It was mostly still dark outside, but there was a soft glow of light that was just starting to come out in the distance as the sun began to rise. A short time later, and it was starting to peek through the curtains of Bulma and Vegeta's bedroom. The couple was sound asleep, wrapped up in each other in only their second night of real sleep after the Buu ordeal. They were lying face to face, with Bulma hugging her husband around his waist as though she'd lose him again if she didn't. Vegeta's face was nestled in her hair so he'd be as close as possible to the soothing feminine scent that calmed his mind enough for him to rest.

They would've both remained undisturbed well into the morning, but their son had other plans.

Trunks suddenly barreled into his parents' bedroom half an hour later, startling both of his parents right out of their comfortable sleep. Bulma self-consciously grabbed at the covers, pulling them up over her chest while her husband squinted tiredly at their son.

"Good morning!" Trunks shouted happily, running straight towards the curtains.

Before Vegeta or Bulma could get a word out, the boy yanked the curtains open. The sun had now risen, and the bright light instantly poured in, making Vegeta growl angrily as Bulma covered herself completely in her blankets, with only parts of her blue hair showing. Trunks whirled around, grinning widely.

"You guys, it's time to get up! What're you guys still doing in bed, huh? The sun is up, come on!"

Vegeta sighed and rolled over in bed, burying his face into his pillow. "Woman, handle your son before I kill him," he mumbled.

"I have no son right now," Bulma groaned from underneath her blankets.

Trunks' grin slowly turned into a mean-looking scowl. He put his hands on his hips, leaning forward as he angrily informed his parents, "We're gonna be late if you two don't get up outta bed, and then we're gonna miss all the fun at Magic Ice!"

Bulma yawned slowly and lowered her blankets off her face, brushing her bangs out of her eyes. "What time is it anyways?" she asked, squinting over at the clock.

"Time to make Kakarot and his harpy wife adopt the annoying brat that's in our room," Vegeta grumbled into his pillow.

"Actually, it's 6 in the morning," Trunks corrected. He sighed dramatically, starting to wave his arms around as he wailed, "And by the time Mom puts all that makeup and stuff on her face it'll be like 10 freaking o'clock!"

Vegeta pressed his face further into his pillow, trying to stifle his laughter as Bulma sat up and gave her son a look that would have made other children cry. "First of all, you keep it up and we won't be going anywhere, young man," she warned him. "Second of all, it does NOT take me that long to get ready! Now get out so I can start getting dressed, or I'm going to start waking YOU up at 6 in the morning for school!"

"Tch!" Trunks exhaled in exasperation, turning on his heel and heading towards the door while mumbling under his breath, "Alriiiight, but I bet we'll still be here at 10…"

"I heard that!" Bulma shouted, making Trunks quicken his pace and make his escape, closing the door to his parents' room behind him. Bulma huffed, glaring at the door. "I gotta drag that kid out of bed every morning for school, and he's up before the sun rises to go on a vacation, why I oughta…and just WHAT is so funny, you jerk?" she demanded, turning her attention to her husband who couldn't help the snort of laughter that escaped him.

"Your annoyance with the boy, considering my son is right," he mockingly informed her, his voice muffled by his pillow. "It always takes you half the day to get ready for any kind of event, which makes no sense, considering you still look hideous when you're done."

Vegeta easily blocked the swat aimed at the back of his head with one hand. He grabbed his wife's wrist and rolled over onto his back, hauling Bulma over with him and forcing her on top of him. He seized her other wrist before she could even think about raising her other hand against him, and flashed her an infuriating, triumphant smirk as she struggled in vain to free her hands from his strong grip.

"Weak female, I could end you any second I wanted," Vegeta arrogantly taunted. Bulma stopped her struggling, huffing once as she glared down at him. She ran her tongue over her teeth, and then offered him a coy smile.

"Is that right?" she teased, shifting and seductively spreading her body over his. Vegeta grunted, his eyes drifting closed when he felt Bulma's thigh suggestively rubbing against his crotch. "Not if I end you first," she whispered against his lips.

"You don't fight fair, woman," he growled.

"I learned from the best."

Vegeta reached up for her and pulled her down into a dominant kiss, sighing into it when she brought her hands up to his face. He slowly was turning them over so he could be on top, when they both heard a loud pounding on their door.

"Hey, I know what you guys are gonna start doing in there!" Trunks shouted, making Vegeta and Bulma both look over at the door in alarm. "You can't start your private training right now, Mom's gotta get ready! Plus, Goten just got here so you guys gotta hurry up!"

Vegeta groaned and lowered his head, resting his forehead on Bulma's shoulder. "Can I kill Kakarot's brat for being in my home this early? I'll include your son as well, free of charge."

"They're both just excited to go on a vacation. You know how they are," Bulma sighed, pushing at the Saiyan's shoulders so he would get off her. Vegeta reluctantly did, scowling as he rolled off her.

"When are we returning from this thing anyways?" he demanded.

Bulma shot Vegeta a look of exasperation. "Damn it, Vegeta, we haven't even left yet and you're already asking when we're going to come back home? Can't you wait until I've at least had my cup of coffee before you start whining?"

"I am not whining, damn woman," Vegeta growled, moving over so he was sitting on the opposite edge of the bed. "Asking when we'll return from this ridiculous trip is a legitimate question."

"We'll be there two days. The boys have school on Monday, after all. I already told you this, if you ever actually listened to me when I talk to you," she snapped at him, shooting his back a glare.

"Whatever," he gruffly replied with indifference, getting up to his feet. He walked over to the bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower first, since you'll undoubtedly need the entire morning to prepare yourself for this trip."

"I do NOT need all morning to get ready, you jerk," Bulma huffed, but Vegeta had already closed the door after him. She rolled her eyes, heading downstairs.

The coffee machine in the kitchen was just about halfway done when Bulma checked it. She double-checked that there was enough there for her and Vegeta, especially since her husband liked to down two cups before breakfast. She was just adjusting the settings to try to quicken the process, when she was startled half-to-death as Goku suddenly teleported into her kitchen right next to her. She cursed, spinning to face him, one hand on her chest.

"Holy crap, Goku," Bulma exhaled slowly, trying to get her heart to settle down. "I didn't know you were coming over. I ought to get you a cell phone so you can call first."

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Goku sheepishly said. "I felt that all of you guys were up, so I figured you were about ready to go."

"Oh yeah, I was just making myself and Vegeta some coffee. Then I was going to get everything together, then get myself ready, then we were going to go."

"Great! Do you think it'd be alright if I tagged along?" Goku asked with a wide grin. "A vacation sounds like it'd be a lot of fun!"

Bulma blinked a few times, visibly caught off guard. She sighed and smiled. "Sure, Goku, of course. You know you're always welcome, but I really wish you'd given me some notice. I already booked two hotel rooms for tonight, one for me and Vegeta, and one for the boys."

"Ah, that doesn't matter, I can figure that out. Maybe I can just crash with the boys."

"Tch, good luck with that," Bulma scoffed, finally pouring herself a hot cup of coffee. "Every time those two have a sleep over, they stay up half the night talking. Vegeta has to go in there and threaten them with bodily harm for them to lay down and go to sleep."

Goku smiled and nodded. "Yeah, well, that's part of why I want to come. Goten and I, we're still getting to know each other." He cleared his throat, scratching awkwardly at the back of his head. His smile was suddenly strained. "I missed more time than I thought…"

"I know," Bulma gently said. "Don't worry about it, there's always room for you. Is Chi-Chi coming too?"

"No, she's spending the day with Gohan and Videl. She's really drilling Videl about us having grandkids," he chuckled. "I have our car parked outside, so I can practice driving with the upgrades you put on it. Besides, Chi-Chi says I can't talk to Goten as much if we use instant transmission all the time."

"Well, I think both you and Vegeta could learn a thing or two by listening to your fabulous and beautiful wives."

"Woman, I think you'd do well to tone down your arrogance," the prince sneered as he walked into the kitchen, only wearing a loose pair of shorts with a towel draped over his shoulders. He scowled at the other Saiyan male with Bulma, not returning the smile Goku offered him.

"Oh, because you're one to talk, Prince Vegeta," Bulma snorted, pouring her husband a cup of hot coffee. "If you had it your way, I'd be hand-feeding every meal to you naked and worshipping the ground you walk on, and you'd rename this planet after you."

Vegeta chuckled, taking the cup from her. "Not a bad plan, female. Maybe I should listen to you more," he teased, making Bulma shake her head.

He took a sip of his coffee, his gaze shifting back over to Goku. His eyes narrowed suspiciously while he drank his coffee, especially when he saw what the other Saiyan was wearing. Goku was wearing a bright red button-down shirt, with loose black swimming trunks. There was a pair of sunglasses that looked like Master Roshi's perched on his head, nestled right into his hair. Vegeta lowered his cup, stared at Goku a moment longer, then looked back to his wife.

"No," he growled, no room for argument in his tone.


"I said no," Vegeta cut in again, angrily pointing at Goku with his free hand. "I did not agree to this. This fool is not coming with us."

"Aw come on, Vegeta," Goku laughed, reaching over and patting Vegeta on the shoulder and nearly making the elder Saiyan spill his coffee from how quickly he moved out of Goku's reach. "I have my own car, so you won't even see me when we're going there! Come on, we're friends now, this'll be fun!"

Vegeta reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose. He wouldn't go back on his word to his son, but that didn't mean he was going to enjoy this trip. The thought of being stuck in such a place for two days, with other men constantly ogling his wife, with two boys who were constantly getting in trouble, AND with Goku tagging along? Suffice to say, it made the prince want to blast his head off.

"Come on, hon, don't be difficult," Bulma coaxed, putting a hand on Vegeta's arm. He looked over at her, exhaling through his nose when he saw the smile she was offering him.

"Aw it's alright, I don't have to come, Bulma," Goku softly conceded, getting their attention. "I just wanted to spend time with Goten, since I barely know the kid, and I missed the first seven years of his life…" he sighed, lowering his gaze to the floor. Vegeta's eye started twitching at the sight. Goku continued in the same tone he used to get his way with Chi-Chi, "I guess I can just wait here, all alone, til you guys come back…"

"Fine!" Vegeta finally yelled, cracks spreading on the handle of his ceramic Capsule Corp coffee mug. He grunted and turned his back to Goku and Bulma. "Whatever, you can come with us if you want, I don't care," he snapped. The prince then stalked right out of the kitchen without another word, missing the triumphant grin on Goku's face.

Bulma, though, didn't miss it. She gave her oldest friend an approving smile. "Not bad."

"I dunno what you mean," Goku awkwardly chuckled, lowering his sunglasses so they were covering his eyes.

"Mhmm. Sure you don't," Bulma laughed, turning to go back upstairs. "I'm going to get ready, and we'll head out in about half an hour."

"Sounds great!"

An hour later, and they were all still in Capsule Corp. Goku, Trunks, and Goten were ready to go. The two boys were playing video games in the living room, with Goku was alternating between watching the screen and watching them – especially his son.

Vegeta hadn't been the only one who had come home from defeating Buu to have emotionally draining conversations with his wife and his son. After everyone had left their home, Goku and Chi-Chi had had a heart-to-heart conversation that seemed a decade overdue. The conversation had ended in happy tears of relief on her part that he was back, and then lovemaking until the sun rose the next morning.

The talk with Gohan the next day hadn't gone as smoothly. He hadn't known how hard his oldest son had taken his death, and their talk had lasted hours as Gohan finally got things off his chest that he'd been hanging onto for years. Everything was much better after that, but Goku's eyes had been opened during that talk. He couldn't change the years he'd been gone from his sons' lives, but he could change the years to come.

His attention was diverted when he heard screaming upstairs. Goku curiously glanced up, hearing Vegeta and Bulma both yelling at each other in their bedroom, and then he looked back down at the boys again. Goten and Trunks exchanged an anxious glance, and then quickly went about shutting down the video game.

"What's going on?" Goku curiously asked.

"My mom's ready to go," Trunks informed him, working rapidly with Goten to put the controllers to their game away. "She'll be down here in thirty seconds, and if we're not ready, we're gonna get in big trouble!"

"Oh," Goku said, blinking a few times. "But, Bulma doesn't really sound like she's ready-"

"That's cause my dad is doing something to slow us down, which is making her mad. Goten, make sure you grab your bag!"

"Already got it!" Goten brightly said, raising his bookbag to show his friend. Goku was going to comment again, when they all heard Bulma.





Bulma's voice suddenly dropped enough so that they couldn't hear her response, and then there was no more yelling. Right at the thirty second mark that Trunks predicted, Bulma appeared on the steps. She was wearing an open white shirt that showed off a blue bikini top underneath, and very short shorts. She looked over at Goku and the boys, lowering her shades over her eyes.

"Well? You guys ready to go?"

"Yeah!" Trunks and Goten both shouted at the same time.

"Alright then, get a move on to the car."

Trunks' face scrunched up in confusion. "We're driving?"

"Of course we are!" Bulma laughed, going down the stairs and heading towards the door. "We'll leave Goku behind in his car if we take the hover jet. Besides, going in the car will give us plenty of time to talk, and tell stories, and-"

"Wow, Mom. That sounds really boring," Trunks muttered.

"Excuse me, it is NOT boring!" Bulma snapped, making Trunks snap his mouth shut and gulp. "A vacation is about spending time together with family, not just splashing around in an amusement park! Besides, I have lots of stories that you boys haven't heard yet. I mean, when I was only a teenager, I went all over the world!" she excitedly informed them, looking over at Goku. "Isn't that right?"

"That's right," Goku agreed with a grin. "Those days sure were fun."

"They were! Why, one time-"

"Shut up, woman. No one cares about your ridiculous adolescent adventures," Vegeta angrily interrupted, getting everyone's attention.

"Well, look who decided to finally grace us with his royal presence," Bulma teased, eyeing her husband over in approval as he walked down the stairs. She didn't notice the two young boys behind her snickering quietly as she gave Vegeta a flirtatious smile. "You're looking very handsome right now, sweetheart."

"I despise you," Vegeta snarled, coming down to the bottom step. The prince was clad in a dark blue button down shirt, with a myriad of pink flowers plastered all over it. He also had on loose white shorts, some flip flops, and he was wearing a white Capsule Corp visor. The outfit was only topped by the blush on his face.

"Looking pretty stylish there, Vegeta," Goku chuckled.

The prince growled low in his throat, before he snapped, "I'll look more stylish when I'm wearing your blood, Kakarot!"

"Oh, come on hon, don't be a grouch," Bulma laughed, hooking her arm with her husband's.

"Whatever," Vegeta mumbled, his shoulders slumping a little in defeat. He remembered his earlier vow not to ruin this for his family, and so he sighed. "Let's just get on with it."

The boys both hollered in happiness, running out the door, with the adults bringing up the rear. As soon as they got outside, Vegeta's attention was diverted to Goku and his car, which he'd never seen the other man use. The car itself was nowhere near as nice as the sleek sports mobile he and Bulma would be riding in, but it was decent enough. Vegeta frowned at the vehicle, wondering why Goku even bothered bringing it when the younger Saiyan could teleport wherever he wanted. As though catching that thought, Goku shot him a smile as he climbed into his small car.

"You gonna drive your car, Vegeta?"

The prince scoffed. "No. The woman can drive it."

"Oh." Goku's grin spread, like he just put two and two together. "Oh! I get it. You don't know how to drive, do you?"

"Of course I do!" Vegeta snapped, crossing his arms tightly over his chest. "I just don't lower myself to do it."

"But how do ya know how to drive, if you never drive?" Goku wondered.

"Driving isn't like fighting. Once you learn, you learn. There is no skill involved."

"Okay, Vegeta," Goku chuckled, which only raised the ire of his fellow Saiyan.

"What is so funny, clown?"


"Hn. I'll show you," Vegeta growled, stalking over to Bulma as she closed the trunk of their car. "Woman!" he yelled, visibly startling her as she spun to face him. "Hand me the key to this thing."

Bulma blinked. "You want to drive?"

"No, I just want to marvel at a piece of metal for no reason," Vegeta sneered. "Of course I want to drive! Now hand it over!"

"Alright, alright, geez. Here, take it," Bulma said, eager to be driven around for once. She deserved to be chauffeured every now and then, after all. She extended the key to him, and Vegeta snatched it and marched over to the front of the car while Bulma went around to sit in the front with him. The boys ran to get in the backseat, when Goku called out to Goten.

"Hey, Goten!"

"Huh?" The boy froze, one foot already inside the car as he looked back at his father in surprise. It was the first time he even noticed that Goku had brought their family car with him.

Goku offered him a warm smile, motioning for the seat next to him. "How about you ride with me to Magic Ice? You can sit in the front! What do ya say?"

"Oh." Goten bit at his bottom lip a bit, looking over at Trunks, and then looking back at Goku.

"Hurry up and go over there, boy," Vegeta roughly ordered as he got reacquainted with the vehicle he was going to be driving. He inserted the key and started the engine while Bulma and Trunks buckled up.

"Actually, I think I'm gonna ride with Trunks," Goten called back to his father, making Bulma and Vegeta exchange a look of surprise. Goten offered Goku a big smile and a wave, and then scrambled into the car, buckling up right away out of instinct. In doing so, he missed the way Goku's smile fractured at his words.

"Goten, you sure you don't wanna ride with your dad?" Bulma questioned.

"Yeah, I want to ride with you guys more," Goten brightly said.

"Alright!" Trunks yelled happily, doing a fist bump with Goten. Vegeta frowned and looked up at the rearview mirror at Goku. He drummed his fingers a little bit on the steering wheel, debating if he should say something. Finally, he sighed.

These brats are inseparable, Kakarot, he telepathically sent the younger Saiyan. Where one goes, the other follows.

They're best friends, I know. Goku sent with a nod, starting up his car. Maybe on the way back, he optimistically sent back.

Not knowing what else to say, Vegeta dropped the subject completely. Follow us there, and don't get lost, idiot.

Oh, I already know the place. It's not far from Videl's. I'll see ya there!

With that, Goku's small, modest little car shot past the fancy sports car in a blur. Vegeta growled and instantly floored the accelerator so hard, he nearly broke the pedal. The car spun around, leaving marks on the pavement as they sped off after Goku.

"Holy crap, Vegeta!" Bulma shrieked, one hand over her heart. She looked back over at the boys in the back, but they were both only laughing and cheering Vegeta to drive faster. No, if anyone was in danger in the vehicle, it was her. "Will you slow down?" she finally shouted. "This is a classic antique model, and you're gonna wreck it! You're driving like a lunatic!"

Vegeta scoffed as his car slowly caught up to Goku's. "Woman, calm yourself. I have driven and operated a thousand different space vehicles-"

"I don't care about your stupid space vehicles, I care about you wrecking my baby!" Bulma yelled at him.

Trunks rolled his eyes. "Aw, Mom, I'm fine."

"I wasn't talking about you!" she shot at him, making Trunks blink. "The only thing that could ever wreck YOU is your father!"

"Damn right," Vegeta smugly agreed, looking out his driver's window to see Goku driving next to him. The younger Saiyan glanced over at him and grinned, flashing him a peace sign with his fingers. Goku then sped off, laughing all the way while Vegeta gaped after him.

"How fast can that piece of garbage go?" he cried out.

"Oh, Goku told me it was way too slow and he asked for an upgrade a week ago, so I gave him one."

"And you didn't give your own vehicle an upgrade?" Vegeta snarled angrily.

"Hey, this bad boy doesn't need an upgrade, buddy! It's the fastest land vehicle on the planet!" The prince scowled, his eyes skirting over the various controls in the car while Bulma continued ranting, "Just because YOU don't know how to fully operate it, don't criticize-"

Vegeta slammed his hand into the dashboard, hitting a slew of buttons all at once. Their car suddenly shot off in a blur, forcing Bulma back against her seat and forcing her blood pressure to shoot through the roof. The two Saiyans were zigzagging between other cars, both trying to win their impromptu race. Trunks and Goten resumed their cheering, each of them hollering for their respective father to win. Vegeta was cackling maniacally while Bulma just held on for dear life.

Their hour long drive was cut down to fifteen minutes – five of which included Bulma sweet-talking a police officer into not giving either Saiyan a speeding ticket after they arrived at Magic Ice. Sometimes, it paid to be as gorgeous as she was. A kiss on the cheek and a wink was all it took to get the tickets brought down to mere warnings, much to her husband's annoyance.

They had barely arrived, and Vegeta already wanted to leave. He had gotten distracted by the flashing lights from the police officer, and that had given Goku enough edge to win their race. That was enough to put him into a bad mood, and watching Bulma blatantly flirt with the officer did not help. He was muttering to himself as he retrieved their belongings that Bulma hadn't capsulized from the back of the car. He hoped this place sold alcohol.

"Good race, Vegeta! That was really close, you almost beat me," Goku brightly said.

Vegeta's eye twitched, and he slammed the trunk of the car shut with far more strength than necessary. "Shut up, Kakarot," he muttered as Bulma came up next to them.

"I knew I was coming with two children, I didn't know I was coming with four," she told them, giving them both glares that could have killed.

"Aw, but it was fun!"

"Fun for all of YOU! Can we not forget that I'm only human and probably wouldn't survive a car wreck?"

"Woman, that's what the dragon balls are for."

"Mom, can we go get on the rides now?" Trunks excitedly interrupted, pointing in the direction of the enormous theme park. "Please? Please?"

"You two can go on ahead, but only if Goku goes with you," Bulma said, making eye contact with Goku. They both exchanged a smile, and Goku jogged up to both boys. He ruffled Goten's hair, and were soon lost in the crowd of people heading in.

"When are we leaving again?" Vegeta demanded, his nose twitching at just how many humans were around them. There were far too many children there for his taste.

Bulma smiled and hooked her arm into his. "Oh come on, you're going to have fun."

"Only if I can kill some humans," he grumbled.

She laughed, "Yeah, cause you saved them just to kill them. Right."

Vegeta grunted, conceding her point while allowing her to pull him along towards the hotel adjacent to the theme park. He glared at everyone who gave his shirt a second look, baring his teeth at them for good measure. Much to his dismay, however, his usual intimidation was cut short by his outfit.

Bulma checked them in, and after they dropped off their belongings in their rooms, she decided she wanted to tan and that she wanted him to join her. Vegeta grumbled to himself as they headed towards the hotel's outdoor pool, but he wasn't too opposed. The woman often tanned at home, and all it seemed to consist of was lying down and doing nothing in the sun. He could do that – lie down, relax, meditate-

Vegeta's thoughts were brought to an abrupt halt when Bulma started shedding her clothes as soon as they stepped outside, left in only her shades and her snug, blue bikini that left very little to the imagination.

"Woman, put your clothes back on!" the prince hissed, snatching up her shirt and trying to cover her with it.

"Vegeta, if we're gonna tan, the clothes need to come off! No one tans with clothes on, see?" she explained, gesturing around them. Vegeta looked, and sure enough, there was a large pool with many humans both in the water and laying in lounge chairs around it. The men and women were all scantily dressed, in his opinion.

"Ridiculous human customs," he mumbled under his breath. He started removing his own shirt, angrily kicking off his flip flops. Bulma lowered her shades at him, looking his body over in appreciation. The prince didn't notice as he threw his visor aside, left only in his swimming trunks. "Leaving yourselves so exposed in public to an attack. It's a miracle you all weren't already exterminated before we even landed on this planet."

Bulma smirked, pushing her shades back up. "You ought to thank your lucky stars that it didn't happen, because then you would've never met me."

Vegeta rolled his eyes. "That would not have been a bad thing."

"Watch it, buddy, or you're sleeping on the floor tonight."


"Come on, let's find some lounge chairs before they're all taken up," she told him, taking his hand in hers. He sighed in defeat, following after her. Vegeta scowled when they stopped walking and Bulma sat down on a lounge chair by the pool.

"So what are you going to do now?" he sneered. "Lay here for the rest of the day like a lazy human?"

"Excuse you, I'm going to lay here and become even more gorgeous than I already am," she scoffed, and for the first time, he noticed her bottle of lotion in her free hand. She gave him a flirtatious smile, teasing him with the bottle. "Will you spread this on me, hon?"

"I am not your slave, female. Do it yourself."

Bulma's smile disappeared, and she glared at him from behind her glasses. "Such a jerk," she muttered, shaking her head. "Could've married someone nice, but nooo…"

Vegeta was ignoring her, scanning over the humans around the pool, and his scowl worsened. He shifted his gaze back to his wife, who was spreading the lotion on her arm.

"There is no other seat available for me," he informed her. "You took the last one."

"Get in the pool then."

"With those other humans? Not likely."

"Why don't you go find Goku and the boys then, and go on some fun water rides with them," Bulma suggested, barely able to keep a straight face.

"Oh yes, that would be loads of fun, why don't I drown myself too while I'm at it?" Vegeta deadpanned.

"Well, don't do that. The other guests wouldn't like it too much," she laughed.

"The other guests…" he muttered, frowning in thought. He looked over at the humans on either side of Bulma, and went over to the man on her right. The man was extremely obese and only in a small, snug speedo. Vegeta's eye twitched as he walked over to the human. The man was lying on his lounge chair, tanning, and looked to be asleep.

Without warning, Vegeta reached down, grabbed the bottom of the lounge chair, and swung it up off the ground. The man screamed as he was launched into the air, spinning head over heels and landing right in the pool with a huge splash. Everyone looked over at Vegeta in shock, but quickly averted their eyes when they saw the death warning in his eyes. Satisfied, the prince lowered the lounge chair and then reclined back onto it.

"Smooth," Bulma muttered, rolling her eyes. "We'll probably never be invited back here after we leave."

Vegeta grunted, crossing his arms behind his head and closing his eyes. "Good."

She grumbled something about not being able to take him anywhere, but soon focused on acquiring herself a nice tan. Vegeta heard when she laid back to soak up the sun, and though he wondered why they couldn't have just done this back home, he said nothing more.

Whenever he laid down outside, it was usually late at night under the light of the stars. It really was relaxing, even with the other humans there, to just lay back and enjoy the warmth of the sun instead. The heat reminded him of Nappa and Raditz, the way they both would relish intense heat whenever they came across it in their purges. They always said it reminded them of their home planet, but he couldn't remember enough to agree or disagree with them.

Not that it mattered now. The sun and the heat on his new planet were just fine in his opinion.

He must've dozed off, because the next thing he knew, water was hitting him right in the face. Vegeta abruptly sat up, and then was splashed again, this time enough to get drenched. He growled and shook his head rapidly, glaring at the two boys in the pool who were giving him impish grins. Bulma was in the water with them, laughing.

"I tried stopping them, you know," Bulma teased him. Vegeta rolled his eyes, wiping the water off his face.

"Sure you did."

"Come in the water, Dad!" Trunks yelled, holding up a beach ball with both hands while he paddled in the water. He threw the beach ball with frightening velocity right at Goten, who easily snatched it up out the air.

"Yeah, Vegeta! Jump in, the water looks great!"

Everyone looked over at Goku, who was standing on the spring board. Vegeta cringed, looking away from the other full-blooded Saiyan, who was standing naked as the day he was born.

"Damn it, Kakarot, put some clothes on, imbecile!" he shouted, right before Goku jumped up into the air and pulled himself up into a cannon ball.

Vegeta's words were barely out when he and the humans near him were all drenched by the huge splash Goku made. He shot up to his feet, growling and dripping wet. Without a word of warning, the Saiyan dove into the water, taking a swing right at Goku's laughing face. Goten got involved before he could connect though, tackling the prince from the side and submerging them both into the water. Trunks jumped right in to help his dad as all four of them suddenly started brawling in the water, which quickly had everyone with human blood vacating the pool – Bulma included.

"Saiyans," she sighed, shaking her head while wrapping a towel around herself moments later. She gladly took a glass of sparkling lemonade from a server that walked by, before turning her attention back towards the pool. Unfortunately, the four could quite literally fight for the rest of the day – but she knew how to make sure that didn't happen.

"Hey boys, it's just about lunch time!"

That did the trick.

Twenty minutes later, Bulma was watching in amazement as the four scarfed down everything that was laid in front of them. She left the chefs a nice tip, because they were working themselves to the bone to keep up with four starving males with Saiyan blood. They were still outside at an outdoor table, though Goku was now permanently borrowing one of Vegeta's pairs of black swimming trunks (there was no way Vegeta would ever wear them again).

"This place is awesome!" Trunks declared, once his eating finally slowed down. "We gotta go back to the park and get on more of the rides!"

"But we can't get on the really cool rides," Goten whined, frowning in disappointment. "They say we're not tall enough."

"Deliver one blow to the solar plexus of the fool who told you that, and they'll let you on the blasted thing," Vegeta gruffly told them, making Goku laugh and making Bulma hit him on the shoulder. His eyes shifted to his wife as he scowled. "What? It's true."

"Don't listen to him. Always play by the rules, boys," Bulma warned.

"Aw, but that's no fun, Mom," Trunks sighed. Vegeta smirked a little, raising his glass for a drink while Bulma gave her son a glare that could have killed. Trunks gulped and nodded, correcting himself instantly. "I mean—you're right, Mom."

"Of course I am," Bulma smugly said. "Your mother is always right, Trunks. The sooner you accept this, the better the rest of your life will be."

Vegeta lowered his glass, rolling his eyes, but unable to deny how content he felt. It was warm out, he'd caught a short nap, his stomach was full, and his adrenaline from the brief sporting brawl was gone, leaving him feeling satisfied. The only annoyance now was that his skin was itching though from the water in the pool, and he was craving a shower. He'd remedy that in a moment.

"There's a photo place, can we all go and take pictures before we leave, please?" Trunks asked excitedly.

"I think that'd be fun," Bulma agreed.

Goku patted Goten on the back. "That sounds great. I need to be in some more pictures around the house, I think."

"I think so too," Goten quietly said with a smile.

"You'll come too, won't you, Dad?" Trunks asked, shifting his attention to his father.

Vegeta looked back at his son for a few seconds, scowled, and gave a conceding nod. He then stood up and walked back into the hotel without a word, making sure to collect his clothes along the way. Everyone was quite used to the prince's abrupt departures, and no one batted an eye as the boys continued making plans for what they wanted to see and do over the weekend.

Some time later, Bulma finally went back to the hotel room she'd gotten just for her and her husband. Vegeta was standing by the window when she walked in, freshly showered and slipping on his blue shirt with pink flowers. He glanced at her over his shoulder while adjusting his shirt, and then went back to looking out the window.

"Was the water bothering you?" she knowingly asked.

Vegeta frowned over how well she knew him. "Nothing bothers me, foolish woman."

"Good, then you'll come with us to take these pictures then."

The prince didn't respond. He would have preferred not to; pictures always made him uncomfortable. He had already told Trunks he would go though, and he never broke his word to his son. Remaining silent, Vegeta considered the view of the theme park, instinctively picking up where Trunks and Goten were. Despite his initial opposition, he was glad Goku had come with them after all. Better the younger Saiyan chasing after the boys than him.

Bulma was humming behind him, a habit she only did when she was relaxed. She was going through their capsulized luggage, wondering what new outfit she should wear for the rest of the day, but Vegeta kept getting her attention. The sight of him in that shirt that he'd fought so hard against wearing that morning made her smile. She knew how much he hated gatherings where he had to mingle with the general public.

He wasn't there for himself; he was there for them.

Vegeta didn't react when Bulma wrapped her arms around him from behind, gently hugging him around his waist. She kissed him right by his ear. "I'm really glad you're here with us, Vegeta."


"I like you in this shirt, you know. Makes you look sexy," she whispered in his ear.

Vegeta smirked, recognizing that tone in her voice. "Is that right?"

"Mhmm, you fell asleep so you didn't see the looks you were getting by the pool."

"I wasn't wearing this by the pool."

"Oh yeah," Bulma breathed, moving her hand inside his open shirt and over his rock-hard abs. "Maybe we should take it off then."

"Bulma," he growled in warning as she pulled off his shirt, tossing it aside. "Don't start something you don't intend to finish."

"The boys are busy dragging Goku along for every ride in the park. Besides. They're not the only ones allowed to have fun on our vacation."

"I suppose you have a point there," Vegeta conceded, turning away from the window to finally face his wife. Any additional words on his tongue were lost as Bulma's bikini top landed just over his shirt on the floor.

"I always have a point," she smugly told him while Vegeta openly admired her body. His dark eyes finally settled on her breasts, his breathing becoming quicker. For all intents and purposes, the Saiyan in front of her looked poised to attack any second now. Bulma licked her lips in anticipation. There was always something primal about her husband whenever he got aroused that made every time a rush, like she was bringing danger itself into her bed.

It was a good thing she had never shied away from danger.

"Well?" Bulma flirtatiously asked, settling her hands on her waist. Vegeta's eyes shot up to hers. "You just going to stare at me or what? I don't have all day, you know."

Bulma never even saw him move before she was flat on her back on their bed. Her husband was right on top of her, keeping her hands pinned over her head.

"Watch what you ask for, female," he growled.

His lips hovered over her mouth before he moved his head down her to her neck, then to her chest, like a starving man who couldn't decide where to begin at a feast. Bulma shivered at the feel of his hot breath over her bare skin, struggling at his grip so he would release her. Vegeta did, putting his hand to better use as he cupped a breast while he ravished it with his tongue. Bulma whimpered and slid a hand into his dark hair, getting a good grip in a silent plea not to stop.

Mere seconds later, Goku suddenly teleported in, right next to their bed.

"Hey guys, the boys and I…" Goku brightly started, before blinking at what he was seeing.

"Goku!" Bulma shrieked and practically threw a startled Vegeta off the bed completely. The prince quickly recovered, and then instinctively grabbed the blankets on the bed, hauling them over his wife's chest. He wrapped his arm across her for good measure while he glared at the red-faced Saiyan in the room with them.

"Damn it, Kakarot!" Vegeta screamed at him. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking, you idiot!"

"Ah, I'm sorry, Vegeta," Goku awkwardly chuckled, scratching at the back of his head. "I just wanted to ask you guys if you wanted some ice cream, cause Trunks and Goten want to buy some-"

"Goku," Bulma groaned, one hand covering her eyes as she thanked the heavens that he hadn't teleported in with the boys. "Please, please don't ever teleport in if I'm alone with my husband."

"Well, gee, guys, I dunno why you're both so embarrassed," Goku mused aloud, shrugging carelessly before grinning. "I mean, I know what Vegeta's got because he's a guy, and I've already seen everything you've got, Bulma."

Vegeta momentarily lost all ability to think, stunned by the revelation. "What?" he asked, narrowing his eyes dangerously. "What did you just say?" he snarled.

"Oh yeah, back when we were kids," Goku laughed. "I've seen everything Bulma has, and she's seen me naked a buncha times-"

His words were promptly silenced by Vegeta's fist smashing right into his face. Goku yelped in surprise, stumbling backwards, but he had no time to do much else before an irate Super Saiyan prince was suddenly tackling him right through the wall. Both of them flew outside and crashed into the ground, causing an explosion of concrete and screaming from frightened people that had been mingling outside. When the dust cleared, Vegeta was mounting Goku and strangling him.

"You touched my woman and neither of you ever told me? I'm going to END you, Kakarot!" Vegeta screamed in his face. Goku struggled for a few moments to break free, but when he couldn't do it in his base form, he finally ascended and forced Vegeta to let him go. Both of them got back up to their feet quickly, with Vegeta practically seething. At the sight of the prince's very real anger, Goku raised both hands up in innocence.

"Vegeta, it wasn't like that," Goku calmly told the prince, offering him a hesitant smile. "It was innocent, we were just kids. I've never done anything with Bulma, we're just friends. Honest."

Vegeta's fists were still slightly raised and clenched, his body squared for a fight. His lip twitched at Goku's words, but he knew it was the truth. Goku was many things, but he was no liar. His shoulders relaxed, his rage dwindling but not extinguishing completely. By the time Bulma finally threw a shirt on and got there, Vegeta had lowered his fists, though he was still irritated.

He cast Bulma a glance as she ran over to them, but he turned around and walked off to clear his mind before she could get to him. Best he calm down, so he wouldn't say things to her that he would regret.

"Hey, is everything okay?" Bulma breathlessly asked Goku when she got to him. She looked after her retreating husband, and then looked up to the enormous hole in the wall of the nice hotel. "Well, that's gonna cost a nice penny to fix up."

"I bet."

"Did you clear everything up with Vegeta? Do I need to go after him?"

"I told him you and I haven't, you know," Goku chuckled awkwardly. He looked towards his friend, prodding him gently through their mental bond. "He's calmed down, but I think it's probably best if we let him cool off a little more."

"I think you're right," Bulma relented. "I'll clear up everything here with the hotel for now. Where are the boys?"

"Eating ice cream by the Sliding Eel ride, I think it's called. They want to take pictures soon."

"Oh, right. We'll do that after I'm done here."

Goku blinked. "Uh, but don't you wanna wait for Vegeta?"

"Trust me." She winked, heading back into the hotel.

A couple hours later, after signing a nice check over to the hotel, enjoying some ice cream, and watching the boys get on some enormous water rides, the group made their way over to "Polar Photos" where they could take strips of photographs together for memories. Trunks and Goten were both wearing shades at this point with matching "Magic Ice" shirts. Their swimming trunks and flip flops didn't slow them down at all as they charged over to Polar Photos, eagerly getting in line.

Goten looked over at his father when Bulma and Goku finally caught up. "Hey Dad, after me and Trunks take some pictures, can me and you take some too?"

Goku smiled. "Sure, that'd be great."

Meanwhile, Trunks was looking around for his own father. He frowned, trying to sense Vegeta's ki signature, but he couldn't get anything back. He worriedly noticed that they were nearing the front of the line, but Vegeta was nowhere in sight.

"Mom?" Trunks turned to Bulma. "Did Dad leave?"

"No, of course not," she assured him. "He's just taking a breather. You know your father."

"Oh," Trunks softly said, looking confused. "It's weird though, I can't sense him."

"Shows you still have a lot to learn, boy," Vegeta's gruff voice cut in, drawing everyone's attention. He was dressed in jeans and a simple black tank top Bulma had packed for him, his hands in his pockets while he came up to them.

"Dad, you made it!"

"Told you I would, didn't I?" Vegeta sneered, but Trunks was unfazed, looking ahead with a smile. The prince looked ahead as well, crossing his arms and avoiding looking at Bulma or Goku while his fingers impatiently drummed against his bicep.

"Made it right on time, Vegeta!" Goku added with a smile. The prince just rolled his eyes, remaining silent.

Finally, the group made it to the front, and were ushered inside. There were several enormous dark booths to go into, and the boys immediately ran over to the first one, both of them arguing over the funny poses they were going to make. Bulma looked over at her husband, poking him in the ribs.

"Want to take some pictures with me, Vegeta?" she sweetly asked him. He shrugged with indifference, sighing as she grabbed onto his wrist and led him over to another dark booth.

Vegeta scowled as he was forced to sit on a small seat inside of what looked like an enormous box of some kind. There was a monitor screen in front of him, flashing different prices for different pictures. He grunted as Bulma sat on his lap, making herself comfortable. She leaned forward, picking how many pictures she wanted.


"So what, female?" he snapped harshly, his earlier irritation returning. "Pick whatever the hell you want."

"You know that's not what I want to talk about," Bulma sighed. She shifted over enough on his lap so that she could see him in the dim light, but Vegeta was glaring away from her. She put her arms around his neck, leaning in close to whisper to him. "Vegeta, sweetheart, come on. Don't be mad. I've told you that before you, it was only Yamcha. You've known this for years."

Vegeta turned his head a little towards her, frowning as he collected his thoughts. "You should have told me, even if nothing did happen between you and Kakarot," he finally said. "I'm your husband. I think I deserve to know just which of your idiot friends have seen you naked."

Bulma reached over and scrolled through the backgrounds, picking a waterfall. She leaned back with her husband as the machine started loading up.

"Fair enough," she conceded, before flashing the camera a dazzling smile as she hugged him. "Smile, Vegeta."

"Hn," he grunted, glaring at the camera as the picture was snapped.

"But in my defense," Bulma continued, looking back at him. This time, he made eye contact with her. "I've tried tons of times to tell you about those days, but you never cared to hear it. And of all things, those few times weren't even that big a deal, I don't ever think about it. I didn't think it would upset you that much."

Vegeta stayed silent for a few moments, lowering his gaze to the floor. "The thought was just infuriating," he bitterly admitted. "I'm second to him in enough things as it is, and for a second, I thought…it doesn't matter. If you both say nothing happened, then nothing happened, so forget it. Are we done here yet?" he impatiently demanded.

"No, we're not done. We still have three more pictures to take," she said, leaning in close to him. She nuzzled her nose behind his ear, making him close his eyes right before the next picture was taken. "You're second to no one, Vegeta. Don't ever think that."

"Hn," he grunted with indifference, even as he finally relaxed.

"So, am I going to get a smile out of you for one of these pictures?" Bulma coaxed, bringing one hand down to rub his chest a little.

"No," he scoffed.

"But you have such a handsome smile."

"Too bad."

"Not even for your wife who you love so much?"

Vegeta let out a disgusted snort. "Woman, I couldn't care less about you."

Bulma growled, trying to hit him in the head. Vegeta couldn't help his genuine laughter as he easily blocked the shot, right as the next picture was taken. He promptly ended her struggles when he pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss, telling her everything he had to say without words. Bulma put her arms around him, eagerly reciprocating.

Neither of them noticed the last picture being taken, but it wound up being their best.