My Baby Girl
A Loki fanfic inspired by a prompt on norsekink
By CrossbreedLove

Disclaimer: I don't Own!

For 9 months, she kicked me blue from the inside out. The pain, mind numbing and brief. Quiet cries, she's hungry. My Rose-Ana. For 5 years Rosie, Fen, Jordan, Sylas, and Helen ,as they are known on Midgard, were safe and happy.

Crashes. My brother and his idiot troupe are destroying my house and taking my babies to Odin. My babies!
Fen is now a wolf. Helen is half-dead and holding a morphed kitchen knife, her last act of magic. Jordan was turned into a snake and thrown into the sea. Sylas is an eight-legged horse. My poor babies.

Rosie and I hid in the far closet, but they would find us. They always do.
"Daddy? What is Grandpa doing to Fenny? And Hel? And Danny? And Sysy?…Daddy?"

"Shh, shh, shh. Hush baby doll." I make a decision in that second, Odin won't have my baby girl, not this time. " Baby I need you to close your eyes, please honey?"

"Why daddy?" Rosie looked at me with icy blue eyes that mimicked her father's.

"Please honey." I pleaded

She closed her eyes and one tear leaked out. I kissed her light brown hair and pulled her to me, her small heart shaped face pressed into my chest. I held her there, as she struggled, calling my name, begging and pleading for me to stop.

I cried, and my tears fell onto her now-unmoving form. Thor broke the door to our hideout and gasped.

"She was yours, congratulations." I spat, my back turned.

"Why?" My brother can be so thick headed.

"Father cannot have my baby girl. Not my baby girl. Not our Rose-Ana, Thor don't you understand? Not this baby girl!"

That phrase echoes as I descend in to madness. "Not my baby girl, not my Rosie. No."

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