A/N: This scene takes place at a sleepover at Lisa's house. Annie has a nightmare, and Lisa comforts her.





A bottomless pit.

Annie cried, and lashed out in her sleep.

She awoke to Lisa holding her hand.

Her grip left angry red marks.

But Lisa just tucked a

Sweaty piece of hair

Behind her ear.


Her pillow case was torn at and ripped in many places,

Not to mention soaked through by tears.

Lisa took Annie's head and placed it

In her clean, dry lap. She was safe

There. "You fell again?" she

Asked. Annie nodded yes.

"Do you ever reach the

Bottom?" No. "Where

Are you now?"


Annie was very confused. "I'm right here of course."

"Are you still falling?" Lisa asked the redhead.

"No. I'm sitting still right here." She replied.

"So stay right here with me."

"Can I stay forever?"

"And a day."


The nightmares were returning. Annie had noticed them once or twice in the previous months, but had paid no attention to their terrors. For some reason, as she lay in a sleeping bad on Lisa's bedroom floor, the horror was magnified.

"Are you going to be alright now?" Lisa asked gently, lowering Annie's head to the pillow. Annie nodded.

"It's a side effect of hypnotism, I read. You get...out of body experiences. You relive it, I guess. It's creepy."

"I've never had that and I was hypnotized into your body once," Lisa pondered.

"You lucked out. That event is still a fresh wound," Annie laughed dryly.

"Hey!" Lisa pouted. "I have a nice body."

"True," Annie conceded, "Very true, and yet...it's just odd."
"Tell me about it. Walking in your body took a lot of getting used to."

"Because I'm short," Annie deadpanned.

"No..." Lisa trailed off. Annie nudged her. "Well, maybe that could have been a determining factor." Both girls laughed. When they calmed down, Annie looked into Lisa's bright blue eyes.

"Thank you," she said sincerely. Lisa cocked her head, a confused look on her face.

"What for?"

"Your words. Distracting me. Everything."

"You're welcome for...everything." Annie settled into her sleeping bag again.

"I do so love you, Lisa," she murmured before falling back asleep.