Summary: The ice is melting.

Disclaimer: I own nothing beyond a couple of ice cubes in the freezer.

A/N: Written response to Time Travellers' prompt #57 – ice, and prompt #58 – parallel over at doctor_donna.

Parallel World


The ice was going.

It dripped. Tiny droplets that glistened in the noon day sun.

She looked up to watch their progress on the twig above; enraptured by the beauty before her. And she laughed. Deep, delighted gusts of sound.

He watched her. Watched her with a keen interest that he wasn't allowed to admit; would never be allowed to admit. But still it laid there, a deep abiding love for this woman who had brought light where there had been dark in his life.

"Donna," he uttered; merely to catch her attention for a second.

"Spaceman?" she asked in confusion; right before a wonderful smile lit up her face as she gazed upon him.

A smile that melted away the last shards of ice around his hearts, in parallel to the world around them.

And he knew peace.