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Summary: Orihime finds out about some new kids at Ichigo's school, leaving her more than a little paranoid. But is that fear really misplaced when Ichigo begins to act strange after befriending them? Things only get worse as the young healers fears are proven right when a run-in with one of them ends on less than pleasant terms. Why is Ichigo so hell-bent on defending them and denying any suspicious activity?

Note: I'm not completely sure of the age range for the specific grades of Japan, so Ichigo's class consists of students between the ages of 13 and a half, and 15. Mainly fourteen year olds with some younger kids who skipped a couple of grades at some point.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach!

The New Kids in Town! Friend or Foe?

14 year old Ichigo Kurosaki sighed slightly as another boring day of middle school began. The teacher, Taikutsuna-sensei, whose name was a perfect description of his character, was once again late for class. The bell had already rung, but by now, in the middle of the school year, Ichigo and her classmates had begun to expect things like this and took the chance to linger in the halls or finish homework that they had forgotten to do the night before. Several even took the chance to get a head start in falling asleep in class, as the man had the sort of tone in his voice that acted like a very soothing lullaby. His current record, which he was definitely on breaking, was putting 15 students to sleep in under 12 minutes. Even the most interesting of topics and subjects became a snore fest when taught by that man.

Everyone's attention was suddenly drawn to the door as it opened, showing said teacher dressed in his usual garb consisting of a tweed jacket, complete with elbow pads, and in the most ugliest color combination she had ever seen anybody wear. His glasses were, as always, slipping down his nose and in need of readjustment. He wore simple khaki pants and dark brown leather dress shoes. His hair was slicked down in a neat and orderly fashion, the picture perfect teacher in the flesh, as his back was bone breaking straight and he walked with a gate that came with teaching rowdy adolescents for years. He'd probably be a really good teacher if he just didn't put the whole class to sleep before it even ended. The funny thing was, he never noticed and kept droning on insistently as he taught whatever subject that was important at the moment.

"Now class, quiet down…Now I have some special news and I would appreciate it if you all paid attention so I won't have to repeat myself twice." The man called out in that dull tone of voice that he had. Normally several students would've been dosing by now, stuck somewhere lost between semi-awareness and being so far gone you could draw a nice, neat handlebar mustache, monocle, and maybe something along the lines of "Kick me, I'm an idiot" in broad red permanent marker on their forehead for all to see. Maybe a smiley face and some pretty pink flowers to go with it. But at the mere mention of "special news", at least half of the above stated cases were at least on their way to being somewhat aware of themselves. Enough that you couldn't get away with dropping a heavy book on their head while they were asleep. (Trust her on this, it has happened more than once.)

""Now class, calm down, calm down." Ichigo sighed; if they were anymore calmer they'd be dead. "Ok you two, come in!" The whole class fell silent as an admittedly pretty teenage girl, no older than 15 or so years walked in. She had long, silky black hair that Ichigo would be willing to bet money was obsessed over near constantly, and she walked with the grace one might expect from royalty. She had blue eyes so clear they left you dumb struck. It was obvious that the boys would be swarming about her as soon as they got a chance.

The second one to enter the classroom, with its students now fully aware of themselves, was a young boy, around Ichigo's age give or take a few months. His hair was so dark it looked blue. His hair was the kept in the exact opposite fashion of the girl. It seemed that he had put the bare minimum of effort into keeping it clean, oddly enough; it looked quite neat, trim and proper, despite the lack of effort. His eyes were a striking gold color, or more specifically hazel. He seemed cool and aloof, and though usually the girls in her class complained about that type of guy, they were already clearly drooling over the boy, and none of them even knew him yet. She groaned as she could already hear the fangirl squeals of "No, he's mine!" and "I saw him first!" and of course the old classic of screaming out his name whenever he did something they deemed amazingly superhuman. Ichigo knew she just wouldn't be making it out of this year with what little sanity she had left intact. She'd be in prison for murder before the year was even out! And she was already half way through. Such a shame…

"Class, I'd like you all to meet your new classmates, Utsukushī Yūyo and Suzushī Kaze." The girl gave a cute wave coupled with a wink, and in seconds all the boys and even some girls had hearts in their eyes. The boy just bowed politely, and then the fangirls started squealing about cuteness and something of the like. Forget prison. She was going in an asylum for sure.

"It's very nice to meet you all."

Later that day-

Orihime was rushing over to the Fullbringers place to talk to some of her and Ichigo's friends there, they had all planned to meet there earlier, and she was falling a bit behind. She smiled happily as she finally saw the place come into view.

"Sorry I'm late!" She called as she entered into the room, which was bigger than it appeared on the outside, more than spacious enough to fit the number of people that it currently holding.

"It's okay Orihime-chan. But I must ask what took you so long?" came the reply from Tsukishima, Ichigo's cousin, though the relationship was far more tentative and complex than it used to be because of reasons in the past involving the hollows.

"I stopped by Ichigo-chan's school on my way here in order to see if we could walk together. But when I got there I couldn't see her, so I waited a bit."

"Ah." Was Tsukishima's calm reply.

"That still doesn't explain why you're late." A young boy by the name of Yukio pointed out bluntly. Orihime rubbed the back of her head as she laughed a little nervously.

"Turns out I'd just missed her. I got kinda distracted when I heard that she left with two kids from her class, apparently new students. I guess I got kinda sidetracked trying to find out who they were and where they might have gone."

"Fine then." Yukio conceded,

"So I guess that means Ichigo's a no show today huh?" Orihime squeaked a bit in shock as she turned towards the speaker.

"Ah! Ginjō-san! I didn't see you there. But yeah, Ichigo's not showing up I guess." Orihime confirmed.

"Something the matter?"

"Well, this may just be me being paranoid, but I can't help but feel like something bad is gonna happen real soon. I mean, there was a new student in mine and Chad's class too." Orihime stated. She shuffled a bit, before shaking her head, "Probably just my imagination though." Despite what Orihime had just said though, she still couldn't shake the feeling that Ichigo was in some type of danger. She decided to distract herself by talking with Riruka.

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