Bella and the Wolf

(For the purpose of this tale, the definition of a wolf is a sexually predatory male)

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful and innocent young maiden named Bella, she lived with her

father in a little white house at the edge of a deep dark forest.

"You must never go into the forest alone, my dear Bella;" her father told one day, "There are terrible

creatures that live there that would love to eat you up."

Bella promised her father she would never venture into the forest, and he kissed her on the forehead

and went off to work, protecting the good people of Forks from crime; he was happy his little girl was

home safe.

One day, a bad girl named Jessica came over to the Swan house, saying, "Would you like to play in the

forest with me today?"

"I'm sorry," Bella replied, "I have promised my dear father to keep away from the forest and the terrible

creatures that want to eat me up."

Jessica giggled, "That's the part I'm looking forward to," and she skipped happily away.

Bella didn't understand what the bad girl meant, but watched and waited nervously as she disappeared

into the deep dark forest. Soon, she heard noises like none she had ever heard before; soft moans and

grunts reached her ears, her tummy twisted and peculiar hot feelings ached between her legs. Bella felt

herself being pulled by an invisible thread into the midst of the trees. Just in time, she remembered her

father's words and with a pounding heart, she raced inside the safety of her humble dwelling, and

bolted the door. But, she still had the strangest feeling between her thighs; she reached between her

legs and gasped in pleasure at her own touch. The ache increased, so, curiously, she reached beneath

her clothing and caressed her hot moist flesh, it felt good, she explored the feelings further until she

found the hard swollen area that felt good when touched. Soon, her breaths became shallow and faster,

without a clue to what was happening to her, she continued, going faster and was soon unable to stop,

until a great wave of bliss swept over her; she slid down the door in the aftermath of her rapture.

This pattern continued for weeks, like torture, Bella watched pretty young maidens gallivanting at the

edge of the forest, "Come with us," each one would ask.

Every time she would resist, shaking her head, tossing her long mahogany hair around her shoulders,

eyes wide and terrified.

They would shrug their shoulders and giggle excitedly before entering the darkness. Bella would

approach the forest and stop a safe distance away, waiting for the noises to commence. The erotic

mewling, groaning, and moaning that stirred the sensual feelings deep within her core, each time she

would race to the privacy of her own room to stroke her throbbing clit, until she found her

overwhelming and screaming release; unfortunately, she didn't stay sated for long.

Driven to almost the point of insanity, the young virgin decided it was time to satisfy her curiosity and

bravely enter the forest. Bella peered with longing towards the darkness from her bedroom window,

she could feel the gaze of eyes upon her flesh, the idea she was being watched thrilled her. She

continued brushing her long hair, the thin white cotton nightie offering little coverage to her ample

curves, which were transparent in the moonlight, making her look delectable to anyone who may

happen to see.

The scent of blossoms wafted through her open window, bringing with it the softest of whispers, "Bella,

Bella." Her eyes closed as the hypnotic voice surrounded her, it took all her willpower to resist the velvet

rich tone, her whole being craved to follow and find the owner of the voice.

The following day, she bid a farewell to her father as he left for work, lucky for Bella, crime was up;

Charlie would be gone for the whole day and most of the night, giving her ample opportunity, to

thoroughly investigate the strange happenings in the forest.

Bella cast a last look back as she left the house, excitement stirred in her belly, and loins, she'd thrown

on her cute little red jacket with the hood; she didn't want to catch a cold.

She moved with slow, deliberate steps, as she could be clumsy at times and didn't want to cause herself

injury or alert anyone that she was there.

The forest was still and eerily quiet, no birdsong filled the air, no sunlight flitted through the foliage, a

twig snapped, alerting Bella of movement up ahead, she froze, her heart crashing wildly against her

ribcage, muffled voices and moaning reached her ears and the familiar tingle began between her legs,

she followed the sounds.

Excitement and adrenaline rose quickly, making her dizzy; when the noises got louder, she crouched

behind a fallen tree to avoid being seen.

Bella's eyes widened in surprise at the view in front of her, in the small clearing ahead, Jessica, the bad

girl, the one she'd seen a few days before, lay naked upon her back with her legs parted, her pink pussy

exposed for anyone to see. Bella couldn't take her eyes from the girl's glistening centre and was

surprised to feel her own lady parts throb in response. Bella saw that Jessica wasn't alone, there was a

man, he was naked, she drank him in with her eyes, it was the first time she'd seen a naked man. It was

Seth, she knew him vaguely from school, Bella almost squealed with excitement when he turned around

and she saw her first penis. It looked magnificent it was hard and swollen; liquid dripped from the end,

Bella licked her lips. She watched with interest as it bobbed and swayed when he moved, she found him

very beautiful naked.

She felt the flush of heat and moisture of her own arousal.

Seth bent towards Jessica and spoke some unheard words, she nodded and reached down to touch her

own pussy, skilfully, she circled her clit, then down into her slit where she pumped two fingers into her

depths, working faster and faster, Seth moved slowly around her prone form, like a wolf circling his

prey, all the time holding his huge cock in his fist, pumping leisurely back and forth. Bella's eyes were

drawn back to Jessica, her back was now arched off the forest floor, her free hand, pinched and flicked

at her pert nipple. "Yes, yes, yes," she yelled out, her body was trembling in delight. Seth fell to the floor

on all fours and dipped his head toward Jessica's swollen pussy lips, he breathed deeply before poking

his tongue into her moist flesh for a taste; Jessica quivered. His big dark hands gripped her hips,

contrasting starkly with the peachy pink of her skin and rolled her over, pulling her until she got onto her

hands and knees. Jessica groaned in absolute rapture, as he pulled her back, impaling her onto his

considerable manhood, Bella longed for a solid length of meat such as his to invade her own orifice.

Their primal grunts went straight to Bella's sex; she squeezed her thighs together, desperate for friction.

She watched in absolute fascination as Jessica's body stretched to accommodate his manhood, he thrust

with abandon into her, his skin slapping against her, his balls swinging comically beneath him. Jessica

turned to look at him over her shoulder, with a look that could only be described as pure lust. He

continued to pound her, all the time profanities falling from his pretty mouth.

"Cum for me baby," he reached around and touched Jessica's clit, soon she was screaming about God;

moments later, Seth did likewise and they fell to a sweating, panting heap onto the forest floor.

Bella turned to collapse against the fallen tree, in her own panting heap, when she came face to face

with the greenest eyes she'd ever seen, with the most beautiful smiling face. Her breath left in a whoosh

as she lost control of her quivering body; her sex imploded, filling her whole body with the most

exquisite orgasm.

It was minutes before her senses returned with blushing embarrassment; finally, she was able to focus

on the man in front of her; Bella looked to the floor, hoping it would open up and swallow her whole.

"Perfect," he whispered in a velvety rich voice and placed a finger under her chin, forcing her to meet his

gaze again; she was rewarded with a breathtaking smile.

"Come with me," it wasn't a request, she took the hand he offered and followed obediently, Bella

realised without a doubt she would follow him anywhere, she was enthralled by this handsome beast.

His large hand enveloped hers, making her feel very small and vulnerable, but he would protect her; she

felt safe, which was ironic; she didn't even know his name.

They stopped when he reached a small clearing in the middle of the forest, the sunlight streamed down

onto the mossy green grass, ferns and woodland flowers decorated the scene; Bella was stunned by the

simple beauty.

"I've been waiting for you," he spoke softly to her, gazing intently upon her face.

"Why?" Bella blushed.

He cocked his head quizzically and touched her flaming cheek, "I've been watching."

"Oh," she remembered the feeling that thrilled her when she thought she was being watched.

Whilst they'd been talking, he had moved closer, she could feel the heat rise from his body, Bella took a

tentative step back, she tried to swallow, but her throat was dry and constricted. He moved again and so

did she, until her retreat was stopped by a large oak tree. He placed a hand on either side of her head

and exhaled gently, surrounding her in his intoxicating scent.

"What's your name?" Bella asked.

"Edward," he moved his face slowly closer to hers.

She felt the thousand butterflies flutter in her belly, "I'm B-Bella," her heartbeat was so loud she

thought he could hear it, now he was so close.

"I know," their lips finally connected, she felt the warmth spread from the kiss throughout her body, the

gentle kiss changed into a deeper, more passionate embrace, she felt his tongue slide between her lips

and into her mouth. The heat between her legs was now a furnace, and she felt the dull throb as desire

enflamed her sex. His taste was divine, he swirled his tongue around her own, Bella groaned and

responded by pressing her body into his, he reciprocated by thrusting his hips against her; Bella's

excitement heightened as she felt his obvious arousal.

Any apprehension she felt at being inexperienced in the act of love dissolved as she allowed the more

primal side of herself to emerge, she thrilled at his reaction when she thrust her tongue into his mouth

and mimicked his movements. She ran her hands up and down his broad back and shoulders, feeling the

taut, muscular frame, which made him shudder with pleasure against her. They broke the kiss long

enough to lie on the soft mossy grass in the rays of the sunlight.

Bella gasped at Edward's sheer beauty, she hadn't truly appreciated him in the gloom of the forest, his

glorious mane of auburn hair shone with threads of copper in the sun; his emerald green eyes flickered

with mischief and darkened with desire for her. Before she could stop herself, Bella said, "You have

beautiful eyes."

"All the better to see you with my dear," he smirked.

She reached out to touch his full pink lips, a shock ran through her finger on contact, again she spoke

without thinking, "You have beautiful lips."

"All the better to kiss you with, my dear," his voice was breathy as his mouth took hers in a hungry


He moved to lie on top of her, Bella enjoyed feeling the weight of him, she could feel his hardness

pressing into her aching centre, her hips rocked and bucked wantonly against him.

His tongue fucked her mouth, she moaned aloud, her pussy now soaked with her juices, "Your tongue is

fantastic," she blurted out.

He pulled from their embrace and raised an eyebrow at her, "All the better to lick and taste you with,

my dear." He swiftly moved down her body and removed her jeans and panties, peeling them slowly

down her legs. Bella moaned wantonly desperate for him to touch her, there, with his mouth. After

seeing Seth stick his tongue into Jessica's most intimate parts, she was curious to how it would feel; she

was dripping with anticipation.

He parted her legs wide and looked down upon her glistening centre, Bella closed her eyes and bit hard

onto her bottom lip, she felt him move closer, she felt the heat of his breath come closer, she stopped

breathing, waiting, waiting. The air came out in a whoosh as his lips made the softest contact; he made

appreciative noises as his tongue swiped through her soaking fleshy petals. Bella bucked her hips and

squealed, Edward smiled and held her firmly; all the better to devour her. His tongue flicked her

sensitive fleshy pearl, over and over; Bella felt her joy building higher and higher until she exploded into

millions of stars, soaring through the universe before floating back to earth like a feather.

"Oh my," she said, "You're very good at that."

"I know," he replied smirking knowingly inches from her face, "There's something else I'm very good at,

would you like me to show you, my sweet Bella?"

Her eyes widened, giving her a 'doe like' quality that he liked very much, she nodded; the ability to speak

had left her momentarily.

Edward stood and began to disrobe slowly, taunting her, she couldn't take her eyes off his sublime

frame as he peeled the fitted white t-shirt slowly over his statuesque body, even kicking his shoes off

made Bella quiver with pleasure. His gaze pierced hers as he reached his denim pants and he slowly

began to unbutton them, letting gravity take them to the floor, revealing his nakedness underneath.

Bella gasped and panicked a little when she saw the size of his manhood, she knew where he intended

to put it after watching Jessica and Seth earlier.

"Oh Edward, you're so big!" She declared, putting a hand to her mouth, a growl rumbled from his chest,

stirred by the innocent beauty.

"All the better to fuck you with my dear," he replied, lowering himself swiftly upon her, situating himself

between her thighs.

Bella whimpered and opened her legs further to accommodate him; the need to have him now

outweighed her trepidation. Edward positioned himself at her entrance, he could feel the heat radiating

from her as he pushed forward into her tight opening, "Fuck," he whispered, her pussy hugged him

tightly, he fought the desire to thrust with abandon into her. Her body tensed as his cock reached and

pierced her maidenhead, the emotion welled up within him, she had given him the precious gift of her

virginity, he reverently kissed the tears that rolled down her cheek; he ached to ease her pain. He

remained still as her body grew accustomed to his invasion; staring at each other, he lost himself in the

depths of her warm brown eyes.

As her body relaxed, he began to move his hips slowly; she moaned as pain morphed into divine

pleasure, her skin tingled at his touches and caresses, she moved her hips to meet his, needing, wanting,

craving more of him.

They lost themselves completely to each other, nothing else remained, only the two of them, caressing,

thrusting, kissing, gaining, and giving joy to one another. Bella felt the stirring inside her belly as another

orgasm grew.

"Oh Edward," she breathed, he angled his thrust, giving her what she needed, from now on he would

always oblige and give her what she needed and wanted.

"Yes, oh, oh, ohhh," her eyes rolled back, he felt her molten, silky walls squeeze him as her climax

crashed through her, igniting his own.

"Be-lla," he groaned, claiming her, filling her with stream after stream of his hot seed.

"You're right," she beamed at him, "You're very good at 'that.'

"We're very good," he corrected, "I bet, there are other things we're good at," he wriggled his hips and

smirked wickedly; Bella could feel his erection growing again. "Mine," he growled, his voice taking on a

more possessive tone.

Bella smiled up at him and caressed her fingers through his glorious mane; he trembled at her touch,

"Yes," she answered, "Yours."

Each night, Bella opened her bedroom window wide, inviting in the darkness, she waited for the love of

her life to come through the night to her waiting embrace, and into her bed.

That's how the story ends, Bella and Edward living happily, 'fucking,' ever after.

A/N; I dedicate this fairytale to my wonderful beta's princess07890 and js18, both work there little socks off for me, girls I do appreciate both of you.