When we were young – chapter sixteen

She put the take away coffee cup to her lips, taking a sip and filling her mouth and most importantly her body with the warm decadent liquid that she hoped would help to keep her motivated and not overly ditsy like it occasionally did if she consumed too much. Right now she needed her concentration; it had been two weeks since the horrible end to the family holiday and in that time Davis had been avoiding her like the black plague. She and Jude had been rather awkward around each other at this time as neither knew what to make of the situation or what to do next, but that didn't matter to her at the moment, all she knew right now was that her closest group of friends was divided, Sawyer refused to talk to Jude and Davis refused to talk to Sawyer and even though Lydia had no partaking in the activity of revealing his secret love she had become some form of collateral damage, stuck in this land on limbo. She knew that she could be released of it if she just talked it all through with him, put on the line how much he meant to her and how her life would suck without him, like it had been for the past couple of weeks alas to do so would require being connected by some interaction that he just refused to participate within, He had dodged her calls, ducked into random classrooms, started carrying all his books around at school, changing his usual seat in the classroom and was eating lunch in some disclosed location, anything he could do to avoid her was in motion, she understood that he was embarrassed and he probably just needed time to think it all through, calm down or something to that effect but enough was enough they had been friends for too long to let this get in the way, if he was going to avoid her she was going to make it so he couldn't. So now Lydia sat on the steps of the Baker residence, she had told Brooke her intentions and the mother of her best friend had given her his itinerary for the whole entire day because she was sick to death of her boys moping around and ignoring the people that they cared about most due to pride. Lydia ordered a coffee and hiked on over before plonking herself down and refusing to budge receiving many a strange look from passers-by, she was nearly ready to pack up and attempt later when he pounded up the pavement, a smile on his face which promptly disappeared when he spotted her on the steps, he paused for a moment and she continued to smile at him "You could hide behind the bush if you would like" she said with a whole mix of emotions: it was a little bit of a joke and a mockery of his current actions but it also stung her and brought tears to her eyes that he had been refusing to talk to her. He sighed looking up at the sky before growing his courage, walking over and sitting down next to her "What you're not going to hide? Not going to pretend you didn't see me? Point to the sky and tell me to look before darting off into the distance?"

"Lydia" he said with this desperation in his tone that immediately silenced her, she had never heard him say her name like that, so tender, filled with such raw emotion

"Davis" she said turning to face him, he looked directly forwards, refusing to meet her gaze "I'm so sorry" her voice quivered, and he turned instantly towards her

"What?" he asked holding this confused and concerned look in his beautiful eyes

"I should have known, I should have worked it out and talked to you about it, I mean I know exactly what it feels like to have the feelings that you had and I know exactly what it is like for those feelings to not be returned and I'm just so sorry" without control or purpose tears began to slip down her face and before he knew it avoiding her had become useless because she was his best friend, had been for pretty much ever and when she was upset all sense of self went out the window and he would immediately seek to comfort her, his hand slipped into hers and without word they sat applying variant amounts of pressure, it couldn't be construed as a romantic act, this was something that they had always done, when Lydia had tripped over at school when they were six and she sat sobbing on a bench as the teacher tried to get the gravel out of the open wound he had sat down next to her and grasped her hand just like he was doing now to let her know that no matter what happened he was going to be there for her, she had done the same thing when they were eight and his goldfish had died, the flushing ceremony had been hard on him and because Lydia was the godmother to 'Fillet' the fish she had been invited to the funeral, when Davis was too upset to watch the ceremony he had stepped out of the bathroom and she soon followed, sitting down next to him on the floor, holding his hand until his tears stopped.

"Lydia" he said breaking the silence, it was funny how in serious situations nicknames seemed to not exist and boundaries that had been broken years ago would somewhat reappear "You have nothing to be sorry about, I'm not mad at you, how could I be? You have been my friend forever and it certainly isn't your fault that you don't feel the same way about me, hell you didn't even know that I had these feeling"

"If I wasn't so blind maybe I would have, OH MY GOD" she exclaimed turning to him in a state of panic "That day at cheer tryouts, the day you broke your hand punching that pillar" he already shuddered he knew what she was getting at "I told you about Jude and I that day. Did you do that because of me?" her eyes filled with tears again, she hated that she was so emotional all the time, right now she wanted to be there for Davis and she couldn't help but think the tears would be taken as her making it about herself.

"Stop, just stop Lydia" he said holding onto her hand even tighter "I don't blame you for any of it, so stop trying to talk me into blaming it on you" he smiled as she looked up at him

"What do we do now?" she asked "Do you want me to leave you alone? Do you want me to never ever date a boy again and instead buy myself a whole bunch of cats? I'll do anything for you, anything that will make you feel better"

"Can you do two things for me?" she nodded "First of all, I heard that Sawyer asked you to do the Sparkle classic and you said no, I want you to do it"

"You perve you just want to see me in a mini skirt" she laughed as he did the same "Okay I'll do it but you have to come with me because Sawyer will be busy and stressed out and there is no way that I am sitting and talking to all the cheer leaders for the whole weekend, I know that sounds like a fantasy for you" she poked her tongue out "What was the second thing you want me to do?"

"I want you to be happy Lydia" his sentiment shocked her for a brief moment she supposed it had something to do with the previous skirt talk that threw her off from Davis' big heart "While it really stung that you were going out with my brother it helped seeing how happy you were with him and how happy he was making you and vice versa. If Jude makes you happy I want you guys to be together"

"About that" she sighed making sure that she had some control over her tear ducts before turning back to face him "Jude and I are taking a bit of a break"

"WHAT?" he asked a little louder than he had anticipated, his brother hadn't mentioned a single word of that, it had been a little bit awkward between the two brothers, they were still speaking, obviously, it would be kind of hard for the two of them to not communicate or to avoid each other. Their mother from the very beginning had urged them to sort it all out, she had told them that they were brothers and they owed it to each other and her to sort it all out in a mature manner. So while Jude still remained a little awkward around his baby brother and was at the moment trying his hardest to make it up to Davis they were still talking and everything was pretty much the same as it had been before Sawyer dropped the crush bomb.

"We talked and we decided that it would be what was best for everyone" she wasn't going to cry, she was determined not to cry

"Well I'm not okay with that" he stated matter of factly as he looked towards her and she shrugged her shoulders


Jude went to the pantry and grabbed the chocolate bar that he had hidden up the back so that no one in his family would take it upon themselves to rid him of the deliciousness that was yet to touch his lips, he unwrapped it from its wrapper and looked at it with such lust, a hint of drool formed at the side of his lips, yes he was and had been having fantasies of this particular chocolate bar not in a creepy food fetish way but more of a middle of the basketball season staying in shape diet sort of thing that denied him the regular pleasure of snacking on the chocolate coated caramel and nougat flavouring. He closed his eyes and brought the bar to his lips, opening his mouth and slowly, in an attempt to savour the flavour, brought it towards his mouth. Jude anticipatorily clamped his jaw shut as his brother karate chopped the bar out of his hands and onto the floor of the kitchen

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Jude yelled outraged as he looked from his brother down to the poor defenceless chocolate bar

"I'm not okay with this Jude" Davis said, putting his hands onto his hips the way that his mother would when she was trying to discipline them or make a point

"I'm not okay with that Davis" he said pointing down at the ground and then looking up to his brother with this shocked face, he didn't know what was going on with Davis "Want to enlighten me on why you murdered the mars bar?"

"You and Lydia broke up?" he watched as his brother's face distinctly changed to a MORE sombre version

"Actually we are just on a break" he said turning away from his brother, turning back, leaning down and picking the chocolate bar up off the ground

"That is what Ross and Rachel said and it was just cover for broken up" he said looking at his brother who smirked at him but didn't respond "This is about me isn't it?"

"You know what I really don't want to talk about this Davis, what's done is done" he said walking around the island bench and heading up the hallway

"That is such a cop out!" Davis yelled louder than he meant to "Since this whole Sawyer revealing my" he gulped "crush. You have been walking on egg shells pretending that everything is fine and that everything is normal but Jude I know you, We've shared every single moment of our existence together and we tell each other everything, it kills me that that has to stop because of something that doesn't even mean anything anymore"

"It doesn't mean anything anymore?" he turned around "Of course it matters Davis, and if you are all about us telling each other why didn't you think that you could tell me that you had a crush on Lydia?"

"Because it's Lydia! I didn't tell anyone because I didn't know what the feeling was and if it was just because she was, is my best friend. But no crush is allowed to get between us you are my metaphorical and literal blood brother and I want you to stop feeling sorry for me, that's not what I want, I want you to get angry! I want you to tell me how you actually feel"

"You want to know how I really feel?" he asked as Davis nodded "I feel so ashamed, everything that Sawyer said was true I do take things for granted especially my baby brother and I'm blind to everything that happens around me if it doesn't involve me and I'm so sorry Davis"

"Forget Sawyer, she was just angry and she took it out on you and me in the process"

"She was right though" he said looking down at the ground ashamed "I just want to make it better for you in any way I can, I can step away from Lydia if you want her" Davis let out a mammoth laugh as Jude turned to him a little heartbroken "What?"

"I don't want Lydia, I've seen the way that she looks at you, and I've seen the way your face gets when you're talking about her or to her. She is my best friend and you are my brother and I want you two to be together"

"You're just saying that to make me feel better, that's just like you Davis saying things to make other people happy but not necessarily yourself. So I'm just going to go back to being Lydia's friend and let the rest sort itself out" Davis sighed, his brother wasn't giving up as easily as he wished upon the idea of just being with Lydia like his heart wanted to and then he had an idea

"Okay so I know that you want Lydia and I know that you think that I want Lydia, so how about we settle this like men" Jude quirked his eyebrow "We are going to have an arm wrestle and whoever wins gets Lydia" he didn't know why but Jude found himself rolling up his sleeve as though this was actually a logical idea

"If you think that you are going to let me win it's not going to work" he said pointing to his brother

"Wouldn't even think of it brother" he said as they sat opposite each other at the dining room table, putting their elbows on the table top and clasping hands. On the count of three it was on like donkey Kong, Davis put up a good fight against his brothers basketball biceps but eventually let his performance slip with an equally convincing struggling face, from the pressure his brother was applying to the wrestle he knew how much Jude wanted to win not only against his brother but Lydia's heart that he failed to recognise that he already had and then with one swift push Davis' arm was flat on the table and Jude let out a coy smile. "Well that's that then, good game" Davis said with an equally coy smile as he knew that both of the Baker boys had received what they wanted from this little experiment.


"Now you promise that you aren't going to be embarrassing right?" Lydia asked as she jumped out of the car with her dad and her cousin

"I can't promise anything"

"Can you please remind me why you had to come?" she asked her enthusiastic dad

"Because your mum only said she would make me cookies if I chaperoned" he said with a laugh as his daughter gave him the gaze that had become a staple in his household on every single one of his children's faces from their mother "They needed extra chaperones plus I have to be there anyway to be substitute coach while Uncle Lucas is at home pitching whatever wacked out book idea he has now to publishers" he said with a smile over to his niece Sawyer "Now Lucas and I did sit down and we discussed something that he would like me to share with you, There is to be no funny business on this trip" he said with his serious stare at the girls that had literally been so little last time he looked and now they were cheerleading and going through high school and he was absolutely petrified because he could remember all the stuff he had done in high school including marrying Haley, having Jamie, getting in with a loan shark and risk taking behaviour at every single turn. As he took the moment to remember when he had last been in this spot, well other than when he and Haley had chaperoned Jamie's basketball comps, and let out a laugh as both the girls turned and looked at him "Did your grandma Karen ever tell you what she and your grandpa Larry got up to on one of these trips?" he asked as Sawyer looked at him a little grossed out at the idea that her mums dad and her dads mum had for a brief time dated "Eww nothing like that, they were more trouble than the kids who snuck out, but that's another story, and got told off by Whitey" he said with a laugh as his girls smiled at him and continued towards the bus, Marcus the blonde hair boy snuck up behind them and wrapped his arms around Sawyer's waist and she screamed causing both her uncle and her cousin to turn, there was no hiding the fact that Nathan wasn't a big fan of Marcus but that was mainly because he and Lucas had had a deep and meaningful night where they drank beer and bitched about the fact that their daughters were dating, he suspected that he would have the same feelings about any boy that was courting his niece just like how he didn't particularly like dating Jude as much as he liked regular Jude Baker. Marcus was kissing her neck and giggling as he pushed her forwards and distanced himself and her from her family "Sawyer Scott do you know the rules?" he asked on behalf of himself as the protective uncle Nate but also on behalf of his big brother

"Yes Uncle Nate, No funny business" she said looking over to her uncle and smiling before continuing the make-out session with Marcus

"Hey pom-pom girl" Davis yelled across the car park as he and his twin brother jumped out of the car and waved goodbye to their parents

"I'll leave you to it" Nathan said as he placed a kiss on the top of his little girls head as she smiled before waving at the two Baker boys bound over to her, Jude with the determined look on his face as he walked up to her, put his hand into her hair and brought her head into his, not taking breathe for a good three minutes and as he pulled away he kissed her on her blushed cheeks before stepping away.

"I really hope my dad didn't see that" she said with a laugh as she looked at Jude who then promptly did a three sixty turn with a look of dread on his face

"Well it seems the love birds are back in the building" Davis said with a smile as Lydia entwined her hand with Davis' and squeezed "Are we still bus buddies?" he asked as she nodded ferociously before turning to Jude with a look of conformation when her blonde pile of curls cousin came towards them, a shy smile on her face as she approached and tried to make eye contact with Davis Baker

"Hi Davis, could I please talk to you?" both Lydia and Jude could see how nervous she was, they assumed that the two hadn't talked since the whole thing went down, instead of responding Davis looked up at her briefly and shook his head which in turn made Sawyer catch her breath and turn to walk away, a tear in her eye

"Davis seriously?" Jude asked turning to his brother who was still holding his girlfriend's hand

"I better go talk to her" Lydia said letting go of Davis hand

"Nah I'll go" Jude said with a smile before turning around and picking up his pace "HEY SAWYER" he yelled running after her around the yellow bus

"She doesn't want to talk to you man" Marcus said as Jude finally made it around to the curly haired girl


"Yay we get to share a room" Sawyer said looking at the list on the wall that listed the two Scott's under the same room number before walking over to one of the chaperoning teachers and taking the key, before they both walked up the hallway "Aren't you excited Lydi-bob?" she asked as they reached the door and she retrieved the keys from the palm of her left hand

"Yeah" she seemed to mutter before looking up to the girl "What was with you at school?"

"Ah so that's what this is about, look I just don't feel like talking to Jude right now okay?" She said putting her bag down on the ground and flocking to the nearest bed "I know he is your boyfriend…"

"This has nothing to do with him being my boyfriend and has everything to do with the fact that are friendship group is ripping away at the seams and everyone is walking around on egg shells, I'm so sick of everyone walking around on eggshells can we just sort this out"

"Look I'm sorry Lydia I was just upset because Davis wasn't talking to me"

"And what is the difference between what Davis did to you and what you did to Jude?" Lydia asked as Sawyer's face turned to an expression on shock as her eyes welled up, she briefly looked to Lydia before turning around and pretending to unpack things

"I have some cheer captain stuff to do" she said dropping what she held in her hands onto the bed and heading towards the door

"SAWYER" Lydia yelled putting a hand onto her head, maybe broaching the topic then wasn't the best idea

"Training is in half an hour" she said with a quiver in her tone as she quickly walked out of the hotel room directly passed Jude

"What was that about?" he asked as he walked into the room where the brunette sat perched on the bed with her head in her hands

"Oh that, nothing" she said looking up and smiling at him "Hey I have to ask you something?" she said as he cautiously walked over and sat down on Sawyer's bed, with his track record with her at the moment she would probably refuse to sleep in the bed if he sat on it for too long "What's going on with us? I mean a week ago we were discussing cooling it off and today you really kissed me and it was really good" she said with a slight blush of the cheeks as he laughed before standing up, holding his hand out to her and hoisting her off the bed before linking one hand in the hoop of her jeans and the other one behind her head

"I talked to Davis" he said seductively looking at every inch of her gorgeous face as she nervously looked into his eyes, a gaze he soon joined "he said that all he wants is for us to be happy, now I know that you make me happy so I guess all I need to know now is if I make you happy" he asked with a nervous smile that was greeted by her lips as she stood up on her tiptoes "I guess that's a yes" he laughed as she returned to her normal height, he kissed her forehead before releasing his delicate grasp from the back of her head

"So I guess I'll talk to you later" she said walking over to the door trying so hard to hide her blushed cheeks and infectious grin

"I see how it is you get what you want and then you kick me out, I have to say Lydia I'm feeling pretty used" he smiled as he walked over to her and again kissed her, the affection that he was giving her right now made up for the tears she had shed when they had decided to 'cool it'

"Dude….Jude" she quickly responded in accordance with the look on his face "I've got cheer training in fifteen minutes, I have to get changed"

"I'm happy to stay for that" he said as she laughed and slapped him on the arm

"Go" she said opening the door "I'll meet up with you later" she said as he leant down, kissed her and then shut the door behind himself leaving her smiling and a blubbering mess that was brought on by romance.


"Come to the sparkle classic and the basketball match it'll be so much fun Davis, we will spend all this time with you it'll be so great. How rude am I? Shouldn't I be talking to my millions of friends that surround me instead of myself, oh wait" he said leaning backwards and indicating to himself the immense amount of space around him

"Hey" a voice came up behind him that made him and all of his invisible friends jump and turn "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you, I just noticed that you were talking to yourself"

"Yeah It's a medical condition, the sparkle classic is just a stop off before the mental hospital" he said with a smirk as he turned around and noticed how smoking hot the girl who had caught him talking to himself was "ha-ha just kissing, I mean Kidding" he said blushing whilst trying to clear up his opening line but coming off more and more crazy as moments passed

"He has this habit of talking excessively when he thinks a girl is hot" a voice said behind him "Don't you Davis?" the voice was soon identified as his twin brother well his former twin brother who would mysteriously end up dead in his bed after tonight

"You two look similar" she said with a smile looking intently at the both of them as Davis considered slowly sliding down in his chair until he reached the floor and then crawling back to the hotel room he was sharing with his brother to create some booby-traps "Let me guess twins"

"You guessed right, Hi I'm Jude" he said leaning across his brother and shaking the girls hand "The older and more attractive twin" he said with a laugh as he looked at his brother who fake laughed and then applied the look of death

"I'm Ava" she said directing her gaze at Davis

"Well I better leave you guys to it, basketball stuff" he said walking away before turning back around "Hey Ava get Davis to tell you some of his great pick-up lines, he is a chick magnet my brother" he said as Ava tried to hide her laughter looking back at Davis who looked over her shoulder to his brother that looked sufficiently pleased with himself.

"So pick-up lines huh?" she said as Davis continued to go bright red "Maybe you can tell me one of them…."

"HEY AVA" a boy yelled as she and Davis both turned

"Maybe you can tell me one later, I have to go" she said with a smile

"How do you know Marcus?" he asked, this little hint of jealousy crept up in him with this little hint of protection for Sawyer

"Oh him" she scoffed "I just transferred to Tree Hill High and my parents made me join the media club because they thought that I needed an activity that would stimulate conversation" she laughed "I guess it worked. Anyway they gave me the task of attending this weekend and getting the dirt, Marcus is giving me an interview, should be riveting stuff" she said with a roll of her eyes "It was nice to meet you Davis" he guessed she had heard his name when his brother had embarrassed him

"You too Ava" he said finally able to speak over the weight of his tongue which seemed to inflate when Ava started talking to him, he watched her walk away and thanked his lucky stars that she had stopped to talk to him when she turned back around

"You know I have this theory that the younger twin is the hottest" she said with a wink as Davis went back into blush mode before a pom-pom was thrown and hit him in the face

"What was that?" Lydia asked with a laugh as she sat down next to him and took a chip from his plate


"Nothing was pretty hot" Lydia said going back for another chip, dodging Davis swat that attempted to keep her away from them

"Her name is Ava; she is in the media club and happens to think the younger twin is the hottest"

"You are totally in Davis" Lydia said after letting out a squeal

"Wow" he said turning and looking at Lydia "What happened to you?" he asked in reference to her incredibly red face and manic hair

"I made the mistake of pissing Sawyer off right before cheer training and you know what Sawyer is like when she is pissed, you don't say No when Sawyer Scott is in charge" she said in a loving way with a laugh

"Yeah I have had that lesson taught to me, that life lesson cost me my stomach lining" he said referring to the time that Sawyer had made muffins for a tea party that only he and Lydia had shown up to and then proceeded to force them to eat them ALL

"Oh that was gross" she said reliving it in her mind and shuddering "Don't tell Ava that one" Lydia said with a smile

"How is Sawyer doing?" he gulped, there was no hiding the fact that he loved and deeply cared about Sawyer Scott

"Yeah she'll be okay; she is a bit down about it all. I think that sometimes we forget that she isn't as tough as she pretends to be, she is desperate to make it right with you" Lydia said patting his back as he looked down at the table in front of him "Do you want to come and help me practice my cheer moves so that I trip less next time?" she asked with a smile as he looked up at her

"Nah I've got something I have to do" he said with a smile as she nodded, kissed him on the cheek and then hobbled off.


Sawyer stood in the function room set aside for the Ravens cheerleaders before the sparkle classic, she was standing wiping a tear from under her eye when Davis walked into the room, it was like a stab in the gut seeing any of his girls cry

"So I heard that Hurricane Sawyer just hit and that there may be a need for some replacement cheer leaders" he said with a smile as she turned around and smiled back at him, nodding as she continued to wipe tears "I was wondering if I could audition?"

"Any music requests?" she played along, this was as much conversation as they had had in almost three weeks

"I'm pretty versatile, my ears hear the music and my body interprets it in rocking moves" he said in full seriousness as she laughed and pressed the play button, Davis approached the stage and threw his jacket off to the side before throwing out some classic moves, he had Sawyer wetting his pants when he did the worm followed by hip thrusts, the sprinkler, the shopping cart and a star jump as the music finished "So what do you think?"

"You definitely have Ravens potential" she said with a smile as he jumped off the stage

"So do you still want to talk to me?" he asked as she nodded and he stepped forward

"Davis" she said before breaking into body wrenching sobs "I'm so sorry, I got caught up in the moment and it just slipped out and it shouldn't have and I'll never forgive myself for that ever. I didn't do it intentionally I swear. I would totally understand if you never ever wanted to be associated with me again but please Davis, please, please, please, please, please forgive me" she said almost choking on her own tears as Davis tried to wipe them away

"How many years have we been friends Sawyer?"

"Forever" she said taking a moment to calm herself down

"And how many times have we stopped talking?"

"Lots, but this isn't one of those times when you broke my Barbie doll or when I said Jude was the cooler twin, they never lasted more than a day, this one has lasted weeks and I crossed a line, if I was you I would hate me"

"Yeah you did cross a line" he said it and she went back to blubber mode "But I could never ever hate you ever you are my Sawyer, you are my wingman" he said grabbing her shoulders and dragging her into his chest where he promptly hugged her tightly "I'm sorry I was ignoring you" he said kissing the top of her blonde locks, even though she was older than him, he and his twin brother managed to tower over the two girls

"There has been something else that has been on my mind since the holiday" she said a little muffled into his t-shirt

"Spill" he said rocking her slightly

"Do you still have the bikini top tan?" she asked as he laughed "I'm glad we are talking again" she said with a smile

"I think you need to talk to Jude" he said, willing to take the risk considering he was pretty sure she was too happy with him to get mad again "He really did think he was doing the right thing by telling you about Marcus, he just hesitated because he wanted to do what was best for you and it seemed like you were really into him"


"Are you ready?" he asked as she pranced around the room in her cheerleader outfit continuing to try and perfect her moves, Sawyer was sitting on her bed getting herself ready and laughing at her best friend whilst Davis threw lollies around the room and Jude who she was still ignoring was practicing the moves with Lydia, she guessed that it was a step in the right direction.

"Sawyer are you sure you don't want me to sit out of this, this is your last ever chance to win the sparkle classic and I couldn't live with myself if you lost because of me"

"Come here you dork" she said holding out her arms as Lydia jumped down on her, legs flying everywhere forcing Sawyer backwards onto the bed as they all laughed "today isn't about winning or losing it is about getting out there and showing them what we've got whilst having the most fun of our lives, take it from me I'm not competitive…" simultaneous scoffs occurred around the room "Whatever" she said with a smile "I wouldn't keep doing this if it didn't bring me joy, it wasn't mum who forced me or even introduced me to cheer leading in fact she laughed for like an hour when I told her I wanted to cheer and it definitely wasn't dad although he did suggest to the board that our cheer skirts went down to our knees and that none of our torso should be showing, I do this because I love it and I will continue to love it regardless of whether or not Lydia trips on stage" she said with a smile as Lydia gulped and the hotel room door opened

"Alright Girl on Girl action" he said as he walked into the room causing both of the Baker boys to turn to each other and roll their eyes "I like your cheer knickers Lydia" Marcus said with a smirk as Lydia quickly leapt off Sawyer and made sure her assets were covered as he sat down on the bed and began to kiss Sawyer.

"Okay Lydia I'm going to give you a lolly every time that you get a move right" Davis said putting a hand into the bag of lollies

"Dude I'm not a dog" she said with a scowl

"How about I throw them and you catch them in your mouth?" he said as he looked at her not quite sold on the idea "It'll take your mind off the tiny skirt" he said as Jude smirked and all three of them tried to ignore the make out session and presence of Marcus. Davis threw a lolly into the air, Lydia stood with her mouth open watching and waiting

"You can't just stand there and wait for it to come to you" Jude said jumping in front of her and angling himself to catch the lolly but when it seemed like he was going to catch it Lydia tackled him and caught it in her own mouth which lead to a mass pile of giggles from everyone including Sawyer and Marcus who tuned into the action just before the incident and continued to watch as Lydia did a victory dance around the room

"If in doubt Lydi break some of those moves out" Sawyer said as Lydia danced with her back to the door which opened and as she span forced Lydia directly into her father's arms

"You right Lyd" he said with a laugh looking down at the little carbon copy of his wife who grinned at him, poked her tongue out and pointed at the lolly that still sat there

"Caught it"

"Okay" he said with a laugh before turning to the rest of the kids in the room "It's time to go"


"That was so amazing" Lydia screamed over the cheering of the crowd as the Ravens ran off the stage and into the wing, filled with adrenalin

"And you didn't even have to bust out any of those Lydia Scott moves"

"What are you doing tonight?" Lydia asked as Sawyer pulled her towards her and put her chin on the top of the brunette locks

"Marcus and I were just going to hang out in the hotel room, hopefully celebrating the fact that we won the sparkle classic. You?"

"Well Jude and I were just going to hang out in the hotel room, hopefully celebrating the fact that we won the sparkle classic" she said with a laugh "Don't worry I'll get Jude to meet me someone else, we were just going to order junk food and watch reality TV"

"That kid pretends to not be exactly like his dad but he totally is" Sawyer said with a laugh

"Hi, I'm really sorry to interrupt but I'm Ava and I was wondering…."

"So you are Ava?" Lydia asked with a coy smile as the girl looked at her confused "oh sorry that was creepy" she said with an apologetic look "I'm friends with Davis and he mentioned that there was an Ava wandering around for the media club, I'm Lydia Scott and this is Sawyer Scott"


"Cousins actually" Sawyer corrected with a smile "So are you on the reporting job?"

"Actually yeah I am I just saw your routine it was pretty impressive could I get an interview?"

"ITS ANNOUNCEMENT TIME GIRLS" an official yelled over the noise demanding them all back on stage

"Can we take a raincheck on that interview?" Sawyer asked with an apologetic smile

"Definitely" Ava said returning the smile as the girls went to walk off "Hey Lydia?"

"He is right over there" she said with a smile as she pointed to where Davis stood leaning against the wall with his brother "I hope I see you around Ava" she said with a smile before chasing after the other Ravens onto the stage

Davis spotted Ava walking across to him and quickly and definitely not subtly indicated for his brother to be elsewhere.

"I've been thinking about you" she said with a shy smile as he quirked his eyebrows "I really want to know what that pick-up line was going to be" she smiled wider

"Ava, I really like you, you seem like a great girl but the truth is umm I don't know if you are ready for the greatness" he said as her serious face turned to laughter

"Come on I'm dying to know"

"Okay, but its top secret, can you keep a secret" he said as she nodded and he indicated for her to move forward before whispering in her ear which lead to uncontrollable giggles on her part

"Hey guys I don't mean to interrupt the lovey dovey moment but they are about to announce the winner and the ravens are still in the top two"

"AND IN SECOND PLACE IS THE…." The suspense in the announcement allowed for Davis and Ava to make their way over to where Jude stood giving Davis the nod of approval "THE TREE HILL RAVENS"


"HEY" Marcus said with an excited look on his face "Did we win?" he asked as she walked towards him in her mini skirt, pulling a sad face and shaking her head

"Wait didn't you come and watch?" she asked as he wrapped an arm around him continuing the sad face

"Chillax baby I was in the gym practicing for the game, don't you want us to win?"

"Jude came to the sparkle"

"Obviously he isn't as absorbed in the game as I am" Marcus said with a shrug of his shoulders as Sawyer opened the hotel room door, he walked over to the bed and lay down "Well I can be your consolation prize" he said with a smirk

"I think I would have preferred the trophy" she said with a laugh as she came over and sat down next to him on the bed

"Come here" he laughed as he pulled her down on top of him and starting kissing her, soon he had adjusted so that Sawyer was underneath him, he carefully kissed up and down her body before putting her hand up her skirt

"Whoa what are you doing?" she asked with a nervous laugh

"What does it feel like?" he smirked in return

"Not tonight honey" she said shutting her legs and pushing her skirt back over herself in an attempt to cover the very little that the skimpy outfit covered

"Come on Sawyer we have been going out for ages now, there is no need to be a prude"

"We are not having sex for the first time in some hotel room that my uncle has access to by the way"

"Where is your team spirit?" he said slipping his hand back up beyond her skirt "this may be the difference between the Ravens winning the tournament" she attempted to push him off of her with little luck and as he came up to kiss her again she slapped him in the face just as Jude walked into the room, unaware that Lydia had changed their evening plans.

"Get off me" she screamed as Jude ran into the room and hoisted Marcus off her with his super human hulk like skills before punching him twice in the face and kneeing him in the crotch as Sawyer scurried to cover herself up and clean herself up

"YOU TOUCH HER AGAIN AND I KILL YOU NOW GET OUT OF HERE" Jude snapped at Marcus who quickly obeyed his orders, Jude Baker had the pleasure of having both of his parents scary sides and the ability to use them, much like his parents he used them on rare occasions but it was scary when he did "Sawyer are you okay?"

"Yeah" she said trying to hold back tears "Aren't you going to say I told you so?" she said before breaking down in tears and running out of the hotel room

"SAWY" Jude yelled in desperation, uncertain on whether he should follow her or if he should follow Marcus and continue beating on him.


"Sawyer?" Nathan asked as he walked into the hallway on the mandatory chaperone checks, he looked down at his niece who had tear tracks down her face still in her Raven's uniform "You okay baby?" he asked sitting down next to her

"Yeah I'm fine" she said trying her best to hide the fact that in any moment she could be in a hysterical pile of tears

"I think I know what's going on" he said turning his face to face her

"You do?" she wondered if Jude had gone and told her Uncle about what he had interrupted

"You guys did so great at the Sparkle Classic and if it was up to me you would have won. But what you need to remember Sawyer is that you poured your heart and soul into that competition and not winning a trophy doesn't define that what you also need to remember is that right now my very well behaved daughter is probably stealing that trophy" he said with a laugh as Sawyer did the same before breaking down into tears "It's not about cheer leading is it? Did that boy do something?" he asked as she looked up at him and cried even more "I knew he was trouble, do I need to go and beat him up gorgeous?" he asked with a smile that became pointless when his nieces heartbroken eyes looked up at him "What can I do?"

"I. Want. My. Mum" she managed to get out between uncontrollable sobs

"Come on lets go" he said standing up as she looked up at him like she had done when she was growing up

"You're supposed to be chaperoning"

"Screw it" he said as he helped her stand up and then hugged her to his chest


"Here you go baby girl" Peyton said passing her the teddy bear that she had discarded to her cupboard many many years prior to this very moment, Peyton then jumped into bed next to her and lay down with her in a hug "Do you want to tell me what happened?"

"Marcus wanted to have sex tonight" Peyton felt herself gasp on the inside, she didn't know if she was ready for this reality just yet "But I didn't want to and he just wouldn't take no for an answer and he wouldn't get off me, Jude had to rip him off me" she said again sobbing but this time on my mother's chest and not her Uncles, if she never saw that look of panic in her uncles eyes again she would be a very happy girl, it was all she could see on the car trip home "I thought he was a really nice guy" she said hiding her face as she continued to cry

"Oh Sawyer baby" Peyton said wrapping her arms around her tighter "Can you remember what I told you when you got your first ever boyfriend?"

"He wasn't my first boyfriend he was my date to a disco and dad made you have the conversation with me" she said laughing for a brief moment

"Doesn't matter, what I told you was that sex is special, not in a you have to wait for marriage way but in a way that it is yours to give away it is no one else's to take, you do it when you're ready not when you feel like you have to and I am so proud of you for telling Marcus no because so many girls in your position would have just had sex with him to save an argument or instead of fighting him off"

"Jude was right and I was so mean to him about it, I didn't even give him a chance to explain himself and he probably hates me and he was right all along"

"Jude doesn't hate you, he loves you and he always will" she said kissing her eldest daughters forehead


"Yes baby girl"

"Can you tell me that everything is going to be okay?"

"Everything is going to be okay Sawy, everything is okay, everything will be okay, everything…" Peyton continued as Sawyer's exhausted eyes drooped down, she woke up again at three in the morning still in her mum's arms and as she turned over she saw a shadow that she instantly recognised

"Hey peppy" he said as he stepped towards the bed and squat down to her level, leaning in to kiss his daughters head "Go back to sleep honey" he said as he went back to sit down in the chair that sat next to her bed

"Dad" she said as she pulled back the duvet and patted the room not taken up by herself and her mum

To be continued

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