Playing Yesterday


based loosely on Little Numbers

Thursday, November 3rd

Hey, I got your message, and I'm sorry about the whole pants thing. I'll be by later to pick up my pants. Don't let Robbie take them home, not after last time.

...wrong number, you idiot. Though I'm curious. What happened to your pants?

Please tell me you're kidding.

As if. Now, as punishment for your foolish mistake, explain about your pants situation.

No. In fact, I think I'll delete your number right now! I'm so bad!

You won't, mainly because of the fact that I could trace your number and tell the whole school about your pants-sode.


Pants episode! Now. Explain.

Promise you won't trace my number and 'use it as blackmail'?

Swear on my life.

All right. I left my pants in my friend's yard while we went swimming, and they kind of... blew away.

Not as amusing or blackmail-worthy I was hoping. And what about this Robbie kid?

I explained about the pants-sode. I promised nothing about Robbie.

Another story for another time.

So you're planning to continue texting me?

Yes. Problem?

Why do you want to?

You're more amusing than the majority of idiots I come into contact with. Most of them don't even know how to string together a sentence, much less text with proper grammar.

Whut if I strted txting u lyk dis xoxo

Then you'd be losing my offer of something that resembles friendship. Which, mind you, is a very valuable offer.

I don't even know your gender!

I'm a girl. And I'm not what you'd call 'sexii' either, so if that's what you're looking for, die in a hole and find some cheerleader to text.

Funny how you guessed that I was a guy. Lucky for you I am, and that's not... I mean, I don't care if you're a cheerleader or not.

Good, cause I'm the exact opposite.


You wish.

I'm Beck.

Now what if I was secretly a forty-five year old man, Beck?

You aren't. I can tell.

A lot of trust for someone who has never even met me.

People tend to say I'm pretty loyal.

People tend to say I'm not.

Oh. I'm sure that's not true.


Huh ?

That's my name. Jade.

That's a nice name. It's cool to meet you, Jade. Even if you are secretly a pedophile.

What school do you go to?

Too much too soon, Beck. We'll get there.

I feel like I know a lot about you already! ;D

Like what? And stop with the smiley faces. They're creepy.

Wellll, you don't like bad grammar or smiley faces. You're kinda rude, judging by the way you call people idiots. You're arrogant, but you're also pretty funny. You're manipulative. And you're the opposite of a cheerleader!

Nice job. Very impressive for someone like you.

I'll have you know that I'm an actor!

I'll have you know that I am too... at times. I don't get what that has to do with anything.

I thought girls were supposed to find actors 'brooding' and attractive.

Right. Normal girls. Not me.

Oh. All right. You'll see, eventually. I bet you'll find me attractive too.

Yeah, right. That'll only happen in your dreams.

Just wait and see!

Night, Beck.

Night, Jade. Sweet dreams!

Monday, November 7th

I hate Mondays.

I knew it!


I knew you'd break and text me first! I'm just so intoxicating that you couldn't stay away. ;D

No. I just wanted someone to gripe to. My other companions told me to shut up and stop my griping.

Well, I'm sure it's not that bad.

Isn't it? They won't allow me my coffee on Mondays, Beck. I need coffee to survive.

Why not?

Stupid 'school fast day'. The teachers complain that we're too 'hyper' off coffee, so they're cutting it out one day at a time. Of course, I'm hardly hyper.

If I got you coffee, would you drink it?

Depends. Are you a serial killer who will slip poison into my drink?

No, I don't think so...

Then yes.

I'll leave it under the Hollywood Arts sign.

How did you know that I went there? You stalker!

I didn't. Guess I do now, don't I? ;D

I hate you.

It's cool. In return, I'll tell you that I go to your rival school.

Hollywood Arts doesn't have a rival school.

That's what you think!

All right. I'll come get the coffee at lunchtime. You better have it out there by then.

Will do.

I can't believe you actually got me coffee.

Not so much of an idiot now, am I?

I said you weren't like the idiots at my school, idiot.


I always am.
By the way, Beck, can I talk to you about something?

Sure, go for it.

All right, if we're going to keep this texting thing up (and don't get me wrong, I'd like to, and I don't like to do much), I have to ask a favor of you.

And that is?

Don't try and find me. I mean, in real life. You know my name and my school; that's enough. Just don't find me. You won't like what you see.

I doubt that, honestly, but it's a deal. I know what you mean. Meeting you would make things too...


Exactly. I'd like us to be simple.

Whoa, two text conversations and there's already an 'us'.


Actually, for once, no.

Good. You know, I think I like you. You're... different.

Good or bad different?

Good different.

Thanks. Think I like you, too. The way to a girl's 'heart' is through coffee.

Was it good?

Amazing. Everyone in class was jealous, including the teacher.

Mission= successful.

You're a dork.

Mission complete!

I have a boyfriend.


You're telling me this all of a sudden because...?

I don't know. Felt weird to keep it from you.

Is he good to you?

Well, yeah. He's a musician. A bit goofy, but I put up with him. He writes songs often. People think he's cute, but he's just a big dork.




But seriously, I'm glad you have someone!

Guessing you don't?

Nah, I'm a bachelor. I flirt, but nothing serious.

You don't use girls, do you?

Not often!

You shouldn't use them at all.

All right, sorry. Not like you're the Queen of the Moral Police.

Maybe I'm a nun in disguise.

Jade doesn't seem like a nun's name to me.

I'm in disguise!

All right, fine. I beg your apologies, Nun Jade.

I don't think they call nuns 'Nun'.

Sister Jade, then.

Does this mean I get to wear long black robes?

Well, yes.

Sounds great to me.

You're a strange girl.

I know.

Tuesday, November 8th

How's Matt?

You are a freak of nature.

I'll take that as a compliment.

How's your rival school?

Wonderful. We're plotting to graffiti and defile your school as soon as possible.

Defile Vega's locker.


Enemy of mine. Don't ask.

Tori Vega?

How the...

I used to date a girl named Tori Vega. She went to your school.

Why'd you break up with her? Aside from the obvious, that is.

She was too... clingy. Enthusiastic. Perky. We just didn't work together, I guess you could say. And she was irritating at times. Too... mainstream.

Those are all already on my list. Pity.

You have a list? Honestly, Jade?

Well, I need something to use against her when she pulls out her innocent 'why do you hate me, Jade? I'm so perfect' facade.

It's so funny to imagine you doing these things.

How do you imagine me?

Dark hair. Um, silver eyes, maybe, or dark brown. Pale.

Am I right?

You'll never know.

How do you imagine me?

Fat, fifty-year-old pedophile, obviously.

You really do suck sometimes.

Get used to it.

Friday, November 11th


Aren't you meant to be in... I dunno, class?

I am in class. What do you take me for? A delinquent?

Well, do your work and stop texting me!

Are you in class?

Just acting class, thankfully. Doubt any other teacher would've been too amused if my phone went off in class.

And your acting teacher was amused?

He likes my ringtone.

What's your ringtone?

Not telling you. You'll laugh.

I will not!

Liar. Go do your work.

I could care less about the merits of the American Revolution.

You need a lesson or two in merits.

As do you, womanizer.

Hey, I told you already that I'm not a womanizer.

And I didn't believe you.

Gotta go. Math test.

You could text me during your math test.

Haha, no. I'm not getting expelled for texting some forty year old pedophile.

Hate you.

Go do your work.

Don't want to.


Die in a hole.

A/N: So there's my first chapter. This will, actually, be regularly updated; I find fics like these easy and fun to write.

This is very AU and based very loosely off of the fic Little Numbers, which is a widely known Klaine fanfiction by iknowitainteasy. Obviously the italics is Jade, and the bold is Beck. In this AU, Cat, Beck, and Robbie go to the rival school, while Jade, Tori, and Andre go to Hollywood Arts (along with Matt).

I own nothing. I just wanted to write this because Bade.