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Nowhere Man

"He's a real nowhere man, Sitting in his Nowhere Land, Making all his nowhere plans for nobody. Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to, Isn't he a bit like you and me?"

Bright scattered light flowed through the lush champagne curtains, which were perfectly draped down the floor to ceiling windows, piercing the tan fragile skin of Magnus' eyelids. He stirred in his rest, not having any form of energy to flip himself over. He slowly raised his left arm into the air, positioning his thumb to rest against his middle finger, before snapping them together -waiting for the light to go away.

But of course, no matter how much he wished to relish in sleep; to be able to snap his fingers and the light of the sun to go away; he knew that he couldn't run from the inevitable start of his day. Like clockwork, five minutes later, Olive and Sarah, his maids, flooded into the room -cleaning the mess Magnus had left, on return from his drunken stupor that night... Or morning as it was. From the smashed crystal vase that lay haphazardly against the foot of the bed, and the strewn shiny leather clothes hanging off of several pieces of furniture -Magnus was sure to be given heck. Olive drew the curtains wider, the room engulfing in burning light. Magnus shrank further into the confides of his canary yellow silk sheets, and attempted to pull his white comforter over his head, before Sarah ripped them away.

"Magnus Bane, you must'nt spend all morning in bed. Your first day of classes starts at nine." Sarah said, stepping aside to pick up his leather pants from the ground.

He truly did love Olive and Sarah; at times they were the perfect mother figures: always making the best soups and sandwiches, wrapping his wounded knee with gauze, even helping him land a few dates with the gorgeous woman from his highschool. But right now, he wanted to kick them out of his room, and if they didn't oblige, he just might have to strangle one or the both of them.

"Don't make me go." Magnus whined, and sat up hastily -which wasn't a good idea. He was instantly hit with a wave of vertigo, a hangover that wouldn't go away anytime soon. If he wasn't out partying late last night, he might have been fine enough to make it to the shower on his own, without tripping over his own feet; But last night he had been so bent on pissing his father off -he didn't even think about the consequences of the next day.

"You are going and that is final. This is what you get for being a seventeen year old partier. If you were my kid, I'd have the sense to teach you right." Sarah tsked him, and shook her head thoughtfully. "Now will that be Tylenol or Advil?"

"Mmm, whichever will make the pain fade away within the blink of an eye." Magnus stretched his lengthy limbs, and swung his legs around the side of his high queen bed.

"Child they don't make drugs, that strong."

"I can think of one, that starts with a W, and ends with a -"

"Magnus Bane! You better not come home with the smell of smoke on ya. I will gladly bring out my good belt, and we will see how many times you ever smoke again." Sarah wagged her finger at him warningly. Magnus stepped out of bed, and stood in front of the short, 5'2'', pudgy woman, whose hair was silken wheat, and eyes as dark as night. He bent down, and kissed her lightly on her rosey cheek.

"I wouldn't even dare try it." He made his way over to the double doors that led into his gray marble ensuite; Olive tossed him his clothes for the day before he made his final assent into the washroom.

"You better hurry up. Your father won't be happy if you're late on the first day back!" Olive called from behind him. He waved his hand in the air, dismissing her comment, and shut the doors firmly. He scanned over the outfit Olive had picked out for him: Dark black waxy jeans, a deep v-neck the color of a dark plum, and a grey partially sparkly bomber jacket. He smirked to himself, having a maid that not only cleaned up after you, but made you breakfast, and picked out the most amazing outfits... This was the life Magnus thought briefly.

He turned on the water in his shower to a scorching heat, the perfect temperature in his mind, and stepped out of his clothes. After minutes of vigorous exfoliating with his favorited wild berry soap, and shampooing, he stepped out of the shower, and let the beads of water fall across his tan skin. Carefully, avoiding the potential to slip, he made his way over to the sink, and starred into the steam covered mirror. Whipping it quickly, in small circle motions, he relished in what he looked like.

Hell. That's all that came to mind. Absolute hell. His cheeks seemed pulled and taught, as if he were sucking on a lemon, his eyes rimmed with deep and dark half crescent moons. Magnus' familiar cat-like, yellow-green eyes were rimmed with a fine cloud of red. He groaned, and slid into his clothes feverishly before starting on his makeup -which happened to take the bulk of his time. He made sure to use just the right amount of concealer under his eyes, and the right amount of black liquid eyeliner, to line his top lid, adverting anyones gaze away from the dark circles. The mascara came first, although he never really needed it, his eyelashes were dark and thick like his mothers; and then he finished off his look with a light brush of highlighting eyeshadow, gold glitter, and a nude glossy lipgloss.

His hair was getting way to long, and fell into his eyes way to often. He needed to remind Olive or Sarah to make him an appointment at Luziel's sometime soon. Once his hair was dry he styled it up, with the help of his gel, creating a thick faux-hawk, that left a few sweeping bangs in his face.

Magnus stepped out of the ensuite, and found a breakfast tray left on his bed, full of muffins, eggs, and bacon, along with his black marc jacobs backpack. He quickly scarfed down the eggs and bacon, and stashed the muffins into his bag, before making his way downstairs.

"Magnus! Oh don't you look dashing! Excited for your first day back?" Felicity coo-ed at the bottom of the lavish dark cherry wood steps. Felicity was his father's latest conquest, blonde, big-breasted, bubbly, young, and naive. It wouldn't be long until his father kicked her to the dirt. Used her for whatever he wanted, and then left her hanging. But for now, for his fathers sake, he put up with the charade.

"Oh, I know I look absolutely hot. There's no need to tell me." He plastered a fake smirk on his face, and hoped -no, prayed to god she wouldn't see through it. She gave him a hesitant look, and before she could reply he cut in, "I should be on my way. Don't want to be late yenno. Bye... Mon cherie." Magnus leaned over and took hold of her tiny doll hand, kissing the skin lightly. That will leave her hopeful that I actually like her, Magnus thought.

"Such a charmer, like your father." Felicity blushed, before rounding the corner into the kitchen. God knows what she was going to do in the kitchen; she didn't even know how to boil water, let alone cook anything; possibly she will become lost in their overly gigantic estate. It had happened to Magnus quite a few times.

He left the house quietly, not wanting to stir his fathers rest, because in two short weeks was his fathers annual banquet, that he held every year. The wealthiest families were invited, not that Magnus cared -he could care less about how much money his father had. Sure it was nice to have the luxuries he was given, the clothes, the car, the house, but he wasn't someone who enjoyed flaunting it -although that is what it usually seemed like to other people. His father forced him to drive his bright red, Noble M600, and of course vanity had always mattered when it came to presenting ones self. "Vanity, son, is the key to success." Magnus' father told him time and time again as he grew older.

Since his fathers banquet was in two weeks, he had told Magnus not to bother him from the hours of 10 p.m. till 8 p.m. the next day -that gave Magnus two hours in which he would see his father for the next few days.

Magnus sped down the block, and after a minute or two turned right onto the long, wide gravel pathway that led to Johnathan and Clary's estate. He honked three times, relentless to make it to William's house on time, so they weren't late for school. The fiery red head stuck her head out the door, and upon spotting Magnus' car, made her way over. She was dressed in what she usually wore: Plain white shimmery v-neck, long bulky orange and white bohemian shrug, and dark-washed jeans -very normal, but very her. The only thing that off-set her outfit, and added that extra punch of sexy-ness were the glossy red pumps that matched the color of his car.

"Hey doll face." Magnus said as Clary slipped into the passenger seat. He looked at her closely, and could faintly see the red rim around her bright green irises, and the deep purple tired skin under her eyes. "Or should I say monster..." Clary scowled at him.

"I'm not up for your comments today Mag. Sebastian's party last night was just... too much. I wish you and William hadn't dragged me to it." Clary sighed before continuing, "I feel like shit. So no comments please." She lightly patted his cheek, and pursed her lips.

"Dude, c'mon let's go." Johnathan bounded into the backseat of his car. Dressed in white jeans, a navy t-shirt and a shiny black blazer. His white-blonde hair swept to one side, in a very disconcerned way.

"What's the rush? Scared Camille will run off with Sebastian if we don't get there soon enough?" Magnus asked, as he turned the car around, and sped down the gravel driveway.

"Yeah, because Sebastian has more game then me." Johnathan snaked his arms across his chest, and snorted.

"Then the reason is...?" Magnus pried, as he jerked the clutch into second gear, and skidded down the road. Only a couple of blocks until they would reach William's estate.

"Word is, we have a fresh group of newbies coming in." Johnathan replied haughtily, straightening his back.

"John. Of course we do, it's a new year... So that means new grade ten's." Magnus sighed loudly, pulling into the narrow slate driveway.

"I know that! Do you think I'm stupid?" Clary and Magnus exchanged looks, before turning back to him and smirking. Johnathan's face was sullen, he looked like a kid that was denied ice cream for dessert, and a large scowl crept its way up his face. He swore under his breath and shook his head. "Whatever. But no, I meant we have three newbies, in our grade this year." That was a surprise to Magnus, everyone in their grade new each other since elementary; there was never anyone new at their private school, in their grade. It just didn't work like that.

"Oh! Are any of them guy's? I am getting quite bored playing around with the ones we have at the school." Clary thoughtfully said. Johnathan gave her a quizzical look, raising his eyebrows high on his forehead.

"That better not mean what I think it means." Johnathan sternly said.

"Don't worry about it." Clary briskly replied, and flashed a wide grin to her brother, batting her eyelashes.

"Anyways," Magnus rolled his eyes pointedly, "What's the verdict John?" He enquired, as William stepped out of his front door. Black jeans, Black button up shirt, and a Black waxy fitted dress coat, made William's dazzling blue eyes light up against the harshness of all the black -he looked absolutely gorgeous, and studly -which was not what Magnus should be thinking about.

"Some rich family from the eastern coast moved into town at the beginning of summer. I haven't seen them yet, but I'm guessing they're loser's if they've stayed home all summer. Two guys, one girl -Sebastian's family knows them or something, but he hasn't seen them since he was younger."

"Mmm, what are we talking about?" William's delicate and suede voice vibrated around the car, making the hairs on Magnus' neck prickle.

"Newbies, that we will have either the fortunate or unfortunate chance of meeting." Magnus replied, before he sped off.

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