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Alvin could not believe his bad luck as he looked in the mirror, behind him Theodore and Simon were laughing and by laughing it means that they were on the floor crying thier eyes out in laughter as they clutched their sides and tried to get oxygen back into their lungs but were failing...badly.

Alvin scowled looking at his younger brothers in the mirror then smiled when Theodore started coughing for a few seconds then took a few deep breaths, chuckled, looked up at Alvin and started laughing very hard all over again making the red sweater wearing chipmunk with amber colored eyes growl and muttered something that could not be heard under his breath.

Eleanor cleared her throat before whacking both Theodore and Simon with a wooden spoon on their rear that she just...happened to have. "Stop laughing you two, it's not that funny, Alvin looks great and you two should support him as your brother" Eleanor said with her eyes narrowed at the two and her arms crossed over her chest waiting for the two brothers to catch their breaths and speak.

"W...we are supportiveā€¦at least in telling him that he has bad taste in clothing!" Simon spoke shouting the last word making the two laughs their tails off all over again as Eleanor glanced over to the self-conscious older male chipmunk who groaned sadly causing Eleanor to frown as Alvin wore a red shirt sleeve jacket with gray shorts and a very small chain necklace.

Eleanor did not understand what his brothers problems were, he did not look that bad Eleanor herself, even though he could lose the shorts because he had fur to cover any...private parts. But over all she did not know why the two brothers were making such a big deal over him, she herself would even say that he was handsome, with the fur on his head slicked back.

Now all he needed with a pipe and maybe he would look like a grandpa in the 1940's. The thought caused Eleanor to quietly giggle, but then blush softly as she thought of growing old with Alvin Seville by her side, and thought...that maybe it would not be so bad if she gave him a chance.

Tuning out of her day dream, Eleanor scowled and smacked the two brothers who were still laughing on the floor of the chipettes house as they stopped and rubbed their rears in pain.

"That hurts you know, Ellie" Theodore commented as she only stuck her tongue out at him like a child before replying.

"Good, maybe next time the two of you would not be so harsh to Alvin the next time your forced...I mean asked to wear clothes that might impress a lady" she said before looking to her right where Jeanette was rubbing her head with her two front paws and her eyes closed as Brittany had her eyes narrowed at the two brothers then rolled in annoyance when Theodore winked at his mate.

"Finally...they stopped, after ten minutes. I had half a mind to beat you both till your fur was black and blue" Jeanette sighed loudly forcing Simon to retort with.

"I think you mean until our fur was, OW-" he hissed as a wooden spoon was thrown at him and hit him in the nose making him rub it before glaring at Brittany who high fived her sister, as she was the one to steal the spoon and throw it at the blue sweater wearing male chipmunk.

"You ma'am has a nasty attitude" he growled making Theodore glare at him but did not speak then ducked as another wooden spoon flew at Simon hitting him in the shoulder making the chipmunk shout loud in pain, this one being thrown by Jeanette who high fived both her sisters.

"Look...we did not bring you two here to mock your brother and cuddle with us...even those there is nothing wrong with that. I have worked hard on making this jacket and shorts not to mention that I had to have Theodore pay quite a bit of money on the necklace...the bet will end next Friday, and Alvin has only been on three dates. One with a female robin, one with a female gray furred fox and one with for some strange reason that I will never understand...a female bat.

And he has yet to choose any of them never mind calling them back or asking for a second date...Al, I love you like a brother but you have to pick a animal, otherwise you may be alone for the rest of your life" Brittany said softly, catching her breath and causing the male to look at her then take a deep breath before exhaling with a nod.

"I know, Britt...but it's just hard...the girls that I date only really like me because I play sports and am a MAJOR ROCK STAR!" he shouted the last words before playing air guitar making all five animals present to roll their eyes.

"Besides...they just don't seem to be my...type" Alvin added quietly with a serious tone making all but Simon look at him in confusion, Simon only having a bored expression on his face as he got up and stood beside Jeanette.

"Really...so what DO you want in a female or mate, Al?" Theodore asked slowly getting off the floor and taking a cap of water that Eleanor held out for him then drank with a nod to her before jumping in pain and surprise, spilling the water as Eleanor hit him in the rear with another wooden spoon that she held in her paws, causing Theodore to wonder just where she got all these wooden spoons from, then turned to Alvin as he answered Theodore's question.

"I...I want a girl that had the same in common with me. The same music, can be loyal to me while understanding that sometimes we need space for a while, and who can be almost as great as I am in sports...someone who likes me for myself rather than my fame or title in school" Alvin replied looking into the mirror at his appearance then quickly glancing at Eleanor before shifting his eyes to everyone eyes who was starting at him with different expressions on their faces.

Jeanette put her right paw to her chin while she thought to herself slowly, Alvin had been through dating hell with that the animal females in school, even some human females who wanted to date him but he gently refused. As she watched him be with different girls she realized that he looked...disappointed, which was not like him.

He would normally be cheerful and bragging about one thing or another but throughout the whole three almost four weeks of the 'bet' he had never once even called any of the girls back or given them a kiss goodnight according to Simon, who told her what Alvin had told him of his 'dates'.

As far as Jeanette was concerned, Alvin did not even like any of the females that he had dated, braking up with them only a day or two later, which confused her even more. There were some very beautiful animal females who rivaled even Brittany in that aspect, not that she herself would agree.

Why did he only go to the ones that he had nothing in common with...what was he trying to prove, and more importantly, why did he always go to Eleanor for help with something he could do with no trouble at all himself.
Suddenly Jeanette, being the smart although she was clumsy chipmunk mind clicked as she figured out the only answer that made sense...Alvin had a crush on her baby sister, Eleanor.

And this is where we put the word known as EPIC FAIL for Alvin, not so much for Eleanor though, hope you like it so far.