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"What are you," asked Voldemort, his voice shaking in anger, hate, jealousy, and fear.

Anger, at the gall of these mudblood loving fools who defy his will!

Hate, for the green eyed boy who gives them their hope.

Jealousy, yes for the first time since taking the name Lord Voldemort , he was jealous. How this boy with no remarkable magic or skill, was able to survive not one but two killing curses. Killing curses from Lord Voldemort himself, the strongest Dark Lord since Salazar Slytherin.

Finally fear. Deep down in the small mangled piece of soul that he had left over he felt fear. Fear of this scrawny, messy haired nuisance with eye's so much like his mother's. That he could stand time and again against, everything that he could throw at him, and not only survive, but overcome it all. What was it about this boy that made him able to do the impossible? He was snapped out his thoughts by the voice of his most hated obstacle.

"Broken," answered Harry in a small voice that filled all of the Great Hall. "I'm broken, and tired, miserable… But most of all I'm ready for you to die."

At these words the already silent warriors standing around them grew even quieter. All of them waiting with baited breath, wondering if today would be the day the war ended. Would the Dark Lord finally kill the light's beacon of hope, or would Harry rid the world of the monstrosity that stood before them now?

"That's big talk coming from such a weak boy," taunted Voldemort.

"I haven't been a boy since I stopped you and that stuttering idiot in first year. Today won't be any different," he said in a voice that didn't betray how little fight he had left in him. "Today I'm going to end you for good!"

"Ah yes," replied Voldemort as he started to circle like a shark, waiting for the perfect time to strike, Harry matching him step for step. "The year I failed to obtain the philosopher's stone. Let us be honest, that was more of me making a mistake and the incompetence of my servant, than of your doing."

"Really, because from where I'm standing all you seem to do is make mistakes."

"You're absolutely right," he spoke, surprising all in attendance. "When it comes to you I have made many mistakes, though not as many as you. My mistakes only set back my plans, yours end with those who care for you dead. How does it feel, knowing that you kill as many people with your mistakes as I do with a wand?

Hearing his words Harry couldn't help but flinch as the faces of those who had died fighting flashed, before his eyes, bringing with them the pain of knowing Volemort was right.

"Cedric, a boy with the whole world before him, dead because you. Fred, with his jokes and pranks bringing joy to all of those around him, killed because you wouldn't die. Ginny the first female Weasley in over three hundred years, life cut short while fighting for you. Hagrid the lovable half giant, who wouldn't hurt a fly, killed while looking for you when you pulled your disappearing act. Poor Siruis, who had suffered in Azkaban for twelve long years, dies coming to save you. Remus the misunderstood werewolf that had finally found love, died in battle while you were nowhere to be found. Nymphadora, mother to a newborn son, killed while looking for her dead husband. Dumbledore, leader of the light, champion of muggleborn and magical beings alike, died protecting you," Voldemort listed names, his smile and confidence growing, as he saw how each name cut Harry like the finest goblin steel. "Your latest mistake would be your biggest, wouldn't you agree? I must thank you though," he said in a mocking tone as he bowed to Harry, causing all those who had lost someone to growl, their hate for the red eyed man. "Without you it wouldn't have been as easy as it was to get rid of such filth."

"SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH RIDDLE," screamed Harry, sounding as if he was tearing his vocal cords with each word. Not knowing that his magic was growing, as he yelled, pushing to break free, to make the monster, who had taken so much from so many, to make him pay for his crimes.

Paying no mind to the waves of magic coming off the boy, thinking it was nothing more than a child throwing a tantrum, he continued to taunt him. "Don't worry, after I have killed you there won't be any more death. I'm sure I can find something for the mudbloods to do under my rule," he paused, enjoying the effect his words where having not only on the boy, but all those in the hall. "I believe I'll make them slaves to those of more noble blood. There will be different kinds of slaves mind you, the men for the labor that is below those of us with pure blood. My men get very restless, so I know what we can get the women to do… After all that's all those mudblood whores are good for," he finished with a dark chuckle.

Those watching the back and forth of these titans, the two most famous and infamous wizards alive, felt chills run up their spines. The ones who had fought against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, knowing what would be in store for them if their hero didn't win. The Death Eaters worried, knowing that the Potter brat had gotten the better of the Dark Lord many times now, and never before had he showed the power that was radiating from him now.

"I'm done listening to your shit Riddle," said Harry coming to a stop, having a plan to finish the snake for once and for all, 'It's funny really, if this works I'll have to chalk it up to my inner Slytherin,' he mused.

Voldemort stopped in front of Harry, his amusement slipping into his voice, making him sound all the more deadly, "So you're ready to be the one to be the one to die by my wand? No longer going to let better men and women die in your place?"

'Perfect,' thought Harry, ' now just to get him to hold still.' "Why don't we do this like the graveyard? One spell each. Our wands aren't brothers like last time, this time the person with the most power will win.

Laughing in a way that could only be described as insane, Voldemort thought to himself, 'This boy cant think that he can match me in power, true that at full power, he may pose a threat, but I can tell that he's up to something… It doesn't matter, but I can use this to gain an upper hand just in case."

"Alright a test of power it is, but first let's take a vow to ensure that we stick to the rules," answered Voldemort with his ever present chuckle in his voice. "After all I can't have you running off like you always seem to do."

"Fine, I'll take one so long as you do," replied Harry, feeling a huge burst of happiness and fear wash over him. The happiness, he felt at the thought, of Voldemort dying for good, could only be beat by the fear at knowing that if his plan worked, he'd be going out with him.

"No shields, no dodging, anything else goes, agreed?"

"Agreed," said Voldemort." I Lord Vol-"but before he could continue, Harry cut him off.

"None of that fake, name crap Tom. Make your vow with your real name," demanded Harry, seeing how Tom was already trying to worm his way out of the vow.

Chuckling at being caught by the boy, "Fine, fine I'll play by your rules, not that it matters, I know how drained you are right now. At full power you barley stand a chance, of over powering me. As you are now, you stand no chance of beating me. It will be like taking candy from a baby.

Well let's hope for your sake that you're better at stealing from children, than you are at killing them. After all, we all know what happened the last time you tried to kill one," said Harry, feeling sick to his stomach as he realized what he had just said.

Hearing Harries words, Voldemort's, eyes flashed dangerously, but said the vow anyway. "I Tom Marvolo Riddle, swear on my life, soul, and magic that I will follow the rules to the duel set forth by Harry Potter, So Mote be it," he finished, as his magic flashed red indicating that it had accepted the vow.

'So this is it,' thought Harry, knowing that the end was coming closer by the second.

"Hermione, Ron," spoke Harry looking over Voldemort's shoulder seeing them standing behind him holding each, silent tears streaming down their faces. The look that pasted between them said more than any words ever could." I love you guys."

Ron and Hermione both knew that Harry wouldn't be with them after seeing the determined look in his eyes. They wanted to stop him, to tell him that he didn't have to do whatever it was that he was planning on doing, but the look that he gave them told that he wouldn't be with them much longer, as well as telling them that he had to do this. It begged them not to make it any harder on him than it already was. With all that in mind they said their final good bye.

"Mate I'm sorry," said Ron, his voice cracking under the grief he felt at having lost Fred and Ginny, knowing he was about to lose his best friend, and brother in all but blood. "I wish I had been a better friend, I promise I'll be a better man. I'll be someone you would be happy to call your best friend," he finished taking deep breaths fighting for control, trying to be strong for Hermione.

"Don't be a prat Ron," replied Harry, chuckling at the surprised look on Ron's face from his words. "You were the best mate anyone could ask for. You better take care of Hermione, she's too important for me to leave with anyone else.

Smiling at his words, Ron just nodded knowing that it was time for the girl he loved, who was at the preasnt time breaking down in his arms to say goodbye.

"Mione," spoke Harry in a tone that he had only ever used when talking to his bushy haired sister. "You take care of Ron alright," getting a nod from the girl as tears continued to poor down her beautiful face. "Merlin knows how lost he'll be without you." She chuckled at his words, a sob escaping her before she said.

"I love you Harry, never forget that. You're the best brother that I could ever ask for."

With their final words of his best friends he knew now was the time to start. That if he continued putting off what he had to do he'd never be able to. Taking a deep breath he spoke the vow that he knew would mean his death.

"I, Harry James Potter, swear on my life, soul, and magic that I will follow the rules of set forth for the coming duel, So Mote be it," he finished as a green flash that matched his eyes went off.

As the last of the light from Harries vow faded from view, all knew the end had arrived. The power that was pouring off Voldemort was choking those around the Great Hall, his magic rising with his glee at the fact that what started all those years ago on that Halloween night was coming to an end. His wand hanging loosely at his side, ready to strike, charging his magicwaiting for the chance to unleash whatever dark curse, the man holding it wanted.

Feeling all the power coming off Voldemort Harry couldn't help but wonder if his plan would work. Could a spell he learned before he had even taken his OWLS, do anything, against this legend of the Dark Arts? With his knuckles turning white from griping his wand Harry raised it said his final good bye as his eyes locked over Tom's shoulder. "Goodbye Riddle."

Voldemort thinking that Harry was staring at the mudblood and blood traitor, over his shoulder, knew now was the time to strike. Wand flashing, as he let out a roar that would haunt all in attendance till there dying day, he unleashed a spell from his wand that was a sickly white, headed start for Harries chest.

Seeing the curse heading for him, Harry couldn't help but smile knowing it was most likely some ancient dark curse. That he was going to use a charm he learned in fourth year. Slowly almost lazily Harry raised his wand and spoke a spell that no one would have thought to hear in a duel with the Dark Lord.

"Accio Sword of Gryffindor!"

There were gasps from around the hall as the sword was ripped out of the hands of Neville Longbottom, who was standing beside Ron and Hermione. Every eye in the hall watched as the basilisk venom enhanced blade made its way across the hall. In morbid fascination all of them saw the sword entered at the base of it's target's neck, and out of his Adam's apple in an explosion of beauty and gore, killing the Dark Lord known as Voldemort.

As the sword was entering the snake man's neck across the hall, the white spell made contact with Harry Potter's chest. Pain filled his body as the spell stopped his heart, the last thing he saw as his world turned to black, was the tip of the sword as it exited the front of Riddles neck. His final thought was, 'I got him!'