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Chapter Seventeen: Epilogue

Twelve years later~ ( Xx~ Normal POV ~xX )

An eight year old girl with a luscious pink hair that got dark navy blue streaks on it ran around happily in the playground. She has mesmerizing midnight blue eyes that sparkles and sometimes it looks kind of mysterious but anyway, it could make anyone fall in a deep trance just by looking at it. She giggled when she turned around and met her twin brother. Her twin brother frowned slightly but then it changes into a smile that could make any people fall directly flat on the face just by looking it.

The girl's twin brother had dark blue hair with a few dark pink streaks on it, and he had such a beautiful honey golden orbs that made all the girls at his school swooned over him. But he never minded that though, he doesn't feel interested in any of the girls in his school. Because, well. just because.

The twin's best friends were just a few kids who were also their parent's best friends. First, they had Yairi, a smart but playful boy with auburn hair and blue eyes. Next is Kutau, maybe her name is a bit weird but she's just a very energetic and angelic but sometimes demonic girl. She has a cute pair of lemon green orbs and blonde hair with brown streaks on it. The next one is Rimahiko, this guy is freakishly quiet and sometimes evil but obviously he likes comedy so much and he has a messy purple hair with honey orange like eyes. Also, his twin sister, Rimashiko, a girl with long long long luscious blonde hair with purple streaks that reach her ankle and she has a pair of honey orange eyes like her twin brother.

They were best friends since they were born, in school, they stick together no matter what happens. And they rarely got into a fight, but if they do, they will apologized to each other not more than just a few minutes of their fight. But if someone, anyone, dares to pick a fight with any of them, that someone will suffer the consequences later.

''Ao-kun! Momoiro-chan! Time to go home!'' A certain pinkette that we all know pretty well, yelled out to her childrens. Yes, she had childrens. Twins, to be exact.

''Hai, mama! Ao-kun, let's go!'' Momoiro smiled at her brother and dragged him along with her, while a pair of arms wrapped themselves around the pinkette's waist. She sighs and shook her head. She heard a chuckle behind her and already knew who it was.

''Ikuto, you're always wrapping your arms around my waist.'' Amu stated as a matter of fact-ly.

''Thats my habbit and you know it, Amu-chan~'' Ikuto purred when he mentioned Amu's name as Amu started to blush. She can't really stop her blushing to stop, it just came whenever and wherever Ikuto's with her. She took a glance at his handsome face and then gazed into her childrens.

''Ne, Ikuto-kun. Should we arrange a marriage between Ao-kun and Kutau-chan? And what about a marriage between Momoiro-chan with Rimahiko-ku-'' ''NOOOO! NOT MY PRECIOUS TWINS!'' Amu stared blankly at Ikuto, her mouth widening in shock. What the hell just happen?, she thought as she lightly slapped her husband.

''WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? GIVE ME BACK MY IKUTO!'' Amu closed her eyes as she started slapping him a little bit harder while Ikuto yelped in pain.

''I AM your husband! Now, don't even talk about marriage for my two precious childrens! I don't want to let them go!'' Ikuto sobbed slightly, of course, he was faking the sobbing. Well, in second thought, no, he wasn't.

''You're acting like my papa! Oh nooo!''

''It's a normal thing to do!''

''No it isn't! Oh no, I'm sounding like my mama!''

''Yes you are!''

''Argh! This is really annoying the hell out of me.''

''Language Amu dear, language, language, language.''

''Hai hai, Ikuto. Oh hello Momoiro-chan, Ao-kun. Ready to go home?'' Amu smiled warmly at them, and they nodded in eagerness. Then, a low growl came out of nowhere. Amu and Ikuto looked confused but the twins laughed loudly while both of them had tints of pink on their cheeks.

''We're hungry.. Mama, papa..'' The twins said in unison as Amu and Ikuto roared in laughter.

''Let's go home then. I'll be cooking something special for you tonight! Oh and your friends are gonna come too!'' Amu said cheerfully while Ikuto had this kind of protective look in his eyes.

''Yay! Rimahiko-kun will be there! And also... Kutau-chan~'' Momoiro snickers while nudging Ao when she said 'Kutau-chan'. Ikuto still had this protective look in his eyes while Amu, Momoiro and Ao got into a fit of laughters. Amu looked at him and hugged him, while whispering something to him.

''You know what? I'm still yours even if our children got married to someone else.. Okay, neko-kun?'' Amu said while trying not to laugh when Ikuto stared at her.

''Damn woman! You're pretty sexy when you speak like that. Sheesh, maybe a demon got into you.'' He had this demonic aura around him as he started to tickle Amu without an end. Amu gasped and then laughed without control.

''I-Ikuto! S-s-stop HAHAHAHAHA it... D-damn HAHAHAHA y-you.. HAHAHAHA, p-p-pervert!'' Amu laughed while practically cursing him. Their children just stared at them with bewildered looks on their faces.

''You're not the Amu I know! Get out of her, you sexy demon beast!'' Ikuto was joking when Amu pinched his hand, hard.

''Ow ow ow ow! ITAI!'' Ikuto yelped in pain, while Amu smirked. Wow, they seem like they've changed their characters, right? He he he.. :D

''Awww, mama, papa, stopppp it! We wanna eat!'' The twins said while putting on a cute pout on their cute little faces.

''Okay okay. But both of you must help me with cooking, and you too.. Tsukiyomi Ikuto!'' Amu glared at her husband while he gave her his signature smirk.

''I get it, okay? Miss Tsukiyomi Amu-koi~'' And once again, the family of four laughed with joy.

''Yo! Long time no see, Hinamo- I mean, Tsukiyomi!'' Kukai said while grinning. Utau rolled her eyes as she hugged Amu tightly. Kutau smiled at Amu and then Ikuto and greeted them. Ao called her to join and play with him and the others. Kutau laughed nervously as Kukai, Utau and Amu gave her the look that says 'have-fun-with-your-soon-to-be-future-husband' while Ikuto had the 'look'.

''Well, it's time to eat now. Let's go. Rima and the others are still waiting.'' Amu said while gesturing them towards the dining room. In the dining room, there was Rima, Nagihiko, Kairi, Yaya, Tadase and Lulu.

''Yo, Hotori. When will you finally have a kid?'' Kukai asked, while nudging Tadase. Tadase seems a little bit startled but then smiled.

''Hm, we'll expecting to have a baby five months from now.'' Lulu just said softly while the girls, well except for Rima, squealed and congratulate her.

''Okay, I think it's time to eat! Kids! Come on. Let's have dinner!'' Nagi called out for the childrens as they scrambled into the dining room. Whoop and whee and yippee could be heard when they sat down on the chairs.

''Itadakimasu!'' They all clasped their own hands and started digging up. Ikuto finally loosened up from his protective mode as he saw his twins looking quite happy as they talked to the person they like and adored and possibly, love.

'Hn, I'll let them be together.' He thought while giving Amu a look. She stared at him, confused.

''Let's make more and more babies so I could be more and more protective~'' He purred into her ears, with a low voice, so that no one could hear that, besides than the two of them of course. Amu blushed and pushed him away.

''Just EAT!'' Amu sternly said while blushing madly. No way. No way in hell she's gonna have more than just a twin. She just like them like this, just the four of them, happy and joyful. Yea, she's happy with just the four of them. Hinamori Amu who is now known as Tsukiyomi Amu, married to Tsukiyomi Ikuto and they have twins, Tsukiyomi Ao and Tsukiyomi Momoiro. It starts with a story of a blue haired boy who once became her substitute teacher. Amu smiled contently while remembering the good old memories.

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