A new story idea tell me what you think?

Chloe was running as fast as she could from the wild dogs chasing her, her pale green dress was ripped from the hems. Suddenly she was embraced in to a warm soft but yet muscular arms.

There was growling above her, the person or man was holding her tightly yet gently as if she will break. She could tell by his arms, he was bare chested. The barking of the wild dogs got closer but the man didn't move just held his stance.

She snuggled into his embrace closer, she was scared half to death. As if sensing her fear he tightened his arms around her waist. One hand around her waist while the other cupping the top of her hand.

The man growled louder, the dogs barked back suddenly he grabbed the snack from her hands. She gasped but didn't move, she heard a thud. Chloe knew he through her favorite but last treat on the ground.

Chloe heard the barks of approval and pads of the wild dogs padding away. The man stopped growling and loosened his tight hold on her but kept her in his arms. She looked up and was met with a pair or curious yet concerned emerald green eyes.

So what do you think? guess which Disney movie this is from? who ever get's it right, I'll give you a prize? ^_^ it could be anything? :O and if there is more than one person who get's it right...I'll choose the person who got it first :D