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Summary: It has been several weeks after the Xcution arc and things seem to be getting back to normal, until a new group of young spiritually aware children appear in Karakura Town. Things start going downhill fast though and everybody is put on edge when young Ichigo Kurosaki suddenly goes missing, reappearing in the most unlikely of places. What is going on and who are these strange children?

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach! My chances of that are the same as a real Hollow appearing in our world, which is a good thing that they don't.

Mysterious Figures of the Night!

The wind blew, carrying leaves from their trees and taking them for a sort of stroll through the night, sky black and spackled with stars. All seemed peaceful and silent in Karakura Town, such that one would never suspect it to be attacked by any sort of ill-wishers or monsters. But that was not true, not normally, as the small but busy town was home to a large amount of spiritual energy, making it home to attacks from vicious spirits hungry for their next meal.

Everything appeared to be at peace with everybody sleeping safe and sound in their beds at home or a friend's house, but then appearances could be quite deceiving, couldn't they?

Somewhere in the commercial center of Karakura town-

"So this is Karakura Town?" came the voice of a young teenage boy, around 16 or so years old from the timbre of it.

"Yeah." Came the reply from a young female about a year or two older then the first. Another, much younger voice suddenly added in their own opinion,

"Not much to look at is it?" the person, a little boy said. The first replied, the smirk on his face obvious with the tone of his voice.

"True, but it has what we're looking for. If it didn't, we wouldn't be wasting our time here." A somewhat maniacal giggle followed that as a 13 year old girl spoke up next,

"And if it doesn't, we at least have something to go on. And with the high level of reiatsu in the air, there's a high chance we could find a new friend!" her tone showed her excitement in the prospect of adding to their small group. The first person spoke again,

A total of five heads nodded, the fifth having been silent the whole entire time during the exchange, and the sound of rushing wind could suddenly be heard, temporarily breaking the silence of the night as the five mysterious figures disappeared.

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