Hey guys! I'm back with a new story! It will basically be one shots of Zia and Carter, or ZARTER. I will try to keep them in order, but, no promises! So, I need a disclaimer. Hey Zia, will you...

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Zia and I were in San Diego, California celebrating the eighth year anniversary of our first date when we were both 16 years old. Or so she thought. But the truth is, I had much more planned for that evening. I was going to propose.

We were walking along on a doc towards the ocean, holding hands, till we reached the end as the beautiful California sun was setting on the Pacific ocean.

"It's beautiful." she whispered.

"Sure is..." I replied, but staring at her instead of the sunset.

She turned to face me, and when she realized I was referring to her, blushed deeply and looked down at her feet. I took both her hands in mine, until she was facing me. She looked up, and for a minute, I forgot what I was doing and became lost in her mesmerizing amber eyes. When my brain finally returned to the real world, I began to say the most important words that would ever come out of my mouth.

"Zia, we have been dating for eight years now, and I must tell you, that these eight years have been the best and the happiest years of my life." I paused. "And I realized why those years were so beyond amazing for me... it's because of you. Zia, you've made me so, so happy these past few years, and I want to spend the rest of my life this happy." I pulled a tiny red-velvet ring box out of my pocket, and bent down on one knee.

"Zia, the only way I can be this happy for the rest of my life, is if I'm with you. I want to be with you forever. So, Zia Alexandra Cleopatra Rashid... will you marry me?"

I looked up at her, she was crying. One hand held over her mouth, the other clenched in a fist, resting by her side. She was speechless.

I was worried. What if she didn't feel this way about me? What if she didn't like me all that much? Was 24 too young for marriage? Maybe she didn't even love me anymore? All these questions bounced around in my head, until they vanished when the love of my life said the most gratifying words ever to pass through my eardrums.

"YES!" Zia screamed. "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" I slipped the ring on her finger, then stood up and embraced her in a passionate kiss.

After a while we broke apart, but I still held her close to me, and whispered in her ear, "Zia Rashid, you just made me the happiest man alive."

She laughed, pecked me on the lips, and then we both stared out at the beautiful setting sun.

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