Lisa glanced furtively around the corner as she darted away. Her blonde hair was tossed around by the wind she created as she ran. She had been waiting for this day for a long time. Making sure there were no members of the Company following her, she made her way to the Northeast corner of the park. When she got there, Annie was waiting.

"Now remember," Lisa said nervously, "this is a secret."

"Well, duh." Annie said sarcastically. "I made sure nobody followed me here."

"As did I." Lisa said. "So-" Annie cut her off with a sly expression on her face. Their lips met in a smile. Annie moved her hands up Lisa's sides as Lisa ran her fingers through Annie's short dark hair. Nobody saw them as they created secrets nobody would discover. Nobody except the trees. Nobody except the birds. Nobody except the white clouds that floated across an expansive sky. But that was okay. The clouds would never tell.