Chapter 2: Easier Plans

Bailey walked into the lobby with her hair halfway pulled back, showing off the present that Andy had gotten for her last night, a pair of ruby earrings. Today, she wanted to be able to show them off to everyone. She normally was not the type of girl to do things like this, but she was excited.

"Good morning Bailey," Jennifer greeted from her desk. She smiled, noting the good mood that Bailey seemed to be in this morning.

"Morning Jennifer," she replied, hanging her coat up on the rack.

"Something happen last night?" Jennifer implored.

Bailey smiled and headed over to the desk. "Andy gave me these last night," she announced, leaning over to show her.

Jennifer looked up and examined the earrings. Nothing that she herself would be too excited for, but they were nice. Immediately, she could tell that they had to be pretty expensive. "Those are beautiful," she stated.

Bailey stood back up, smiling. "Thank you," she responded.

"So what was the special occasion last night?" Jennifer questioned.

Bailey smirked. "No reason," she answered.

Jennifer slightly laughed. She thought the two were cute together. They went out of their ways for each other. Secretly though, she wished she and Johnny could have that.

Right now, the two were still currently together, but they seemed stagnate at the moment. They had a place together, where they saw each other each night and they would have dinner and then go to bed. On the weekends they would go out, but it wouldn't be anything like what she used to do. They definitely cared for each other, and there were feelings, it was just that in all honesty, she was a little bored and she was starting to get fidgety.

"The best kind," Jennifer said.

"Hey you two," Andy greeted as he stepped into the lobby.

Bailey turned to him and smiled. They had both driven in together, but he dropped her off and went to park. For some reason, they still felt that it looked better to walk in separately.

"Any thing for me?" Andy asked, walking over and joining the two ladies.

Jennifer looked down and scanned her desk for a second. "You got a call from someone over at Sears, something about broadcasting from there," she informed him, handing him the paper with the number on it.

Andy took the paper and looked over it. "That's right, we're supposed to go and cover some contest that they're having," he stated more to himself, his eyes glued to the paper.

"Thanks Jennifer," he said and then looked to Bailey. "See ya," he stated with a smile.

"See ya," Bailey replied back to him and then watched as he walked back towards his office.

Jennifer watched her with amusement. "You two get any further in planning this wedding?" she inquired. She had known that they were going to try to get started on everything this week.

Bailey turned to her and sighed. "Well, I want you in the wedding party," she told her.

"Need some help?" she offered.

"That would be great," Bailey accepted. To be honest, she really had no idea where to start with all of this. They had a list and they knew that they wanted to get married. That seemed good enough to her, but she knew that it wouldn't be for every one else.

Jennifer pulled out a piece of paper and started jotting down a few things. "All right. Here's a hall that you can get for a pretty decent price and it's nice in there, lots of room fro everyone and easy to decorate. Here's the name of a caterer that I have used for a few of my parties, and it worked out very well. And finally, here is the name of a florist that one of my ex boyfriends used to go to," she explained and then looked up to her. "The roses were nice, but he always left the price tag on," she said.

Bailey took the paper and looked it over, starting to feel slightly overwhelmed by all of this. "Thanks," she replied, trying to think of what to do next.

"Let me know when the date is set and I'll start helping out more," Jennifer instructed, wishing that there was a little more that she could do before that. She hadn't gotten to actually plan her own wedding, so she was having fun with this.

"I will," Bailey said.


Andy sat in his office. He had just hung up the phone as the door opened. "I got an idea," Herb announced as he sat down on the couch.

"Feel free to come in," Andy mentioned, slightly smirking.

"Already did," Herb flatly announced. "Now, I think that we should go down to a used car lot and hold an auction for used cars," he suggested.

"What brought this on?" Andy implored. This all seemed a little too random for him.

"Well, I saw it last night on tv, and the people hosting it made a ton of money, and I thought maybe we could get into a deal where we make at least thirty percent of the profits," he calmly explained.

Andy started to him, not believing what he was hearing from him. "Herb, that's actually not a bad idea," he stated, not sure of what the catch was.

"I thought you would see it that way," he responded and then stood up and started for the door.

"Is that really all?" Andy asked.

"So far," Herb answered. He stopped before the door and turned back to Andy, smiling. "So, you're really getting married huh?" he implored.

Andy nodded, looking to him as if he were crazy for even thinking that he had to ask. "Yeah," he replied.

"Have you figured out who your best man is going to be?" Herb asked. He wanted to be the one to throw the bachelor party.

"My brother Gary," Andy answered, having a pretty good idea of where he was going with this.

"I see," Herb said, thinking to himself.

Andy sighed. "What is it that you were wanting to do," he questioned. Instinctively, he figured that it would be something ridiculous, but he still had to ask.

"I'm gonna tell you flat out Travis, I wanna be in charge of the bachelor party," he informed him.

Andy wanted to laugh, but he was able to control himself. He was about to tell him flat out no, but then the more he thought about it, it wasn't a bad idea. Herb was never much of a planner, and this way he knew that it wouldn't be too wild and he wouldn't have to explain anything to Bailey. "All right, you got it," Andy announced.

"But Andy," Herb started to beg, but then stopped and thought for a moment. "Wait, you said I could right?"

"That's what I said," Andy clarified.

"You will not regret it," Herb stated to him right before he left the room.

Andy just sat there and thought for a minute. For some reason, even though nothing had happened yet, he still felt regretful.

Right after Herb had left, there was a knock on the door. "It's open!" he called.

Bailey stepped in and closed the door behind her. "You're not too busy right now are you?" she questioned.


Bailey eagerly smiled as she went and sat down before his desk. She handed him the paper that Jennifer had given her with the numbers on it. "You remembered to keep tomorrow's lunch free right? That's when we're supposed to go see the minister," Bailey asked.

"Don't worry, I remembered," Andy absently replied, trying to figure out what the numbers were that she had just handed him.

Bailey saw how confused he was and decided to explain. "Jennifer gave me those, one for a hall, a caterer to call, and someone for the flowers."

"Okay," Andy said, now understanding it. He set the paper down and looked to Bailey. "Someone suddenly get excited to plan everything?" he implored. He always found it cute when ever she got truly excited about anything.

"Jennifer's going to be helping, so things don't seem as complicated," she admitted.

"INow maybe your mom will stop calling you every night," Andy suggested.

Bailey laughed. "I hope so," she said. "You ready to go out to lunch?" she questioned.

"Sure, I'll be there in a minute," he answered.

"Okay," Bailey said. She stood up and headed for the door with Andy gathering his things so that he could follow her out.

First off, its been a while since I have updated this, and I would like to apologize for that. Second, I would also like to say that this was the first chapter that I have written for WKRP in a long time, so this one might not be as good as it could be, but I did work on it during most of my free time this week. I promise you, the next chapter will be both longer and better. Let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoyed the chapter.