AN My husband started this story and it was titled Hermione's Scream to show he could write a story when my muse left me while I was writing. His storyline intrigued me and I encouraged him to complete it but he said I could do it if I was interested as he just wrote it to prove a point.

I did start this and after coming back from parents and read before decided that I needed to redo this.

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Chapter 1 Hermione's Scream

Hermione woke up from a deep sleep and moved silently not to wake the other occupants of the Seventh Year Girl's dorm and moved to the sitting chamber and opened the window to look out. She felt restless being here for her last year but determined to complete her N.E. and put the war behind her to move forward with her life as her life was frozwn for two years waiting for the school to open. She breathed in the smell of fresh air and sighed out. It was not long ago that Harry defeated Voldemort here on these very grounds and the air hung heavy with the smell of blood and death.

Leaning out she looked to the dark sky, stars shining brightly and thought of the Final Battle. She remembered running with Harry and Ron through the legs of giants and avoiding their huge clubs slamming down barely missing them.

Then Harry was there dueling Voldemort and reminding Voldemort of love and watched the evil man blow up into ashes. She smiled at that, looking out and gasped out as the stars suddenly faded as a deep fog blocked her view.


A blood curdling scream woke up the Seventh year girls and Lavander Brown rushed in and found a skeletal hand reaching in and grabbed the frightened girl's jumper. Oh God's that was Hermione!

"Dementor!" Hermione shouted out in fright.

"Fight Hermione! I have to get my wand!" Lavander spun around and rushed out of the room.

By time she retrieved it the rest of her classmates were circled around Hermione blocking her view. Pushing her way through she knelt down and looked into her friends eyes.

"Can you hear me?" Waiting for a response.

She stood up. "Merlin just don't stand there! Parvati get the Headmistress. The rest of you get to bed now!"

Lavender watched the rest turn and go. She was a Prefect and they knew better than to argue with her.

She knelt down. "Hermione, the Headmistress is on the way. Everything will be alright." Touching her friend's arm noticing that it was stiff.


The doors to the Infirmary opened and a tall pale wizard walked in, black robes billowing behind him.

Madame Pomphrey rushed to him. "Severus! It's Miss Granger. Miss Brown says she was attacked by a Dementor. But she does not have the symptoms. Her body is stiff and alive versus a dead one with a vacant stare. Based on what I found I gave her Mandrake Draught potion. It did nothing."

He said nothing and moved to the student's bed and placed a hand on an arm. "She is warm versus cold Poppy and that indicates she has not been petrified. I doubt that it was a Dementor for we all know how they operate. Her eyes are open. I can try Legilimens to try to see what happened."

Minerva spoke. "Do it Severus. St. Mungo's said they would send someone in the morning as she is stable and alive."

Severus leaned forward and locked his black obsidian eyes to her brown eyes. "If you can hear me, try to relax Miss Granger. I am going to enter your mind. You need to show me what you saw so we can heal you."

He pulled his wand out pointing it to her. "Legilimens." He whispered and found himself within her mind.

After a few moments he stood up and placed his wand in his pocket and addressed the two witches looking to him anxiously. "I did not see whatever it was so I cannot say if it was a Dementor. I suggest contacting Minister Kingsley and ask him to account for them. She is frozen stiff with fear. I know of a potion that can help her but it will take three days to brew Minerva. It will require my full attention so I will not be able to teach."

"Do it Severus. I have your curriculum so I will send your classes to the Library to write essays on the subjects for the next three days." Minerva urged.


Despite the Potions Master's assurances that he could help, healers from St. Mungo's arrived and tried everything they knew with no success.

Three days later Severus walked in holding two phials and recognized Healer Thywaite talking to Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley.

"Potter! Weasley! Go now. She will talk to you when she is fully recovered." He snarled out.

Minerva looked to Severus realizing he would not be reasoned with. "Go back to Gryffindor. I will update you later."

Everyone watched the two men leave hearing the words of the red head. "See! He's still a git even after she saved him."

Severus ignored the remarks and sat down in the chair looking at the tube magically placed in the young witch's stomach. "Healer Thywaite I will need your assistance."

The old healer rushed to the bed and waited for Snape to speak.

"When I give her the first phial she will wake up screaming for she will remember whatever it was that brought her to this state. You must not use magic to restrain her and I will give her the second phial. She will fall into a restful sleep after that. Ready?"

Healer Thywaite pushed down on the witch and nodded watching Snape uncap a phial containing gold powder that turned into liquid when air hit it. "Minerva! Hold down her feet." He growled out

He watched the Headmistress comply and poured the golden liquid into the tube and watched the young witch scream out and buck wildly. He immediately leaned over her grasping her chin and looked to her intently for a few moments before whispering in her ear and poured the purple liquid of the second phial into the tube and watched his charge fall immediately to sleep.

Severus stood back and watched Thywaite point his wand to her and cast a diagnostic spell. "Thank you Professor Snape. Everything is normal with her. Perhaps you can share this miracle with us?"

Thywaite watched as the tall wizard said nothing and immediately left the room black robes billowing behind them.


Severus entered his chambers and sat on his bed. He was exhausted from his effort. He fell onto his bed fully dressed and closed his eyes.

What felt like a light breeze brushed him, causing him to lunge to his feet and crouch into a defensive position. He slowly turned, looking for the cause of the breeze. Not able to determine if he really felt anything, he laid back down. His vision started to blur and all objects in his chambers lost both focus and form.

He was in the cave of Oroblram, birth place of the covenants. Hearing the low murmurs of the others was always comforting and agitating. The same voice was returning as always except louder this time.

"How could we have given up our freedom, just to increase our feeding grounds?" Whispered Secrof to his partner.

"Remember my partner. We are not being hunted and the great perish hasn't returned." Answered Demra

"The perish was wretched for my entire assembly was eradicated. All those of my assembly were over confident, thinking we were stronger and able to put the wizards under the covenant they created with us." Said Secrof.

"My assembly was decimated also and why we are together to make a new family. We will multiply, just don't stray from the convents my partner." Demra pleaded.

The joining of two Dementors to create an assembly was a process that took over a year to accomplish and not to be taken lightly. The final rites resulted in both called partners, what wizards would call a marriage.

He woke up. Did he make a mistake? Why did I give her the potions? Why didn't I just let her stay in that state? He stood up and began to pace back and forth in his chambers.

He knew that if he went back to sleep, he would visit Oroblram's cave again. If he stayed awake he would continually second guess about the witch.

The chambers seemed to be getting smaller and smaller as the hours passed by. Finally out of sheer desperation he headed to the Headmistress' office and knocked at the door. Minerva opened it surprised at seeing Severus standing there.

"Severus what a pleasure to see you." Minerva greeted him. "Thank you for curing Miss Granger. What can I do for you this evening?"

"I need to talk to Albus. It is private matter and I need his view."

"Of course Severus. I will be back in two hours as I need to address the Head boy, Girl and Prefects of the status of Miss Granger and dispel the rumors of rogue Dementors on our grounds." He watched here

"Severus my boy!" Dumbledore spoke from his portrait "What is weighing so heavily on your mind? You look like you have been in battle and didn't come out too well."

"I whispered in her ear what I am after I Obliviated her. Maybe she will not remember." Severus replied miserably.

"Hmm… You must have had a good reason for doing that." Albus replied looking down at the dour man.

"I don't know why I did that!" Frustration evident in his voice. "Something came over me and I did it without any control over myself."

"I assume that she was the only one to hear what you said?"

"Yes, yes, no one heard me but her."

"Then why come to me? You have something to say?"

"I am unable to shake the memories of the Oroblram cave and recalling the great perish. It frustrates me as I did not remember any of this until Voldemort was defeated. Why do I turn into a Dementor once a month and still retain who I am? And what of these memories? I have found nothing in any book that tells of one changing into a Dementor.

"I have asked the other Headmasters, but it seems none remember anything of this perish. There are no records. Only Sgalfxis, ex Auror has any knowledge and believes it only a fairy tale that has been verbally passed for generations. So Merlin only knows how the reliable the tale is."

"What did he recall? Something I can use?" Severus asked in hope.

"He said that an eleven foot manuscript was written that would release one and that it was hidden in the library as a book. The story passed was told when they were misbehaving and his mother would scare him and ended the tale with that hope."

Dumbledore stroked his beard lost in thought. "Severus, have you been doing what I asked?"

"Yes, I am bringing up past memories, but it is hard having to live through what happened. It is like I have some duty that has been forgotten until now."

"Severus, how much do you remember of the wars, the defeat, the treaties made, and the transformation resulting with us having Dementors?"

"It seems that I was young when I became the Representative. I know that the Ministry of Magic buried everything that happened." Severus answered back feeling uncharacteristic anger.

Severus continued. "I know that the Dementors did complete the scroll because I remember that I saw it before it was given to me when I was changed to be the Representative."

"This is what we need to do. I will continue to talk to the other portraits and see if I can get any more information. You need to start looking at every book within the castle as there are only two Libraries and I doubt that it would be in the one in the Ministry. It may be an impossible dream Severus. You may never be able to go back or fix this for I believe what you are remembering is true and erased."

A knock on the door sounded. As he went to go to the door the portrait called back. "You would do well to involve her as you revealed yourself to her. She has a thirst for research and knowledge after all."

Severus growled out in frustration and pushed by Minerva without saying a word.

He went back to his chambers and took a shower before falling into his bed. What was the connection to Granger that allowed him to tell her after he Obliviated her when he was in her mind? He pulled the covers over him and fell asleep thinking of the young witch.