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~ Character's Age ~

Amu- 16

Ikuto- 19

[ the rest of the character's age will be put here later, well, cuz im not very sure yet..:D ]

;; ~Chapter One~ ;;

It was a pretty tiring day for Amu as she just cleansed 5 x-eggs all at once. But she was happy though because she can protect the dreams of little children, kids, teens like her or maybe even grown-ups. She smiled remembering her first time when she Character Transform with Ran. She flew to the sky like a bird. But then, she remembered that Ikuto appears before she Character Transform with Ran. He tried to steal her two other guardian eggs. Suddenly she heard a knock at her balcony door. It was Ikuto. She blushed when she saw him there.

''Speak of the devil. Eh, wait a sec. Did he see me smiling and blushing ? I hope he doesn't'' Amu says it out loud in her mind. Then Ikuto knocks again. This time, louder. Amu quickly unlock her balcony door. ''What do you want?'' she asked Ikuto. ''Is that how you treat people who came to visit you, Amu?'' Ikuto asked her.

''Well.. no.. um.. YES. I mean.. whatever.'' Amu got confused with his question. Ikuto smirks and then he said, ''Amu , there is something I want to tell you.''

Eventually, Amu said, ''What ?'' Ikuto gets closer to her. When his face was like an inch from Amu, he said, ''You're so cute when you blush.'' Amu blushes like mad when she heard what Ikuto said. ''You're only teasing me , right ?'' ''No, I'm not strawberry.'' Amu blushes again. Ikuto just smirks seeing her like that. Honestly, he likes seeing Amu blushes like that. ''She's so cute when she blushes.'' he thought.

Amu still blushes. Ikuto said, ''Are you gonna blush all night ?'' ''Of course not and don't call me STRAWBERRY !'' Amu said. Half screaming half whispering, doing like that so her parents or AMI doesn't hear her. ''Do you have any mangas ?'' Ikuto said acting as cool as he already is while sitting on Amu's bed. ''So he came here just to ask , 'DO YOU HAVE ANY MANGAS ?' .. Oh great .''Amu thought . ''Well yes . Here .'' Amu gives the manga to Ikuto.

''Good night Amu-chan !'' Ran , Miki, Su and Dia said in unison. Then, they went into their eggs. ''Good night minna ..'' Amu sighs while Ikuto is still reading the manga. ''Hoyy .. Its time for me to sleep . Go away .'' Amu is getting sleepy. ''What if I don't want to ?'', Ikuto smirks. ''Read it on the floor. I'm really want to sleep right now.'' ''Why can't we just snuggle up together ?'' Ikuto asked her. ''Oh please. No way is that gonna happen. .. !'' Amu said angrily, she really need some sleep. She REALLY DOES.

''Fine fine. Geez !'' Ikuto said, a bit of annoyed by Amu. He stands up and then lies down on the floor. Amu smiles and then hop to her bed. She covers herself with her blanket and then she instantly fell asleep. Ikuto stop reading the manga for a minute and watches her. ''She really is cute. I love her but.. Does she love me? Huh, she seem like she doesn't even like me. Not one bit. Doesn't she likes that kiddy king? Well .. forget it .'' Ikuto sighs and continues to read the manga. After reading a few pages, he felt very sleepy. He lazily put the light off and sleeps beside Amu. [ A/N: WOAWOAWOA! xD ]

The Next Morning

''KYAAAAAAAAAA !'' Amu screams like crazy. ''GET OUTTA MY BED ! YOU PERVERT !'' She push Ikuto and he fell on the floor. ''Ouch. Are you even sane Amu ?'' he's very pissed of this time. ''Of course I am! You're the one who is INsane !'' Amu screamed to him.

''Amu dear.. Who are you talking to?'' Amu's mother yelled from the kitchen. ''N-N-No mama . You're hearing things . HA HA .'' ''Well fine then Amu dear .''

Amu sighs. 'Why oh why is this pervert cat here? Please give me some explanation. I'm sure THOSE EXPLANATION CAN help me A LOT !'

''What kind of explanations, Amu dear ?'' Ikuto asked her and as usual, with his oh-so-awesome-and-cool smirk. '' Oh just shut up and go ! Baka !'' ''Huh ? Well , ok then .. bye Amu-koi .''Ikuto said, STILL with his smirk .

''That baka . I hate him so much !'' Amu said while getting dressed for school. ''Amu-chan desuu ~'' ''What Su?'' ''I think you're going to be late for school desu ~'' ''WHAT! ARE YOU SERIOUS ? OHMYGOSH !'' Amu quickly took her bag and ran downstairs and then took a toast and then run ALL the way to school.

** Amu's POV **

''Well –huff- I –huff- made it –huff- in –huff- time! Whew. '' I made it to school in time. But wait, um.. Uh-oh.. Why are my classmates so quiet? –gasp-

They're staring at me like I'm an alien or a hideous beast or a crimi- WAIT. I GOTTA DO SOMETHING, FAST! ''Yo. What'cha staring at?'' okay. For once, I appreciate my :: COOL AND SPICY :: attitude..

I went to my sit that's the nearest to the window. Well, I like my place because its breezy and peaceful. The only thing's thats NOT peaceful is the person beside me, Yamabuki Saaya. [ A/N: yea i know, she's superduper annoying. HA-HA ]

** Normal POV **

Nikaidou Yuu, Amu's teacher enter the class as soon as Amu sits down on her chair. ''Good morning, class.'' Nikaidou said with his goofy smile. ''Good morning, Nikaidou-sensei.''

''Okay class, I want to make an announcement today. As you all know, my wife, Nikaidou Yukari [ A/N: yea they're married.. :3 ] will be giving birth to our first baby, so, I'll be taking half a year off.'' The whole class gasp.

Nikaidou sighs and started to speak again, ''There will be a substitute teacher of course. Let's welcome, your new substitute teacher.''

As if by a cue, a man, not just any man, a tall yet handsome and gorgeous man. Amu gasps and her face was clearly in shocked mode.

Choking on her words, Amu said, ''That, that, that is..''

Sasaz: Yea. A cliffhanger. Mwahahahhaa. –evil aura surrounding body-

Ikuto and Amu: -sweatdrops-

Sasaz: WHAT?

Amu: N-n-n-nothing Sasya-chan.

Ikuto: Who's Sasya? O.o

Sasaz: That's me you bakaheadneko.

Ikuto: WHAT?

Amu: -sighs- R&R please... v^^'