities. That shut Molly up before she could make a mild protest. Arthur didn't like it but wanted what was best for his daughter.

When the 28 returned to school everyone had permission to play Quidditch on both junior and senior teams. The girls and most of the boys went into time compression while Harry, Dudley, and Neville explored the castle. Mitsy joined them and told them about the come-and-go room on the seventh floor.

"Bloody hell it will take months to sort through this crap," Nev exclaimed as they entered the storage room.

Harry agreed then had an idea and took Nev to the kitchen. Harvey the elf in charge of cleanup was called by Mitsy and introduced to the two boys.

"Harvey I'd like you to take a crew to the come-and-go room and organize it. Put anything dark in a separate corner. Then put similar items like books and brooms all together. I noticed a broken vanishing cabinet but not its twin. Destroy it and spread the wood to different fireplaces in the castle. It's a weak point in our defenses. There is no hurry to clean up this room so only do it when you don't have regular duties and want something to do other than cook." Harry told the small elf and added, "It may be a month or more before we have time to look at the stuff, so there is no reason to hurry ok?"

"Harvey understands Sire." The elf said as Mitsy smirked at Harry. Harry wished all elves were more like Mitsy, although she could be a handful.

Marcus Flint, Robert Nott, Stanley Bradley, and Michael Summers were furious they had barely passed fifth year. Sunday evening they met in an empty classroom and decided it was time to take Harry Potter out and make a declaration to others. The four were too thick to believe what Merlin said about the castle and his abilities. Merlin contacted Xeno, and Madam Bones and told them what he had learned and what the repercussions would be.

Half way through breakfast on Monday Flint, Nott, Bradley, and Summers stood with wands drawn and pointed at Harry and his group. As one they yelled Avada… the four screamed as their wand burst into flames and burned their hands. They were floated to the head table to face Merlin.

"You were warned and now you pay the price," Merlin said and his hands glowed as Flint's magic left his chest and flowed into Merlin's hands. He did the same to the other three while looking them in the eyes.

"You are hereby banished to London proper. You now have less magic than the pigs that you are. You four are the first to go home, who wants to be next." Merlin said in a voice that seemed to go through everyone in the hall.

The students were surprised to see the two people they were told were guests from France, morph into Madam Bones and Xeno Lovegood.

"Just so any others with similar idea know. I was talked out of turning them over to Ragnok for dragon snacks. Get it through your thick heads the old days are over. Voldemort is on display at Gringotts and there are long lines to see him. In less than a week the Orphanage and St. Mungos has received almost ₲5,000 each, and people are coming from all over the world. Headmaster, Merlin thank you for breakfast, but I have paperwork to do and I believe Xeno has an article to publish." Amelia stated and the two started to leave for the antechamber and portals to their destination.

"Minister before you go, I believe you have some news for the students," Nicholas said.

"You're right Nick. As of midnight last night those under the age of 18 who pass a test on the Statute of Secrecy may use wands within the Statutes guidelines." Amelia said and winked at Susan. It took a few seconds to sink in then the cheering started.

After they ate Sirius came with their revised schedules and led them to their common room.

"Alright you lot you're all fourth years, good going all of you. There are no classes today. All students are meeting with their Head of House, so we can get the correct numbers and come up with a schedule. Nick is bringing in two more teachers for the classes that need them. You gals and guys need to slow down to a normal schedule and relax somewhat. You will be one class, but you really need to get to know the other students in the first three-year groups at least. Each class is two hours on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday so you are limited to eight classes. Charms, Defense, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration are required through OWLs so you can choose two electives. Remember you don't have to set a class to take the OWL, with the crystals you could probably pass the NEWTs in Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies today and get O's." Sirius informed them. Hermione, Daphne, and Luna looked put out because they could only take eight classes. In the end everyone added Runes and Arithmancy to the six core courses.

"What Madam Bones didn't announce is that the Wizengamot voted to allow Potter Industries to sell in Great Britain. There is a rumor indicating Her Majesty wasn't pleased that some of her subjects couldn't hear or see her when she made her monthly broadcasts from the palace. They've also started striking down the discriminatory laws. So things are changing for the better. Of course, some of the pureblood bigots are screaming bloody murder." Sirius told them with a smile.

"Sirius what happened to Flint and the others?" Harry asked.

"They were given muggle skills, so they could make a decent living. All traces of what their families taught concerning evil was wiped from their memories and replaced with the desire to do well and help others. They were sent to the Midwest in the USA and turned loose with $1,500 as a startup fund." Sirius replied and watched Harry's face.

"Well that was a good plan, they were idiots, but they were taught to be that way. I'm thinking it's time to do something about Draco before someone takes him out permanently." Harry stated surprising most of the group.

"Sire, look deep into his mind as I have, and you will see not only his father's influence but also that of Tom Marvolo Riddle. Lucius was arrested and executed then his possessions were seized. This is all that prevented Voldemort using Draco Malfoy to return. However, Draco did write in the diary for several weeks, and Tom influenced and planted ideas deep within young Draco. Remember Sire that not everyone can be saved in this life, some need to be judged by the Maker. Draco is a bitter young boy who has lost his father and godfather to higher justice. However, rather than seeing the error of their ways he looks for revenge against you and yours." Angel told the shocked group.

Before Harry could say anything Luna said, "Language Harry."

Harry busted out laughing like a loon and replied, "Yes dear it really isn't a word that should be used in a mixed company."

"Great going Harrykins now we'll all be wondering what you were going to say." The twins said in stereo.

"Well devil's duo, it started with an 'f' and ended with a 'k' and isn't a nice word, although I agree with what he is feeling about Draco, Draco Malfoy." Luna said with a faraway look in her eyes and continued, "Harry, there are many probabilities that do not end well if Draco lives past 16. You must ask if trying to save him is worth the lives of five of us in this room."

"Hell no it isn't. It isn't worth one of you getting a bloody nose if he had something to do with it," Harry replied fiercely and an idea formed.

Harry went to the training room for thirty minutes and came out sweating. He took a shower and put his Katana and Wakizashi through his belt. When he came out of their suite and the others saw him, they felt their blood run cold.

They went to lunch knowing to eat light and slow. After lunch, Harry stood and asked, "Headmaster what is the penalty for refusing to apologize to the head of a Most Ancient Noble House within the time stated."

"The head of that house can call an honor duel to the death Prince Harry," Nick replied with a frown wonder where this was leading as it was out of character for Harry.

"Who has the choice of weapons?" Harry asked in a neutral tone.

"The insulted party and this is the only exception to the normal rules. Normally, if you challenge someone they choose the weapons." Nick replied, and Merlin smiled.

"Thank you sir, Draco, Draco Malfoy as Head of the Most Ancient Noble House of Pendragon, I challenge you to a duel to the death for your insult on 1 September 1991. At that time, I gave you one week to apologize, and you haven't. My choice of weapons is sword and knife, if you do not have these items, they will be provided. You have five minutes to pick your weapons, or I take your head weapon or not." Harry said in a voice that caused the males to shudder and the females to want to pee themselves.

"I accept. My sword is in my trunk…"

"Harvey, get Mr. Malfoy swords please." Harry said, looking Draco in the eyes and seeing he didn't like the idea but couldn't do or say anything.

Harvey took Malfoy's sword and short blade to Perenelle as Harry walked to the head table and pulled his weapons and laid them in front of her to check. After checking the four blades an elf brought her a potion she poured over Draco's blades and gave him a dirty look.

"As is usual with a house that has no honor Mr. Malfoy intended to use poisoned blades. The apple certainly didn't fall far from that tree." Penny said and checked the blades again declaring them free of poison.

The house tables disappeared, and a dueling ring took their place with seating all around the ring. Draco looked at Harry's blades and sneered while Harry smiled back at him.

Professor Flitwick counted down from three and Draco took a swipe at Harry when the Professor said 'two'. Harry blocked it with his Wakizashi and his Katana flashed but nothing seemed to happen. Draco looked shocked as his head fell from his shoulders, and his body sagged to the floor of the dueling platform. Several students threw up their lunch and breakfast while more than one adult turned green. Filius Flitwick shook his head and announced it was the shortest duel he had ever witnessed. Harry wiped the blood off his Katana on Draco's robes.


"Yes Prince Harry."

"Hang his head on a pike at the front gate as a warning to others with his ideals." Harry said in a neutral tone.

"As you wish my prince," The elf said and grabbed Draco's head and popped away.

Draco's body was taken to his mother by Sirius. He showed her a crystal of what happened, and she asked to have her former marriage dissolved and become Cissy Black. Her wish was granted, and he took her to Black manor and called her sister Andy to give her comfort. When Sirius got to the Emrys common room, he found the students except Harry and his wives.

"They're in their suite Sirius and don't want disturbed," Dudley stated.

Harry was naked and covered in six naked and soft bodies as he wept to cleanse his system and mind. He knew he did what he must, but he didn't like it. Merlin would tell him that not everyone could be saved, and he had made it as quick and painless as possible. He reminded Harry that sometimes great leaders had to make horrible decisions for the good of others. Harry came to grips with the fact that he wasn't responsible for how Draco turned out he had only solved a problem that could affect many lives.

Another had gone home only this one went home to his Maker, who was not pleased. James held Lily as she sobbed for her son and cursed Lucius, Tom Riddle, Wormtail, and others that caused one 11-year-old to take another's life.


Harry and his ladies settled into the school routine and did their best to act near their age. However, the time in the compression chambers may not have aged them physically, but it did mentally. The house of Emrys graduates had more honors students than any house in history. As a group they stayed together in school until 1998, when for the first time in history, Hogwarts presented Masters Degrees to all 28.

In seven years the Dragons, Emrys house Quidditch team, never lost a game. Harry took a reserve spot after the first year. Ginny and Cedric changed off as they may want to go professional.

Once they turned 16 Harry formally married his girls in the Great Hall at Avalon castle. The ceremony was attended by Her Majesty and the Royal Family that sat on the groom's family side of the aisle. Harry chose Nev as his best man when he said his vows with Luna. Dudley was best man with Hermione. Dean was chosen for Dora, and Justin was best man when Harry married Daphne. Fred and George were best men for Susan and Astoria.

Fred and George would go on to become managers in research and development for Potter Industries. Dudley would manage sales in Europe. Dean would manage production also in Europe. Jason was the head of the purchasing department in Europe. Potter Industries became the number one company in the world in 2001 a spot it would never relinquish.

Harry and his wives spent their time running the business and keeping an eye on the political arena. They attended Wizengamot meetings when someone proposed something stupid or discriminatory. In April of 2005, the Wizengamot finally pissed off Harry and he disbanded it and replaced it with a Congress and Senate. He then added a court system modeled after the British and USA's system. A convicted person had 72 hours to appeal against the jury's decision and could only make one appeal. Luna called the day Harry disbanded the Wizengamot "The Day Harry went Regal on Us." She said it as a joke but Xeno liked it and made it a headline.

Harry and his wives had a total of 20 children and heirs to carry on every family name. When they passed on to their next great adventure, they had 62 grandchildren, 189 great-grandchildren, and 597 great-great grandchildren. The seven passed together on 31 July 2223 and the world was a much better place than the one they entered. In 2018 a plague began killing terrorists but no one else. In 2025 all nuclear weapons ceased to function. In 2032 a Potter Industries spacecraft circled Mars and decided not to land. Later robots would be sent down to mine minerals unavailable on earth. Fred and George put a lab in space to develop products in the magical and muggle worlds that would see cancer become rare and mostly curable.

The Seven now stood in front of their Maker who sat with Merlin and the archangel Michael. Their families sat in the large audience as the Maker said, "In you, I am pleased my children. Welcome home."

Tom Marvolo Riddle, Dumbledore and others screamed as the hell fires got hotter.

The End of this Series. I hope you enjoyed it. As my profile says I don't do angst. I don't like Ron Weasley so I find it less troubling to make him a minor character. I'll add more to this collection of one-shots as my muse deems me worthy of her presence. Bellatrix you Bitch, get back in here now!