Description: in and AU where the king and his princesses are the same age and the earthquakes never happened, the princesses compete for Corobo's attention while he has other problems to deal with. Rated K+ for some random monster related violence, (ha-ha bad joke.) Written in second person point of view, imagine yourself as the king.

Chapter 1: Short-Lived Peace

For one moment everything was perfect, no battles to worry about, no festivals, nothing.

All of your princess wives are sitting in a perfect circle chatting and getting along as you jump in on the conversation. This perfectness only lasts for a moment, one single moment before reality clashes before your eyes.

Howser riding in on Poncho brings in not a letter, but a package. It is wrapped in fine silk and velvet, and is very heavy; all of the princesses gaze at the package in awe.

At last, you have the beautiful dresses and jewelry you've wanted to give to the princesses for a long time. You remember traveling afar secretly at night to go meet a salesman who could help you give each and everyone of your wives a luxurious life they deserve.

After all, after things had settled in they had helped plan weddings, find jobs for carefree workers, and teach children at the kingdom's school.

The perfect moment is still going on, as if it will never end. Until Howser gives you the latest mail, 7 thick envelopes of different colors, you open them and…

The perfect moment is shattered…

To be continued…

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