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1:00 AM

"She has done it! The famed cop and detective Maka Albarn has finally caught the notorious Soul Eater!" A nearby news reporter yelled over the noise into the camera facing him.

The flashes of helicopter lights ran all over the scene, casting sporadic wisps of light. The cop cars surrounding the skyscraper building in New York City flared red and blue, the doors of the cars open and the cops all spread out; either keeping the public away from the crime scene, or keeping their guns aimed at the suspect.

Meanwhile a very young woman – perhaps in her early twenties, dragged a man the same age with snow white hair through the crowd. She had him in handcuffs. The crowd parted for the pair; people patted her on the back, hollered, took pictures, some were even bold enough to punch or kick the man. Nevertheless, she pushed through the crowd holding onto him tightly, as if he could get away.

Despite the entire crowd cheering, besides the fact that this man had been captured, she was scowling. She was angry. You could see it in her face, in her eyes, she was unhappy.

"Officer Albarn would you like to say a few words?" Hundreds of microphones were pushed into her face as she marched to her car.

She craned her neck away, muttering under her breath to go away to some of them. When she reached her car, she opened the door to the back seat and stuffed the man in. She took out a second pair of handcuffs and chained him to the seat so he could not escape. Content with her work, she slammed the door and turned on her heel, walking to the other door. The mob followed, finally before slipping into her car and driving away she plastered a fake smile to her face and said to all the cameras "I would like everyone to know that my era is over. I am resigning." The crowds shouted angrily, some sad, the police all turned to her with sad eyes. "My time is over; I have grown bored with this job. I assure you though that this is not the last you will see of me. Because even if my era is over, I am not over." She flashed another incredibly fraud smile and drove away.

The man saw her smile and deemed it fake straight away. He became confused, interested, he wanted to see her soul. But all that had little importance now that she was going to take him to jail. He sat back and watched as she drove in the opposite direction of jail. He didn't protest then, but if he had known now where she was taking him he would have preferred jail.

5:00 AM

"I'm not disposing of you just yet." She said softly as she tied him to a chair with rope.

He cracked open an eye. "You act like I couldn't have figured out that on my own." He glanced around, "This obviously isn't jail, or anywhere close. Care to explain?" he raised an eyebrow.

She had driven far out of New York, she had to have driven all the way to Pennsylvania by the time they had stopped at an old abandoned cottage in the outskirts of a small town. She had thrown a napkin over his head and drugged him; he passed out and was just now waking up.

"I won't tell you what I'm doing just yet. But I'll tell you that I know you're a weapon, that you didn't murder people, you ate their souls. And even if you think you're the only one who can do that kind of stuff you're wrong. Also, don't talk to me all high and mighty because you're really in no position to be talking to me like an asshole." She tightened the rope on his wrists aggressively, making him wince as they dug into his skin.

He waited, "Well? Are you going to transform into a weapon?"

She got up and dusted herself off. Maka looked down, "Pshhh, who? Me? Heck no." she laughed, "I said there were other people in the world that can do that I didn't say I could dumbass."

"Well in movies or stories people usually are all like 'You're not the only one with insert power here!' and then they show them that they have the power. It was an easy mistake, anyone would have seen it coming." He argued. "Hey you said you weren't going to tell me 'just yet', when will you tell me?"

She shrugged, "Maybe after the others arrive."


She nodded, "A grammatical word used to show that a thing, person, or situation is additional or different, in this case it is used in plural therefore meaning things, people or situations." She recited. She cocked her head, "You went to kindergarten right? Or should I send you back there after you serve your sentence?"

He adverted his eyes angrily. A sudden thought came to him and he wondered why he had been so stupid to not do it before. He unsheathed a dark red blade from his arm and cut the ropes free.

She saw this coming though and apparently possessed excellent fighting skills because with only one kick and a couple of punches she had him pinned on the ground.

The dawn sunlight leaked through the windows of the ancient house and the wooden floorboards creaked with the weight of two people. They're faces were inches apart, but not in a seductive way, no. But they were staring into each other's eyes with hatred, rivalry.

She reached into her back pocket and pulled out another towel soaked with a drug. She pressed it to his face and he held his breath until he had no choice but to breathe in. He went limp, unconscious.

She sighed and got up; she stared down at the despicable excuse for a villain and nudged his lifeless body with her shoe.

It was her turn to be the villain. She had plenty of hatred and revenge bubbling inside of her, all she needed now was a chance to unleash it.

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