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Dr. Blowhole's Mom

Chapter 1

Dr. Blowhole was riding his Segway back and forth in the main control room.

All the lobsters were staring at him, wondering if he was okay.

Ever since he got a phone call a few days ago he's been acting really nervous.

"Uh doc? Are you okay?" One of the lobsters asked.

Blowhole jumped.

"Wh-what?" he asked, panicking.

"Doc it's okay. I asked if you were okay."

"Oh yeah, fine,"

"Anything you need to get off your chest?"

"No. Get back to work."

The lobster headed back to his seat without protesting.

Blowhole continued to ride his Segway back and forth.

"Doc, you got a video message."

"Play it on the big screen."

A video appeared on the screen.

A female penguin with green eyes, wearing her feathers (similar to human hair) in a bun was on the screen.

"Hi sweetie, I just called to let you know I'll be there in a few minutes. Your room is clean right?" she asked.

Blowhole blushed. It was his adoptive mother Crystal. She adopted him when he was a day old after his father tried to kill him, before murdering his mother.

Several of the lobsters started sniggering.

Blowhole shot them a death glare and they stopped.

"Yes mother. It's clean."

He loved Crystal, but she always turned his lair into hers when she stayed, which meant he had to live by her rules when she stayed.

"Good. And no plotting against humans when I'm there, understand?" Crystal demanded.

"Me? Plotting against humans? Mother I would never…" He chuckled nervously.

She gave him a stern look.

He slumped his shoulders in defeat. "I understand."

"Good. Love you." She cooed.

"Love ya too." He replied, blushing hard.

The video message ended.

He banged his head against his Segway.

She always had to embarrass him in front of everyone.

"Uh doc?" Another lobster asked.

"Take the rest of the day off." He groaned.

All the lobsters gave each other glances.

They left the room to avoid his anger if they stayed.

Dr. Blowhole sighed deeply.

If he released his anger now when Crystal walked in he'd be in huge trouble.

What did mom tell me when I get angry? It was uh… Oh yea, my stress pen-gu-in. He thought.

He grinned. He loved squeezing it because he imagined it was either one of the penguins he was choking.

He went to his room to get his stress penguin.

"Victor! I'm here! Where are you? Mommy's got a kiss and big present for you!"

Blowhole went into the control room.

There stood his mother and sure enough she had a wrapped up present in her flippers.

"Hello mother." He greeted politely.

"What happened to the "hi mommy" I used to get?" She asked.

"Mother, I'm not a little kid anymore."

"And yet I can't get the excitement I had when you were little? I still get my hug and kiss right?" she asked.

"Oh mother." He chuckled, leaning down, careful not to fall off his Segway, giving her a hug and a kiss.

"You always seemed to give the best kisses and hugs baby."

"I know. You tell me that every time I give one."

"Because it's true and here's your present."

Blowhole took the present and started shaking it. "I wonder what it could be. Is it that advance chemistry with the uranium and plutonium?"

"No. Go ahead and open."

Blowhole opened the present. He let out a squeal.


"I knew you would like it!"

"Like it? Mother I love it!"

"Oh I knew it! I couldn't ask for a better son." She replied, hugging him.

Blowhole blushed.

"Now I know how busy you are about "plotting against the human race" and all…" She did air quotes at plotting against the human race.

"Actually mother I gave my minions the rest of the day off so we can have our mother/son day."

"Oh Victor," she cooed, cupping her flippers around his face.

"Now do you want to watch a movie, go swimming together? Your choice,"

"Let's go for a swim. It'd be nice to get out of the lair."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

Blowhole was swimming around Crystal, thrilled to see her after so long.

They were outside of New York in the ocean next to Lady Liberty.

"Can we play a game?" He asked. Usually he never showed any interest in such childlike things, but he always acted like a child when she was around.

"Anything as long as it's not dangerous."

He frowned. How can he find any game that wouldn't be considered dangerous?

"Marco Polo?"

"Absolutely not. With your eyes close you can pump into something and hurt yourself."

He sighed.

"How about we play on the sponge beds?"

"Mo-o-o-o-o-m," he whined.

"That's where I would play."

"But that's for babies!"

"Okay, okay, okay. I understand." A sly smiled crossed her face. "How about the…TICKLE PENGUIN?"

"No! No! Mother please! Stop!" he begged as she started tickling him.

He started laughing.

She got off of him and dove underwater.

Blowhole went after her.

(Penguin HQ)

Skipper was looking over the screens that showed all over New York. Even in the ocean close to New York.

He had his fish coffee in his flipper.

Rico was sitting behind him, brushing Ms. Perky's hair.

"No! No! Stop!" Skipper head jerked to the cry.

He saw Crystal and Blowhole on screen.

"Hoover Dam! Blowhole is attacking an innocent penguin!"

"Wha?" Rico asked.

"Kowalski! Private! Get over here ASAP!"

The two penguins belly slid in front of him.

"Is there any reason for why you called us Skippah?" Private asked.

"Yes. Blowhole has one of our brother and sister of black and white."

"That fiend!" Kowalski exclaimed.

"Boys we are going on a rescue mission"

(In the water, near Lady Liberty)

They were staking out Blowhole.

"No! Mercy! Mercy!" Crystal cried.

"Boys attack!" Skipper attacked.

They jumped into the water.

When Blowhole was in their sights they attacked him.

"Blowhole!" Skipper called, feet away from him.

He was holding Crystal in his flippers.

"Pen-gu-ins? What are you doing here?"

"To help a damsel in distress," Private answered.

"Damsel?" Blowhole asked.

"In distress?" Crystal finished.

They looked at each other and started laughing.

"Why oo waughing?" Rico asked.

"Oh Victor sweetie your friends are hilarious."

"Actually mother…"

"I'm surprise you never told me about them. "

"That's because they…"

"Whoa, time out here. She's your mother?" Skipper interrupted.

"I know it's weird isn't it? My name is Crystal. What's yours?"

"My names Skipper, this is Kowalski, Rico and Private." Skipper introduced pointing to each penguin.

"How is it that she is your mum? I don't think it's possible for a penguin to have a dolphin for a child right Kowalski."

"She kind of…sort of…adopted me when I was a day old." Blowhole admitted.

"Impossible. Dolphins are mammals so they need milk to survive in the first two years of life before they are old enough to eat fish. Penguins however regurgitate fish into the baby penguins' mouth. A penguin raising a dolphin will be most difficult." Kowalski explained.

"What about your real parents?" Private asked Blowhole.

"It was so sad. If I hadn't found him he would've been killed, or die of starvation one of the two…" Crystal explained.

"Mother," Blowhole warned.

"How so?" Private asked.

"Well I was swimming through the ocean, after my crate fell off the boat, I was being transported to a zoo, and well I was looking for my brother. He too was transferred to zoo. I was swimming when I came across this dolphin family. I was getting their attention when I noticed the father…Oh my gosh look at the time!"

She stopped, and looked at Blowhole.

"Victor I think it's past your bed time."

"But mother…" he protested.

"No buts, off to bed with you. Early to bed to earlier rise…"

"Makes one healthy wealthy and wise," he muttered unhappily, "But mother you've been telling me since I was a kid."

"And it stills apply to you now. I can see you haven't been sleep."

"Yea but…"

"No more buts, off to bed. Or do I have to get Mr.…."

"I'm going, I'm going,"

He swam towards the land.

"And no talking to strangers!"

He rolled his eye and jumped on his Segway.

"Now where was I…?" she asked the team of penguins.

Yeah the part about the sponge beds I got off of Finding Nemo. I just had to add the part because Crystal is overprotective like Marlin.

Such a funny line though. In some odd way...O-o

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