A word from the Author: Hey there everyone, this is jediclonecowgirl and I will start a new fiction today. It's called: "The Wizard-Twins". Okay...this starting word sucks, but it's 11 o' clock in the night around here and I am probably not fully awake anymore...tee-hee.

13 year-old Daniel Lifeblood could not belive, that he was doing this right now. He fought against his twin-brother into a magical duel. Somehow his brother Austin Seahunter turned away from light magic and joined Malistaire, the master of death and a master of dark magic. He was threatening the universe of the wizards called "the Spiral" for a really long time and had also pulled some young wizards of the "Ravenwood School of magical arts" of a world called "Wizard City" into his grasp. Daniel did not know why, but as he had pulled Austin into his grasp, Daniel had travelled to a world called "Dragonspyre" to get him back on the right side, but Austin did not listen and suddenly his own brother was his enemy. The young Theurgist pulled out his deck of magic cards and played a "Life Blade" on himself. Austin played a "Storm Blade" onto himself. Daniel casted a "Ghost Trap" onto Austin and soon a "Death Trap", a "Myth Trap" and a "Life Trap" were floating around Austin.

"That is pathetic Daniel! Why don't you surrender now? You can not hope to stop Malistaire's plans to take over the Spiral!", Austin excaimed.

Daniel could not belive, what he was hearing there. Why did his own brother come to hate him so much? Daniel quickly stopped thinking about this and played a "Ghost Blade" onto himself. A "Death Blade", a "Myth Blade" and a "Life Blade" were flying around him soon, but as Austin made his move Daniel almost gasped: He played a strange kind of a spell called "Balance Blade", which could make the next attack spell of Austin do 70% more, than usual, onto himself. If he would cast a powerful spell now, it would drain out Daniel's health circle and he would've lost the duel, but Daniel also had an idea: He played the spell called "Tower Trap", which could make attack spells of any kind of magic do 80% more damage then ususal, onto Austin. Daniel quickly checked his number of Pips. He had 4 normal Pips and 4 Power Pips. Austin had 2 normal Pips and one Power Pip. It was more, than enough to cast a powerful spell called "The Forest Lord". Austin played another "Storm Blade" onto himself. He was probably also prepearing to knock Daniel out, but Daniel was quicker. He casted the spell, but he fizzled. This spell could maybe kill his brother and that was a thing, he was sorta scared off. Even though his brother got a hate on him, he couldn't do it, but than he got another plan: He casted a "super life-spark" and knocked his brother's magic wand and deck outta his hands. He could not cast any spells anymore.

"Give it up Austin. I have the higher ground!", Daniel excaimed.

"NEVER!", Austin roared and summoned a tornado, with only his mind.

Danile knew how his brother did this, but then the tornado already got him and twirled him around a few millions of times and, as he finally managed to free himself he also did a "mind-spell": He tied his brother up with veines. Austin did not get out. Daniel had beaten him, but he couldn't belive things came out like this.

"I HATE YOU!", Austin excaimed.

Daniel wanted to open his mouth and to say SO MANY THINGS, but he could not do it. He just picked up his spellbook, spell deck and magic wand, leaving his brother to his destiny. Daniel ran away. Back to the spiral chamber of Dragonspyre. He took out his Wizard City-Spiral Key and went through the Spiral Door back to Wizard City. He felt completely forlorn and sad.


3 years later:

It was a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon on the earth. 13 year-old Nicole Grossman and her twin-brother Nathan were getting ready for school on the next day.

"Gosh, I can hardly belive, that the weekend is over again tomorrow.", Nicole began.

"Know, what ya mean sis...can barely belive it either.", Nathan mumbled.

"If it was up to me...it could be A BLIZZARD outside tomorrow, so we do not have to go.", Nicole yelled.

"It would be cool sis, but with this temperatures, it won't happen.", Nathan said.

"Hey...I can still dream, can't I?", Nicole pouted.


The next morning:

Nicole's eyes flew open. She did not want to get up yet. She hated Mondays, where she needed to go to school. She quickly shook a glance to her alarm clock.

"Damn it, we're late!", she excaimed and juped outta her bed.

She was hurrying over to the bed of her twin brother, since she shared the room with him, to wake him up.

"Nathan! NATHAN WAKE UP! WE ARE LATE!", she yelled.

The boy's eyes peeled open and he stared at his sister.

"Errrmm...Nicole?", he mumbled sleepingly.

"No time for questions! We can still make it, when we hurry.", his sister just said and ran into the bathroom of the house, the twins lived in with their parents. Nathan was running after her and grabbed his sister by her shoulder. He leaded her back into their room and stopped in front of the window. It had been snowing outside really much and it still did. Nicole's eyes went wide in shock.

"That's, what I wanted to tell ya sis: It's a blizzard outside. No school toady. Your wish came true. Mom told me, as I had woken up. She told me to tell ya, but I did not want to wake you up.", Nathan mumbled.

"Thanks still Nathan...for telling me and not waking me up.", Nicole mumbled.

"Get back to sleep Nicole.", Nathan mumbled, as the twins went back into their beds and slept again.


In Wizard City, the headmaster of the Ravenwood school of magical arts, called Merle Ambrose and his pet owl called Gamma looked into a crystal ball.

"Aha. The spell is working! Look at this Gamma. We finally found them.", he said.

"Whooooo?", Gamma asked.

"Two young wizards. Two students with great pontential. It might be enough to save Wizard City.", Ambrose replied.

"Oh, really? Where?", Gamma went on with his asking.

"In a realm, that is really far away from this.", Ambrose replied and then gasped.

"My goodness! There they don't even belive in magic there! That makes me ask, what type of Wizards they might be.", Ambrose asked himself, before he picked up two letters, casted a portal and threw them in.


As Nicole opened her eyes again, she found a letter onto her blanked. She found one on Nathan's either. The girl quickly sat up, took the letter onto her blanket and opened it to read it.

Dear Nicole.

Congradulations! You have been taken into the Ravenwood school of magical arts. Your denstiny lies in becoming a Wizard and the study of magic.

We will see you all soon.

Headmaster Ambrose.

Nicole did not know, what this was supposed to mean. Was it one of Nathan's jokes? No...otherwise, he would not have a letter either. At this moment the boy woke up. He found the letter onto his blanket and opened it to read it. As he was done, he was as confused as his sister was. The twins left their beds, tooks the letters and asked their parents, what it was supposed to mean, but because of a bussiness thing, they did not have time to talk to them. They quickly left for their work. As they were gone and Nicole and Nathan had just gotten done getting changed into normal clothes,

a portal opened in front of them.

"Are we supposed to step into this thing?", Nicole asked.

"I guess this is no joke and I guess we gotta do it.", Nathan replied

"Are you sure Nathan? We don't know, where we'll end up.", Nicole mumbled.

The twins kept talking about it for a few more minutes, but then Nicole and Nathan went through the portal.


Nicole's eyes peeled open. She heared the sounds of a train. Looking closer, she realized she sat in one. Nathan sat opposite to her. He was just waking up. The train was dangerously fast...to fast for Nicole.

"Hey Nathan...do you have any idea, why we are in here?", Nicole asked.

"N-no Nicole...", Nathan stammered around.

"WHAT is going on here?", Nicole asked loudly.

Nathan wanted to open his muth to awnser his twin sister, but another voice interrupted him.

"We'll arrive at Wizard City in about 1 minute.", the voice said and suddenly Nicole and Nathan were standing at an exit with other people around their age.

Nicole wore light blue wizard's clothes, with white trimming. Nathan wore white wizard's clothes with black trimming. The train stopped and the doors opened. The others were leaving the train and Nicole and Nathan did the same?

"What is this?", Nicole asked.

"Well...we will find out.", Nathan replied.

Ending Word: My fist Wizard101 fiction. I know, that it sucks, but will do my best to make it better. I'd love, if you'd leave some reviews behind, before you go to your new magic school. Well...I have nothing left to say, but bye-bye!