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Eleanor sighed loudly as she watched her fourteen year old green hooded wearing best friend Theodore Seville put his right paw around her pink clothes wearing sister Brittney Seville's shoulder as she giggled and snuggled into the arm that held her.

It had been six months since Eleanor had expressed her love for Theodore with a few questions but he had completely misunderstood her topics and had flew with his heart out to her sister.

Now the two were together and she had to admit that while she was still heart broken the two did look like an honest, happy couple. They had their fights time and again but no one, human nor animal was perfect.

As the six chipmunks continued to walk to school, Eleanor could not help but notice the Alvin was starting at his brother Theodore and her sister Brittney with mild confusion as Eleanor rolled her eyes "Always the clue less one, eh Alvin?" she thought to herself with a smirk as Alvin caught Eleanor's eye then blushed before looking away making Eleanor blink as she felt a blush herself rise up to her cheeks.

"Wait. Why am I blushing over Alvin? I like Theodore...I always have...right?" she questioned herself before she was pulled from her thoughts by Jeanette who spoke out loud.

"I hope everyone remembered that today there is a spelling test in English today?" the blue clothes female chipmunk stated making all but her blue hooded wearing male counter part Simon groan in despair as both Alvin and Brittney turned their heads towards Jeanette.

"Wait, what TEST?" they shouted in unison making Theodore and Simon chuckle while Jeanette and Eleanor shook their head knowing that the two were hopeless losses.

"Britt, I warned you Friday before you and Theo went to the movies that we had a test and that you should study but you told me that you had it all taking care of" Jeanette answered glaring at her sister who smiled sheepishly and lightly slapped the back of Theodore's head with a paw when he snorted as he stared at her with wide innocent eyes making her only narrow her eyes at him as Simon continued Jeanette's annoyed rant but aimed it at Alvin.

"Alvin, you should have at least given Dave a better excuse then 'I'll do it as soon as this soccer game's over' when you and Ellie were watching TV last night" Simon sighed as he glared at Alvin who only shrugged with his paws in the pockets of his hooded.

"Hey, it got me out of doing my studying...and besides. Ellie's favorite team was on last night so I had to be there to support her if they won or lost" Alvin replied with a smile as Eleanor lightly blushed before she stuck her tongue out at him.

"But unlike you, I really did study. And I have a feeling that I will get an A, or at least a C if it comes down to it" Eleanor said with a smirk as Theodore's head dropped with a sigh.

"Well at least you three got to study, I was trying my best to understand what I was looking at but I fell asleep then woke up and had to make for the last two days I was a bit...preoccupied" he spoke with a small grin and his tail waving slowly behind him as Alvin scoffed.

"Theo, being with your girlfriend is not truly an excuse not to study for a test" Alvin said making all five animals stop in their tracks and stare at him with wide eyes like he had black and white striped fur all of the sudden.

"What? Why are you all staring at me like I have two heads? Starting to get a bit creepy" Alvin asked, his voice sounded worried and annoyed.

"Who are you and when did you kidnap our brother Alvin? Theodore shouted taking a step towards the red hooded wearing male chipmunk that was caught off guard by his younger brother's display of violence, if one could call it such.

"Face it Alvin, you and school work going together is like Simon dressing up and acting like a just does not happen that way, as it should be" Eleanor replied making Alvin gasp.

"Who in the fur said I wanted to get taught anything from the brain washing factory? All I said was that Theodore could have studied a bit before going off with Brittney...he's not all that great at getting questions right you know" Alvin whispered to all but Theodore and forgot that they were chip mucks so they had really good hearing.

"At least I have a girlfriend, I do not see you doing anything in your spare time but look at yourself in the mirror and sing about how handsome you are that the world should fall in love with you" Theodore spat back making the group all but Theodore who crossed his arms over his chest with a smirk and Alvin whose jaw had almost dropped to the floor gasp.

"Ouch, that was a burn" Simon said with a small smile as Jeanette rolled her eyes and pushed Simon ahead of the rest while Brittney looked over her shoulder and with a kiss on Theodore's right cheek she spoke softly.

"Good for you, Teddy" before running towards her sister and her boyfriend as they carried on to middle school leaving Eleanor glancing back and forth between her friends.

Alvin, who still had his mouth open in shock closed it to look at his now smug green hooded brother who slowly frowned and uncrossed his arms as Alvin spoke "So what are you saying, Theodore? You don't think I can get a girlfriend, is that it?" he asked puffing out his chest as Theodore sighed, his once in a lifetime prideful nature and comment gone as he blinked and replied.

"No, Al. I did not say that...all I meant was that instead of always trying to brag that you got or could get a go and talk and get to know one THEN you become, well...mates, I guess" he said softly, Alvin frowned, not used to getting advice from his baby brother of all people, or animals.

" know, Theo. You could be right" Alvin spoke making both green wearing animals glance at him in surprise.

"I am?"

"He is?" both chipmunks replied in unison as Alvin nodded, a bit annoyed that everything he seemed to say came as a shock to his friends and family.

"Yes" he said as he raised an eyebrow at the two, or would if he had any and continued.

"I'm going to do my best to find myself the girl of my dreams...and your going to help me, Ellie" Alvin ordered as Eleanor opened her mouth in surprise and without neither of the two knowing, she blushed.