Hello, my fellow Doctor Who fans!

I wanted to give you a correction on my author's notes at the beginning of my last chapter to "The Twin Lights of Home: The Dawn". In my notes, I stated that the next book would be called "The Storm". Actually, the title will be "The Twin Lights of Home: The Tempest". I know that doesn't seem to be much of a change, as the words are similar in meaning. However, "tempest" better describes the plot of the book.

I also wanted to give you an explanation for my choice of story title. The title was actually given to me by my dear friend asearcher. In each book, "The Twin Lights of Home" has a different meaning. As you just read, in "The Dawn", it is a reflection of Alex's view of Rose, that her eyes are his "twin lights" which led him to a new home. There will be another "twin lights" in "The Tempest".

As for "The Dawn", the first book is really the dawn of a lot of things: the dawn of Alex as a person, the dawn of his relationship with Rose, the dawn of the adventure the Doctor and Rose will face in the next book. I thought the title was very apt.

I really want to thank all of you for reading. I love it that you are enjoying the story so much and are excited for the next book.

I especially want to thank asearcher. As I just stated, she gave me the title of my epic. But she did more than that. She was my sounding board throughout the writing process. She listened to my ideas, gave me ideas to use free of charge, and helped me to make the story a concise and well-written piece of fiction. Thank you, my dearest friend!

I will start posting "The Tempest" soon.

"Julianna Calavicci" (not my real name)