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Chapter 20

The battle was finally over. The Millennium Earl and the Noahs had retreated, leaving the whole Order in ruins. Kanda had cuts and bruises all over him, but he paid no heed to them. His hand curled into a fist and the ground crumpled slightly as Kanda's fist landed on it. Kanda felt uneasy as his mind kept travelling back to the words that the Earl had left behind.

The Millennium Earl went quiet as a female Noah with blonde hair came forward to whisper into his ear. His grin seemingly grew wider and he made a gesture to the Noahs on the battlefield. They returned to his side immediately.

"I have retrieved what belongs to us so we will leave, but…" The Earl stepped into his Ark, "We will definitely be back."

Kanda cursed. What had the Earl meant when he said he had retrieved what belonged to them? Kanda glanced around, looking at the destruction that the Noahs had left behind. Realisation struck him like a hammer. He sprung up from the ground, ignoring the strain that he was putting on his body, and ran to where he had last seen the bean sprout.

"Don't tell me…"

His hands balled up into fists. Allen had to be here somewhere!

Kanda tore through the corridor that he had just entered, and began his frantic search for Allen. Venting his anger on the fallen concrete, he almost stomped past the golden golem that had been hiding for a long time now, waiting for someone familiar to appear. And since Kanda happened to be that someone, Timcanpy popped out of its hiding place, which was a crack in the ceiling, and bit down harshly on Kanda's head.


Kanda yanked at the golem's tail as Timcanpy tried to flee after witnessing the horror which was Kanda's face.

"What is it?" He barked. Timcanpy remained motionless for a moment, then opened its mouth to reveal what it had recorded barely minutes ago.

"Let's paint him a beautiful red, Uncle Tyki."

In that same moment, dozens of candles appeared in the air and the girl that had spoken previously took a candle in her right hand.

"Ah…Road," Tyki said and he took a step to the side, allowing the girl, Road, to get closer to Allen.

Road slowly raised her hand and brought it down with inhuman force, aiming for Allen's eye.

Allen's heart skipped a beat as he saw the candle's sharp tip enclosing in on his eye, yet he was stuck to the wall, too floundered to run away.

When the candle was a centimeter away from Allen's eye, a gloved hand darted out and held on to Road's wrist firmly. Allen finally let himself breathe.

"The Earl wants Allen back unharmed, NOT with an injured eye."

"Lulubell," Road said with a pout,"I was so close…"

Lulubell gave Road a glare through her glasses. Road sighed and nodded her head, muttering a "Fine" before dragging away the bewildered and helpless Allen as she opened a door to the outside world, Tyki following behind.

Lulubell stared after the trio entering the door for a moment, before transforming into a cat and going in the direction that she had come from.

The recording ended with a crackle and Kanda just stood there for a while, still registering all the information that was piled up inside his head. It was only after a few seconds of thinking that he decided what to do.

"I'm going to go after him." Kanda made a dash towards the direction of the entrance, only to be stopped when someone grabbed his arm. It was Komui.

"You're not going anywhere, Kanda. It's too dangerous." Komui stated.

Kanda stared at Komui for a few moments, then hit the back of Komui's head with the hilt of his sword. Komui collapsed on the ground with a resounding thud.

"I'm sorry, Komui, but this time, I won't let anyone stop me." Kanda ran towards the entrance, making sure not to be seen by anyone.

"Oi, golem, you know where that kid is, right?" Timcanpy nodded its head. "It's a good thing I put that tracking device on him." Timcanpy nodded its head once more.

The two walked into the forest that was close to the Order and after some displaying of maps by Timcanpy, Kanda deduced that Allen was still in the country.

"I've had enough of playtime. It's time to get serious."

Kanda clenched his teeth and set off to Allen's location.

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