Your Wish...

Chapter 4

Bella sat astride her beautiful genie and lowered herself onto his long, thick cock, filling herself completely, every nerve ending inside of her rejoiced at being connected to him again. It was as if the two of them completed a circuit, and the electricity flowed between them once they were touching, flowing through them in a continuous loop, bring wave after wave of ecstasy.

She made him feel human again, warm and loved, sexy, wanted, and it was killing him that it would end too soon, she had her third and final wish to make. But, for now, he thought, he would live in the moment.

He watched as she lifted and lowered herself upon him, tilting her hips slightly on the downward thrust, her hair fell in a wavy, chestnut curtain, swaying around her shoulders, falling onto her bouncing breasts, sweeping across her rose coloured nipples. He cast his gaze lower, taking in her soft feminine curves and her smooth creamy skin, lower still, to the dark 'v' of her neatly trimmed pubic hair, and the promise of what lay beneath. She was a magnificent work of art; he captured each beautiful piece of her and committed it to his memory, each divine sensation as she rode his cock, every facial expression and every gasp of pleasure and sigh.

Bella squealed in surprise and pleasure as Edward flipped them both with lightening speed, and she was now trapped beneath him.

She ran her hands up his biceps, feeling the power that flowed through him, feeling the masculine strength of his muscle, as he supported himself above her. Edward followed the movement of her hand with his eyes, his hips rocked continually, driving himself in and out of her heated core. Bella tightened her grip on his arms as he angled himself, driving faster and harder, soon, they both were grunting out breathy moans and partial breaths.

"Oh, oh, oh," she uttered, indicating her oncoming climax.

He watched as her eyes rolled back and her face contorted in pleasure, he felt the pain as her nails dug into his flesh, and the walls of her pussy began to spasm around his cock. Bella tightened her legs around him, pulling him closer, deeper. His orgasm followed hers, blinding lights and pulsing blood took his sight and hearing, all that was left of him was throbbing, intense, spasms of pleasure, draining him and filling her, until he collapsed in a sweating, dizzy pile on top of his love.

It felt like an eternity, but was in fact only moments, before consciousness returned to him, Bella had cradled his head affectionately to her neck, kissing his head and stroking his back.

There were no words to describe how either of them felt in that moment, how do you acknowledge you're about to lose the love of your life, in the midst of the greatest joy you've ever experienced.

"I could wish we stayed here like this forever," she whispered.

That would have been too much for him to hope for; her feelings for him were strong, like his for her.

"I couldn't let you; I can't let you wish that for yourself, to spend the rest of your life trapped with me."

"It would be my wish," she pouted. Edward smiled.

"You would live forever, never see your family again; I won't let you. Some wishes just aren't good for you."

"B-but," she protested.

Edward stopped her with a kiss, "No," he whispered sadly, "The magic is strong and there'll be consequences if we try and wish to be together like that."

A single tear rolled down Bella's cheek.

"Let's just make the best of the time we have together. What is your final wish my love?"

Bella frowned, "Final wish?"


"I've only made one wish, to meet your parents," she answered.

"No, when we first met, you said 'Fuck me.'"

Bella laughed, "That wasn't a wish; it was an expression!"

Edward's forehead crumpled in thought and then his face split into a dazzling smile. "Yes, an expression."

Bella joined in with his roar of laughter.

"Many people have tried to obtain, con and barter extra wishes from me." Then his tone turned serious as he turned to her, "You have to make a wish, for you, now, please."

Bella chewed her bottom lip in thought and frowned, "You know what I want."

Edward smiled and kissed her, "And I want that too, please Bella; don't make this any harder than it is."

She nodded, "Ok, would you make my truck as good as new? Please."

Edward shook his head with a look of bemusement on it, "I can't believe you. Wish granted."


"Yes, good as new, cleaned, polished, full tank and back on your drive." He grinned, "You could have had a new one."

"Why? I like my old one, when it works." She replied honestly.

Edward laughed; Bella enjoyed the sound it made, she would have been happy to hear that sound for the rest of her life.

A thought suddenly occurred to her, "Is there a time limit on the last wish?"

"No, but I know what you're thinking," Edward raised his eyebrows at her, "Do you think you could go through the rest of your life without uttering those two little words, I wish? They're bound to pop out sooner or later."

"It would buy us some time, Edward; I'm not ready to let you go yet." She cradled his beautiful face between her hands and forced him to meet her gaze.

"We could try." his heart felt lighter and happier than it had been in years, and any amount of time with her would be better than none at all, he decided he would keep telling himself that.

"Good..." She said kissing his nose, and, in true Bella style, she spoke without thinking, as she snuggled down beside him to sleep, "...because I love you."

"Pardon?" He asked with a huge smile.

Bella blushed more crimson than ever before, Edward could feel the heat emanating from her cheeks.

"Say it again," he pleaded, putting a finger beneath her chin and tilting her face to his, never had he heard three more beautiful words.

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too," he replied pulling her into his arms and squeezing her against his chest, vowing to himself he would never let her go.

Bella stretched, her body ached in ways and places that it had never done before; a smile crept across her face as she remembered, his kisses, his caresses, his solid muscle against her, moving deep within her. The memories awoke her desire, she reached across the bed to find him, feel him, and touch him. Bella sat startled, when she found the bed was cold and empty beside her, the pillow and mattress, indented as proof that he had lain there, and was not a figment of her imagination. Bella felt the panic rise inside her as she jumped from the bed and raced for the bathroom.

"Good morning sleepy head," Charlie, her dad, greeted her on the stairs.

"Dad!" Bella said with surprise.

"Yeah, who were you expecting?" He chuckled to himself.

She waited upstairs impatiently while her dad readied himself for work, and she wouldn't venture downstairs until she heard him shout his goodbye, and the door close behind him.

"Edward," she shouted, running from room to room. Her heart plummeting further as it became evident he was no longer in the house. "The lamp," she said to herself and raced back to her bedroom.

Bella threw the contents of her bag all over the floor, she looked underneath the bed, the mattress, even the comforter, but the lamp was gone. Bella began to pull her fingers through her hair in anguish. Was she losing her mind? Had he been a dream?

The truck!

She pulled on her jeans and a sweater, before rushing outside barefoot and there it was; all shiny and new looking. Grief hit her as she dragged herself back into the privacy of her home, it wouldn't be so good to breakdown in full view of the street, they all knew her and Charlie, one phone call from a well meaning neighbour and her dad would be back home, and she would have to explain why her heart was breaking.

"I wasted my last fucking wish on a truck," she cried, as her back hit the wall and she fell to the floor in a shaking, sobbing mess, and that's where she stayed, until mid afternoon.

Bella decided to feign illness, that's the only way she could avoid her dad for the next twenty four hours, at least. She could imagine the conversation that would follow if he saw her in this state, and then there would be the arrival of men in white coats to take her away.

No! Bella Swan would have to learn to hide her feelings and pretend everything was alright from now on.

When Charlie Swan returned from work that evening, his dinner was waiting on the stove, the laundry was done and the kitchen was spotlessly clean, his daughter was good to him, taking on her mom's role as young as she was. He wished with all his heart she could find a good man who would take care of her, and love her as she deserved to be loved.

"Bells," he shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

"I'm having an early night dad, I'm tired, think I'm coming down with something."

"Can you just come down a minute, there's someone I want you to meet."

Bella groaned into her hands and combed her fingers through her hair, in half an attempt to make herself look presentable.

"Sorry to disturb you," the blonde couple apologised, with radiant smiles on their faces, when she reached the bottom of the stairs. Bella felt her jaw drop in surprise when she came face to face with Esme and Carlisle.

Her dad looked on curiously, "The Cullen's have moved into the house down the road from us, I told them about you, and they were so eager to meet you, apparently you know their son, Edward?"

"Edward!" She said with rising excitement, her heart banging so madly it felt as though it was trying to exit her chest.

"Bella," a soothing velvety voice issued from the dark doorway, before moving into the light so she could see him, dressed in beaten blue jeans, just like the first time she saw him. This time, he also wore tennis shoes and a black t-shirt.

Bella moved without knowing it, stopping only when she hit his body, her arms fastened tight around his neck and her lips seeking out his.

"Oh!" Charlie said in surprise.

"It would seem that our children have already met," chuckled Carlisle.

"I think we will have that cup of tea you offered us Charlie," said Esme.

"Huh?" Charlie responded not actually remembering offering tea to anyone, but Esme had already taken hold of his arm and was leading him into the kitchen, leaving Bella and Edward with some privacy.

"Is this a dream?" She asked when the kiss was broken.

"No," he whispered.

"I thought I'd lost you, and the truck was my third wish."

"You broke the curse when you said you loved me," he replied.

Bella frowned.

"When my parents discovered my fate, they sought the sisters out and caught them in a witches' trap, circles made of chalk and salt. They were kept prisoner for months, before they finally conceded to my help my parents. Unfortunately, the magic was irreversible so they added a clause, when my true love professed her love to me, I would be freed."

Edward held out the thick golden collar that had once encircled his neck. "Read the inscription."

Bella curiously pulled open the hinged collar to reveal the writing.

'Power, money, health and treasure, by all this, is a man's true measure.

Sex and vanity, desire and greed, is all that's required for mankind's needs.

Until true love is expressed to the slave, the genie's lamp shall be his grave.'

"My parents had mercy on the sisters, instead of banishing them to the underworld; the witches were commanded to roam the earth, alone for the rest of eternity. In payment for their compassion, Tanya promised that when I was freed, my parents would join me too."

"To stay?" She asked.

Edward nodded.


"As long as you want me," he replied, pulling her into his embrace, she felt every inch of his taut, muscular body; she could feel his growing desire and need for her, just as hers grew for him.

"Do I still get my final wish?" She asked.

"Of course," he smirked, quirking an eyebrow at her.

"I wish we lived happily ever after," she replied.

"I think I can manage that one," he whispered, taking her breath with a kiss.


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