If there was one thing that Veronika had learnt during her time in Mystic Falls was that peace and happiness did not last long in this small town. It didn't even last a full twenty four hours. Veronika didn't know what exactly happened but she could recall hearing a loud crashing sound outside and by the time she had gotten outside she saw Damon getting up and walking away whilst Kol lay on the floor unresponsive. The rest of the originals along with Elena and Stefan all stood there but Veronika walked over to where Kol was and crouched down beside his body and brushed the young original's hair out of his face. He was dead, there was no doubt about that given that Kol's neck had been snapped. Veronika stood there not sure what to do but she knew they had to move quickly before anyone saw this but before she could do anything Finn walked forward and picked up Kol's body.

Straightening herself up Veronika followed Finn, stopping briefly by Klaus and placing her hand on his shoulder. "I'll stay with him, you take care of the party and the rest of the guests."

"Thank you." Klaus quietly replied and Veronika could see a dark look cross over his face and it was very apparent that he was very pissed off about what had just happened and he no doubt wanted an explanation from Kol about had transpired with him and Damon for things to end up like this. Veronika was slightly concerned but she knew that Klaus would wait until everyone had left before unleashing his temper so she'd go with Finn and come back when he needed her.

Veronika gave Klaus a small reassuring smile before walking away in order to follow Finn who had carried Kol discreetly through the house and placed him on a couch in the study. They'd have to stay with him until he woke up as they couldn't take him upstairs given that the party was still going on and there was no way they could leave Kol here where anyone could stumble across. Veronika couldn't help but glance over at Finn who let out an exasperated sigh as he glanced over at his brother; no doubt used to such antics. "I always wanted a little brother…"


"Indeed, now I adored my sister as Katerina was more than just my sister she was also my best friend back when we were still human and we did everything together as it was only the two of us. But a little brother would have been nice, If I did have one I imagined that he would have been just like Kol; very cheeky and mischievous…"

"Feel free to take him." Finn drily said which caused Veronika to quietly chuckle.

"You don't mean that Finn."

"Trust me, Kol's theatrics become more annoying than amusing as time comes to pass." Finn noted but Veronika could have sworn that she saw a small smirk on his face

"This must be so surreal to you…You knew the world to be one thing and then Klaus daggered you and nine hundred years later you wake up and find the entire world has changed completely. Things that you couldn't have possibly imagined hundreds of years ago have become possible…" Veronika said

"Nine hundred years is a long time." Finn noted.

"Indeed it is but at least you get to be reunited with your family…" Veronika replied and the two of them fell into an easy and comfortable silence, which didn't bother Veronika as she quite liked it at times as apposed to Klaus, Kol and Rebekah who preferred to be surrounded by noise. Whilst Veronika had found Finn to be similar to Elijah, if not more quieter than his older brother.

"You miss yours?" Finn finally asked.

"I do."

"Niklaus killed them."

"He did and I would do anything to just have one moment with them, to see my parents and talk to them once more." Veronika wearily revealed.

"But you have your sister? The first doppelgänger if I'm correct…" Finn asked.

"That you are correct Finn but my sister and I have barely seen each other since she found out a few months ago that I was a vampire and that I hadn't been dead for the last five hundred years like she thought. But it's complicated as over five hundred years ago Niklaus was going to kill my sister to break the curse on him but Katerina ran when she discovered the truth. However she was caught by two of your brother's accomplices. She tried to kill herself but they saved her and later my sister hung herself, later waking up in transition. My sister has been running from Klaus ever since and he's not a fan of hers, which makes things very complicated given the situation I'm in. I love them both but the two of them detest each other…" Veronika replied with a sigh, only to be taken by surprise when Kol's eyes suddenly opened and she watched him wearily look around the room in confusion.

"What happened?" Kol asked.

"You've been a little dead, your neck was snapped… It seems like you've been busy tonight Kol. First the human friend of Rebekah's and then Damon Salvatore." Finn informed him as Veronika helped Kol stand up.

"Kind of put a small damper on tonight's party, you should know that Klaus is pissed."

"Very pissed, if I say so myself." Finn added and Veronika couldn't help but laugh.

"It was only a bit of fun, all I wanted to do was liven a boring party and now I have to deal with the wrath of the Big Bad Nik!" Kol said with a frown before turning to Veronika with a smile on his face. "Veronika? Will you do me a favour? Talk to Nik before he's comes storming in here threatening to put me back in that box in which he kept me and carried me around like some prized horse for a hundred years. We all know he'll listen you. Please Nica?"

"How can I say no to that adorable face? I can't promise anything but I can try…" Veronika said with no resistance as she pinched one of Kol's cheeks and he rewarded her with a kiss on the cheek. Laughing quietly Veronika made her way out of the study and wondered throughout the house to where the ball was unfortunately still going on until she came across Klaus standing aimlessly in the gardens. "Kol's awake."

"Is that so?" Klaus asked in an annoyed tone of voice.

"I know your mad about what happened tonight but you need to remember that you kept Kol in a coffin for a hundred years and now that he's free, he just wants to have some harmless fun. I admit he may have taken it a bit too far but Kol's a very impulsive person and he believes he needs to make up for lost time. It's rather funny actually…"

"Of course you'd leap to his defence…" Klaus murmured.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Veronika asked, not liking Klaus' tone of voice or what he was suggesting.

"The two of you are thick as thieves…"

"I find that hilarious given that I've known your brother just over twenty four hours. I don't know what's going on with you right now Klaus but this weird attitude needs to stop right now. So your party has gone exactly to plan but it's not the end of the world." Veronika felt the need to point out.

"Oh just save the lectures for someone who cared and go back to Paris Veronika!" Klaus stated taking Veronika by surprise.

"Are telling me to leave? As in telling me that I have to leave? I've told you before Nikalus I will not be sent away." Veronika retorted.

"You don't even want to be here Veronika." Klaus snapped.

"For god sake Niklaus! Are you really that dense? Can you not tell that the reason that I don't be here anymore is because of this situation with your family?! Whilst I adore and care greatly for your siblings, being here just reminds me of the family I've lost! They don't get to come back from the dead like your do Klaus and it hurts okay! I am happy that you have your family back I am reminded that unlike you I will never see my family again because you killed them. But that never crossed your mind as per usual your thinking about yourself!" Veronika said as stepped up to Klaus and poked him repeatedly in the chest as she spoke. "And just so you know, I care for Kol because he is your brother, just like I care for all your siblings, pity the same can't be said for you towards my sister. You get to have your family but I can't even attempt to have a relationship with my sister, the only family that I have left.


"Call me when you've stopped being a jerk and decided to go back to being the man I love and until then, I think I'll take your advice and leave..."