A Word from the Author: Hello everyone, it's jediclonecowgirl, with the seventeenth chapter of "The Wizard Twins". This time our heroes will save Triton Avenue. Sorry, that I did not get to put this up sooner, but you know the drill with me. School, exams...it's a pain in the neck! Let's get started shall we?

Silver-Star squad was rounded up at Ambrose's office. Jackson was left outta the healing wing a few weeks ago and now they were waiting for the headmaster to tell them, what he wanted to talk to them about.

"We have a situtation at Triton Avenue. Undead coming out of a cave and overrunning the entire area. I have no further details, but I think Sargeant Muldoon could inform you about this.", Ambrose said.

"Okay, we neither know what excatly we'll be facing there nor what is excatly happening and we walk straight into a street full off Undead trying to kill us. This could be good.", Abby said sacastically.

"Hey...there are worse things then Undead and besides, there isn't a single silly incident we haven't pulled off yet.", Nathalie said.

With "worse things" she refered to the attack on Jackson at the Dueling arena. It was still playing back into the heads of the entire squad. Nathalie was sure that everyone, who hated to see people he or she cared about suffering. It was hard to get the thought outta her head, but she forced herself to do so, as they were leaving the office of Headmaster Ambrose. Abby and Nicole were talking about the boy from Myth School, who had called Sliver-Star squad a group of attention seekers, Luke and Myrna were flirting with one another shyly, Nathan and Rob talked about the attack on Triton Avenue and Daniel and Jackson had fallen back a little, so Nathalie couldn't hear what they were talking about. Maybe they were just lost into their own thoughts, like she was. As the squad arrived at Olde Town, they talked to Sargeant Muldoon.

"Ah yes...the young Wizards Ambrose sent. Susie GryphonBane asked me to provide backup for her. Her brother's gone missing the way I've heared it.", Muldoon said.

"Susie GryphonBane? I know the kid. Last time I saw her we were opponents at the Dueling Arena.", Daniel said.

"Let's get down there and provide her some backup.", Nicole said.

"Could you stop this soldier talking sis?", Nathan asked.

"How is that soldier talking?", Abby asked back.

"Nevermind.", Nathan replied.

As they stepped through the tunnel, they knew that the headmaster hadn't been overreacting. Triton Avenue was crawling with Undead. It looked like there was a battle going on at the moment.

"Okay...what do we do now? We can't just sneak to Susie GryphonBane in the middle of this battle!", Myrna said.

"What other options do we have?", Abby asked.

"None! Now get a move on!", Nathalie said.

They were sneaking through the mass of fighting Undead and young Wizards and managed to get to the place near the Four-Falls-Mill uninjured, but there was another surprise waiting for them. A mysterious boy in Ice-Robes stood at the wall where you could see water if you looked down. He held up a sword to Susie's throat.

"So Silver-Star squad was here all along huh? Very clever girl. Your lies almost also convinced my father.", the boy said.

"Down with that swoard and step away from that girl!", Daniel yelled and got out his wand.

"What's going on here anyways?", Abby asked, getting out her wand slowly.

"My Undead saw this girl wandering around at the cave and alerted my father. he send me to capture and interrogate her. Unfortunatly I was led to belive, that you weren't here.", the boy said.

"Told him you were on Krokotopia. Sucker!", Susie giggled.

"There is no other option. Surrender...unless you want your little friend to die.", the boy said.

"He's lying, he can't kill me. His father's orders.", Susie said.

The other members of Silver-Star squad were getting out there wands now too and pointed them at the boy. He let out a dark chuckle.

"I will never understand, what drives you Ravenwood School Wizards to throw your lives away. You risk certain death to free this girl. Why? Some misguided sense of duty?", the boy asked.

This made Daniel lose it. He casted a powerful spell and knocked the sword outta his hand with it. While Jackson got Susie to safety, Daniel casted the same spell on the Ice Boy many times, until he was fuirous and ported away. Daniel rushed back to the others.

"How did you end up like this Susie?", Nathan asked.

"I don't know. He just attacked me from behind, tied my hands behind my back and held this sword up to my throat.", Susie said, as Daniel was cutting the rope, Susie's hands were tied with, with a knife, which had a green blade.

"By the way...this joyful guy left us a gift.", Nicole said, as she held up the sword the boy had used to threaten Susie.

"I was simply researching on who controlled the Undead with my brother and he went into the cave before me. I am kinda worried about him...could you go and see how he is? Oh...and could you not tell him about, what has happened here? He would freak out and get worried.", Susie said.

"Of Course.", Abby said, as they were off to the Haunted Cave.

It was cold in there and made the members of Silver-Star squad shiver in their Wizard robes. The buildings and streets were run down, the sky was black, there was fog everywhere, the trees were dead...it was practically like in a bad Horror Cartoon to Nicole and Nathan. Suddenly Abby stumbled over something.

"Look at that!", Abby yelled out and her friends gathered around. She was holding two halves of a wand in her hand.

"We should show those to Susie. Maybe...", Myrna didn't finish her sentence. The thought of the fact, that this could belong to Susie's brother was too horrific.

The entire squad raced back to Susie to show her the two pieces of the wand. As Susie saw them, he face turned from a smug into a completely shocked expression.

"Arthur...that's his wand! Something really bad must've happened!", she exclaimed.

"What do we do now?", Myrna asked.

"We must find out where the Undead took my brother. I have an idea already.", Susie said.

Suddenly Susie spotted one of her squadmates. Duncan GrimWater was approaching to them. He had been doing field studies about the Undead on Triton Avenue.

"Duncan! We could use your help over here!", she yelled in his direction.

The Death student jogged over to Susie and Silver-Star squad and looked at them all.

"Let me guess: You think, that the Undead captured Susie's brother and you need my help to solve this mystery.", Duncan said, with his usual smug attitude.

"Are you some kind of a mind reader?", Nicole asked.

"Thought so. All you guys need to do is to get some Storm Medals. I found out the Undead use those things to cast Storm Magic.", Duncan said.

"Why would they need medals to cast Storm Magic?", Luke asked.

"They're too dim-witted to do this on their own!", Duncan shot back.

"Sorry, that I am not as experienced as you are!", Luke returned his comment.

"Boys, boys no arguments! Right now we have to find Susie's brother!", Abby said.

Duncan and Luke imidiatley stopped arguing and turned back to the others and then Nathalie explained how to get the Storm Medals. Then they all ran off in different directions.

Ending Word: Well...this is the first part of my Triton Avenue Arc. I am not going to do all the streets of the Wizard City campaign, since I still would be writing this story after two years, if I did so. I hope you leave some reviews behind and now all I have to say is bye, bye.