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Andy's POV

"Andrea, splint your brother's hand for now. We'll have it checked out when we get home."

"Yes mom." I heard the back of the rig open and looked up momentarily. I saw Andi climb into the rig, walk over, and lay down on the floor next to me.

"Why were you with Dean?" Oh great; I should have figured that Andi would be hostile towards anything involving Dean. I'm not stupid; I know how to handle my own sister. "I told you Andi. I lost my train of thought and fell. I would have gotten a ride back from Cartier; I just wanted to get back. I'm really sorry it was Dean, but you could have been a little more considerate" Ok, I am stupid. Major Andrea blowout in 3, 2, 1…

"Me! Why should I be more considerate to him! He just completely made me look like an idiot, just by simply walking away. Granted, now he looks like an idiot because I got the sponsorship, but still, he wouldn't even let me explain! He absolutely devastated me, and I couldn't do a thing about it. Oh, do not even try to defend him! Then to top it off he almost runs over me! No, I do not have to be nice!"

That was impressive. Almost one minute straight without air. She lays back down gasping for breath, and I wonder if I'm doing the right thing by helping Dean. After a few minutes, she gets up, crawls over to me, and lays down again putting her head in my lap. I looked down and saw she was shaking with tears. My heart broke, and I put my bad arm over her shoulder and started stroking her hair with my good hand. If Dean was going to hurt her just be being around, then I wasn't going to help him. I felt her tugging at my bad hand, and when I glanced down, I saw she was splinting it. When she was done, we stayed that way until we heard the doors opening to the rig. Our parents and Jason climbed into the truck, and you could here mom rambling off our agenda.

"First we have to get Andy to the hospital, then we have to go home and unload, and then we have to go out and celebrate. Ohh, the housework! Honey, we really should have had someone housesit while we were gone. The work must be…" She trailed off in her own little world, all the while dad nodding his head and Jason shaking his. Yup, my mom has us trained. I heard Andi giggling, and when I looked down again, I heard her say, "Mom is definitely gonna con her way into this one." "Yup, we're never leaving the house empty again." I felt her sigh, slightly turn over and whisper, "I really want to be with him." A moment of silence and she was asleep. I kept stroking her hair and thinking, "What do I do?" She just said she wants to be with him, so why do I feel bad about what I'm doing? Get a hold of yourself Andy. All you're doing is giving Dean one more chance. The choice is ultimately is up to Andi. I just don't want to see her hurt. I know she can take care of herself, but it never hurts to have a little back up. However, the look on Dean's face was priceless, and Andi did that all on her own.

Jason's POV

I just know Andy is up to something, but no, don't tell Jason! Always give Jason "The Look." That look should be manufactured and cost for each use. Hello! I'm Andi's brother too. I was just as mad at Dean as Andy was, but I'm shorter so no one notices. Well, Andy will tell me if I really need to know. He's a pretty cool brother. Take the Cartier situation. "I'd rather have someone who can reach the footbrake." Hello jerk! I'm reaching, I'm touching, it's called bending down! Andy just nodded and let Renee ramble on, but as soon as he left Andy tossed me the toolkit and told me to get to work. We finished it up and walked in together, where Andy stepped in front of me and even told Renee I had done his bike. Andrea lost a cheerleading magazine because he ripped it to shreds; he was so furious! She didn't mind though, and I bought her a new one.

The three of us stick together. I'm smarter than my parents, probably because I've been in soo many schemes with those two, so I know Andy did something, and I'm willing to bet it had to do with Dean. Argh! Why can't I be older and taller, then I could have gone and beaten Dean up instead of Andy.

"Knock Knock"

"Come in!" I turned and watched as a crippled Andy walked into my room. "Hey little bro, got a sec?" Finally!! He's going to let me in on what's going on. "Uh huh. I'm just dismantling dad's cell phone. Why?"

"Oh, yeah, Dad's going to really appreciate that."

"Well, he was complaining about more static."

"And I'm sure you had nothing to do with that." Darn it! How'd he know? Man, I hope he's this understanding when he finds out about what I did to his stereo. I just had to know where the cds went after he closed the tray. "No, never me, why would you ever think such a thing?", I add innocently. He just gave me "The Look." "Never mind. What'd you need?" He shook his head back to reality and asked me, "What do you think of Dean?" "He's a jerk. Next question."

"Whoa, back up Jason. Why do you think he's a jerk?"

"Andy, you hit your leg and hand, not your head. You saw what he did to Andi."

"Jason, listen to me. I broke my hand because I hit Dean, but we finally talked. He needs her as much as she needs him. Anyway, the reason I'm asking is because there may be a chance that Dean will ride with us."

"I'm not fixing his bike."

"Chill out Jason. Do you really want Andi moping around like this? She has no spirit, no life! I can't stand seeing her like that. Even if it means Dean rides with us, if it will make her happy, than it's worth it. Besides, if he hurts her again, you can rig his bike to make sure he crashes. Deal?"

I'm not thrilled, and he knows it, but he's right. "Ok, but mom's never gonna go for it." "I think she will. I'm outta here; Andi gave me a cd she wanted me to listen to. Good night." "Good night Andy." He walked out of my room and I sat back on my bed considering the things he had said. Wait a sec – CD, listen, Cd player, ohh man. "Andy wait!" "Jason!" To late. Gulp.