To my dear fans, sorry that it took so long for me to come out with another story. I'm still working on a sequel to Dreams and Nightmares:Three Hearts, One Soul. Unfortunately, it isn't being as cooperative with me as this story is. I hope you enjoy this until D&N 2 cooperates with me far enough that I feel comfortable with posting a few chapters.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Not another 10.5/Rose post-'Journey's End' story." But this one is different. I promise. Besides, this has been running through my mind ever since I re-watched a certain story featuring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor.

This story references all BBC official Doctor Who airings, including the television movie but not including any deleted scenes or the Dimensions in Time special (which is not canon, according to the BBC). It also references the BBC new series books. In other words, the Doctor's mother was Human, there is no TARDIS coral, and there are no references from any of the Virgin New Adventures books (I HATE the Cartmel Master Plan and refuse to read the VNA books for just that reason). This story is also canon-compliant up to the Tenth Doctor's regeneration but it takes place directly after "Journey's End."

I've rated this story "M" due to mature content, including consensual and non-consensual sex as well as scenes of violence, torture and death, most of the last four going to be in later chapters. I try not to be blatant with these things when I write but I'm also not one to downplay such things when they are integral to storytelling.

So, here is the result of my serious pondering. Hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to submit reviews.



"Cell number 961289. Subject Species: Nere'ii. Gender: Male. The subject has been unconscious since transport from the planet Sol 3. Exterior physiology is as follows: twelve Imperial lengths, two hundred thirty-seven Imperial weights, pale skin, brown hair mostly concentrated on the head, chest, and pelvic regions, though there is sparse but evenly distributed hair on the arms and legs. Eye color: brown. Specimen appears to be in good health.

Interior physiology: Core body temperature is one hundred seventy Imperial degrees, though surface temperature is higher at one hundred ninety-four. The subject has a large cranium, which is not noticeable to the naked eye, indicating that the brain is slightly larger than that of Humans. Tests indicate possible telepathic and telekinetic abilities as well as extremely high intelligence. The rest of the skeletal structure is similar to that of Humans. Muscle structure is denser, making the subject stronger than he appears. Singular pulmonary system but blood type does not match Human blood. Subject also has a level five respiratory system, allowing for extended periods without the need for respiration. The rest of the internal organs are typical of most Nere'ii."

The humanoid speaking into the recording device assured himself that the man he had been examining was still well-secured before leaving the cell and walking to the one adjacent to it.

"Cell number 961290. Subject Species: Human. Gender: Female. Subject has been unconscious since transport from the planet Sol 3 along with the male in Cell 961289.

Exterior physiology: ten and eight Imperial lengths, one hundred ninety-nine and fifty Imperial weights, pale skin. Eye color: brown. Hair on the head is artificially blonde. Brown hair in pelvic regions as well as the eyebrows indicates that this is the specimen's natural hair color. Interior physiology is typical for a female Human. Temperature is normal for a Human. Tests on the brain indicate low-level telepathic abilities and high intelligence. Specimen appears to be in good health."

Again, the humanoid assured himself that the subject was well-secured before leaving the cell and standing for a moment in the corridor as he continued his recitation.

"As Chief Medical Examiner for the Games, I highly recommend these two subjects to His Most Venerated Imperial Majesty for his entertainment."

Finishing his verbal observations, the person known only as the Keeper smiled slightly. He honestly hoped that the male survived what he was about to endure. After all, a live specimen was far better than a dead one and he really hoped to be able to dissect him and examine him, preferably while the specimen was still conscious and aware. The specimen was, after all, unlike any Nere'ii he had examined before. As for the female… well, Humans were in abundance, like vermin in desperate need of an exterminator, and were very good at playing the Games. It should be very exciting to watch her fight for her life… and eventually lose.


Nere'ii – pronounced "Nay-ray-eye" with a slight nasal sound and rolling the "r" (No, I won't give a translation of the word and what language it is just yet.)