Welcome back. Ages ago I wrote a little one shot cause I couldn't get it out of my head. I was going to follow it up with BPOV of the encounter, but my mind works in mysterious ways. So instead, here's a little glimpse at how Carlisle, Edward and Bella all met. There will be one more chapter after this, in EPOV, but I have no idea when it will come. Probably before the end of the summer.

Thanks to Risbee for being awesome as always. Have you read her Twi25 one shots called 'Glimpses'? There is a super hot garageward in there that I wouldn't mind letting take a look under my hood, if you know what I mean. LOL

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When I walked in the door of our home, I immediately felt tense because I knew I had disappointed both Carlisle and Edward, which was something I tried very hard not to do.

I stepped into the kitchen of our unassuming house nestled in Laurel Canyon and looked out the windows at the woods surrounding us. From the outside, one would think that we were a normal happy family, but that was far from the truth.

Not that we weren't happy; we just weren't conventional.

After all, there were three of us in this relationship.

I glanced at the clock and realized that thanks to the horrible Los Angeles traffic, Carlisle and Edward were probably closer behind me than I had originally thought. I hightailed it upstairs to my room and quickly undressed. My room was basically a formality since it held my clothes and the few belongings I had brought with me, but I rarely, if ever, slept there. Usually I slept between Carlisle and Edward on Carlisle's bed, or if he was away on business, I slept with Edward in his plush bed. I tossed my clothes into the laundry hamper, and made sure I was presentable, before heading into Carlisle's master bedroom.

I padded softly into the room and took in the dark black and red colors covering virtually every surface. In the middle of the room stood his oversized wrought iron four-poster bed, which when I first saw it I thought was completely trite. Of course now, having enjoyed being tied to the bed and fucked in virtually every position known to man by both of my men, I had to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I kneeled at the foot of the bed, waiting patiently for the men in my life to arrive, and I couldn't help but feel anxiety fill me. I knew when I formulated my plan to audition for Carlisle that I was walking a thin line. This was something they had both forbade when we began our relationship months earlier. Needless to say, I never thought he would play along with my ruse and I never expected him to call Edward into the room though. I also never, in a million years, thought they would share me with Jasper and Emmett. Knowing how possessive both Edward and Carlisle were, I was surprised at how far they let things go.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it, I was just surprised.

The moment I walked into his office, led in by his assistant and sometimes fuck buddy, Leah, I could feel my throat close. Carlisle was demanding, particular and very passionate about everything. I knew he would be angry with me for showing up completely unannounced at his work, but I had to try.

"This is Tanya." Carlisle's eyebrows shot up as Leah moved and closed the door after introducing me. He clearly wanted to yell at me, but instead he played along with my little charade.

"Tanya, it's a pleasure to meet you. What brings you to my office today?" he questioned simply.

"Umm…I thought that would be ob-vious," I replied awkwardly as Carlisle looked me up and down, no doubt wondering where I had gotten the clothes for today's little audition. He and Edward had a specific wardrobe for me back at the house, and this was clearly not one of the approved outfits. Although usually I didn't wear much of anything when my boys were around.

"Indulge me."

"I'd like to be in one of your movies, Mr. Cullen."

"Mr. Cullen was my father… please, call me Sir," he snapped as he leaned back in his chair and motioned for me to turn around. I needed to see all of her and I already knew I wouldn't need Caius for this test drive. "How old are you, Tanya?" he asked, playing along as found myself growing wet. God, Carlisle's words alone could get me to come, especially when he was being demanding when we fucked.

"Twenty." Okay, so I was actually twenty-three, but there was still an age gap between Carlisle, Edward and I. They were both in their late thirties and clearly in their prime.

"Can I see your identification?" I reached into my bag and handed him my license, watching as he began to grin lazily.

"Isabella Swan huh?"

"Tanya is just…"

"A stage name?" he questioned as I shook my head softly. "I've seen it all before, Isabella. You don't look like a Tanya. You are far too beautiful for a name as plain as that. Isabella suits you."

"Yeah… but…"

"But you don't want mommy and daddy back in Fucktown, U.S.A. to find out you are sucking dick for money?" I nodded softly before Carlisle began to inquire about my story and why I was really there. Of course, he knew why I was there. Regardless of whatever lies I told him in his office, he knew the truth.

I was absolutely and unequivocally addicted to sex.

It was just over three months ago that my friend Angela dragged me to a party up in the hills that she insisted would be epic. We had a few classes together in college, but she was shy and quiet most of the time. She tried to warn me in advance that things may be happening at the party that I might be uncomfortable with, and that they might get out of hand, but I brushed her off. How out of control could things really get?

Boy, was I wrong.

The moment we walked into the house, I was floored… and wet.

Women walked around naked as the day they were born, eager to please the men or women at the side. There were singles, like Angela and myself, but it turned out she was there trying to catch the eye of Ben, the guy hosting the party. I also found out that Angela wasn't too quiet after all, she just didn't like everyone knowing her business… and her business was porn.

Angela liked to downplay that she was an adult actress, because she wasn't a big name, but had a decent following. She admitted that she knew I was curious about the different aspects of sex and that was why she brought me to the party, so I could see for myself how the other half lived.

Halfway through the evening, after being propositioned over a dozen times by both men and women, I found myself in a back bedroom, watching an orgy unfold around me. I was frozen in place, my eyes glued to the erratic scene in front of me as the people shed their clothes excitedly, desperate to fuck as quickly as they could. It was like a train wreck, except it made me so fucking hot and wet, I could barely stand it.

I had no idea who Carlisle was at the time, only that he kept watching me from the corner of his eye as he also paid attention to the four men and two women fuck like crazy. Each girl was taking on two men, one in their mouths and the other in their pussy, but it changed up after a while. There was deep throating, doggy style and even some anal, until finally the girls were both being double penetrated side by side in the middle of the bed until they came screaming and squirting. It wasn't until near the end that I caught sight of the cameras held by a few of the men watching, taping every single aspect of the sex.

Their sex was intense as fuck and I desperately wanted to find the first man, or men, who showed an interest me and get fucked like a whore, but I had to admit, I got turned on the most by seeing the cameras. Not only did I discover I loved sex but I learned I also loved watching others and being watched myself.

Just as the girls were coming down from their highs and the men had finished jerking off all over them, I felt Carlisle behind me and my breathing faltered a bit as I could feel his body heat against me. He quickly introduced himself to me, kissing the back of my hand sweetly, but I could see he was still focused on the scene that had just gone down.

"Did you like what you saw?" I was silent, but I nodded softly. "What did you like?"

"All of it," I said unabashedly. "The intensity, the possessiveness from the men, the fact that the women were actually in control." I felt his hand graze the hem of my skirt and reach up to slide underneath my ass cheeks. "They loved every fucking second of it."

"How did it make you feel?"

"Overwhelmed. Excited. Aroused. Needy." I admitted unabashedly.

"Are you here alone?" Carlisle questioned, as his hand traced along my shoulder, causing me to break out in goosebumps. Apparently, I didn't have to go looking for someone who was interested.

"I came with my friend Angela."

"Remind me to thank her," he replied cryptically as he eased his hand around my waist and guided me back towards the main room. "Climb the stairs off of the kitchen and go into the first door on your left. I will meet you there in a few minutes." He was being cryptic as fuck, but it didn't matter. Whatever it was that he was offering, I wanted.

Of course, as I walked into the room just as Carlisle had instructed, I met Edward.

He was tall, solid and standing in the middle of the room while a busty blonde choked on his thick cock. It was kind of mesmerizing the way he thrust himself down her throat as she urged him on. The gagging noises filled the room and I stood there completely frozen. How was there no one else here watching this primal display?

"You can do better that that, can't you sweetheart," he said, though his voice was anything but gentle. He was demanding, rough and when he turned and saw me standing in the doorway, a sly grin crossed his face before he pushed his dick so deep down the girls' throat he was practically rubbing his stomach against her forehead. Jesus, she had some fucking gag reflex.

"Afton, we have a visitor," he stated firmly as he grabbed her hair and pulled her off of his length, shoving his rather impressive length back inside his pants. "Make that two. Carlisle, did you bring us a friend?"

"Depends, do you like what you see, Edward?"

"Most definitely," Edward replied coolly as he urged the girl up from her knees and practically pushed her from the room so that he could focus on Carlisle and me instead. "So… who do we have here?"

"Bella Swan," I answered anxiously as I walked further into the room and Edward appraised me as he motioned me for to turn around. I did so, feeling utterly self-conscious in my rather modest skirt and top. It wouldn't have been modest anywhere else, but considering this house was filled with naked women, I was clearly over dressed.

"She's beautiful; classic features, creamy skin and cherry red lips. Are you thinking about her for a film, Carlisle?"

"No, I'm thinking about her bent over while we double-team her. Are you game?" My mouth fell open slightly as Edward's eyes grew wide and his grin expanded. Clearly, Edward was up to the task.

"Young Bella seems to have a fondness for mutiples, Edward."

"Well, we aim to please."

As music was pumping loudly on the floor beneath us, Carlisle approached me from behind and began to suck and kiss along the column of my neck, while one hand immediately tugged my skirt crudely up around my waist. His fingers were quick to push aside the fabric of my thong and begin rubbing expertly against my clit.

I felt completely under his control, until I opened my eyes and saw Edward approach me with a predatory gleam in his eyes. They were dark, drawn and he licked his lips as his reached out and roughly gripped and pulled at my tits over the fabric of my shirt.

"She's very responsive to our touch," Edward mentioned casually, talking about me like I wasn't even in the room. Carlisle hummed his agreement against my neck as his hand found the zipper of my skirt and he began to tug it off. "Is she wet?"


"Does she taste good?" Edward swiped one finger between my pussy lips and thrust two fingers inside me before pulling the out and tasting them like I was the finest wine. He looked so fucking hot sucking me off his fingers, I may have clenched and moaned. "Fucking delicious. I'm looking forward to begin buried face first in that wet cunt."

As I kicked the skirt away, Edward yanked my top off and then followed quickly in removing my bra, his mouth instantly latching on to a breast and biting my nipple as I moaned out in sheer ecstasy. I could feel Carlisle as he ground his erection against my ass and I let my mind run wild with all the scenarios that could go down.

Of course, what actually happened my first time with Carlisle and Edward was better than I could have ever expected.

The men utterly worshipped me as they kissed and licked every inch of my bare skin before lying me down on the bed in the room. When they finally undressed, comparing Edward and Carlisle was like comparing night and day. They were similar; confident, gorgeous and hung, but they were also different. Whereas Carlisle tended to be a little more on the demanding and rough side, Edward tended to be a little more loving. If Carlisle would bite my clit, Edward would lap at it until I was screaming for release.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, felt better than when Edward positioned himself behind me and slipped his hard, throbbing cock inside me. He was slow, methodical and I urged him on by rolling my hips and pressing back against him. I wanted more. I wanted it hard. I want to make sure Carlisle was watching, because fuck that made me hot.

The moment Edward was fully buried inside me, thrusting deeply as his thumb rubbed at my hard, aching clit, Carlisle grabbed the back of my head and pushed me down on his length until I was gagging loudly around his cock.

And then he did it again.

And again.

With his cock hitting the back of my throat rapid-fire, I found myself clenching and dripping wildly around Edward's length. Apparently, not only was I a whore for being videotaped or watched, I also loved doing two men at once.

"Jesus fuck, she is perfect," Carlisle exclaimed before he slammed his cock back inside my mouth, making me choke slightly at the force. "Turn her over."

I moaned in disappointment as Edward slid out of me and he gripped my hips, flipping me until I was straddling and facing him. I felt him position his cock between my slick lips and I slid back down on his length with ease as he let out a groan. Within seconds, his hands held firm to my hips and he was pushing and pulling me up and down on his thick cock as I arched my back and moaned in pleasure.

"Oh god, where did you find her? "

"Angela brought her as a guest, if you can believe our luck. She was watching the orgy down on the main floor that Benny was filming, and I honestly though she was going to start jilling right there in front of everyone. I could practically smell her cunt from across the room, couldn't I, sweetheart?" Carlisle smacked my ass roughly and then I felt a cool, slick liquid slip between my cheeks, causing me to freeze.

"Have you ever been taken there, Bella?" Edward questioned as I bit down on my bottom lip and shook my head. "Today is your lucky day then."

I cringed slightly as Carlisle's fingers began to probe me, preparing me for his cock, but the more he did it the better it felt, until I was finally moaning so loudly that Edward had to silence me with a kiss.

"This is going to be so fucking sweet," Carlisle declared as I heard him rub his thick cock with the lube in his hands before he climbed into the center of the bed and straddled my hips. "You are absolutely stunning, Isabella. I am positive you are going to enjoy my cock in your tight virgin ass, so just sit back and enjoy the ride, baby."

I felt Edward still beneath me as his hands reached up to hold me open for Carlisle's intrusion. I bit down on my lip, fighting the urge to scream as inch by torturous inch, Carlisle slipped his cock inside me, while Edward's remained buried inside my throbbing pussy. When I finally had both men buried inside me, I felt full beyond belief.

Then they began to move opposite of one another, fucking me with abandon and precision. It was clear that this wasn't their first time at the rodeo, so to speak, and when I cam screaming, I knew it wasn't going to be my last.

That first night I went home with them to Carlisle's house, where I've lived for the past three months. Edward moved in with us less than a week later and we've been inseparable ever since. However, I can't help but feel like my little stunt at the office might cause a rift between us.

Carlisle and Edward both know that though they the majority of fill my needs, there's more I want to experience. I want to be in one of their movies. I don't even care about the money that the performers get paid; I just want to be fucked on screen by one, or multiple men. I want people to watch me as I fuck.

I just want more.

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