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"Harmonizing, with a, go softly face. Just like the old days. Golden seaplane, dollar, tossed in the take bin. What a bargain.
Time will bear the yellow knife, found oysters from the beach undressed from the waist.
My girl says that, all the rain promises is to give life in the moment.
Never count on longevity, please." -Yeasayer

"We are not doing that again," Alec poked his head around the bathroom door as he started to strip out of his jeans and boxer shorts. He blushed hotly, as he accidentally caught Magnus pulling up a new pair of briefs—causing Alec to see, only, the side view of his rounded tawny butt… A part of Magnus that Alec took delight in running his fingers over.

Magnus caught Alec staring, and flashed him the signature fox grin that made Alec come undone. "But tonight…" Magnus trailed off, and raised his eyebrows suggestively; still only clad in a pair of briefs—that Alec quite intensely wanted to rip off—and his soft patterned sweater.

"It's already night," Alec sighed and shut the door to the bathroom and pulled on a fresh pair of fresh pair of black boxers, ones that weren't tainted by what he and Magnus had previously been doing on the bed; then hastily he pulled his favourite worn out dark wash jeans up his long thick legs. He exited the bathroom to find Magnus resting on his bed, his elbows stretched out slightly behind him, and his legs crossed at the knees.

"I'm talking about later tonight," Magnus explained. "When everyone's asleep… The house is silent… Except for those delicious whimpers of yours." He said rather seductively.

"I do not whimper," Alec scowled, folding his arm across his chest. Magnus threw his head back and bellowed a loud curt laugh.

"Yes you do," he rose from the bed and walked over to the door, grasping the silver knob in the palm of his hand. "And it's sexy as hell, Alexander." He winked… Winked, and left the room a moment later. Alec raised his hand to his cheeks, finding them to be inflamed with raw heat. He quickly ran to the bathroom, attached to his room, again, and splashed ice cold water onto his burning face.

What he desperately needed was a cold shower, but subsequently that notion would have to wait until later on; when he was no expected to be downstairs with everyone else.

As he made his way downstairs, he noticed everyone gathering in the sunken in living room space, making themselves comfortable around the large wooden table. James and Magnus walked in from the left carrying a handful of wine bottles, the color of deep plum nectar, and oddly a bottle that appeared to be empty. Behind them, Camille and Isabelle carried crystal clear wine glasses, which were large and rounded at the base; narrowing as they got to the rim.

Alec felt eyes on him and turned to find Jace eyeing him curiously with his thin pink lips puckered in suspicion. He glanced away, however, when he realized Alec was giving him an equally questioning look.

"Spin the bottle!" Camille shouted, shimmying her assets a bit too much. Alec paled when he took a seat next to Clary, who was on the exact opposite couch, as Jace.

"Uhm," Jace interjected, "There's two sets of siblings here. And like two couples…"

"So?" Camille set down the wine glasses and cocked her hip to the side. "Couples don't apply here, and if you get your sibling you get an extra spin."

"What if you don't want to kiss the person it, uh, lands o—on?" Alec seemingly stuttered out, twiddling his thumbs nervously in his lap. He didn't dare look towards Magnus, where he was sitting next to James and Tessa on the ground in front of the towering stone fireplace.

"Then you've got to strip down to your knickers right here, blue eyes, and run outside into the lake." Camille smiled brightly and let out a bubbly laugh, while Sebastian and Jace let out few cat calls. Alec instantly blushed, gulping back the embarrassment that he felt by Camille's words. "Now," she clapped her hands together, "let's get started—"

"Camille, one problem." Johnathan remarked quickly, almost cutting her off. "I'm not wearing anything under these." He pointed to his dark washed denim jeans. A few snickers were let out, mainly by the girls. Camille bit her full bottom lip—suggestively, in Alec's opinion—and merely shrugged her shoulders. Johnathan sighed, knowing he had the probability of zero to win in this situation.

"I'll go first," Camille stated after a lapsing silence that took over the group for a few seconds. She leaned over the low table, her ample breasts nearly spilled out of her rather racy dress; so much so that Alec could count freckles on her chest that he didn't necessarily want to see in the first place.

Her grip was loose on the bottle, and with a subtle flick of her wrist, the empty bottle began to spin lazily in a slow circle.

After a few turns the spinning came to a full stop on Jace. There was a flash of apprehension in his gaze; a small hint to the war that was going on within his mind. Alec was probably the only one to see the burning rage lacing Clary's deep emerald green eyes as Camille and Jace began to lean towards each other—meeting half way, with their eyes closed and their lips pressed together.

It only lasted for a few seconds, but yet at the same time: a beat too long. The resigned coldness disrupting Clary's beautiful face was the only thing Alec could focus on besides the heat of Magnus' gaze.

He could feel it; he could always feel it, and he silently prayed that Magnus would give up and stop with the incessant staring that made his heart collapse within his chest.

Jace was up next, and spun the bottle with a little bit more precision—it was a calculated spin that he ended up overshooting by a little bit too much. Instead of the bottle landing in the vicinity of where Clary was seated, it landed on the next person over: Simon. There was a chorus of laughter that followed as both boys' cheeks flamed a brilliant red.

It was over soon enough, a quick peck on the lips that both instantly started rubbing the back of their hands over—trying to rid their lips of the others presence. "I think we all need to see that one again!" Magnus boomed loudly; Jace and Simon sent glares his way. "What?" He held up a glass of wine and tipped it. "It seemed like you both enjoyed it."

"No… Just no." Simon held up his pointed finger in defiance. The smoldering fire in the large stone fireplace glittered off of Simon's glasses as he leaned forward to spin the bottle himself.

Alec chanced a glance at Magnus, and his breath caught in his throat. Magnus was staring back at him as if he were something to eat, something he would love to run his hands all over. Alec's breathing changed to long laboured breaths as Magnus darted his tongue out to lick the rim on his wine glass. He was teasing him to no end, absolutely delighting in the way that just the simple like around the rim was having a substantial effect on Alec.

All the while that Alec spent paying attention to Magnus, he didn't realize that the bottle had settled on Isabelle and that Simon and Isabelle were locked in a tightly knit embrace; everyone around them was cat calling and encouraging them to continue… In which they did.

It quickly escalated into a fiery passionate kiss involving, what looked like to Alec, a lot of tongue. He attempted to clear his throat loudly, hoping the intrusion of his sound would make them stop, but it was as if they were shut off from everyone else—lost within the kiss, within each other.

Jace slapped his hand down firmly on Simon's shoulder, and gave it a gentle squeeze; spurring Simon to open his eyes and retract from the kiss with Isabelle, as if it had burned him. Isabelle raised her right hand to her lips and stared into Simon's eyes briefly before she quickly looked away.

"That was a little…" Johnathan started.

"Intense." Sebastian finished with a smile, nudging Simon in the ribs. Simon shoved at his shoulder, and told him lowly to 'piss off', before he placed his elbows on his knees and leaned forward, resting his head within his hands. He threaded his fingers through his brown hair, in a rather stressful way, and kept his eyes cast down and away from the line of sight towards Isabelle.

Without another word, Isabelle spun the bottle next. It spun awkwardly on the surface of the table, stopping after a couple of seconds on James. There was a slight pink tint licking the apples of his cheeks as he leaned across the table and kissed Isabelle rather tenderly. They parted soon, and smiled lightly—it was really rather innocent and friendly. James sat back and leisurely flicked the bottle, watching it intently with his liquid silver eyes.

To Alec's surprise, it stopped on Magnus, and he wasn't entirely sure how he felt about it. There was a little buzz of jealousy in the back of his mind, but it was too minuet to take into account.

Magnus bit his lip roughly in mock lust as he pulled James by the collar of his shirt and laid a fast and hard smacking kiss on his lips. They giggled like school children, while everyone around them hooted with laughter; even Alec cracked a smile after seeing his boyfriend lay a kiss on someone else—even if that someone was only James.

Once they both settled back into their spots, James cut his eyes sideways at Alec, as if gaging his reaction. Alec furrowed his brows and tilted his head in question towards James—wondering what the look he gave him was about. He… He couldn't know… Alec concluded in his head and began to worry his lip between his teeth. Could Magnus have already told James? Or did he just guess? How many of them knew about Magnus and Alec already?

Thoughts cycled around in is head rapidly, ad he almost didn't realize that everyone's eyes were on him, as if they were waiting for something…

"Huh?" He said, breaking out of his stupor.

"Give me your lips Alexander," Magnus chuckled, with a sly smile tainting his lush lips. Alec gulped loudly, his cheeks flared with red hot heat as the weight of what Magnus said washed through him.

"What?!" He shouted, clasping his hand against his mouth after he did.

"C'mon Alexander, are you really going to strip down to your briefs and run out into the lake, rather than kiss me?" Magnus wiggled his eyebrows teasingly and began to lean closer to Alec. Alec opened his mouth to protest, but before he could Magnus' lips were on his. Definitely familiar, and warm; this was as easy as breathing—however contrite that may sound—it was an involuntary reaction to Magnus that he had; as if he were falling and falling… The longer he kissed Magnus.

Magnus sucked Alec's bottom lip into his mouth and nipped lightly before he hastily pulled away. He wiped the back of his hand across his lips and gave Alec a secretive wink and smirk—almost like a promise that more would come later.

"That was extremely steamy." Camille didn't hesitate to say; neither did she hesitate in mock fanning herself. Alec blushed bright red and simply nodded his head. He looked around and caught the none-subtle-smirk that laced Isabelle's lips, and the decidedly confused expression on Jace's face; otherwise everyone was acting the same, well maybe except for Magnus who had a huge grin on his face.

Alec placed his fingers around the stem of the wine bottle, loving the smooth cold texture—which reminded him of Magnus' fingers—and flicked his wrist to the left, letting it spin around the circle of people a couple of times. It eventually landed on Camille, and a new cycle of spins began.

After an hour or two, the game was still going strong, although they tweaked the rules a bit more; nothing too crass, but nevertheless exciting and fun. Everyone was laughing and joking around, stuck in an alcohol induced haze, leaning on one another for support. Alec's stomach contracted strongly as a fresh wave of giggles bubbled up to his throat, after witnessing Johnathan refuse to lick the trail of hair at the bottom of Sebastian's abdomen, and consequently forced him to strip down to absolutely nothing and run out the front door, into the lake.

Johnathan's loud howls could be heard from inside the living room, and for some odd reason it spurred Sebastian, William, and Magnus to remove their clothing and run out to jump in after him. The girls scoffed at the boys antics and began to clean up the mess of now empty wine bottles and glasses from the living room area; moments later, they proceeded to head up to their rooms.

Jace and Simon helped Alec put out the fire, and Tessa came down the stairs carrying a handful of towels, placing them outside on the front porch railing for the others that were still outside in the freezing cold water. The light of the moon and the stars reflecting off of the dark water in an eerie light, bathing the boys in a waxy white light.

"Hey are you heading up soon?" Jace asked Alec, as he started to walk into the kitchen. Alec followed him back there, as he saw the boys coming in from the water from his peripheral vision.

"Uh, yeah. I guess so. I'm pretty tired." Alec shrugged, as Jace guzzled down a water bottle from the fridge quickly. Jace nodded and cast his eyes downward, knitting his eyebrows tightly together on his forehead. "Hey, Jace… Whatever's going on between you and Clary will… It will work itself out okay?"

"What if she is pregnant?" Jace whispered, so low that Alec almost didn't catch it. "I mean, yeah I'm scared, but I just wish she knew that I would support her…"

"Tell her that." Alec encourage, giving Jace a light-hearted smile.

"I shouldn't have to tell her that. She should already know." He scoffed under his breath. "What does that say about our relationship? It says that she has no faith in me Alec, no trust… I would give that girl the world, if should would let me." Jace rubbed his hand across his eyes in frustration and then quickly passed by Alec, out into the living room. "I'm too tired to talk about this right now. I'll see you in the morning." Jace sighed and headed up the stairs.

The rest of the boys were still standing on the porch, shaking off the water from their hair, and drying their bodies rapidly to get back inside the warm house. Sebastian and Johnathan darted up the stairs once they were sufficiently dry, slamming their bedroom doors once they got to the landing upstairs. Alec moved into the living room and made towards the stairs.

"Mmm, you should have come in with us. I love seeing that body of yours." Magnus whispered breathlessly into Alec's ear as he threw his arm around his shoulder. He kissed Alec's neck, sucking lightly at the heated skin there. Alec froze in shock and looked back at William who was still standing at the front door.

Thankfully he was turned away from witnessing Alec and Magnus; saving a lot of questions that were bound to come up, had William seen them. Alec pushed Magnus away from him, not wanting to chance William catching them in a rather… Friendly position. "Magnus, stop. Will's right out there…"

"So? Lovely, I don't care who knows about us. I don't want to have to use a game as an excuse to kiss you publically. I just want you Alexander, all the time."

"But I care who knows," Alec hesitated to say, but he knew he needed to say it nevertheless. Magnus stopped him at the top of the stairs, and looked intently into his eyes. Magnus' eyes were rimmed with a bit of red from either sleep deprivation, or the alcohol that he had consumed was still floating throughout his system. The yellow-green of his cat eyes were a muted tame hue.

"Okay," Magnus tilted his head once up then down, then up again. "I will wait as long as you need Alexander." Magnus raised his hand to Alec's face and swiped the pad of his thumb along the patch of skin directly above Alec's right eyebrow. "I will do anything for you." Magnus kissed his temple quickly and left him standing there on the top of the stairs.

Alec lay there awake in his designated bed. Sharp splatters of the light from the stars and moon were cast across the comforter of the bed, creating this ethereal glow to encase his room. It was colder than he had expected, causing his teeth to grind and chatter together. The short time he had spent at the cabin thus far was way beyond thrilling, once he began to really think about it—he felt entirely like he belonged in this group of friends, even with the different dynamics that came into play.

It had been an interesting first day to say the least, and he couldn't wait for what might come. But at the present moment, as he laid there watching the white patterns on his bed shift with the time... He couldn't stop is thoughts from drifting to Magnus, and more generally how he just wanted Magnus. He wanted all of Magnus and it quite literally burned him knowing Magnus was in a room just down the hall.

They had, had their moments together, sneaking a quick kiss in—here and there—but it didn't seem to satisfy all of Alec's livid desires. He looked over to his right, where an old make shift black clock indicated that the time was way into the night, nearing the three o'clock mark, and Alec still hadn't been able to get Magnus off of his mind.

Quite possibly he never would be able to. It seemed as if his mind always tended to wander to the thought of tawny smooth skin, bright yellow-green cat eyes, and lush pink lips. He couldn't handle it anymore; letting his mind slip away without relieving the problem he had on his lower section.

Alec trailed his hand under the comforter, lightly stroking himself through the thin material of his dark blue plaid cotton pajama pants. He began to pick up speed, letting his eyes slip shut at the sensation. Alec continued like that for a bit longer, his breath coming out in slow heated rasps against the bleak silence of the house. "Magnus," he let the name slip from his lips.

"I didn't think this could get any hotter—until you said my name." Alec froze and shot his eyes open regarding the direction of the voice. He looked towards the door to the room, and leaning against the door frame was a half-dressed Magnus Bane—his hair mused and stuck up in random places around his head.

To Alec he looked as if he had been having just as hard of a time as he had, at falling asleep. The cocky smirk on his angular face indicated to Alec that he might have been standing there watching him for quite some time. Alec blushed feverishly at the implication, and brought his hand up from underneath the cover regretfully. His whole body was on fire at being caught, especially since he let Magnus' name slip from his lips as well. "Oh, do go on. Don't think you have to stop since I showed up." Magnus teased, his smirk widening—turning into a full on devious fox grin.

"Uh..." Alec began, as he sat up against the headboard of the small twin bed. The blush was still prominent on his face, causing him to cringe. "I don't think I want to..."

"Well then, let me help you with that." Magnus pushed himself away from the door frame, and slowly eased the door shut. He sultrily sauntered his way over to the edge of Alec's bed and once he came up to the end, he climbed onto the high bed and continued to crawl towards Alec.

The whole time, Alec couldn't keep his eyes off of Magnus, their eyes stayed focused on one another's—both filled with a burning degree of lust and desire. Magnus had finally made his way to straddling Alec's hips, and captured his lips with his own—moving in fast chaste movements. Alec ran his hands around Magnus' sides and restlessly trailed his hands down to his butt, gripping it hard.

"Someone's eager." Magnus whispered against his lips, smiling as he did so. Truth be told, they had never gone any further than just groping one another, dry-humping and removing a few too many articles of clothing. But at the moment Alec was not scared in the least about what could happen, because all he knew was that this was Magnus, and he wanted everything with Magnus.

"Mmm," Alec groaned, tilting his head back slightly, letting Magnus gain access to his neck. Magnus began to suck on the Adam's apple of Alec's throat, emitting a strangled sigh from Alec's lips. "Only because of the things you do to me,"

"Rephrase that." Magnus said huskily, slipping his hands down and under Alec's shirt—lifting it carelessly over his head.

"W—what?" Alec had a hard time breathing.

"How about you say, because of the things I am going to do to you." Magnus purred as he licked a wet hot trail down Alec's chest, making him shiver at the sensation. Magnus leaned back on the balls of his feet so he was able to pull the comforter off of Alec, letting it fall haphazardly to the bottom of the small bed.

Alec gazed into Magnus' eyes with a small amount of fear—he was hopeful as to where this may have been leading to, but he couldn't shake the uncertainty of the situation, once Alec began to actually think of it. They were in a cabin full of their friends—was it likely for one of them to be awake at this time of night?

Magnus' eyes were livid and burning, the pupils had completely dilated to a harsh brooding black color, and a small smirk played at his lips. Alec bit his lip involuntarily as pure heat crawled up his neck and settled on the apples of his cheeks.

He took pleasure in watching Magnus' eyes slip close for a moment, before Magnus practically lunged forward at Alec, again capturing Alec's lips against his own. He bit down lightly on the bottom of Alec's lip, and snaked his tongue into Alec's mouth—swirling it around in feverish movements, running it along the roof of Alec's mouth.

What caught Alec off guard was that during their heated moment of making out, Magnus had trailed his hand up and along Alec's inner thigh and then finally settled his hand against Alec's groin, palming it through the thin material of his pajama pants.

"Magnus," Alec whimpered against his lips. The feeling of Magnus' hand against him—rubbing him—teasing him—was a pure blissful haven to Alec, one which he never wanted to part with.

Sure they had been together for a few weeks, but for the love of god, Alec didn't understand how he could have held back from this for so long. "Oh—gosh, don't stop." Alec hissed, throwing his head back sharply at the sensation; his head connected harshly with the head board.

"Alexander, can you promise me something?" Magnus gazed up into his eyes, his hand halting in movement, but still firmly grasping a hold of Alec.

"What?" Alec said breathlessly, his chest rising and falling in uneven patterns.

"Promise me, you won't scream too loud, lovely." Magnus replied with a cocky glint in his eyes. Alec searched his eyes quizzically, wondering exactly what Magnus was eluding to, but his mind was coming up blank. He nodded his head for good measure, and before he could comprehend what exactly Magnus was up to, he felt his pajama pants being roughly pulled from his lower body.

Alec sucked air into his lungs harshly and flushed fire cracker red; he was exposed to Magnus, and he didn't necessarily know how to feel about the situation. Fortunately, all thoughts were stripped away from Alec's mind as Magnus leaned forward and licked the tip of Alec's cock, causing Alec to let out a low deep groan.

Magnus took the head into his mouth, sucking gently, before lowering his head down the length of Alec. Alec's eyes rolled to the back of his head as his breath caught in his chest. After a few seconds, Alec looked down at Magnus—who was bobbing his head up and down Alec's cock, driving him absolutely insane. The inside of Magnus mouth was scorching hot around him, and the way Magnus hollowed out his cheeks created this tight exhilarating sensation.

"Oh shit—" Alec groaned, when Magnus lifted his eyes to meet Alec's, and he gave him a seductive wink. Magnus wrapped his left hand around the base of Alec's member, and began to stroke in time with the bobs of his head. With his free hand, he grabbed a hold of Alec's left hand, and placed it on top of his head.

Without even registering what he was doing, Alec began to thread his fingers into Magnus' hair, and started to guide Magnus' head around his cock—not harshly. Alec could feel a coil in his stomach; a tightening of his muscles as his hips buckled off of the bed against Magnus' face. Magnus held his hips down, and then did something that absolutely threw Alec over the edge: he began to hum, and the sensation was like nothing Alec had ever felt before. "Yes... Yes! Yes!" The word became a mantra to Alec; who was trying to tone down the loudness of his voice.

Alec swallowed down a hearty moan as Magnus' tongue swept along the throbbing vein, on the underside of his cock. Once he got to the top, he spent a fair amount of time sucking on the heated head, lazily darting his tongue out to swirl around the tip.

His hips were now uncontrollably flexing off of the bed, meeting Magnus' strokes. And by this point, Alec was quietly whimpering while sweat coated his skin. The scales tipped in favour of pleasure, finally, and Alec saw tars burst at the corners of his vision as he let go of his pent up arousal deep within Magnus' mouth. His back arched off of the bed, and his toes curled deliciously.

Magnus stilled, but kept his mouth around Alec until the waves of his pleasure were over. This was the most intimate they had been and it nearly made Alec cry out in happiness. Not just because of the act that Magnus had just performed on him, but because of the silent meaning behind it for the both of them, in different ways.

Magnus accepted Alec fully for who he was; mind, values, logic quirks, and now his body. He cherished Alec so very tenderly within those moments, giving him a sense of satisfaction as well as to feel wanted.

And in the same way, Alec was silently voicing the fact that he trusted Magnus with his body—his heart even. Although that thought struck fear within Alec: the idea that Magnus had his heart sent a warmth throughout his body, as if the idea bleed through his skin without any barrier. That alone was a hard concept to fully accept.

Magnus came to rest beside Alec's body, by the headboard, half resting on the bed and half on the side of Alec's satiated body; pulling the comforter up around them. "I told you, you whimper." Magnus smiled as he stroked the pad of his thumb across the patch of skin above Alec's eyebrow. Alec let out a sort of giggle-snort to his comment and kissed him fully on the lips, smiling into the kiss brightly. He flipped himself over onto Magnus and began to pepper kisses all over his face. "Thank you, for that—you didn't have to do that you know." Alec raised himself on to his elbows to peer down at Magnus, searching his eyes.

"Alexander," Magnus palmed his cheek, his cold fingers bit into Alec's searing hot flesh. "Trust me when I say: I wanted to do that for you." Alec smiled.

"Well then trust me when I tell you later that I wanted to do this for you." And with that, Alec slid underneath the comforter, pulling down Magnus' sleep pants along the way.

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