First Crush 4

Practice the Part

I do not own Digimon, but Chip and Millie are my characters.

A few days have passed and Suzie has kept her bulimia a secret from her family and friends.  After dinner each night, she'd always take a bath or at least said she was.  While her family members heard the sound of running water, they couldn't make out her vomiting noises.  She knew that if she continued her bulimia without doing so, they'd suspect something, especially her brother Henry.  She would eat a lot of breakfast but would not throw it up until she got to school.  Aside from being hungry, Suzie felt quite good.  She felt even better when Kenta asked her out on a date.  But unknown to her, he was put up to it by her brother.

"Just take her to the movies or something," Henry said while they were on the phone one Saturday afternoon.

"Why?" Kenta questioned, "I don't think this is a good idea."

"Lopmon told me that some guy named Chip hurt her feelings," Henry said, "but she won't talk to me about it.  I guess she needs a date so that she knows there's some nice guys out there."

"But I know nothing about girls!" Kenta cried.  "Why don't you ask Kazu?"

"There is no way I'm asking Kazu to take my little sister out on a date!" Henry exclaimed.  "He takes out a new girl every weekend, almost every other day!"

"But he has experience."

"Exactly!" he said, "she'll feel more comfortable with you. She wouldn't have to worry about you getting any ideas."

"Kazu's not like that either," Kenta said.  "Not…really…he's just…well, very good with women."

"Just one date."

"Okay, when?"



"Yes. Suzie's not here right now though so you'd have to call later."

"You want me to take your sister to the movie's," Kenta said slowly, "and she's not even there? Where is she?"

"She said she had something to do," he replied.  "But she should be back soon."


There was a knock at the Nonaka residence and Rika answered the door to see Suzie.  "Hey, Suzie, what bring you by?" she asked. 'And why isn't your brother here?' she added mentally.

"I'm here to see your mom," she said.

"Oh, there you are Suzie," Rika's mom said, walking by.  "I've been expecting you."

"Huh?" Rika questioned, stepping out of the way.

"Thanks for seeing me Ms. Nonaka," Suzie said, bowing, "on such short notice.  I hope this doesn't clash with your modeling schedule."

"Oh, it's no problem," she insisted, "come with me."

Rika raised an eyebrow and closed the door. Whatever reason would Suzie come to see her mother?

"I'm glad to help you with your school project," she said, sitting behind her desk with different beauty magazines and a scrapbook of her photos.  "What made you decide to become a model?"

"Oh, um, they're just so beautiful," Suzie replied nervously, "and I want to become beautiful too.  Is that why you became a model?"

"Yes, at first.  There were so many new outfits being designed and I wanted to try them on.  It can be really fun," she said, "you get to play dress up and you get paid for it too."

"How do you do it? Is it hard?"

"Yes.  Lots of hard work.  You have to stand here and there and hold her hand here and here," she went on making motions, "it can get very tiring.  You'll have to have a lot of patience for it."

"What about…um, height and weight and stuff like that?  Do you have to be naturally gorgeous to become a model?"

"Well, there is natural beauty in all of us, Suzie."

"You know…being, thin."  She said.  "I hear that the camera adds weight."

"True, but there are special diets to go by."

'I've got my special diet,' Suzie thought to herself.

"Some of my colleges ended up with dangerous eating disorders.  It not only injured their health, but their career too.  It takes a lot of physical strength to be a model."  She opened her scrapbook; "well, would you like to see some shots of me when I was in modeling school?"

"Sure," Suzie leaned forward and looked at the first picture. "Oh, you look so pretty in that one.  I wish I could look like that."

"Give it time, Suzie," Ms. Nonaka insisted, "you're still young.  You need to grow.  In a few years you'll grow up to be a beautiful young woman. With enough practice, you can become a great model."

"Almost as good as you," Suzie whispered.

Ms. Nonaka smiled, "you're welcome to come to my photo shoots any time you'd like."  She laughed, "I'm sure if you're up to it they can do some test shots."


"Of course. Practice makes perfect."  She said, continuing to show her more photos of her modeling days and gave her more information about being a model.

Rika was standing by the door, which was open, just a crack.  'Why is Suzie thinking about a modeling career?' she wondered.  'Didn't Henry say she wanted to be a vet when she became older?'

Rika didn't think any more of it and walked by.  It was probably just something Suzie was investigating.  There was no need to tell Henry about it.  Suzie wasn't really the type of girl who thought looks was everything, was she?


A few hours later, Suzie came home with a few magazines Ms. Nonaka lent her.  She walked into her room and laid upon her bed to skim through them.  Every girl reminded her of Millie, girls with large breasts and perfect hair and builds.  Every page she turned was another Millie.  It was funny though, Ms. Nonaka wasn't like Millie.  Millie was a complete and total airhead and probably had a very dull personality.  Ms. Nonaka seemed quite knowledgeable about the trade and was very kind.  But did it really matter to guys though?  All they cared about how the package was wrapped, not what was in it.

'Men,' Suzie thought warily.  A few moments later the phone rang and she heard Henry call for her. "Hey, Suzie, phone!"

Suzie jerked her head up and hid her magazines underneath her mattress.  Henry came to her door and knocked on it. "That's probably Ai," Suzie said to herself.

"Suzie, it's for you."

"Oh, thanks," she said, opening the door, taking the phone and closing the door in his face before he told her it was Kenta on the phone.

"Hey, Ai--" Suzie said.

"Not Ai," corrected the speaker on the other end.  "Hi Suzie, this is Kenta."

"Kenta?" she asked surprised, "uh, you sure you don't want to talk to Henry?"

"No, I'm calling to talk to you."


"Yes, um, if you're not busy today," he began nervously, "how would you like to go to a movie tonight?"

"What?  Really?"

"Yeah, how about it?"

Suzie was shocked.  She wasn't sure what to say.  She's only been bulimic a week and already she gets a call from a guy asking her out.  How should she respond?  Did Kenta really want to take her out or was it part of a joke?  No, couldn't be, Kenta was a nice guy.  He wouldn't do something like that. 

"Suzie, are you still there?" Kenta questioned.

Suzie swallowed and replied softly, "S-sure, Kenta.  I'd love to."

"Great, I'll be at your place in an hour."

"See ya then."


Suzie pressed the 'talk' button and looked in the mirror.  'It worked,' she thought.  'Eating and purging worked.  I bet Kenta couldn't resist how I look now.'  Suzie grinned and walked out to put the phone back on the stand.

"So, what did Kenta want?" Henry questioned, trying to sound like he had nothing to do with it.

"Kenta's taking me to the movies!" she exclaimed. 

"Wow, Suzie, your first date," he said.  "I hope you have fun."

"Yeah, me too!" she went back to her room to change out of her jeans and T-shirt into something a bit more 'date-ish.'  She pulled a sleeveless white blouse and a pink miniskirt, a recent purchase.  She pulled her hair up in a perky ponytail and applied enough makeup to kill a horse.  While applying her lipstick, there was a knock on the door.

Henry opened the door.  "Hey Kenta."

Hair combed neatly, wearing a pressed blue-violet shirt and black slacks and holding a rose, stood a slightly nervous Kenta in the doorway.  "I feel like a dork."

"Kenta, you're going to the movies, not the prom."

Kenta cocked his head and stepped in, "I want to at least look like I'm trying."  He sighed.  "You owe me big!  I have you know that I was studying."

Suzie came in the room putting on her earrings, "Oh, hello Kenta."

"Hey, Suzi--" Kenta looked at Suzie's direction and gasped.  Henry nearly screamed.

"Suzie, what is that you're wearing?" Henry demanded.

"Oh, just something I picked up the other day," she said casually.

"But--no way mom and dad will let you out in that!" he cried, "go change in something else!  Or wear a jacket."

"It's too hot for a jacket." She said, "oh wait, it'll get a little chilly tonight and I do have a jacket that goes with this.  Just a minute."  She went back in her room and Kenta leaned against the wall.

"Henry--I can't do this!" he mumbled.

"Just don't stare at anything," Henry said.

"How can I not?" he demanded. 


Suzie came back in and she took Kenta's arm.  "Oh, a rose, why thanks Kenta."

"You're welcome," he murmured.  "S-shall we?"

"Yes," she said, "tell mom and dad I'll be home late, okay?"

Henry nodded and closed the door behind them.  "What have I done?" he asked himself.


"Well, uh, Suzie, that's um, an, er," Kenta stammered, "I really like--I mean…you look nice."  'Oh that was bad.  Good thing I didn't say that in front of Henry, he'd karate chop me!'

"Thanks, Kenta," Suzie chirped and giggled like an airhead.

Kenta raised an eyebrow at her giggle.  She never laughed like that before.  It was like she was trying to be someone she was not.

"So," she said, leaning against him as they walked up to the theatre, "what movie will we be seeing today?  Let me guess, it's an action flick, right?"


"Good, because I hate action films!" she grunted. "It's so like a guy to take a girl to an action film."

"Well, Suzie, I'm not that kinda guy," Kenta said.

"Oh, right, you like documentaries and stuff."

"Well, no…"

"So, are we seeing a Sci-Fi?"



"Close," Kenta said and they came to the window. "Two for Heart of Stone." He took out his wallet and placed money on the edge.

Suzie let out a huge, uncharacteristic screech that almost broke the window.

"What's the matter, Suzie?" Kenta asked, shocked.

"I've always wanted to see that movie!"  She cried, pointing to the advertising poster.  "I love romance films!"

"Oh, well, good," Kenta said as the clerk took the money and gave him his ticket.

"Enjoy the show," the clerk said and the couple went inside the doors. 

"So, are you hungry?" Kenta questioned, "how about some popcorn?"

"Sure, you get us some goodies and I'll get our seats. I want large popcorn with extra butter, nachos, bon-bons, chocolate covered peanuts, and chocolate covered raisins…"

Kenta cocked an eyebrow, "Uh, Suzie, I think that's a bit too much to split between us."

"Not for you, silly for me!" she exclaimed.


"Oh, I'm joking," she said.  "Just popcorn, nachos, drinks and chocolate covered peanuts.  I wouldn't want you to splurge too much.  Besides, that will be too much for you to carry into the theatre!"

"Popcorn, nachos, drinks and chocolate covered peanuts," Kenta said.  "Got it.  But that's still quite a bit, don't they feed you at home?"

Suzie giggled and took out some money, "here, just in case."

"You don't have to do that, Suzie," Kenta said, "I think I brought enough."

"Yes, but I might want more!" she laughed and winked at him as she pushed a few bills in his hand.  "I insist.  Why must we be so old fashioned anyhow?  I'll go save us some seats before they're all taken."

"Deal," he said and went to the concession line.  Suzie walked into the theatre to find some seats in the middle section and saved Kenta's spot with her jacket.  She sat for a few moments while tapping her fingers on her knees. 

'I'd better go help him,' she thought, rising to her feet.  As she got up and stepped onto the isle, she came face to face with Millie and Chip.  Suzie froze. She wanted to scream.  All of the people in the world, it had to be Millie and Chip.  Millie narrowed her eyes and put her nose up in the air.

"Oh, excuse me," she said sarcastically, pushing by Suzie. 

"S-sorry," Suzie whispered pathetically and walked out the doors to join her date.  Kenta was trying to handle a bucket of popcorn, a box of nachos, two drinks and chocolate covered peanuts. 

"Kenta!" she yelled and ran to him. "Here, let me help you!" 

"Oh, I got it," Kenta insisted, fumbling with the armload.  But Suzie took her drink after asking which one was hers, the box of chocolate peanuts, which she put in the bucket of popcorn.  Kenta stood holding his own drink and the nachos.

"S-shall we?" she asked shakily.

"Suzie, are you all right?" Kenta leaned forward in concern.

"Of course I am. Let's go, the movie's about to start!" Suzie said and lead him into the theatre, "I'll show you our seats."

Kenta followed his date into the theatre and they set down their goodies.  Suzie picked up the nachos box and put about five cheesy nacho chips into her mouth.  Kenta held out a napkin, "uh, here's a napkin.  You must be hungry."

"I am," Suzie said with her voice muffled by the nachos.

The music stopped and the picture screen focused.  The movie was about to start.  Suzie noticed the couple in front of them.  It was Chip and Millie again. Suzie groaned.  There would be no way she could concentrate on the movie with those two in front of her.  She knew for a fact they weren't even there to watch the movie.  Suzie dredged to be sitting behind them, watching them make out.  With this thought in her mind, she ate more nachos hungrily.  Kenta watched in concern and munched on some popcorn.  Within moments, Suzie was done with the nachos. Suzie could not concentrate on the movie.  It was a romance comedy and all the mushy things the couple talked about made her emotional and she found herself sobbing through the movie while popping chocolate covered peanuts into her mouth.  It was a wonder why she didn't choke on them.

"Suzie, are you okay?" Kenta questioned.

"Wasn't that so sweet he said?" she asked, sniffling. 

"Uh, yeah."

Millie and Chip were making out in front of them and it only added to Suzie's sorrow.  She couldn't watch a sappy movie and see the worse couple in the whole school make out.  But Suzie was too afraid to say anything.

Kenta leaned forward, "excuse me, but some of us are trying to watch the movie."

Suzie gasped. She couldn't believe what Kenta just said.  She wasn't exactly sure how to feel. Should she be happy, relieved?

But Chip just snorted and said, "mind your own business, poindexter."

"What?" Kenta gasped.

Chip and Millie continued to make out.  Kenta felt Suzie grab his hand.  He felt himself become very nervous and he started to sweat.

'She's holding my hand!' he thought, 'what should I do?' he closed his eyes for a moment, trying to figure out if he should kiss her, squeeze her hand or what.  Dating was not the easiest thing for him. 'What would Kazu do?'  Kenta sighed and opened his eyes.  It got way too sappy for him to take and he felt his eyes tearing up.

'This is just too much!'

Kenta could not watch another moment of the movie, he stood up and his hand still in Suzie's left the seats.  "Come on, Suzie.  Let's get out of here."

"But what about the movie?" she asked in a whisper.

"I think I've got a good idea how it will end," he whispered back, tugging slightly on her hand. 

Suzie picked up her jacket, followed her date out of the theatre and felt a rush of wind greet them as they left.  It felt good for a breath of fresh air.

"I couldn't stand that couple in front of us anymore," Kenta said before Suzie could ask. They were walking down the sidewalk, still holding hands.  "And the movie was getting dull anyway."

"Neither could I," she said. 

"Huh?" he asked, stopping. "You're not mad at me, are you?"

"No of course not.  I'm glad you did it. Kenta, I knew the people in front of us," she said.  "I had a crush on the guy.  His name is Chip."

"You had?"

"Yeah.  Anyway, the day I was going to tell him about it," she sighed, "I saw him with her.  It happened about a week ago and I'm still not over it."

"The movie wasn't the only thing that made you cry, was it?" Kenta asked.

"No.  It makes me sick to see those two together."

"Why didn't you say something?" Kenta asked.  "We could've left sooner."

"I didn't want to cut our date short or anything."

Kenta smiled, "well, the night's still young.  How about we go for some ice cream?  That always makes me feel better when I'm upset."

"Sounds great."

"But if you've had a crush on another guy we see there," he said, "you'd tell me, right?"

"Oh, don't worry, Kenta," she said, giggling slightly, "I had no other crushes besides Chip."

"Good."  Kenta pulled on her hand and resumed walking. 

Suzie felt as if a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders.  She didn't want to tell anyone about Chip. She felt that she couldn't even tell her own brother.  Only Lopmon knew.  But after telling Kenta, she felt a little better.  It was like, he actually cared for her.  Quickly, Suzie pushed this thought away.  Kenta just wanted to get out of the movie.  He thought it was corny.  He didn't care if Chip broke her heart and he was only dating her because he probably made a bet with Kazu to take someone out on a Saturday night. Kenta was taking her because she was the only girl he knew would say yes. If he asked Rika, she'd punch him in the face.  If he asked Jeri, she'd make her puppet say something strange, that is, if she still had it.

Kenta ordered two chocolate sundaes and they sat in a booth.  "Oh, Kenta, are you sure you should have ice cream?"

"What do you mean?" Kenta asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"You know, being allergic to sugar and all."

"I'm not allergic to sugar!" Kenta muttered, "What made you think that?"

"You're not?" she asked, surprised. "That's funny.  When I made cookies for everyone to try and I gave Kazu his, he told me I couldn't bring you one because you were allergic to sugar."

"Kazu told you I'm allergic to sugar?" Kenta gasped, "that weasel!  He probably ate mine for me!"

"As a matter of fact, he did."  Suzie giggled her air-headed laugh again.  "Oh, Kazu's so funny!"

Kenta groaned, not only did Kazu lie but also Suzie wasn't being herself.  She was starting to act like Millie and the other air-headed ditzes he knew.

The hot fudge sundaes came and while Kenta ate slowly, Suzie was eating too fast without stopping to breath.

"Um, good ice cream, eh?" he asked nervously.

"Mm-hmm. So, good."  She put down her dish and sat up.  "Oh, excuse me, Kenta. I have to go to the ladies' room."

"Oh, sure," Kenta said and as a gentleman, he stood up to let her pass.  He sat down when she was out of view.  'I'm really going to get Kazu back for telling Suzie that lie about me and eating my cookie!  Of all the nerve!'

Suzie checked the stalls to see if there was anyone else using the restroom.  She wouldn't want someone to hear her retching.  Luckily, it was a slow day and no one was in the restroom.  Suzie walked into the first stall, locked the door and knelt down. She paused before putting her finger into her throat.

Did she have to continue doing this?  She was on a date now and maybe it wouldn't matter.  Kenta couldn't be the kind of guy that was interested in just the way a girl looks.  Suzie sighed, but it wasn't just about being thin.  She didn't know another way to get all her bad feelings out.  Suzie kneed closer to the toilet and put her finger down her throat.  Her stomach heaved and the nachos, popcorn, chocolate-covered peanuts and hotfudge sundae and stomach acid concoction erupted from her stomach up her throat and out her mouth again.  Tears came to her eyes. It hurt every time she threw up even though she felt better afterwards.  She hated the fact she had to feel better this way.  She couldn't keep food down anymore.  It was like an addiction.  Her stomach got used to purging and didn't want to keep things down anymore than she did.  Suzie had to stop.  She needed help, before bulima, her way to get thin, would ruin her life. Suzie flushed the toilet and cried again.  She was reminded of Millie and Chip.  Why did Millie have to be so better looking that her?  Millie may have the looks, but she was so rude and conceated.  It wasn't fair to Suzie. Not fair at all. She blew her nose on some toilet paper and got out of the stall. She through it away and washed her hands.

'I know it's not healthy to do this,' Suzie thought to herself, 'but I can't stop.'  Suzie took out a piece of a gum and put in her mouth as she stepped out of the restroom, just as a woman and her child were entering.  The woman looked at her in concern.

"Honey, are you okay?" she asked.  "You odn't look good."

"I'm fine, ma'am," she lied.  "Excuse me.  My date's waiting for me."  Suzie passed the woman and her daughter and joined Kenta at the booth. "Hey, how's your sundae?"

"It's great," Kenta said, finishing it.  "We can stay here if you want."

"Thanks but, I think I'd better get home."  Suzie said.  "I'm tiried and have some homework.  I'm sure you do too."

Kenta nodded, "Yeah.  Let's go."  He stood up, took her hand and they walked out of the parlor.  They walked in silence until they got to her door.

"I appreciate you taking me out tonight, Kenta," Suzie said.  "I had a good time."

"Me too, Suzie," Kenta said.

Suzie smiled and closed her eyes, expecting a kiss.  But Kenta wanted to be a gentleman and he patted her shoulder.  "Um, goodnight, Suzie."

"Huh?"  she opened her eyes in surprise.  "Oh, goodnight." 

Kenta smiled and walked away.  Suzie walked inside and closed the door quickly.  Henry was sitting in the sofa, expecting a full report.

"So, how was your date?" he questioned.

Suzie looked up at her brother, her hand still on the knob.  She forced a smile, "Oh, it was nice. Excuse me."  She went straight to her room and sat on her bed and found a fast asleep Lopmon.  She sighed, "Lopmon, you're so lucky. You don't have to worry about ever getting kissed."  She looked at a mirror, 'I've lost weight and I'm not gaining anymore, so how come Kenta didn't kiss me?'

Suzie groaned.  She'll never get a guy.  Her first date turned out to be a total nightmare.  She saw the one couple she wished never to see again, she didn't get to see the rest of the movie and her date didn't kiss her goodnight.  It couldn't get worse, but if she continued her bulimia, it certainly would.