Code Lyoko Season 0

Episode 1: Don't Think Crabs With Tap Shoes

By: James the Lesser

I do not own these CHARACTERS, Moonscoop does!

A/N Ok, this is based starting from the two part episodes from Season 3 that was a prequel. So this should lead up to Episode 1 Teddygodzilla. Unless I decide I like my Season 0 and decide to keep it going as new stuff comes up. I'm on the fence about it right now.


Odd steps out of the Scanner. "Uh, guys, some thing is wrong."

"What?" Ulrich looks at Odd and doesn't see any thing wrong with him.

"Every thing is blue."

"Blue?" Ulrich looks around the room. "No it isn't."

"For me it is. You're blue and Yumi is blue and," He looks at his hand. "So am I. Jeremie? Why am I seeing blue?"

"I'm not sure. Give me some time and I'll look but right now I have a couple other things running."

"Seriously Einstein? I'm just stuck seeing blue until you feel like fixing it?"

"No. I have a few things running right now that I can't interrupt. The next time I test some other program I'll check it out."

"Great. So every thing is blue for the next few days."

A Few Days Later

Odd has a great big smile on his face as he steps off the elevator. "And I'm fixed." He looks around the room enjoying all the colors. "Man that was fun when can we do that again?"

"I nearly died!" Yumi glares at the monitor Aelita was on. "Because of that." She points at Aelita.


"Yes, you. You're not even real and we're risking our lives for you."

"But I am real."

"She means you aren't human which doesn't matter. Yumi, Aelita is an intelligent sentient being. She doesn't deserve to be trapped on Lyoko."

"So we die for it?" Ulrich stands near Yumi. "Seriously last week I was nearly crushed by some possessed cactus and now Yumi almost dies?"

"Almost. I think this is a blast! Give me one a day baby!" Odd does a couple mock punches.

"How about not? Aelita and I are working on her materialization and Xana interrupts it. If he didn't I might be done by now."

"Jeremie you've been at this for three weeks. When the hell are you going to be done? I have a soccer game coming up and I was interrupted twice at practice."

"I'm sorry it is taking me a little bit more time than I thought but I'm working as hard as I can. Maybe a few more days, a couple weeks, maybe more. I don't know. I think I'm close though. The Super Computer is showing more and more new abilities every week. Maybe the materialization program is on here I just haven't found it yet."

"Who would do that? Make a materialization program for an AI? Who made this in the first place? Did you ever find that out?"

"Not yet Ulrich. And why not? Why make some one so smart and amazing and then make it so you can bring people to Earth from Lyoko if you don't plan on bringing her here?"

"If they did plan that why didn't they?"

"Xana got them."

"So the guy who made this dies but we can do it? Yeah, right. I'm out of here." Ulrich walks over to the elevator. He presses the button and the doors close.

"He should have waited for me." Yumi yawns. "And why doesn't he go after Sissi? She was there with us."

"Maybe because she wasn't Scanned he knows she isn't a threat."

"What ever. Now I gotta wait because he didn't wait for me." Yumi walks over to the doors and Odd follows behind her.

"Well, he didn't. So what are you doing later?" She raises an eyebrow. "Well, I'm free. I got a couple tickets for a concert this Sunday and no one to go with, yet. Wanna go?"

"Uh, sorry Odd I'm busy."

"Too bad. Maybe I'll ask Amanda." He waits at the doors with her leaving Jeremie alone with Aelita.

Sunday Morning

Yumi is leaving her house when she sees Odd waiting at the gate. "What are you doing here?"

"Last chance on the concert." He waves two tickets. "What do you say?"

"Uh, who is playing?"

"Opening act is Act Loud main show is the Sub Sonics."

"Wow, that sounds like a pretty good show. What seats?"

"Third row. I would have gotten closer but they only had third row by the time I ordered them." He waves them again. "What do you say? Get you so close you could smell the aftershave they wear."

"Well, ok. What time?"

"I'll have a cab here at six. Sound good?" She nods. "Awesome. I'll be waiting and wondering just what you'll change in to."

"What, this isn't good enough?" Odd laughs.

"Good joke. I'll be wearing purple as usual in case you wanna match."

"Uh, ok. Um, I have some stuff to do but I'll be ready at six."

"I'll be waiting." Odd walks off whistling.


Jeremie yawns. "What is that?"

"What?" He looks around.

"You opened your mouth and made a noise but it wasn't talking."

"Oh, I yawned. Uh, a deep breath usually when some one is tired."

"So you are tired? And one sleeps when they are tired." Jeremie nods. "But you just woke up. Are you not rested?"

"I was up later then I wanted and I got up early since one of the programs I had on my computer should be done processing." He checks it. "And it is. I wanted a faster way of materialization of the others. A few minutes seemed a long time."

"And mine?"

"Well if I can modify the others then maybe I can make it so it works for you."


"Yes. If we have a materialization program already that works why can't we make it work for you? It would seem simpler than creating a brand new one."

"But that is made for humans and not AI."

"Yes, the problem." He yawns again and she laughs. "What?"

"You look funny when you do that." She mimics him.

"I think you look cute." He blushes as soon as he says it.


"Uh, a descriptive word. It is a compliment."

"Compliment?" Jeremie shakes his head.

"Uh, any way I can hook up a dictionary to the Super Computer so you can read it during your off times? And a Thesaurus, and a few history books, and uh, what else would help teach you about Earth?"

"Talking with you. I like talking with you."

"I do too. Um, well, it is past morning but lunch will be soon. I should go get some thing to eat."

"Because humans require fuel. The body runs on sugars and fats that you get through the process of putting food in the mouth and using the teeth to chew. When it is small enough you swallow and it goes through the esophagus to the stomach where acids help break it down some more."

"Yes, very good."

"I have a very good memory. I remember almost every thing you tell me."

"Almost every thing?"

"You told me to forget some things like the words you said are bad and should not be repeated. And the time I checked on you after you had come back from the process of using water to clean dirt and grime from your skin and did not know I was here." He blushes brighter.

"A shower. And why I keep the monitor off until I am ready to get some work done or talk with you." The two continue talking.

Across Campus

Ulrich kicks the ball as hard as he can. It curves in the air and makes it just over the goalies hand. "Goal! Very good Ulrich. You do that next Friday and we're bound to win!"

"Yeah, of course." He stretches his kicking leg as he waits for the next drill to start.

After practice Ulrich is walking to the locker rooms when Sissi stops him. "Guess what I got?"

"A thought?"

"More than one. I have two tickets to the Sub Sonics concert tonight and I want you to take me." She shows the tickets.

"Whoa, uh, when?"

"Daddy is letting us leave around six." He reaches for his cell phone before realizing he didn't have it on him.

"What time is it now?"

"Almost one. I only have five more hours to get ready." She turns and walks away.

That Night At the Factory

Jeremie downloads a dictionary from a website. "Ok is it uploading there?" Aelita nods. "So now you can read it when you have time."

"Like tonight when you go to sleep?"

"Yes. Uh, I have school tomorrow but I'll try and talk with you before I go to breakfast."

"Great! I like talking with you. The conversations are always very informative."

"I like talking with you too. But I better get going or I'll miss dinner. See you in my room in about an hour?"

"Yes Jeremie."


Yumi and Odd are standing cheering after a song finishes when some one turns around from the row in front of them. "What are you doing here?" Yumi glares at Sissi.

"Enjoying the concert. What do you care?"

"How did you get tickets?" Ulrich hears them talking and turns around.

"Oh, Yumi, uh, hi."

"Odd got them."

"Yeah," Odd puts an arm around Yumi's waist. "And I got her to agree to go out with me. All it took were some expensive tickets." He laughs.

"Whoa, hey, this isn't a date date." Sissi smirks.

"Well Ulrich dear and I are having a date and don't need his friends butting in."

"Hey, this, I mean, we're just friends." She turns towards Ulrich.

"Just friends? Ulrich don't be so modest." She puts a hand on his shoulder and tries kissing him. Right before their lips touch the band starts a new song and the music blasts from the speakers.

"Woo! This is the song from their first album! This is totally their best one!" Odd starts shouting with hundreds of other fans.

After Concert

Odd hails a cab for himself and Yumi. "That was a blast!"

"Stop yelling."


"Stop yelling!"


"Never mind." Yumi gets in the cab. "Do you know where," She gives her address.

"I know where the road is so should be able to find that house.." The cab driver waits for Odd then takes off.

Sissi is holding Ulrich's hand. "Come on my daddy won't mind if we're late. I want ice cream and one of the fast food places is still open."

"We should be getting back. It isn't safe this late at night." Ulrich sees Yumi and Odd get in a cab. "We should just go back to the school."

"I want ice cream and since they were my tickets we're getting ice cream." She pulls him along the sidewalk.

Yumi's Home

Odd gets out of the cab and helps her out. "So Yumi have a good time?"

"Yes, thanks. But it is late and I should," He kisses her.

"Have a good night and don't stay up too late thinking of me." She wipes her mouth. "Still have nacho breath? Sorry," He starts getting back in the cab. "And by the way awesome outfit you should wear it more often. The red suits you." He closes the door leaving a stunned Yumi in front of her house.

Monday Morning

Ulrich sits down and Odd follows him. "Yeah man it was a great date. But I bet your date went even better. I was down and out before you even got back."

"It wasn't like that."

"Oh come on I won't tell any one else."

"Nothing happened." Odd smirks.

"Well then if you're gonna lie I'm gonna tell the truth. Yumi totally digs me when we got back to her house we kissed a bit."

"What ever." Ulrich pushes his tray away. "I'm not hungry." He gets up and leaves for class early.

Sitting in class Jeremie taps a pencil. He was waiting on a program to finish and as soon as class was over he'd get back to his room and check it. "Jeremie?" He doesn't respond. "Jeremie Belpios."


"Now that I have your attention what does pi refer to in math?"

"An irrational number that continues forever. Normally shortened to 3.14 but is much longer than that."

"And for the bonus of not getting detention for sleeping in class give me a few more places."

"I, I wasn't sleeping."

"Day dreaming is just as bad in my class. Now give me a few more places."

"3.14159265358979323846. Is that good enough?"

"Yes, very good. But please pay attention while you're in my class. Next time you may not know the answer."


A Tower activates. Aelita feels the pulsation and tries contacting Jeremie. "Please, Jeremie, Xana is attacking!"

After Class

Jeremie is trying to leave but the teacher stops him. "Jeremie you seem like a smart kid but you are distracted. I keep finding you staring off in to space. Is any thing wrong?"

"No, I, I gotta go."

"No, there is a problem. Are the other students picking on you?"

"No. Please just let me go."

"Jeremie what is it? Why do you need to be running out of here when you're clearly troubled?"

"I'm not I'm just hungry." Jeremie leaves the classroom.


At lunch Yumi sits down away from the others. Odd gets up and goes over to her. "Hey, what's up?"

"Odd, sorry, but stay away from me." He sits down as close as he can.

"Oh come on it was just a goodnight kiss. I figured I deserved it after showing you such a good time."

"It wasn't a date. We were just, just," He answers for her.

"An awesome guy and a cute girl going to a concert together? A girl who dressed up for the said awesome guy?"

"It, I, it was for the concert." She blushes a little. "Can you just leave me alone?"

"Ok, sure. As soon as you tell me who the other guy is."

"There is no other guy."

"Then how can you possibly turn this down? I'm smart, funny, good looking, I'm the total package." He laughs.

"You're short."


"I'm like a third of a meter taller than you. You almost had to get a ladder to kiss me last night." She sees the look on his face and smiles. "If I'm dating some one I don't want a guy who needs to carry a step ladder every where."

"I, I'm not, I'm svelte!" He gets up and leaves. She finishes her lunch then leaves the cafeteria.

Dorm Building

Jeremie sits down in front of his computer. "Aelita?"

"There you are! Xana activated a Tower. Has he attacked you?"

"No, not yet. I'll call the others." He gets his cellphone out. "If I had a newer phone I could send a mass text instead of texting one by one."


Yumi washes her hands and looks in the mirror. "He was nice and clearly likes you. But he's a year younger and short and, and,"

"And immature?" She sees Amanda walking in. "Odd right?"

"Uh, yeah. How did you know?"

"He asked me to a concert and I really wanted to go but all those reasons and more. Sure he's super cute and I love how he does his hair but he's immature."

"And short."

"And I've heard he already asked out like five different girls. Who wants to deal with that drama?"

"I have enough drama as it is." Yumi leaves as Amanda goes in to a stall.

As she is walking to her next class she hears a noise. "Horses?" She looks around and can't see what is making the noise. "I swear I hear hooves."

On the ceiling is a crab from the science lab. It had been part of a taxidermist diorama of the beach ecosystem. It now had the Eye of Xana on the shell and claws that could crush bone.

Yumi is about to turn the corner when it drops on her head. "Get it off!" She smacks it but it grabs a finger with a claw. "Aaaa!" The claw squeezes down harder and draws blood. "Get off!" She sees the Eye of Xana on the shell. "Xana!" She slams the crab on the floor but it doesn't let go and keeps squeezing.

Yumi slams the crab on the floor again when her phone beeps alerting her of a new text. "Let me guess Xana is attacking. Thanks for the warning!" She tries stepping on the crab but it squeezes down so hard it hits bone. "Help!"

Two students hear her shout and run down the hall and find her flinging the crab against the wall as blood flows down her arm. "Whoa what are you doing?"

"It attacked me!" Yumi hears a cracking noise and realizes it was not the shell of the crab. "Get it off of me!"


The others are going down the sewers as fast as possible. "He attacked Yumi again. Why does he always go after Yumi?"

"He went after me before Odd."

"Oh wow a possessed cactus and some moles digging holes in the soccer field."

"I nearly broke my ankle. How come he doesn't go after you?"

"Because of my looks?"

"More like because he isn't scared of you being on Lyoko."

"Hey! Einstein you should be on my side."

"Sorry but I'm worried. Xana is attacking faster than normal and it is strange he seems focused on Yumi and Ulrich." He and the others stop at the ladder and start climbing up.


Jeremie sits down in the computer chair. "Transfer Ulrich, Transfer Odd, Scanner Ulrich, Scanner Odd, and virtualization." They land on Lyoko in the Mountain Sector. "Be careful this is the worst of the Sector's."

"I don't know the Forest Sector sucks too." Odd looks around. "Where's the Princess?"

"Uh, you landed a little farther than I expected. She'll use the Towers to travel where you are now." They see Aelita step out of a Tower.

"We should go west. The pulsations seem to come from there."

"There is another thing I should work on. I can't keep being this inaccurate. Maybe if I tweak some things I can get you right on top of the Tower." Jeremie looks up at the screen. "And be glad you landed on the Sector."

"What? I thought you had this down."

"I do," Jeremie pauses. "Mostly. I got you to the right Sector."

"And now we head west pilgrim! Get your cowboy boots strapped tight and make sure your wagon wheels are greased!"


"Yes, a what is on my mind as well." Odd laughs.

"They had a Western Marathon on a couple nights ago."

"That you watched how?"

"Hey, guys, activated Tower, Yumi probably in trouble, maybe focus on the here and now?"

"Yeah uh, west." Odd points in a couple directions.

"This way." Aelita starts running and the two boys follow her.


The crab is stomped on and it finally lets go of Yumi's finger. It tries scurrying away but another student stomps on it again holding it down on the floor. "Man this crab is strong. Some one get a box to put it in."

"And get Yumi to the nurse's! Man that much blood can't be good." One student helps a shocked Yumi walk towards the exit of the building as another runs looking for a box to put the crab in.


Odd sees three Kankrelats. "Uh, not good. Three on two and here I was looking for a challenge." He aims at a Kankrelat. "Laser Arrow!" He fires and hits one.

"A challenge is coming your way. One of those bigger monsters."

"A Krabe? Alright!" Odd is hit by a laser from the Kankrelat.

"Odd pay attention!" Ulrich rushes forward and blocks lasers with his sword. "Take care of the Krabe I'll get these."

"And who made you boss?"

"Just do it Odd!" Ulrich leaps at a Kankrelat and slashes it destroying it.

Odd fires lasers at the Krabe. He hits it in the leg but this doesn't do nearly enough damage. The Krabe fires back and hits Odd. "Odd you've already lost thirty points."

"That means I have seventy points left." He charges the Krabe firing arrows at it.

"And you only have three arrows left Odd what are you doing?"

"Softening it up." He takes another laser hit.

"It seems more like it is softening you up."

"I got this!" Odd slides under the Krabe, gets his footing, and leaps up on the back of the Krabe. "Laser Arrow!" He hits it on the Eye and destroys it. "See? No biggie."

The last Kankrelat fires at Ulrich who blocks with his sword as he gets closer and closer. "Aelita are we near the Tower?"


"He threw all this at us already?" Ulrich dodges a laser and throws his sword hitting the Kankrelat. It explodes and he picks up his sword. "I think he is getting stronger."

"So more fun?"

"Odd you're at fifty points be careful! I'll try reloading more arrows before Xana sends any more monsters." Jeremie tries loading more when an error comes up. "Uh, Odd you have two left until I can fix this."

"Two is all I need. As long as we don't run in to any more monsters." The three take off again.


Yumi is getting her finger fixed when electricity sparks. "What the? That shouldn't," Energy shoots out and shocks the nurse.

"Xana, targeting me, again." Yumi gets up and starts running when the cords of a machine wrap around her left ankle and trip her up. "Help!" The cords wrap tighter and pull her towards the machine. It sparks with electricity.


As they near the activated Tower two Blocks show up. "Odd use your arrows carefully. I can take one but I don't know if I can take on both."

"Hey I'm more than just arrows." One of the Blocks spins then fires an ice beam. It hits Odd on the right arm freezing it in a block of ice. "Like that, I'm a distraction." Ulrich shakes his head in frustration.

"Super Sprint!" The first Block shoots the ice beam but misses Ulrich. He runs between the two and the second Block is hit with ice on the legs freezing it in place.

"Too easy." Odd aims with his unfrozen arm. "Laser Arrow!" He fires and hits the frozen Block on the Eye and it explodes.

Aelita stays hidden behind a rock as Ulrich circles the remaining Block. It spins and fires a laser at Ulrich who blocks it with his sword. He lunges forward and takes a laser to the knee but pierces the Eye with his sword. He pulls it out as the Block explodes. "Stick close to Aelita."


The machine falls on Yumi electrocuting her. With the cords wrapped around her legs and arms she couldn't escape.


Aelita runs to the activated Tower and enters it. "Jeremie prepare the return program."

"I am trying to connect it with the deactivation of a Tower so it will do it automatically. But with the error of Odd's arrows not loading it might not work."

She lands on the second platform and walks to the control panel. She places her hand on the it and soon the screens fall around her.

Jeremie waits a few seconds. "Nope, didn't work. I'm manually launching it." He hits the Enter key and the white bubble comes up reversing time.

Day Of Concert

Jeremie is in the Control Room. "I only wanted to go back to that morning. Why did we go back so far?"

"I don't know. Another thing you can work on while you talk with me."

"Yes. And Odd only has a limited amount of arrows. Maybe I can increase the amount. Or make it unlimited like they do in the movies and television shows." He gets back to work.


Ulrich sees Sissi. "No I won't go."

"But, I, you, I have tickets."

"Don't care." He walks past her.

Yumi's House

Odd holds up the tickets. "Hey, I already went so don't need these."

"I went too."

"So? You didn't like going with me. Take them and find some one who you would like to go with." He hands her the tickets and turns to walk away.

"Um, thank you. It isn't that I didn't like going just uh, I was distracted."

"So there is a chance?"

"No!" Odd laughs.

"So a definite maybe." He keeps walking.

A/N So... A lot of story, a little action. I'm still not sure if I want this all leading up to Teddy or not. Starting so early I could change a lot of things. I like teasing an Odd/Yumi ship but as she put it NO! But Odd must hit on every girl so we must wait and see. And well, as TV Tropes put it "Teeth Clenching Team Work" This is how they started. They weren't friends, heck they barely knew each other. But in Season 1 Episode 1 Ulrich was going to the dance with Yumi, Odd and Ulrich got along fine, and were friends with Jeremie. And Ulrich was "leader" so I had a line in here where Odd asks Ulrich who made him leader. And keeping with the in joke of Yumi always being attacked. As for the title, "If you hear hooves, think horses not crabs wearing tap shoes." Oh and how many of you yawned when I had Jeremie explain an yawn to Aelita?