Slaves in the clone wars

Disclaimer: Hi guys who's gonna do the disclaim:?

Levi: I will. Spottedpelt does not own Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Only her OCs and that includes Me and the 566th.

Me: I don't think the 566th will be in this one but they might.

This story will be about slavery not in the SW galaxy but in the United States of America. When the 501st and Shaquitta are sucked into a black hole they go back in time. To when? Slavery. This will be rated 'T' for reasons later in the story. I don't want to ruin it for you so I'm gonna quit talking now.

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Thanx, Spottedpelt, and Levi is part of the 501st so he will be in this story.

Levi: Sweet!