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The Black Gamp Family

Part I of III

Arcturus Black III


Summary: For Arcturus he feels brotherly love for Lycoris, and hatred for Regulus. As for Lycoris is adulterated love for Arc, and indifference for Reg. But for Regulus is sadness for both of his sibilings, who don't see him worthy as a Black. But who said being a Black was easy?

Arcturus could tell you the most important events of his life, the ones that marked and changed him to become the man he was.

He had the faintest memory from when he was three of knowing that his sister Lycoris was in the world. His mother was so tired that she slept after she had given birth to her. His father had allowed him to see his baby sister, and when she opened her eyes he was struck with sudden love, like what he felt for his own mother. And even though he was three years old, he promised to himself and to Lycoris that he would protect, guide and love her.


He was five when he lost his mother.

The Blacks had lost a loved one while they gained a new son. Regulus.

It must have been wrong for Arcturus to feel this way. But in his mind he hated his brother with all his heart. If he had never been born, his mother would still be alive, taking care of and loving Lycoris and him.

His five year old mind decided that it be best to take care of Lycoris, as father wasn't doing very well. He began to drink from those fancy crystal bottles and forgot to go down and eat with them. As for Regulus, well there was a reason the Blacks owned so many elves – they could take care of that abomination. He could care less if the baby was eating or even breathing.


A year had passed, marking the anniversary of the death of Hesper Black and the birth of Regulus, the unwanted child.

His father was still drinking in his room, staring at their mother's portrait with sad and drunken eyes.

Arc had decided to pay a visit to the boy. Lycoris and he made their way hand in hand to the baby room of Regulus. Opening the door they saw that Regulus' elf was attending to him, singing a lullaby. "Cory, why donn you go and play wid the boy's toys," he whispered to his sister who nodded and headed to the toys, and began throwing the various toys.

The elf began to shush them. "Yous twos are nots allowed to be here. Yous will wake up young master."

Arcturus glared. "I donn care about boy." He never used his brother's name, always 'boy'. He was sounding just like his father. He made his way to the crib and sneered, glaring at the gurgling baby. "Jus becuz you are a Black, it donn mean that you are family. You broke our family. No one loves you. Not even father."

His little hand reached for the baby, about to slap him, but the elf stopped him in time. "Nos, master! Yous will not hits young master!"

Regulus started crying, making the elf pick him up and start to rock him, beginning to sing his lullaby. "Please, master, justs leave."

Arcturus decided it would be best to torment the boy later. Holding hands, Cory and Arc made their way to the Black gardens.

He was nine when he met Melania.

She was so different from everybody else. Golden blonde hair that reminded him of the sun, grey eyes that made him feel tingly inside. Her smile was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. And he wanted her, he wanted her to be his friend.

Sirius had decided it was best to start on the marriage of his eldest son, and at the time the Macmillans were among the respected pureblood families in Britain.

The adults were in the dinning hall eating and discussing the marriage, while the children were in the Black gardens playing. Arcturus was with Melania. The soft spoken girl kept telling him about their vacation in France, while Lycoris was glaring at them both from afar and trying to ignore Willian – Melania's younger brother. And as always Regulus was sitting alone with his elf. Not even little Pollux liked playing with his cousin.

The Macmillans were always welcomed in their home, and the children were very often seen playing. But one day Melania decided to play with Regulus – this was not a good idea on her part. Arcturus felt anger and pure hatred for the boy, even more so when Melania was playing with the toddler.

Walking up to her, Arcturus grabbed her arm and pulled her away from Regulus. "What do you think you are doing, Melania?" Arc sneered.

Melania tugged at her arm. "Playing with Reg! He's always alone. You are not a very nice brother at all."

"He made my mum die, he doesn't deserve to be with Cory and I, especially you. You are my friend, not his." He was so mad that he wanted to hit something – anything!

"I may be your friend, but you don't own me, Arc! And right now, I don't want to be your friend!" With that she pushed him and ran to Willian.

He was fourteen when he told Melania to marry him. Arcturus didn't even wait for an answer; he just turned around and said, "Father says that the best time to get married is in July."

Melania and her friends were in shock but, quickly recovering, she followed him, and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Oh hello, Melania." He sounded surprised, which only made her anger rise.

"I am not going to marry you," said the Hufflepuff.

Arcturus smirked. "You are, Melania."

She shook her head. "No, I will not. And you can not walk up to someone, ask them to marry you and expect them to say yes, without even explaining."

He nodded. "Quite right, but you see, there's nothing to explain. My father and your father have already arranged the marriage – I was just nice enough to ask you. I don't expect for you to say yes or no. Because it doesn't matter what you say. It's already done."

He then received his first slap from his future wife.


He could say that when he married Melania, it was the happiest moment of his life.

Not only did she bring him happiness and love, but children as well. Heirs of the Black family.

Marriage had changed him, making him focus on his wife and children and no one else.

He even forgot the promise he had told his sister, but he made himself forget that foolish promise, because maybe if things were different she wouldn't have acted or said those things that made him want to forget.

But Melania was naïve – she was a Hufflepuff after all. She told him that the Blacks always said: family comes first. Family is the most important thing. She forgot to mention that family needed to stay pure for it to be important. Lycoris had made sure that what they had was impure. Arcturus would have preferred to sleep with a mudblood than have to be impure.

She died while giving birth to Orion.

And suddenly he understood his father. But that didn't mean he was going to forgive the unwanted Black.

He felt the same unbearable pain, confusion and loss. But he couldn't bring himself to hate his son – the boy would never know his mother, would never hear her light laugh that made you feel warm. He wouldn't feel the love she felt for you when she hugged you.

Melania had kept him sane from all the drama that his family was having.

But he had to keep going on, until Orion could marry and produce an heir for him to leave the Black Manor.

Unfortunately for him he had to wait for his death.

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