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If tomorrow holds my promise,

it will be to forever gaze into your eyes,

And dance with you forever,

in a land with no good-byes.

~- Aubrey Keith Wilhoite ~

It had been 6 hours since the accident happen. No one had said a word...Elena sat beside her husband with Bonnie on the other side of her, Katherine was against the wall beside Damon, looking up at the ceiling, Finn and Kol had gone home with Esther to let Caroline's mom know what had happened, Rebekah and Stefan had cleaned up the mess the accident made, they also compelled everyone that witnessed it. Klaus remained in his seat for the past 6 hours, unless the doctor talks to him.

The female doctor cocked her head outside Caroline's room with a faint smile. "She's awake now." She said, finally breaking the silence between them.

Klaus stood up with a look hope, he swallowed hard as he made his way to Caroline.

The sight of her made his heart break, if that was even possible. She was just waking up...Slowly thrashing that pretty little head of hers from side to side. The doctor had excused herself to give them some moments alone.

"Uh...Hi.." Caroline started, running her hand through her blonde hair.

"Hello love, how are you feeling?" Klaus responded with a smile, he had gulped to prevent his tears from streaming down his cheeks.

Caroline inhaled deeply, looking pass him and nodding. "I lived." She joked. "Do you need to take a test or something?"

Klaus narrowed his eyes at her in confusion. "Test?"

"Yeah, isn't that what your here for? Or are you discharging me?"

And that's when it struck him like lightning...

"You don't know me, do you?..."

Caroline let out a giggle "Of course I do."

Klaus let out a sigh of relief.

"Your my doctor." Caroline added. But those words felt like daggers through his heart.

Klaus' features darkened, a hurt expression has invaded his eyes. He said nothing, instead he turned around and walked out of her room.

"How is she?" Elena asked when she saw Klaus emerge from Caroline's ward. He ignored her, and continued to walk forward...

Elena and Elijah exchanged looks.

Damon, Bonnie and Elena walked in the room, they smiled as Caroline grinned upon seeing him. "Hey Barbie. Glad your alive." Damon teased as he made his way towards her.

"Hey guys, I'm glad to see some familiar faces." She said as Bonnie and Elena wrapped their arms around their bestfriend.

Damon raised an eyebrow. "Didn't Klaus just come in?" He question, he wondered what she meant.

"Who?" Caroline looked puzzled.

Elena backed away from her bestfriend a little, realization washing over her.

"Klaus, Caroline...y-your husband.."

"What the hell Elena?" Caroline exclaimed.

"Elena, why don't you come with me.." Damon trailed off, gesturing for Elena to come with him.

Damon allowed Elena to leave first, then followed behind her"Okay...so there is obvious something with Vampire Barbie.." Damon stating the obvious jokingly as he closed the door behind him.

"So did you find out what's wrong with Klaus?" Katherine questioned what was obviously running through Elijah's mind.

Elena sighed, nudging Damon.

"She can't seem to remember Klaus..." Said Damon.

They all heard a creak, Elena and Damon turned around and saw Bonnie at the door, they both step aside to make way for her.

"She wants to see Tyler.." She said worriedly.

Elijah stood up in surprised, and walked closer to the trio at the door. "Tyler Lockwood? Why would she wants to see that bastard?"

Bonnie shrugged and sighed.

Katherine looked down on the floor, pursing her lips and trying the pieces together. But she decided to stay quite for now.

"I finally choose to open my heart! And you do this to me!" He said screaming at the sky. "ARGHHHH!" He screamed, throwing a punch at the ground, his fist had started bleeding, but the wound disappeared right away. He could feel the warm moisture running down his cheeks.

Elena, Katherine, Elijah and Damon were watching Klaus from afar, by the hospital steps. Elijah pitied him, he was right...It had took so much for him to finally open his heart to someone, and today...on his wedding day, his own wife had already forgotten about him.

Only now that Damon realize how much Klaus had changed. He once thought this Original was incapable of love..."I'll go see what I can do." Damon said watching Klaus.

"I'll go with you." Katherine added, she shrugged when Elena and Damon gave her a strange look. "What? Don't you know I'm a sucker for true love." She said, voice dripped with sarcasm.

"So who's Klaus?" Caroline asked as Bonnie walked in carrying a tray of food for her.

"It doesn't matter Carebear..." Bonnie said as she placed the tray on Caroline's lap.

Caroline obliviously nodded as she picked up a piece of break and took a bite. "Ew..I never liked hospital food." She said playfully.

"Everything will be fine soon.." Bonnie said to reassure her.

Damon and Katherine went back to where the accident had occurred. It was spotless thanks to Stefan and Rebekah. But Katherine had insisted they try to look somewhere a little far from the crime scene, if this was truly a set up, the mastermind would watch it happen from afar.

"So, Kitty Kat's Jelly." Damon said with a grinned, kneeling one knee on the ground as he examined the ground.

Katherine rolled her eyes as she turned around to look at him. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on 'Katerina'" Damon responded, giving a reference by the name he called her by. "I'm a sucker for true love" He added imitating her voice, but slightly exaggerated.

Katherine pouted, narrowing her eyes at him in annoyance. "Shut up."

"Okay, but your a little too late." He said to her lastly before turning around and walking in a different direction to find another spot to examine.

Katherine watched him walk away, but her mind was somewhere else...


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