Klaus was furious to put it lightly, after almost five hundred years of waiting he had so close to breaking the curse that the original witch had placed on him. He had everything that he needed to break the spell; witch, moonstone, werewolf, vampire and most importantly the Petrova Doppelgänger. But he had underestimated little Katerina and she had managed to escape just before the sacrifice along with the moonstone. Now that would have been a fixable situation but the little doppelgänger was so determined to not participate in the ceremony that would release his dormant werewolf side that she become a vampire, thanks to two of his incompetent vampires. Klaus would admit that it was a rather clever but now he was at an impasse as he needed the human blood of the doppelgänger to break the curse. He decided that little Katerina Petrova must pay for her insolence but killing her would not be a suitable punishment and in order for her to suffer she must be kept alive. Which was brought him to Bulgaria, more specifically the house of the Petrova family, the cries of everyone in that house as he slaughtered them only brought mild comfort to him as he killed everyone that Katerina had ever loved or cared about. Some of them he drank from, most he just killed because he could and he liked the hunt and most importantly it would teach the doppelgänger that she should be very afraid of what would happen to her when he found her.

"Mother?" a voice rang out as footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs.

Could it be? The doppelganger had foolishly come home to her family only to find the surprise that he had left for her? Klaus listened as the voice called out for her mother again but it soon realized that it wasn't Katerina. The voice seemed more light and full of innocence but there were tones of weariness and desperation to it. Klaus smiled to himself, it seemed like another person had decided to join the celebration, who could just be Katerina's sister judging by the fact she was here in the Petrova house calling out for her mother.

The voice got louder and eventually the girl or rather young woman stumbled into the room where Klaus had just finished killing the Parents Petrova. "Mama?" the girl called out in horror before she collapsed to the floor.

Klaus looked at her as she lay on the floor, she had been attacked by something and his best guess told him it was a man as she had fresh bruises all over her as well as being covered in her own blood. Now Klaus was all for attacking people but not using his fists and he felt rather annoyed that someone had gotten to the remaining Petrova before he did. So Klaus wanted to answers and preferably a name so he could find the man who was ruining his fun, so he knelt down to the ground and lifter the girl into his lap. "Who did this to you?"


Although he didn't know who Evgeni was, Klaus planned on finding out before proceeding to kill him. The honour of killing the entire Petrova line was supposed to be reserved for him, only. "And your name little Petrova?"

"V-Veronika…" she spluttered as blood starting coming out from the corners of her mouth.

Despite the battered state she was in Klaus couldn't help but find her to be an intriguing beauty and perhaps ever so slightly more beautiful than Katerina. She was dying, barely clinging on after being battered within an inch of her life, such beauty going to waste. Or was it? Klaus did have the means to save her life and condemning the young Petrova women unwillingly to the same life that her sister had chosen would be something that was sure to cause Katerina pain once she were to find out. "Don't worry Veronika, everything will be just fine." Klaus said as he used his teeth to rip open his wrist and forced Veronika to drink his blood.

"I-I can't go b-back…" Veronika mumbled as her eyes fluttered as she was starting to lose consciousness. "Papa… d-don't punish me for Katerina's m-mistake..."

So Katerina was somehow involved in this? That made things much more interesting and the idea of saving the beautiful Veronika and turning her even more appealing to Klaus.

"Don't worry Veronika, Katerina will pay for what she did to the two of us in due time." Klaus assured her wiping away the single tear on her blood stained cheeks as Veronika fell unconscious before proceeding to snap her neck.

Klaus had been waiting for Veronika to wake up and it was taking a while for that to happen, which was rather irritating to Klaus but then again she was mere moments from death when he sired her. As he sat and wait he looked at her now fresh and clean appearance, he had brought Veronika back to the house he was occupying and had once of the human women he was compelling to clean her up and discard of her old clothes. She was now lying on a bed lying completely still looking very different from when they had first met. All the blood and bruises had gone to reveal her face, which was quite similar to Katerina's with the almond shape eyes, thick eyelashes and bone structure. But Veronika's face seemed older but showed no obvious signs of it although it seemed to enhance her beauty, she had darker hair than Katerina and lighter eyes which suited her complexion and those delicate pink lips of hers. Klaus felt justified in his decision to save her as such beauty like Veronika's should not be wasted as he slid a silver ring with a lapis lazuli onto her thing he had one of his witches enchant. Veronika would be of no use to him if she could not walk in the daylight. Eventually a sound of coughing erupted form the bed and Klaus saw that Veronika was indeed waking up. "Easy Veronika…" Klaus soothed.

"My parents?" she quietly asked.

"Dead." Klaus informed her and Veronika had thought so, she had seen him standing over her parent's bodies with blood dripping down his mouth and she decided to leave before he had the chance to do the same to her. "Not so fast Veronika, I did just save your life and there are a few things that we need to talk about."

Reluctantly Veronika sat back down on the bed and eyed the blonde hair and blue eyed man who just admitted to killing her family, but the one who had made things seemingly better when she was convinced she was dying. There was something about him that wasn't right, he drank blood and killed others with no qualms over what he was doing "What are you?"

"A vampire." Klaus said as he watched Veronika's reaction, she seemed frighten but she didn't show it on her face except for in her eyes and it intrigued Klaus that she didn't seem that scared of him despite the fact that he had just killed her family. "And so are you, or you will be once you complete your transition…"

"I-I'm a vampire." Veronika stated slowly, she knew what they were but she believe them to be legends but the man in front seemed very certain of the fact and it did make sense considering what she had seen at her former home.

"Yes and we'll get to that later, but right we have another matter to discuss." Klaus said waving his hand around in a frivolous manner, it was natural for a new vampire to ask questions but Klaus wanted to know about why Veronika seemed to blame Katerina over what happened to her. "Your sister…"

Veronika took a sharp intake of breath, she hadn't heard her sister's name in two years and apparently this man or vampire knew her. "Katerina? How is she involved in any of this?"

"She was supposed to do something for me and let's just say she backed out of it and proceeded to steal something that was very important to me. And I'm trying to find her, in order to get back what was taken for me." Klaus said leaving out most of the details in order to get Veronika to co-operate.

"Katerina…" Veronika began with a small shake of her head and a heavy sigh she wasn't sure whether or not to be surprised that her sister was doing things that she shouldn't given her history. "She put shame on our family and so my parents had no choice but to disown her, I haven't seen or heard from my younger sister since."

"Younger sister?" Klaus asked.

"Yes, I am older than Katerina by four years… but why are you here? Why am I now or will be a vampire? Forgive me but I simply do not understand…" Veronika slowly said as she rubbed her head.

"Because I want you to help me locate Katerina."

Veronika's head throbbed and she felt awfully thirst but she wanted to know why this man wanted her help in finding Katerina. "Why would I help you find my sister?"

"I saved your life Veronika from the man who gave you that beating, Evgeni I believe you said his name was?" Klaus said and this time Veronika physically winced at the sound of his name, which confirmed Klaus' suspicious that this man was the one who had indeed harmed her. Although why one would want to harm a lovely creature like Veronika was beyond him. "You blamed Katerina for that, may I ask why."

"Both Katerina and I were to get married to men from good families and as the eldest I was allowed to chose a man to marry. I had found a man who wasn't from as good as family as the one our father had Katerina but when my sister shamed the family, I was forced to married Evgeni instead… he is not a good man at all, but I could not go to my parents." Veronika slowly stated as her eyes began to water

"I want to help you Veronika, I want to right the wrong that you have suffered. A beautiful woman like yourself should not be harmed by a man who does not deserve to have you at his side. I promise that if you come with me that I will not let another man lay a hand on you, and if one should I will kill him with my bare hand." Klaus said partly to convince to the elder Petrova sister to join him and partly because he meant it, women like Veronika Petrova deserved to be treated with respect.

"Why do you want to help me? Why not kill me like you killed my family?" Veronika asked.

Klaus smiled. "Because we have been wronged by your sister and I believe that those wrongs should be righted, so if you agree to help me then I will help you."

"I love my sister." Veronika stated.

"Of course you do it's only natural that you would, but that does not change what you had to suffer at the hands of your husband. Katerina may be your sister but she cannot be allowed to go and ruin anymore lives, she cannot allow other to pay for her mistakes and she must take responsibility for her actions." Klaus said and he could see that Veronika was slowly becoming more convinced.

"You haven't even told me your name." Veronika noted.

Klaus laughed, it would seem like that and so he took Veronika's hand and placed a gentle kiss. "Forgive my terrible manners Miss Petrova, my name is Niklaus but please call me Klaus."

"I think I prefer Niklaus." Veronika admitted.

"Then feel free to call me either." Klaus said as he stood up and held out his hand to Veronika.

"Where are we going?"

"To right the wrong that was done to you." Klaus commented giving Veronika a reassuring smile, neglecting to mention that he was planning on completing her transition whilst they paid her soon to be departed husband a visit, the idea in his head was coming along rather nicely and Klaus couldn't have planned this unfortunate change of plans any better. Evgeni and Katerina wouldn't know what had hit them once he had Veronika were done.

Some part of Veronika knew that she shouldn't trust Klaus but he was the first man to ever swear never to let anyone harm her and he did promise to make Evgeni pay for what he did to her, so she gave him her hand. "Lead the way Niklaus…"