When We Were Young – Chapter one

"Hey Lydia" he whispered across to her as she chewed on the end of her pencil trying so hard to not fall asleep at the boring rant that Mr Morris seemed to be on this morning, she turned to him with what she assumed was a highly unattractive look on her face with half her mouth arched up as the other one crunched down on the pencil.

"Hey Jude" she said realising that the pencil was still in her mouth and quickly yanking it out.

"Did I tell you about how much I like your hair like that, and that fantastic poncho?" he asked her as she out of instinct put her hand in her hair

"I don't think you have" she said as the beginning of a goofy grin developed on her face

"Well I am telling you now" he said with his lips pursed in the way they usually were, with his eyes burrowing deep into her soul

"Thanks" she said with a smile before turning back to the front of the room

"Kiss me now Lydia Bob Scott" he said as she turned back to him fast enough to hurt her neck, she was shocked

"Lydia, Lydia, Lydia" Davis said poking her and whispering "Are you alright?" he asked as Lydia realised that she was sitting in Mr Morris' English class still chewing her pencil as she sat wedge between the two Baker boys

"Lyds?" he said with this piercing whisper and concern in his voice

"What?" she whispered across to him

"You okay? You sort of zoned out" his eyes were piercing into her that way that she had imagined Jude's too.

So she zoned out, that was all, that's what she would call it "Yeah I am fine just tired of the constant ranting" she said indicating to the front of the classroom, he seemed satisfied with that answer and turned back to the front of the classroom, so now it was time for Lydia to analyse it for herself ' okay lets analyse it, I've known Jude Baker for my whole life, spare those couple of first months, okay Lydia stop rambling, I don't feel that way about him, it is just hot in here and I am a tad delirious, there is probably led in this pencil" she said throwing it down on the table 'it was nothing' she told herself.

"Oy Lydiosa" whispered Jude, oh god just that husky yet gentle voice that came out of him made her swoon like crazy

"Yes Jude" she said taking charge of her hormones and talking as calmly and softly as she possibly could

"What's with the poncho?" he asked as he pointed to the poncho that Lydia had found in the attic that had belonged to her mum she didn't know that until she had walked downstairs with it on and her father cracked up 'I remember that ridiculous poncho' and her mother yelled from the kitchen 'It is not ridiculous'

"Do you like it?" all her nerves were flying

"It's weird"

"Weird like?"

"Weird, weird" he responded with this look on his face as he looked from Lydia to the teacher and then back again

"I like it" Davis whispered over her shoulder

"Thanks Davis" she said turning her head to the other twin her best friend

"Lydia Scott" Mr Morris said directing away from his rant and to the girl that sat in the third row

"I'm sorry sir" she said with this look of embarrassment on her face as he turned around and she sunk back into her sear

"Sorry sir" Jude whispered into her ear in a mocking tone

"Shut up Jude" she said with a giggle before forcing herself to stop and turning serious, wondering what the hell was going on.


Lydia ran up the steps to her aunty and uncles home, she ran into the kitchen, greeting Peyton and Brooke, she then pointed upwards and ran up the stairs as her aunties nodded a nod of conformation, Lydia walked up the hallway to the familiar bedroom door that she knocked on ever so frequently, she didn't even wait for a response she just walked in "Sawyer?"

"In here" a muffled voice said as Lydia walked over to the double closet looking down at her cousin who was sitting down surrounded by cd's and cushions painting her toenails, she looked up at her cousin and best friend "What is up
L-Bob?" she said before looking back down at her toes.

"I'm having a problem"

"Sit down" Sawyer said leaning past her toes and clearing a space for Lydia on the floor before indicating for her to sit down "What happened?"

"I don't know what is going on one minute I am looking at him like I always do and the next I am completely zoning out on him in English, I don't know what had happened to me, I used to be so put together, and my mother is going to be so disappointed"

"Lydia snap out of it, who are you talking about?"

"Jude" she said putting her head in her hands

"You're digging on Jude Baker" her cousin said with a laugh and an approving nod

"Digging on?" her cousin asked her with this look on her face.

"That doesn't matter" she said referring to her cousins clear teasing of the statement that she had just made

"I wouldn't say that I am 'digging on' him, I just feel funny when he talks to me and sometimes when he looks at me" she said before her older cousin broke into hysterical giggles. "What? Stop laughing" Lydia said again putting her head in her hands, peaking through the cracks to her smiley cousin.

"Lydi-Loo has a crush on Jude Baker"

"What do I do?"

"You want to know what you do?" she said as Lydia looked up at her and nodded "You tell him how you feel you dork" Sawyer said with a smile.


Lydia stormed into the café, threw her bag on the floor and slumped down in a chair with her cousin's, Sawyer with her curly hair tied up in a bun and Lily with her gorgeous long black hair lying on her shoulders and her feet up on one of the spare chairs. Sawyer turned to her cousin with this look on her face as Lydia refused to meet her eyes.

"Boys suck" she said looking down at the table as Sawyer instantly recognised what the issue was and put a supportive hand on her back

"What happened?" Lily said not knowing what was going on and desperately wanting too.

"Did you tell him?" she asked ignoring her Aunt to get the bottom of the issue

"Tell him?" Lily asked again trying to get Intel

"Jude, Lydia like Jude" Sawyer said as quickly as she could to fill her in so that they could both concentrate on what was up with Lydia

"Did you tell him?" Sawyers plan seemed to work, it certainly spiked Lily's curiosity.

"Yes I did tell him, and do you know what he said?" finally looking up from the table

"Uh-oh" Lily said predicting that this was going to be bad

"He said 'okay'"

"What did he say?" said Sawyer

"Okay, he said Okay" she said looking from Sawyer to Lily and their looks of confusion and realisation

"Just okay?" Lily said after getting the nod to ask from Sawyer

"Yep, all he said was okay" she said feeling tears well up in her eyes and looking back down at the table.

"I'm going to get you some ice-cream, probably a whole tub. I think you need it babe" Lily said standing up and walking to the kitchen as Sawyer sat on her knees rubbing Lydia's back, Lily caught her mother's eye over the counter and gave her the signal that there was a desperate need for some comfort food. Lily had always been close with Sawyer, all those years that they had spent away from Tree Hill had caused that, Sawyer was like her little sister, and ever since moving back to Tree Hill she had become increasingly closer to Jamie Scott and with that meant closeness to Lydia Scott as Jamie and Lydia were incredibly close themselves.


Within an hour Lydia had eaten a pint of ice-cream and cried a pint of tears, this was the first time that she had poured her heart and soul out to a boy and it felt like he had set it on fire and then jumped all over it. Karen and Sawyer were holding one of Lydia's hands each, as they all told her horror stories of when they had poured their hearts out to boys themselves. They were so engulfed within their own conversation when Haley walked in with Izzy and Brooke by her side, Brooke walked over to the counter as Haley and Izzy walked over to the table, Haley had this look of complete concern on her face

"What happened?" Haley said as Karen stood up and let Haley sit down next to her daughter.

"Boy troubles" Sawyer said across to Haley as her own mother and sister walked in and over

"Boys suck" Peyton chanted "Believe me I know"

"If a boy is stupid enough to not want Lydia Bob Scott then not only is he not worth your time or your tears but he is a major idiot" Brooke said walking back over to them from the storage room with black dress protectors over her shoulder, oblivious to the fact that it was her son that had cause these tears.

"What do you have there Aunty Brooke?" Sawyer said trying to change the subject for Lydia

"Well Blondie that shares my name, I'm glad you asked, I decided that since I seem to be surrounded by teenagers I'm going to design a Teen brand."

"Oh B. Davis that is so fantastic" Peyton said throwing an arm over Brooke's shoulder

"So I thought that my girlies could give me a bit of a fashion show with the stuff that I have already started?" she said with her persuasive smile that Peyton knew oh so well. All the girls jumped at the chance to model the clothes and rushed to the back room with dress protectors over their shoulders, everyone except Lydia who put her head down on her mother's shoulder, Haley turned her head and kissed the top of her daughters head. "Lydi why aren't you going?" she said as she tussled the girl's hair.

"I just don't feel like it"

"Lydia Bob get your ass up here" Sawyer yelled up the café

"Gosh my daughter speaks like an angel" Peyton said with a laugh as Sawyer walked up the hallway again, standing in front of Lydia.

"Come on Lydia" she said leaning down in front of her best friend "You know you want to" she said with a smile as Lydia managed to return it.

"Fine" Lydia said not wanting to be the party pooper, also knowing full well that Sawyer wasn't going to give up without a fight.

"YAY" Sawyer yelled as she stood up and grabbed Lydia's hands and dragged her up to the back room.


Jude sat on the stands at the river court his mind in a completely different space, his uncles, cousins, brother and dad were standing ahead of him, some playing basketball some just watching and while usually he would be on the court throwing the ball around and having a blast this afternoon his mind was with Lydia Scott, she had walked up to him in the middle of the hallway near his locker and asked him to take a walk with her, nothing about her request had shocked him they were friends, he could tell she was nervous and her brown eyes glistened so he knew that she was about to burst into tears, so he sat her down on a bench and asked her what was going on, she looked at him and smiled and told him something he had never ever expected to come out of his mate Lydiosa's mouth and all he could manage to get out was 'okay' and the moment the word left his lips he felt horrible, and at that point he had tried to talk to her but she had told him that she had to be somewhere and quickly left, he knew full well that she was going to cry and he wanted to hit himself.

"What's on your mind kid?" he said drawing Jude out of his own mind, Jude looked up and smiled at his dad.


Peyton and Haley shut the blinds halfway down and switched the open sign to closed, Karen cleaned the bench and put the plates in the dish bat, While Brooke fitted the girls into various outfits.

"Okay are you ready to rock?" Brooke said turning the music on as the adults sat down on the outer edge of the cafe. The girls strutted out one at a time to I'm too sexy.

When Izzy finished strutting for the second time all five girls came out and bowed to their applauding family laughed.

"Oh my god can you remember the sparkle classic and dancing to this?"

"Sexy Kung Fu fighter let me take you higher"

"Can you remember the moves?" said Peyton before they all broke into hysteric laughter and dancing.

The young girls soon joined in and by the chorus they were on the bench dancing like mental with their mums and family directing them, throwing out some classic moves.

With that Julian and the two Davis boys walked into the cafe. Julian smiled and joined in with his wife. The twin boys stood next to each other in the doorway.

"Is that Lydia?" Davis questioned his brother looking on


"She looks hot" Davis said before walking off and being hoisted onto the bench by the girls and dancing

"She sure does" Jude said looking at her with his heart beating as fast as it did when he was in charge of scoring the winning basket.


Lydia had let it all go at Karen's, just had some fun she wasn't one for moping about but she felt things severely and while she wished it hadn't but this whole Jude thing had knocked her off her block. She was lying in bed when her mum came into the room and opened the curtain she threw a pillow over her head and her mum smirked before jumping down on the bed next to her.

"Lydi Boo it's time to get up" she said with a hand on Lydia as she mumbled "It's time to go to school" and with that Lydia threw the pillow off her face and looked at her mum with her teary eyes, she could see the concern in her mums eyes as she sat up.

"I can't face him mama, I poured all my feelings out and he just dismissed them all and now I am going to have to spend the whole day with him, how am I supposed to do that?" she said as tears streamed down her face and her mum's eyes glistened as well.

"Today you are going to stay home and you are going to spend it crying kid okay?" she said as Lydia looked at her and nodded "But by the time I get home from the café tonight there will be no more tears, you will pick yourself up and dust yourself off and you will move on" she said before kissing both her daughters cheeks, smiling and leaving the room, Haley knew what her daughter was feeling, like many other women and girls would also, and while it upset Haley to see her daughter so upset it was something that Lydia just had to go through and get through.


Today Nathan was supposed to be at work but when Haley went to take the kids to school and he didn't see his daughter go with them and Haley told him that she was staying home he had called Clay at the office and told him he just couldn't go in today. Haley had told him not to bother Lydia for a while, to let her come down but after an hour he couldn't take it any longer, but he didn't want to invade her privacy so he did the one thing that he knew would make her come downstairs and hand out with him, he put the milk, ice-cream and chocolate syrup in the blender and pressed the on button and within five minutes Lydia walked down the stairs in her love heart pyjama pants and cherry singlet, her hair down on her back with a grin on her face and sleep in her eyes.

"Oh your home, didn't know that" Nathan said looking from his daughter and then back down at the blender

"So your just making a casual extreme chocolate milk?" she asked, they had invented their own concoction, it was simple and it was probably not the first time someone had called it their own but this was theirs and it was a reason to put ice-cream in their chocolate milk.

"Yes I am, do you have a problem with that?" he said with a smile as he poured the contents of the blender into two cups and slid it over to her. "So is this because of a boy?" he said taking a sip of his drink as he looked at his gorgeous daughter, who looked down at her cup and not up at her dad.

"Yeah" she said continuing to not look up

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Nah" she said looking up at him and smiling, her dimples showing

"Well okay baby, Just remember that all you have to do is say the word and I will pay this guy a visit with Jamie's baseball bat" he said as she laughed, Nathan wanted to be nothing like Dan Scott, he wanted to make his kids laugh and smile and most of all be happy without that fear of disappointing him and when he heard his kids laugh or looked into their eyes he wondered how his father could ever be that way with him. "Everything is going to be okay baby girl!" he said as he walked over and kissed her on the forehead "anyway you don't have to worry about boys" he said next to her ear as she looked up at him with her big brown Haley James Scott eyes "Because

You're not allowed to date until you are fifty" he said tussling her hair and walking up the stairs, as Lydia grew up he had to adjust her dating age. Nathan got his wish for a daughter just like his amazingly gorgeous wife and now he was regretting that request because no one could resist a James girl.


This story is mainly going to be about Lily, Jamie, Sawyer, Lydia, Jude and Davis, all the adults and all the younger kids will be involved throughout the story but the main story lines will be about those six. I am looking forward to writing this story and getting it out there, let me know what you think! Hopefully another chapter will be out soon.


Lily Roe Scott: 23

James Lucas Scott: 23

Sawyer Brooke Scott: 17

Lydia Bob Scott: 15

Jude Baker: 15

Davis Baker: 15

Sam Quentin Scott: 13

Isabella 'Izzy' Elizabeth Scott: 13

Leonardo 'Leo' Keith Scott: 13

Ellie Rebecca Scott: 12

Jay Alexander Tanner: 11

Amelia Hux McFadden: 11

Lila-Meg Dupre Adams: 9

Milo Benjamin Evans: 9

Maggie Mae Evans: 8