Chapter Ten: Plans and Preparation


My family had arrived in the south. It was just as uncomfortable and unsettling as I had thought it would be, but I would do anything for Bella. We had rented a house in northern Texas and, unfortunately, were only able leave it during the night.

It had been five days since Bella ran away from me and we have found no leads as to her location. We knew that this kind of thing could take years. Just look at the Volturi, it took them over five years just to know who it was that was killing all the vampires in the south. But we had still hoped.

During our nights we had been roaming the area looking for those small armies of vampires battling against themselves. We had yet to find any though, which Jasper had thought was strange. Alice had planned to use her visions to lead us, but they were no more help than just physically searching the immediate area. This evening seemed to have no more promise than the others, so my spirits were not particularly high.

To my surprise, we finally found our stream of luck. I got a call from Alice telling me that Emmett and Rosalie were soon going to run into a rather large group of vampires. I quickly headed in that direction, hoping beyond hope that the group would hold news of new massacres – as odd as that sounds.

Sure enough, the group of vampires was exactly the kind we were looking for. They were able to tell us that 'The Demon' was in fact back. She had killed a coven of vampires in South Carolina but accidentally left one alive. He was a young vampire and had run to the larger armies in the south to warn them. Now the armies were joining together. They had a common enemy and chose to put aside difference to work side by side.

The young vampire boy had been able to spread the news of the petite brunette Demon, which turned out to be good fortune for us as well.

Rumors had been spread in the south that 'The Demon' was a woman. So when the killing had started again a few days prior that vampires in the area went into a panic. Most covens ordered their members to dispose of any strange or new female vampire without questions. Now that they new a better description they were a bit more limited in their executions.

The coven told us where they were headed and offered for us to travel along with them. We declined politely, wishing to be able to plan without having those wishing for Bella's death close by.


I kept moving southwest, knowing I would have to go there for my fight. Coven after coven I came across, I killed. I had actually managed to run into a coven of "vegetarian" vampires. They were just as warm and welcome as the Cullens, happy to let me stay and get refreshed but I fled quickly, leaving them alone. Their kindness hurt me because it wore down the anger that numbed the pain.

After four straight days of killing every vampire in sight, – save those on the "vegetarian" diet – I decided I had had enough. I purposefully ran into a coven that was moving in the same direction I was. By the fact that they attacked me as soon as I came into view, I guessed they were moving to join the force against me, an extra plus.

Killing them was just as easy as all the rest of the covens, only this time I left one alive, again. The vampire looked to have been about my age when he had been changed. He appeared rather new to the life, but old enough to have a moderate amount of control.

He seemed slightly afraid as I stood before him, but made no move to either attack of run away.

"You'll deliver a message for me." I stated sounding bored. I knew if he was truly to join the force against me he would tell them my every move and word spoken so I had no worry that my message would go undelivered. He nodded, looking slightly excited. "I know they're building an army against me. I'm looking forward to it. I wish for you to tell them a location and time for a fight. I know they will probably appreciate being ready rather than me just jumping in and surprising them." I chuckled lightly as I glanced at the burning pile of vampire appendages. "Understand?"

The young vampire nodded his head once again and then spoke. "I could join you, you know." I cocked my head to the side slightly, trying to understand what he was saying. He seemed to understand my confusion because he continued. "I never liked this life, but there were so many of them that I couldn't leave without them destroying me. I could join you, fight them. I'd love to get rid of all those that turn people into vampires. I don't want to be a monster." He added the last part quietly.

I laughed without humor, knowing he was being honest. I shook my head, keeping a slight smile on my face. "No. I'm sorry but I don't need you and you would only get hurt. I would appreciate it if you delivered my message though. As for not being a monster, I understand. I don't want to be a monster either. Did you know there is another way to exist besides feeding off humans?"

His eyes grew wide, showing he had obviously not been told of such a way. "If you drink animal blood rather than that of a human you can still survive. You will have golden colored eyes rather than red as well, making living among humans possible. It can be difficult, especially in the first years, because one must learn to control their bloodlust, but if you think that is a choice you would like to make, there is a coven of vampires to the north and east of here in Georgia that live off of that diet. I'm sure they would be happy to help you make that transition if you spoke with them."

The young vampire looked at me as if I had given him the world. When he left to deliver the time and location of my fight, he had a skip in his step. I smiled and shook my head, then decided to meditate once more to pass the time before my – hopefully – final fight.


We had a plan. It wasn't a very good one but it was the best we could come up with under the circumstances. The first part of the plan, however, was to convince those armies involved that we meant no harm and were purely curious about the situation. Not an easy feat.

As soon as my family and I arrived at the location the armies planning to join the rally were supposed to go, we were surrounded by other vampires. They obviously didn't want to take any chances of others joining "The Demon's" cause while pretending to be soldiers for them. We were taken to another vampire, a female that was obviously the leader of one of the larger groups. She seemed intrigued by our appearance, especially considering our diet but listened as Carlisle explained our predicament.

"We've been hearing rumors of a vampire killing others of our kind. It seemed very odd and we were curious. I personally know members of more than one coven in the North that are concerned "The Demon", as you call her, will choose to go in that direction. We came to investigate the situation and see if there is any reason to worry for our own safety." Carlisle kept a reasonable tone with just a hint of worry in it. Perfect for what he was saying and by the thoughts of the female, she believed him.

"Of course anyone would be concerned for their safety with that sorry excuse for a vampire running around. Feel free to stay and join our cause if you wish."

Carlisle grimaced slightly at her offer. "If you wouldn't mind too much, would it be alright for my family and I to only remain and observe for a short while, rather than actually join? We aren't much for fighting, but are interested in your methods."

She was not particularly pleased with the fact we did not want to join in her cause, but understood our reasoning. She agreed and with that the first part of our plan was in progress.


On our second day with the army I had a vision of a young male vampire coming with a message from Bella. The message was regarding a time and place for a fight, so I quickly warned Edward.

He agreed to stay on guard for any thoughts regarding any sort of message. It was because of that, that we immediately knew what was going on when the army went into an uproar. Unfortunately, though the female leader allowed us to stay, she also distanced us from her actual army. Without being close and with so many vampires in the group, Edward couldn't distinguish any single thought enough to find out where the messenger had been sent from or what time the battle would commence. He did, luckily, discover the place.


I was furious.

I could not identify where it was Bella had been spotted last, or even when the fight would take place. That had been the one thing I had been hoping I would be able to do. If we knew where she was coming from it would be all the more reasonable that we would be able to intercept her before she made it on to the battlefield. But now, without knowing, we would just have to trust our luck and hope for the best. My heart hurt when I thought of the fact that I might not ever be able to fully explain why I had done what I did to my angel.


These vampires had no manners. I sent the message yesterday and the fight would commence tonight, yet here were these insolent adolescent vampires that were coming from where the rest of the army was in hopes they would destroy me before the battle and gain all the glory.

I hissed in aggravation before quickly dismembering and burning them. They were making me pause to kill them which required me to increase my pace in order to arrive at the fight I had scheduled, on time, and it irritated me.

By the time I reached where I could see the armies joined I was fuming. It was pitch black outside, thanks to the late hour and storm clouds overhead, but I could see perfectly fine. It also helped that they were such a massive body.

I sprinted to the edge of the field I had designated as the battle arena, opposite the army. I knew I surprised most by my sudden appearance by the fact most become statue-like before continuing to move. Hearing the cat calls and rude comments coming from the large group of vampires only increased my irritation. Couldn't they just show up, shut up, and fight? No, of course not, because they were the scum of the vampire world. My determination increased and my face set as I made the decision to kill every last one of them, my own demise could wait until a later time.